Shakito's Miz & Morrison Slash Fic

This page features slash about The Miz & John Morrison written by Shakito. The fics are in chronological order and do build on each other, but for the most part can also be read on their own.

Normally I don't host fic by other authors on this site, but I've been so taken by Shakito's slashing of this pairing, I really wanted to have these up! I hope you enjoy these fics are much as I do!

Author info
Author: Shakito.
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No Hard Feelings
Pairing: John Morrison/Miz
Rating: R18
Warning: Nope.....not unless you can't stand Adam
Disclaimer: No they don't belong to me.....*SIGHS*
Author's Notes: I just have to give major props to GG, without whom I would not have been inspired to write this.....God, I hope you read this part.

A Lover's Tiff
Pairing: John Morrison/Miz
Rating: R18
Warning: Some violence, little darker than my usual stuff.
Disclaimer: No they do not belong to me, unfortunately.
Author's Notes: Another Morrison/Miz fic......this is all your fault, GG!!!!! lol Been writing this for weeks, but finally got it finished. Am very happy to be able to post something, been a while. Hope you all enjoy!

Pairing: John Morrison/Miz.
Rating: R16
Warning: Nope.
Disclaimer: Hell no they don't belong to me.....God, I wish they did.
Author's Notes: This is a follow-up to my "No Hard Feelings" and "A Lover's Tiff" fics, which you all have already read if you've wanted to. My M/M muses are very, but who can say no to two such HOT men???

A Night In
Pairing: John Morrison/Miz
Rating: R18
Warning: Mentions of rape.
Disclaimer: No, no, no, no....they do not belong to me.
Author's Notes: Just got this one finished. Another installment in my M/M series....enjoy.

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Pairing: John Morrison/Miz
Rating: R18
Warning: No, not really.
Disclaimer: NO, they do not belong to me......what a cruel world!
Author's Notes: What can I say.....John and Miz have me held hostage, not that I'm Follows on from "Moments". Now it's Miz's turn. Inspired by the last PPV.

Down Under
Pairing: John Morrison/Miz
Rating: R18.
Warning: Oh, yes.....think the S-word in huge big letters.
Disclaimer: No, they don't belong to my legal team working on it
Author's Notes: From the depths of despair, wherein I thought I would never get to write M/M again....they pop up on NZ tv and inspire me to (in all modesty) freakin' greatness. Enjoy!
Highlights from that Interview (very slashy!)

Pour Some Sugar On Me
Pairing: John Morrison/Miz (do I write anything else now???)
Rating: R18
Warning: Nope.
Disclaimer: No, they don't belong to me, because LIFE AIN'T FAIR!!!! lol
Author's Notes: Alright, another addition to my M/M series, really absolutely started off with a plot......that somehow went What can I's a great, glorious chunk of M/M. Hope you enjoy! Inspired by the episode of SD where M/M had their match against Kane and Punk, and the Def Leppard song.
BTW, I have to tell you all.....M/M's song is "Too Lost In You" if you wanna have a listen, by the Sugababes. I like to have songs for my long term couples.

Creative Thinking
Pairing: Miz/Morrison (surprise!
Rating: R16
Warning: Slight, slight almost indication of het *hides face in shame* lol
Disclaimer: No, they don't belong to me, and no, no witty remarks today either.
Author's Notes: Cannot say what inspired this, but man, was it fun to write! Enjoy!

M/M Moments: Part One
Pairing: John Morrison/Miz (the answer is, NO, I don't write anything
Rating: R15
Warning: Nope.
Disclaimer: No they don't belong to me, if they did, I wouldn't be worried over whether they get broken up in the draft. Not my boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author's Notes: This is a very short piece of M/M. Over here we have ECW, Raw and SD, starting from 3pm and going to 7:30 all on one night, and usually I get to see John and Miz twice, once on ECW and then on SD. I personally find them so damn entertaining that I wanted to capture their little 'skits' or their matches from both shows in fics. With absolutely no bias at all, John Morrison FREAKIN' RULES on commentary. So damn funny! Also get to learn quite a bit about him personally which is excellent. I have now rambled on enough, sorry. Enjoy!

M/M Moments: Part Two
Pairing: Miz/Morrison.
Rating: R18
Warning: Nope....unless you're a Horny fan...
Disclaimer: No, no...I don't own them. One day *sighs*
Author's Notes: Not much to say.....this is the second part of my M/M Moments series. Taken from when they appeared on SD and John was doing commentary on Miz's match. God, he looks hot in that white and black ensemble, think of the money the guy saves on Here you go GG.

M/M Moments: Part Three
Pairing: Miz/Morrison. (duh)
Rating: R15.
Warning: Nope.
Disclaimer: No, they still don't belong to me. Need new lawyers
Author's Notes: Third installment in my "M/M Moments" series. Inspired by the draft episode of Raw. Should have another installment up after "Night Of Champions". Good luck to M/M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pairing: Morrison/Miz.
Rating: R18.
Warning: Nope.
Disclaimer: No, they don't belong to me.....damnit.
Author's Notes: Originally inspired by me boys win at "Night At Champions" then goes on to delve into John's childhood. Thought it was time. Need feedback!!!!!!!!!!! lol

M/M Moments: Part Four
Pairing: Miz/Morrison.
Rating: R16.
Warning: Nope.
Disclaimer: No they still don't freakin' belong to me.
Author's Notes: Inspired by M without other M appearing on SD. Enjoy! Sorry Ashley, Jeff and Kennedy again.

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