Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: Some lovin’ for my boys!
Written 7/24/09

“Oh yeah.”

A little smile graced Punk’s lips as he rose from picking up a pen. He didn’t turn, finishing the note he had been making on the white board of their fridge. Arms slid around his waist, lips nuzzling against his neck. “Like something you see?” he murmured.

“Mmmhmm.” A hot body pressed against his back, hands venturing caressingly beneath his shirt. “You can bend over for me any time, baby.”

Punk smirked, turning around to claim his lover’s lips. It was amazing to him that after two years of sex and one year of cohabitation, they were still this hot for each other. Elijah made him feel so sexy, they could go from zero to couch, floor, table, or bed in under a minute. Elijah was already leading them toward the living room, his arms locked around Punk’s waist to keep their bodies together as they shuffled to the couch. He took his hands off Punk just long enough to hit the privacy shade on the windows, an automatic system they had installed specifically for heat of the moment lovemaking sessions.

Punk’s pale skin was already flushed as they hit the cushions, Elijah cupping the crotch of his jeans to feel the extent of his partner’s arousal. The couple stripped each other of their clothes with practiced ease, Elijah falling onto Punk the second they were free of the cloth confines. The lube was swiftly in Elijah’s hand from its home beneath the couch cushions, Punk groaning as a generous amount was applied to both their cocks.

Too horny to delay, Elijah pressed close to his lover, grinding his cock against Punk’s. Punk could only groan, wrapping his legs around Elijah’s waist for leverage as Elijah rutted against him, their cocks producing delicious friction as they rubbed against each other.

It wasn’t the kind of sex that lasted a long time; they were both too aroused for that. No hands were required when fucking this way, leaving their fingers free to dig erotically into each other’s flesh. They came together in an explosion of heat, their come mingling on their abs along with lube and sweat.

Elijah only needed a few breaths before he was ready to lean down for series of soft, gentle kisses. Punk returned the kisses gladly, his body relaxed but still tingling with a lingering arousal. They had both closed their eyes, happy to share more soft kisses. Punk jerked when Elijah suddenly jumped, his eyes flying open. He began to chuckle as he took in the sight of Elijah glowering back over his shoulder, as best he could. Their little dog was turning circles on his lover’s back, finally plopping down with his chin resting on Elijah’s shoulder blade.

“Lil MC!” Elijah objected, wiggling to try and dislodge the furry creature. “We’re busy little man!”

Punk chuckled, sliding out from under his man and pulling Lij to his feet, giving the little Pom a pat on the head as the dog whined over being displaced. “We’ll pet you later Mail Call,” he told the dog. His arms wound around Elijah’s waist, pulling the other man in for a kiss as he backed toward their master bath. “I think we should continue this in the shower.”

“Or,” Elijah suggested between kisses, “we could rinse off and fire up the Jacuzzi.”

“I LOVE the way you think,” Punk murmured, chuckling as Elijah lifted him up and carried him swiftly into the bathroom.


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