Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke (aka Pope D’Angelo Dinero)
Summery: Fights and drama can’t dampen Punk and Lij’s passion for long
Note: Follows “The Point”
Written 10/14/10 (tech 10/15)
Length: Short (1-3 pages)

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, Lij, Lij, Lij!” Punk was moaning loudly as he pumped his hips to meet Elijah’s thrusts. “Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuck! Uhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Oh baby.” Elijah was panting in his ear, thrusting into his love with abandon. “Oh you feel so good! I’m a come!”

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” Punk’s head thrashed against the couch cushions as Elijah’s cock slammed deep inside him, stretching out his tight tunnel. “Oh god! Oh!” He came as Elijah’s slicked fingers ran up and down his cock, creating the most delicious pressure. He could feel Elijah shoot deep inside him only a moment later, the hot injection making him shiver all over.

“Ohhhhhhh, baby,” he groaned as Elijah slid out of him, his lover’s sweaty body pressing on top of his as they slowly came down from their orgasms.

“That was fucking incredible,” Elijah panted, his chest pressed against his lover’s, allowing him to feel his man’s swiftly beating heart.

“Fucking godly.” Punk shuddered, his arms locked around his lover’s tight waist. “Love you so much.”

“Love you too,” Elijah breathed, leaning in for a deep, passionate kiss. He smirked a bit as he glanced at the tv, which was currently on a still image. “Why can’t we ever get through a whole movie?” he chuckled.

“Because I love you so much,” Punk whispered against his lips, stealing another kiss. “Even when I’m feeling down, it doesn’t take long for the passion to come back. I really, really fucking love you.”

“And I am crazy about you,” Elijah murmured, rubbing noses with his hot and sweaty man. “Love you, love you, love you,” he whispered, kissing Punk’s nose and both eyelids, punctuated with his sweet words.

“I got the best man in the world,” Punk stated with a soft grin, “and this is so right.” His lips met Elijah’s in a deep kiss, the two not parting for several minutes.

“I think we should finish the movie later,” Elijah whispered, his eyes locked with Punk’s in a loving gaze. “I just wanna go to bed and fall asleep on your chest.”

“It’s kinda early,” Punk murmured in response.

Elijah shrugged. “We can always get up later. Hmm?”

“Let’s do it,” Punk sighed, yelping in surprise as Elijah stood abruptly, lifting him up in his arms.

“Good thing I’m a wrestler, so I can carry you up to bed, you sexy beast,” Elijah growled, leaning in for a little kiss as he hoisted Punk up in his arms, heading for the stairs.

“Baby, I can walk upstairs,” Punk chided, squirming to get free.

“I suppose.” Elijah set Punk on his feet as they reached the stairs, his arms remaining firmly around his lover’s waist, “but I’m picking you up the second we get to the top, and carrying you to our bed.”

“If you insist.” Punk was grinning as he moved swiftly up the stairs, nearly glowing from the affectionate touch of his lover.


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