More Than a Tease
Rating: NC17
Conent: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke (aka Pope D’Angelo Dinero)
Summery: Punk and Lij tease each other about onscreen ‘girlfriends’, but one kind of teasing turns into another, fast!
Written: 2/14/10

“Wait.” Elijah inhaled deeply through his nose as he kissed down Punk’s chest, stopping to sniff again. “Do I smell – perfume?”

“What?” Punk frowned, wiggling as he waited for his lover to resume his attentions. “I don’t wear perfume, I didn’t even put on cologne today.”

“No, I definitely smell perfume.” Elijah pressed his nose against Punk’s chest, taking a long sniff. “You sure you haven’t had any girl on here?”

Punk scowled, getting where Elijah was going. “Funny!” He smacked Elijah’s back. “You better start kissing me again, or I’m gonna be out of here.”

“And have Serena take care of you?” Elijah smirked up at him.

Punk’s glare was deadly. “You’re hilarious. Maybe you’re stalling ‘cos you’ve been sharing your chocolate goodness with Christie Hemme!”

“Aw, babe, that was just a line,” Elijah argued. “I’m not going out to the ring holding hands with a chick!”

“At least my chick’s into pussy,” Punk retorted. “Selena’s been trying to bang Michelle ever since she showed up! Christie, on the other hand - ”

Elijah rolled his eyes. “I know, she’s a ho. Even if I were into a chick, it would not be her!” He glanced at up Punk curiously. “So Selena and Michelle?”

“Nah, Michelle’s faithful to Layla. They’re actually really cute together.” Punk squirmed, looking down expectantly. “So, and you just gonna joke about my Straight Edge Society, or…”

“I don’t know.” Elijah chuckled, rocking a bit to rub against Punk’s crotch. Punk caught his breath, managing to look both aroused and annoyed. “Maybe I should tease you some more; I always give it up real easy, don’t want you getting bored and going after chicks.”

“I love that you give it up so easy,” Punk growled, flipping them over and pinning Elijah down with his bodyweight, grabbing Elijah’s wrists and pressing them into the pillow. “There’s no reason to hold out when the sex is this fucking good.” He ran his tongue across Elijah’s jaw, his teeth finding his lover’s earlobe and tugging.

Elijah gasped, his hardness pressing up against Punk’s thigh. “Done teasing?” Punk murmured, his hips rocking insistently against Elijah’s. “Cos I’d really rather get laid.”

“Ok,” Elijah whispered, licking his lips. “Just as long as you don’t pretend I’m a chick.”

“Bitch.” Punk glared at him, tightening his grip on Elijah’s captive wrists. “I’m gonna have to punish you.”

Elijah’s eyebrows rose. “I thought you don’t do kinky?”

“No,” Punk growled, reaching over into the nightstand drawer, although the opposite one than contained the lube and condoms. “But I do get freaky, and I can definitely show you how much I like cock.”

“Yeah?” Elijah licked his lips, his arousal surging at those bawdy words. “How’re you gonna do that, baby?”

“Like this.” Punk took out two pairs of handcuffs, looking at his lover pointedly. “Hmm?”

Elijah grinned, raising his wrists up to the headboard. Punk fastened each of his wrists to the metal beams. “Now don’t you scratch that,” he warned.

“I’ll try baby, but you getting me real hard already.” Elijah’s breath was coming quickly in anticipation. Punk leaned down to kiss him, his hands sliding down Elijah’s sculpted torso as he did.

“You want me to suck you?” Punk whispered in his lover’s ear.

“Hell yeah.” Elijah thrust his hips up, his hard on yearning for the heat of Punk’s mouth. “Suck me baby.”

“Ask for it,” Punk growled.

“Please baby, suck me,” Elijah panted.

“Mmm.” Punk slid down Elijah’s body, his hot breath puffing against Eljiah’s skin, his hands following after in a slinky pattern. “You want me to take you down my throat?” he purred.

“Yes. Please baby.” Elijah tugged on the handcuffs, already having to fight the urge to sink his fingers into Punk’s soft hair and guide his lover’s mouth onto his cock. “Suck me.”

Punk had reached the level of Elijah’s cock, gazing at his man’s impressive tool for a moment before stretching out his tongue, giving the head a nice, long lick.

“Ahhhh.” Elijah shuddered, having to bite his lip. “Fuck you’re so hot,” he groaned.

Punk smirked, opening his mouth wide to take in the head, his tongue twirling across it in little circles. Elijah groaned at the sensation, tugging at the handcuffs. “Fuck,” he moaned. “More baby, please.”

Punk’s hands snuck around to Elijah’s backside, grasping his firm ass and using it to pull Elijah’s hips to him, Elijah’s cock sliding into his mouth inch by inch. Elijah sputtered and moaned as Punk’s mouth consumed him, Punk rocking up and down, going gradually deeper until he was all the way down, his nose nestling in Elijah’s close-shaven pubes. He had been working on mastering the deep throat for some time, and his quest had made Elijah a very, very happy boyfriend.

“Fuck, baby!” Elijah cried, biting his lip hard as his cock slid down Punk’s throat, his lover managing to bob on him and take him all the way down without gagging. “Baby let me go, I have to touch you!” he pleaded.

Punk let Elijah’s dick slide from his lips, momentarily looking like he might argue, but he himself was too horny to return to teasing. He swiftly unsnapped the handcuffs, finding himself whirled onto his back, Elijah on top of him.

“You are so FUCKING hot!” Elijah exclaimed, laying frantic kisses up and down Punk’s neck. “Fuck, you are so fucking hot, god I wanna fuck you so bad!” He snatched the lube, about to spread some on his fingers when Punk stopped him, guiding the lube down to his lover’s cock.

“I’m ready,” he growled, loving the frantic state he had so quickly driven his lover to. They might enjoy teasing, but there was no doubt that they were both crazy for sex with each other. “Stick it in.”

“I LOVE it when you’re dirty!” Elijah quickly rubbed a bit of lube on both his own and Punk’s cocks, then positioned the head between Punk’s legs, sliding it up inside his lover.

“Ohhhh.” Punk’s head pressed back against the pillows, his breath hitching. “Fuck, baby, that feels fucking awesome! Stick it in fucking deep!”

“Yeah, like this?” Elijah drove it home, drawing a loud cry from his lover.

“Yes!” Punk was beyond the point of playing, his legs wrapping around Elijah’s waist, pulling Elijah against him. “Fuck, fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Oh baby.” Elijah pumped in hard and fast, his breath coming out in one long, drawn out moan. “Fuuuuuck, you’re so good!”

“Yes! Yes!” Punk’s head was thrashing against the pillow, his body surging with pleasure as Elijah rammed into him, stretching his hole and filling him to the max. “Fuck I love it. Ughhhh.”

Stimulated as they were, this was not a quick cum session. Punk let himself drown in the pleasure Elijah was giving him, while retaining just enough control to hold back his climax. He loved getting nailed by his sexy lover, and Lij himself had an amazing ability to make it last. He drove into Punk, his dick remaining wonderfully hard.

Punk could sense when his lover was nearly ready to come, but he announced it anyway. He himself could barely hold out any longer, his body so aroused that orgasm was inevitable. “Fuck baby, I’m a come!” he cried, desperately grabbing for Elijah’s hair to pull him into a kiss.

“Fuuuuccckk,” Elijah groaned into his mouth, continuing to slam into Punk, both of them panting as the moment struck. “Oh yeah!”

“Fuck!” Punk cried simultaneously, his cock spurting between their stomachs as Elijah spilled deep inside him. “Fuck,” he whispered as the red-hot threads of climax tore through him, and began to fade to hot embers. “Ohhh fuck.” He took a deep breath, Elijah rocking slowly inside him a few more times before collapsing on him, breathing heavily.

“God, you are way too fucking sexy,” Elijah gasped, taking a deep breath before rolling off Punk, settling onto the mattress beside him and pulling Punk’s sweaty body against him. “My sheet bill is through the roof since I moved in with your sexy ass,” he murmured against Punk’s dark hair.

“Mmmmm.” Punk sighed contently, wrapping his arms around his lover’s strong body. “I love you,” he whispered.

“Love you too.” Elijah returned the embrace, rubbing his cheek affectionately against Punk’s dark silky hair. “’N I love that we love each other so much, we can tease about other peeps, and not mean a damn word of it.”

“Mmm,” Punk murmured in agreement, snuggling closer to his man. “Can we just stay like this all night?” he breathed.

“Sure baby,” Elijah agreed, glancing at the clock and chuckling, “although it is only 5 pm.”

“Mmm, works for me.” Punk drew back a bit, his lips seeking out a kiss from Elijah’s full lips. They kissed softly for a moment, then Punk tucked his head back under Elijah’s chin, his face pressing against his man’s strong chest. “I love you,” he whispered again.

“You’re the best, baby.” Elijah kissed the top of Punk’s head, a huge grin lighting up his face as he closed his eyes, settling in to enjoy their close embrace. “I love you.”


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