Moving In
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash, mention of adult films
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: Punk & Lij encounter a little snag while packing up Punk’s apartment
Note: Takes place while the boys are in the process of moving in together
Written 5/18/08-10/11/08 (tech 10/12/08)

“WHAT is this?” Elijah sounded pissed.

As Punk looked up, Elijah tossed some DVDs down onto the couch beside him. “Uh.” Punk’s eyebrows raised as he looked at the titles. “Looks like porn, Lij.”

“Exactly!” Elijah threw his hands up in the air. “You have an entire drawer full of it!”

Punk blinked. “I have a whole dresser full of it. Where were you looking?”

Elijah scowled at him. “I also found this.” He waved another case as his lover, too rapidly for Punk to make out the title.

“And that is?” Punk questioned.

“Stuff My White Pussy!”

Punk couldn’t help but snicker. “Isn’t that my line?”

Elijah chucked the DVD at him. “I can’t believe you own this shit!”

“I have lots of straight porn.” Punk shrugged nonchalantly. “They’re doing the same things we do, Lij, they just have bigger tits.”

“This is disgusting,” Elijah snapped.

Punk rolled his eyes. “As if you don’t have porn!” He held up the offensive DVD, waving it at Elijah. “This happens to be very good, for your information.”

“I can’t believe you!” Elijah glared at him. “What else am I gonna find? Dressers full of dildos and butt plugs and whips and handcuffs and - and - leather straps and anal beads?”

“Elijah, I’m not *starring* in porn!” Punk huffed. “Porn is everyone’s guilty pleasure. Lighten up!” His eyes narrowed. “Don’t think I haven’t found some of your porn. Like that link you tried to hide on your computer. You labeled it something about hair beads so I wouldn’t click on it, but I accidentally hit it, and found a video of some chick from!”

Elijah’s mouth dropped open. “I - I - ” he stuttered. “That wasn’t mine! Shelton bookmarked that as a joke, and I forgot to delete it!”

“Well then, the porn fairy left that video in my dresser, and I never realized it.” Punk crossed his arms over his chest.

Elijah scowled at him for a moment, then sighed. “I’m not happy about this,” he groused, crossing his arm over his chest as well.

“Lij.” Punk stood, striding over to his lover. He put a hand on Elijah’s bicep, dropping the video onto the nearest shelf. “For the record, I’d rather have you any day over porn.”

Elijah maintained a pout. “Shelton really did bookmark that page,” he grumbled. “I just didn’t quite get around to deleting it.” He sighed, reaching out to hug Punk to his chest. “It’s not like I look at it when you’re around. Unless you’re really busy.” He smiled, burying his nose in Punk’s dark hair. “I didn’t really think of this kind of stuff, when we decided to move in together.”

“Me either.” Punk sighed, cuddling against Elijah’s strong chest. “It’s a little embarrassing, having you see all the little things I’ve got stashed around my apartment. Although I think I’m more embarrassed about the chocolate than the porn.”

That made Elijah laugh. “That was amusing. I never looked beyond the lube in your nightstand before, but man, you were set!”

“I love chocolate,” Punk muttered. “And the Easter bunnies remind me of - well, Easter with you.” He grinned.

Elijah’s chuckle was infectious. “That was a good day. The bunny in the morning, then the hunt for some nice eggs.”

“Dirty,” Punk accused affectionately. He nuzzled Elijah’s chest, enjoying the body heat he and his lover were exchanging. “I guess we should get back to packing.”

“I guess.” Elijah kissed his head, reluctantly drawing back. “I’d rather get distracted, but Scott should be here soon with the moving van.”

“Thank god he offered to drive. I can barely stand to drive a car.” Punk picked up the DVD, heading for the room in which he kept the offensive dresser. “I’ll pack these up, before you have a chance to object to any more of them.”

“Well see about them getting installed in our new place,” Elijah called after him.

“Mmmhmm,” Punk replied, pulling out a box and carefully beginning to fit the DVDs into it.


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