Nightmare to Fantasy
Content: m/m slash
Rating: NC17
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke, Orlando Jordan
Summery: It turns out Elijah does get jealous after all, leading to an eventful night & morning in the Punk/Lij house
Note: Takes place a week before Elijah’s birthday
Written 3/31/10-4/10/10

“Hey.” Punk sauntered up to the sexy black man, looping his arms around his neck. “What’re you dong here?”

“I came to see you.” The tall black man smiled, his arms closing possessively around Punk’s waist.

“You know I have a boyfriend,” Punk murmured, his fingers playing with one dark lock of hair.

“Maybe I don’t care ‘bout your boyfriend.” The man pushed Punk back against the lockers, making Punk gasp. “I’m gonna take you anyway.”

Punk groaned as his neck was possessed by a full pair of lips, the caressing kisses running up his jaw and approaching his lips. “No. Stop,” he moaned unconvincingly, his body shuddering under the other man’s intimate touches.

Suddenly, they were naked. The black man’s cock pressed insistently against Punk’s belly. Punk looked at him through half lidded eyes, wantonly spreading his legs.

That was when Elijah walked in. He gasped in shock at the sight of his man in the arms of his tall rival. ”Punk!” He threw himself toward the pair, but hit an invisible wall. He pounded his fists against it, trying to force his way through. “Punk! No!” He fought fruitlessly against the wall, watching in helpless agony as Punk was penetrated by Orlando’s thick cock. ”No! No!” He watched them fuck, Punk responding to Orlando’s every touch, groaning and arching his back, taking more of Orlando’s big dick inside him. Elijah was crying, pounding on the invisible wall with his fists.

Suddenly he was in the dark. He blinked in confusion, his breath coming in ragged pants. He was in bed; he felt beside him, and found a warm body. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he rolled onto Punk, kissing him incessantly.

His lover stirred, opening his eyes to look sleepily at Elijah as he responded to the kisses. “Baby?” he murmured.

“I want you,” Elijah groaned, his hands sliding down to grasp Punk’s ass, his knee sliding between Punk’s legs to part them.

Punk reached into their bedside drawer as they kissed, his nimble fingers swiftly finding the lube and a condom. He passed the lube to Elijah, waving the condom questioningly.

“No.” Elijah threw it back in the drawer. He swiftly possessed Punk, both of them groaning as their bodies came together. Despite his desperation to claim his lover, once he was inside Punk, Elijah slowed his pace drastically. Their lovemaking was slow and sweet, and they kissed and touched tenderly as their bodies rocked together. After their conclusion, Elijah held his lover against him, slowly drifting off to sleep in Punk’s embrace.

He woke to the smell of cooking. Sniffing the air with interest, he sat up, finding that it was bright outside and the bed beside him was empty. Alighting from the bed, he threw on a pair of boxers, striding down the stairs to the kitchen. There he found Punk, setting up a place at the table. “Mornin’ baby,” Punk murmured, walking over to Elijah and putting his arms around his man’s neck, drawing Elijah into a lingering kiss.

“Mornin’,” Elijah murmured against his lips, holding Punk close to him. “What’s all this?”

“I thought I should make you breakfast, after last night.” Punk grinned, escorting Elijah to a seat at the table. “It’s usually me waking you up for sex, but the deal always goes both ways. Last night… damn, were you inspired!”

“Yeah.” Elijah bit his lip, debating for a moment whether to reveal the source of his inspiration, but when it came down to it, he just couldn’t keep anything from his lover. “I had a dream.”

“Those often inspire me.” Punk was grinning as he set a plate of pancakes before his lover, but the dark look on Elijah’s face confused him. He sat in the next chair, taking Elijah’s hand and squeezing it. “Baby?” he questioned.

Elijah sighed, giving Punk a reassuring smile. “Punk, you don’t find Orlando attractive, do you?”

“Jordan?” Punk shrugged. “Well he’s cute, but I haven’t thought about him that way.”

“Really. Because you seemed pretty interested when we were watching impact,” Elijah snapped before he could help himself.

Punk raised an eyebrow. “Are you jealous?”

Elijah frowned, although it was more of a pout. “No. Maybe.” He sighed deeply. “Well he is gorgeous.”

Punk sat back in his chair, shaking his head in amusement. “I’m shocked. I didn’t think you got jealous, especially of a guy I’ve never even met! I flirt with other guys, I look at other guys, I’ve even fucked other guys, and you’ve never been jealous before.”

“This is different,” Elijah muttered.

“How so?” Punk challenged.

“I don’t know.” Elijah was full on pouting now. “It’s just – you don’t think he’s like, a bigger, better version of me, do you?”

“No, of course not. Do you?” Punk again raised an eyebrow.

“No. I mean, he’s a completely different person.” Elijah sighed. “Is it stupid that I feel competitive with him? I mean, he’s a hot black man with gorgeous hair, killer body, taller than me…I don’t know why him and why now, I just feel kinda threatened.”

“Has he said anything to you?” Punk queried.

“He’s been very nice,” Elijah griped. “I don’t know what my problem is. He’s a great guy; I guess that’s it really. He’s got all the traits that I find attractive in myself. I just don’t want a guy like him to come take you away from me.”

“No guy can do that,” Punk assured him, moving to sit in his lover’s lap. “It doesn’t matter how great he is, no one else can be you. And I love you.” He leaned down, rubbing noses with Elijah affectionately before moving lower for a full on kiss.

Elijah set his hands on Punk’s thighs, sharing several deep, tender kisses with him. He was grinning slightly as Punk pulled back, just far enough for their eyes to meet. “I love you,” he murmured.

“My heart’s just for you,” Punk assured him with a sweet smile.

Elijah was still smiling softly as his fingers traced a little line in Punk’s pajama-clad thigh. “I had this dream last night, where I walked in on you fucking him. And I tried to get to you, but I couldn’t. I was screaming and crying, but you couldn’t hear me, and you were – were really enjoying being with him.”

“Aw, baby.” Punk cupped Elijah’s cheek, leaning in for a reassuring kiss. “That’s an awful dream. You know I’d never do that to you. I’d never be with him when you were there for me. And even if I did want to be with him, I’d never do it without your express permission.”

Elijah hugged Punk close to him, chuckling softly. “That is so not the standard assurance, baby.”

Punk shrugged, stroking the back of Elijah’s head, his fingers playing with his lover’s braided pigtails. “I hate to think we’re standard anything,” he murmured, enjoying the warm puffs of Elijah’s breath against his chest. “I’ll never be anything but honest with you, babe.”

“So, honestly,” Elijah drew back, meeting his lover’s gaze, “do you find him attractive?”

“I said he was cute.” Punk shrugged. “He’s not you, Lij. I thought I saw you give me a look the other day during his bit on impact.” He chuckled. “You have to admit, the caution tape bit was HOT!”

“Yeah, well *I* only do stuff like that for you personally,” Elijah murmured, moving up for a kiss.

“Mmm.” Punk wrapped his arms around Elijah’s neck, enjoying the contact of his lover’s lips on his. “Are you gonna eat your pancakes?” he demanded, glancing back at the rapidly cooling breakfast.

“Can I have you first?” Elijah asked, his hands sliding up Punk’s sides.

“So demanding,” Punk commented, but he was grinning. “Couch?”

“Yeah.” Elijah stood, picking Punk up with him.

“Push the chair in so the dog won’t eat those,” Punk instructed, gesturing to the pancakes.

Elijah kicked the chair with his heel, plodding into the living room with Punk held against him, hitting the switch to close the blinds as he deposited his love on the fluffy cushions.

“So how many times you gonna make love to me today?” Punk murmured, his body relaxing on the long and comfortable couch as Elijah began to kiss down his body. “You know I go to Europe for two weeks tomorrow.”

“I know,” Elijah groaned. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do. It’s my birthday next week too!”

“Well, Brian is in TNA.” Punk groaned as Elijah’s tongue lapped at that sensitive place on the side of his neck. “If you wanted to ask him to keep you company, I’d be ok with it. Just tell me everything.”

Elijah grinned, thinking of the amazing night the three of them had spent together, quite some time ago. “I might,” he murmured. “I’ll see how horny I get. Can we Skype?”

“When I’m at the hotel.” Punk gasped softly as Elijah’s lips moved across his chest. “Is it ok if Kofi and I - ”

“Yeah,” Elijah breathed, his lips moving eagerly down to Punk’s navel. “I’m down with Kofi. You didn’t ‘take care’ of anything before you started cooking today, did you?”

“No baby, I’m all yours.” Punk pulled Elijah up for one more kiss, before his pajama pants were removed, and they started what was sure to be a very intimate day.


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