Ficlets: Nights
Rating: R
content: m/m slash, references to m/f, rimming, humor
Ficlet 1: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Ficlet 2: Victoria, Michelle McCool
Ficlet 3: Randy Orton, ?
Summery: What happens at night…
Note: This started with the Punk idea, and spun into 2 more episodes.
Written 3/22/08

“Ohhhh god!” Punk was groaning as Elijah fucked him against the shower wall. He was loving it; Elijah clinging to his hips, thrusting inside him, digging into him so deep. It was heaven.

He opened his eyes, receiving a terrible shock as he eyes slewed down, and he came face to face with a gigantic pair of mammaries attached to his chest.

Punk sat bolt upright in bed, his heart hammering in his chest. He clutched at his chest, relieved to find the usual flat, manly pecs. “Oh god,” he muttered, lying back down and spooning up against Elijah’s back. “I have GOT to stop watching straight porn!”

Victoria was enjoying fucking her lover. They were in some hotel bed, Michelle on her stomach as Victoria drove into her with a strap on. Victoria was loving the way Michelle moaned, enjoying running her hands over Michelle’s smooth arched back.

She couldn’t resist running her hands over her own body, loving the stimulation she was getting from this. It was as if she could feel herself inside Michelle. But something was weird…she couldn’t find the straps of the harness. They were usually there, tight around her hips.

Frowning, she slowed her thrusts, reached forward between her legs. What the hell was that? Something was hanging down from her crotch…it felt squishy, and seemed to be connected to the strap on. But the strap on…was really connected to her.

Gasping, she pulled out, staring down at the penis that was joined to her body. She screamed.

“Holy motherfucking god!” Victoria spat out, her eyes flying open. She looked around frantically, finding herself tucked into bed, Michelle sleeping soundly beside her. Her hand immediately slid between her legs, encountering the usually absence of hanging genitalia.

“Oh man.” Victoria took deep breaths, trying to calm herself. “I’ve gotta throw out that strap on!”

Randy was enjoying licking. He liked to rim. A lot of guys found it gross, but he didn’t give a damn about them; he could do as he liked. If he wanted to get a hole ready for his big dick with his tongue, his partners should be thanking him. He always did a good job.

As his tongue poked inside, thrusting in with teasing little jolts, he let his hands slide forward through his partner’s legs. That was odd; this guy’s balls seemed to be really far forward. He was touching the pubic bone, and still nothing. There was the belly button, and yet still nothing. Plus, something disturbingly wet and sticky seemed to be getting on his wrist.

Then the horrible realization hit. There were no balls there, and no penis at all. He was going down on a girl’s ass.

Randy’s eyes flew open. He groaned, rubbing his throbbing head. “Oh fuck.” He felt blindly for the nightstand, praying there would be some water there. He found a bottle, chugging down half of it and squinting his eyes in the dim light.

“Please be a dream. Please be a dream. Please be a dream,” he repeated, forcing himself to look over at the body lying next to him.

Ashley. Fuck, he had fucked a girl.

Randy groaned. “Fuck, I gotta stop drinking!”


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