Night’s Heat
Content: m/m slash
Rating: NC17
Characters: John Morrison, CM Punk, appearances by Elijah Burke & Miz
Summery: Heat flares between two taken men; what shall become of it?
Written 9/7/09

“God, your abs are amazing.” Punk lifted his tongue from his exploration of John’s rippled abdomen, looking up at John and licking his lips. “How do you maintain these?” His fingers trailed across John’s muscles, his eyes sweeping over them with lust.

“Lots and lots of hard work,” John groaned. His fingers laced through Punk’s hair, urging Punk to resume his oral activities.

“Is it worth the guys you get with them?” Punk murmured, flattening his tongue against John’s belly and drawing it up in a long stroke.

“Uhh.” John shivered, rocking his hips insistently against Punk’s chest. “Definitely.” He grabbed one of Punk’s hands, deliberately guiding it down to his zipper.

Punk just nodded, drawing John’s zipper down with teasing languidness. He slid John’s pants off his hips and down his legs, gazing with unbridled lust at the bulge in John’s silk thong. He dived right in, mouthing John’s hard flesh through the soft fabric.

“Oh Punk.” John gasped, clutching Punk’s hair. “Oh. Suck me, please!”

Punk’s fingers slipped beneath the thong, guiding out John’s cock. His mouth was around the head in a heartbeat, his fingers encircling the base.

“Yes. Yes. Uh!” John had to bite his lip, so aroused he was afraid he might come far too early. “Punk. Punk, please.” He urgently tapped a bottle of lube against Punk’s hand, watching with an open mouth as his cock slid from the hot enclosure of Punk’s lips. Punk swiftly pulled the thong from his hips, his deft fingers popping the cap on the lube and sliding between John’s cheeks.

“You want this inside you?” Punk growled, wiggling one lubed finger at John.

John was nearly mute with excitement. “Yes,” he gasped, his back arching as Punk followed up on the offer. He had to bite his lip, his eyes moving down to watch Punk’s digit sliding up inside him.

“Another?” Punk was grinning over his response, leaning down to kiss John’s tight abs.

“Yes, yes please!” John thrust his hips against Punk’s intruding fingers, groaning loudly. “Oh, fuck me Punk!”

Punk’s response was to lean down, pressing the flat of his tongue against the underside of John’s cock as a third finger penetrated John’s snug tunnel.

“Ohhh! Oh.” John was writhing with excitement, so much so he could hardly stand it. “Fuck me, fuck me!” he groaned. “I want your cock!” He grasped desperately for the condom, ripping it open with practiced ease.

Punk withdrew his fingers, moving his hips up on a level with John’s and allowing John to slide the condom onto him. He settled between John’s legs, allowing his tongue one more lick from John’s abs to his tight pecs.

“Oh, please, please!” John spread his legs wider in invitation, his fingers clutching at Punk’s back as the head of Punk’s cock penetrated him. “More,” he begged, wrapping his legs around Punk’s hips to draw the straight edger’s cock deeper inside him. “Oh, god!”

“You like that?” Punk whispered in his ear, settling fully on top of John as he sunk his cock in further.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” John’s cock was pressed up against his perfect abs, his body blazing with arousal. “Oh god, you’re so fucking good up there. Oh yes. Ah!”

Punk wasted no more time on words. Once he found the perfect angle, he settled into a swift rhythm, driving himself into John over and over. John was gasping, thrashing, his body quivering as Punk’s dick rammed into him.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!!!” John was whimpering, his body jerking as he began to come. His cock twitched, spurting come into both their chests, his hot tunnel spasming around Punk’s cock, drawing Punk’s own orgasm from him.

Punk was overwhelmed by the sensation of coming, his hand sliding down to work his dick, a gasp escaping him as his come spurted across his stomach. As he opened his eyes, he felt a deep sense of confusion, the world around him dark. He sat up, finding himself alone in bed. He looked down, the warm come on his chest very real, but the bed beneath him suddenly different. “Oh god.” His eyes tore over to the room’s second bed, where his dark haired companion lay. John’s bed looked tousled, as if he had been turning in his sleep, his soft hair lying over his face. He did, however, appear to be sound asleep.

Punk jolted out of the bed, scuttling for the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet seat, putting his head in his hands. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” After a few deep breaths, he had the thought to look around, instantly snatching his cell phone when he laid eyes on it. All he had to hit was redial. There was no answer, but he hung up on the voicemail, hitting redial again. His hand sifted restlessly through his hair, his heart still thumping in his chest. Finally, the call was picked up.

“Baby, baby you ok?”

“Oh thank god.” Punk heaved a sigh of relief, pressing the phone against his ear as if he could touch his lover through it. “Baby, I had the most vivid dream!”

“What was it about?” Elijah sounded sleepy, but not annoyed.

“It was a - a - “ Punk lowered his voice, glancing self consciously as the door. “A - I mean, I - I’ve never had one of those dream before.”

“What kind, baby?” Elijah murmured.

“A - a - a wet dream.” Punk barely got the words out, feeling his cheeks flare with color.

His lover sounded amused. “Wow. Did you - ”

“Yes,” Punk squeaked. “I mean, I - I didn’t mean to, I just - I woke up, and I was sort of already there. And I, I feel terrible, but I’m still so fucking hot!”

“Ya lost me, baby.”

Punk took a deep breath, wishing this his returning and resilient hard on would go away. “I had a dream about John. I had a dream that I was *fucking* John. And he’s sharing the room with me!”

“Damn, baby.” Amazingly, his lover still didn’t sound jealous, just surprised.

“It was so fucking vivid,” Punk breathed into the phone. “I mean, I could still almost *feel* what it was like inside of him.”

“Wish I was right there to help you out, baby.”

“Ohhhh, I wish you were.” Punk groaned, glaring at his treacherous cock with no result. “I wanna ram my dick up your ass so bad. So hot, and tight; so good!”

“Want me to help you over the phone?” Elijah’s voice had turned sultry, which sent a spike of arousal right down to Punk’s cock.

“Fuck yes.” Punk looked around for any lubricant to grab, wincing when the only thing he saw was mint toothpaste. “Fuck, my lube’s in my bag. One second.” He set the phone down, opening the door as quietly as possible and stepping out into the room.

John, who was definitely no longer asleep, jumped, snapping his phone shut and yanking the covers up over himself. Regardless, it was plain as day what he had been doing. Punk just stared at him, momentarily forgetting that he was standing there, wearing nothing but a large hard on.

“Hi,” John squeaked, his voice an octave too high. “I was just - I, uh, was talking to Miz - ”

John’s words made Punk realize the state he was in, the straight edger quickly using both hands to hide his groin. “Yeah, I - I was just talking to Lij.”

They stared at each other, both looking incredibly awkward, and yet both painfully aroused at the same time.

John looked down at the sheets, then back up at Punk, looking like he was debating whether or not he should say what he was thinking. “I - I saw you were having a dream,” he confessed. “And I - I know I shouldn’t have watched, but I, uh - I did.” He bit his lip, clearing his throat guiltily. “I called Miz as soon as you went into the bathroom. You must’ve been having a hot fucking dream about Elijah.”

Punk felt himself flush an even deeper shade of red, if that was possible. “I - I wasn’t dreaming about Lij,” he whispered, catching himself staring at John’s abs for a moment, before he quickly diverted his gaze to the wall.


There was silence between them, both looking utterly awkward. Then, Punk licked his lips, daring to glance back at John. “Do you - do you think Miz and Lij would kill us if - if just one night - ” He stopped himself, shaking his head. “No, no, it’s crazy, I - I shouldn’t even think it, we’re friends.”

John was gazing at him unsurely. “I thought about you once,” he confessed. “One time, when I was - you know, taking care of myself - I thought about you, instead of Miz. And I felt awful, so I confessed it to him. And we - we talked about it. About, maybe, other guys. Not like as a plan, but - if it happened.”

“Me too,” Punk admitted. “I mean, Lij and I - we’ve talked about it. Never done it. I mean, we had one threesome, but that was different.” He bit his lip, unable to deny to himself that looking at John’s sculpted pecs and abs was seriously contributing to his hard on. “God I want you,” he breathed, before he realized what he was saying. He clapped a hand over his mouth, unintentionally exposing himself to John.

John couldn’t help by look, nearly drooling at the sight. “Oh, me too,” he groaned. Licking his lips, his eyes meeting Punk’s gaze and holding it, he threw back the covers to reveal his naked body. They both stared at each other, their body burning, but their minds resisting.

“I - I - I have to ask Lij,” Punk breathed. “I just, I have to.”

“I’ll call Miz,” John returned, grasping for his cell.

Punk ran to the bathroom as John dialed, both spending just a moment on the phone before they returned to each other’s presence. Punk was nearly panting, his skin thoroughly flushed with desire. “Is it - is it weird if he listens?” he panted, waving his open phone in the air.

“No. That’s perfect.” John set his still-connected cell down on the nightstand, gasping as he was pounced by Punk’s eager body.

“Oh god you feel so hot,” Punk panted, his hands finally claiming that much desired flesh.

“Yes. Yes!” John breath was already hitched as they rolled around the bed, hands desperately exploring every inch of exposed flesh.

“I wanna put it in you,” Punk groaned, grinding his cock against John’s equally aroused member.

“Yes, please!” John was spreading his legs, barely coherent enough to reach for a condom. Then Punk was sliding into him, spreading his flesh deliciously wide. He had no control over the cries of pleasure emanating form his throat, as he rolled Punk onto his back, riding the straight edger’s cock hard and fast. It couldn’t last long, both of them crazy with arousal, insanely hot for each other’s flesh. The pressure of Punk’s thick dick was driving John to a swift climax, his orgasm shooting over him in a superheated waved. Punk rammed his dick deep inside him, shooting his come up into the condom within him.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” John was shaking as he fell back into the mattress, quivering with the intensity of the orgasm. “Oh baby. Oh baby.”

Punk was falling beside him, pulling John onto his chest. “That was so motherfucking hot,” he groaned. “I never thought it could be that hot without being completely fucking in love. Oh fuck.”

“Yeah.” John took a deep breath, molding into Punk’s hot chest as he began to regain his senses. “But I - I love Miz, with all my heart.”

“Me ’n Lij, too,” Punk panted, taking deep breaths, his breathing slowly calming. “Man, that was some fucking sex. I kinda wish my man was here to fuck my ass now.”

“Me too.” John took another deep breath, glancing over at the phones. “Miz, baby, you there?”

“Uh, yeah.” His lover’s voice sounded heated. “Just, erm, cleaning up baby. I am gonna fuck you SO fucking hard when you get home!”

“Lij?” Punk queried.

“I’m here, baby. That sounded amazing.”

“It WAS amazing,” Punk asserted, still feeling the need for deep breaths. “Thank you so much for letting me, baby. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Elijah echoed. “You know I never, ever want you to lie to me. It’s gotta be straight up.”

“Always. I - I have to admit, I’ve been hot for you for ages,” Punk confessed, stroking John’s sweaty hair back from his face.

“I’ve wanted to lick those tattoos since I watched you in the indies,” John murmured, his hand moving to trace over Punk’s Straight Edge tattoo at the same time as Punk’s hand was drifting over his perfect abs.

“Well.” Punk took a deep breath, smiling at his dark-haired companion. “Good thing we got this out of our system.”

“Yeah. Definitely.” John licked his lips, his fingers moving to trace the tattoos on Punk’s arm. “We - we can cuddle for a while, can’t we?”

“I think so.” Punk turned his eyes at the phone again. “Baby? Is that ok?”

“It’s ok,” Elijah agreed, Miz chiming in with the same.

Punk sighed, moving to rest his head on John’s firm chest. “We have the best partners in the fucking world,” he commented, “to allow us a night of the hottest extra-marital sex in the world.”

“We really do.” John pulled his phone over to him, smiling and caressing the buttons as if it were his lover’s face. “Baby, is it ok if I hang up now? I’ll call you first thing in the morning, I promise.”

“Yeah baby. I can’t wait to feel your lips on me when you get home,” Miz breathed.

“I can’t wait to take your cock down my throat,” John returned. “Then up my ass, then again.”

“Mmm. Night,” Miz purred.

“Night.” John hung up, seeing that Punk had blown a kiss into his phone, and hung it up as well.

“Wow.” Punk moved to the pillow beside John so he could meet the other man‘s eyes, keeping an arm around John’s waist. “You think we’re gonna be in trouble for this when we get home?”

“I think,” John stated, leaning in close so his breath touched Punk’s lips, “that we desperately need to have a foursome.”


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