No Bragging
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Miz, CM Punk, Alex Riley, mention John Morrison
Summery: Miz finds a lustful encounter more awkward than it should be
Note: Inspired by "Bragging Rights" PPV, which I was at live! I loved the chemistry between Punk and Miz, both at the PPV and on the RAW & SD episodes preceding it. Punk whispering in Miz’s ear is totally hot!
Written 10/24/10
Length: Short (1-3 pages)

"Oh." Miz caught his breath, his fingers clutching the bed sheet. This was definitely a great way to follow a pay per view, even if his team had lost. To his credit, he had been the last one pinned, and he certainly did a better job than the SD captain. He had been annoyed over his loss when he headed backstage, but Punk's lustful gaze had quickly made him forget about the entire match. They were heading back to the hotel before the music for the next contest even hit, their bodies still sweaty from the match as they fell into bed.

It was a little odd, sleeping with someone who he didn't have a relationship with. Sure, he had been sleeping with Alex lately, but their mentor/protégé relationship had a certain intimacy which this encounter lacked. Technically, what Punk was doing to him right now was very, very intimate, but there was little between them besides lust. They were casual friends, and recently, an irresistible heat had flared between them. He got shivers when Punk dared to whisper in his ear on camera, especially given the filthy words that Punk bestowed on him. They had been dancing around this lust for two weeks now, and tonight, neither had doubts that it would be consummated.

They had jockeyed for position in bed, neither knowing the other well enough to fall naturally into one roll or the other. It had been a form of foreplay, growling between kisses as one, then the other, positioned himself on top. Eventually Punk had managed to hold the top position, Miz allowing the intoxicating straight edge superstar to slide between his legs. The connection between their bodies was electric, hot sensations running all through Miz's body as Punk pounded into him. He had his legs around Punk's waist, but preferred to keep his hands on the mattress, not quite comfortable giving Punk his complete embrace.

He was trying not to think about John, but even with Punk inside him, his treacherous brain was feeding him glimpses of his beautiful ex, with whom he had shared carnal knowledge so many times. Growling at the thought of his former lover, Miz jerked his hips powerfully upward, sending them rolling over so he was straddling Punk, Punk still buried deep inside him. Putting his hands on Punk's tattooed chest, Miz rocked his hips, biting his lip as he worked himself on Punk. His fingers moved to play with Punk's pierced nipples, a trait he liked because it was so dissimilar to John. John had no tattoos, or piercings, and he relished the difference.

After several more sweaty moments of grunting and the creaking of the mattress beneath their heaving bodies, they achieved their release, Miz slouching in his perch atop Punk. He made himself move after a moment, feeling almost awkward to be touching Punk. It was a strange sensation, feeling uncomfortable touching someone he had just given his body to. He settled onto the mattress, not quite touching Punk, but not far enough away to make it seem like he was distancing himself. Punk seemed content to stay in his own space and let his breathing recover.

Punk was the first to speak, as Miz lay still, trying to figure out what to do next. "That was fucking awesome," Punk stated, rising up on one elbow to gaze at his captain. "I've been wanting that body ever since you started wearing trunks, and it was just as tight as I imagined." He reached out, his fingers tiptoeing up Miz's washboard stomach, his palm settling to lie on Miz's chest. Miz had to fight the instinct to jerk away from the warm touch.

"Yeah," he murmured, his body still singing happily from the sex, despite his aversion to Punk's hand touching to him so intimately. "That was really hot."

"Mmm." Punk flopped onto his back, the removal of his hand making Miz release an internal sigh of relief. "So did you tell Alex to sleep elsewhere tonight?" Punk questioned, gesturing to the room's empty second bed.

"No." Miz shrugged. "He'll probably be back in a bit, unless he managed to hook up with someone."

"Huh." Punk looked unconcerned. "Well, its not like this is any secret." He rolled over, laying his arm across Miz's chest, his dark head settling into the pillow.

"Uh." Miz was trying hard not to let his body tense up. He wasn't sure what he had expected; he definitely wanted sex with Punk, but now that their bodies were cooling, he really would have preferred to stretch out in his own bed. "We should probably have a shower," he suggested.

"Good idea." Punk rose from the bed, grabbing Miz's hand and pulling the team captain along with him.

"Uh, together?" Miz followed hesitantly as Punk led them to the bathroom.

"Why not?" Punk closed the bathroom door behind them, heading to the shower and turning on it on, testing the temperature with his hand.

"It's not that big in there." Miz hung back hesitantly.

Punk shot him a smirk. "I've had bigger challenges." He pulled Miz against him, Miz gasping as their naked bodies connected, the entire length of their skin pressed together.

"Are - are we just going to wash?" he stuttered, well aware of Punk's hardening cock pressing against his thigh.

Punk grinned, moving back enough for his eyes to flick lustily up and down Miz's sculpted body. "Nothing wrong with a little steamy fun," he murmured, grabbing the mini shampoos and shower gels from the dish above the sink, and tugging Miz toward the steam-filled shower stall.

Miz licked his lips, still feeling awkward, but not enough to say no and create an uncomfortable moment between them. His dick was beginning to want more attention, and he relished the idea of banishing this unexplainable reticence he felt, at least for a few moments as the demands of his horny body took over. Trying to forget his worries, he stepped into the shower with Punk, Punk pressing him eagerly against the wall, his lips caressing Miz's neck. Miz wound his arms around Punk's muscular back, the hot spray from the shower hitting his fingers and running down Punk's naked body.

After more than a few minutes of slippery, steamy fun in the shower, they emerged from the bathroom, clean and glowing. They were both wearing towels, which Miz was glad of when he saw that his rookie had returned. Alex was clean and dressed, having clearly changed at the arena. It was odd that Miz didn't want to be naked around him, given that they had slept together. Still, most of their sexual contact had been Alex giving him a quick blowjob here and there, or Miz crawling into bed with him when he felt like it, their sex always concealed under the blankets.

"Hey boss." Alex offered him a smile.

Miz liked being called that, but he couldn't help yearning for his own private room, especially since Punk was still leading him by the hand. It was pretty clear that the straight edge superstar had no intention of leaving, as he pulled Miz back to the bed, climbing in first and throwing his towel on the floor once he was covered by the blanket. Miz swallowed, but followed suit, not wanting to make a scene, especially with a witness in the room. As he feared might happen, Punk curled up to him in bed.

"Night Alex, don't wake us too early," Punk murmured as he settled in against the pillows.

"Miz and I usually get up around 9:00 for a workout," the rookie replied.

Punk had closed his eyes, but he still smiled, his arm resting across Miz's bare chest. "Well I already gave him one, but sounds fine to me."

Miz felt himself blushing. He was glad that the contact between himself and Punk was hidden by the covers, which he hiked up to his chin to hide his blush. He didn't know why he felt so self conscious; he was an adult, and he knew Alex didn't care who he slept with. He had hooked up since he and John had ended things, several times. But, as he thought about it, he realized this was the first night he would sleep in bed with another man. Whenever he and Alex had sex, he gave the young man a few minutes of post-coital cuddling, then happily return to his own, private bed. Even though the heat of Punk's arm over him technically felt good, he found it frightening as well. He didn't think Punk wanted a relationship; the straight edge star probably didn't think anything of sharing a bed after sex. But for Miz, this little intimacy was bringing back all kinds of memories he didn't want, memories of a love he thought would last forever, but which barely made it two years.

He closed his eyes, but knew there was little chance of him falling asleep. He listened to Punk's breathing, hoping that if he waited a while, the straight edge star would fall into a deep sleep, and he could move away, pretending that he was in the bed alone. He wasn't sure what he was feeling, or why this bothered him so much. Was he simply lamenting a love that failed? He hoped that he wasn't experiencing a resurgent desire for John; he had convinced himself that he was over the gorgeous brunette, and he didn't want to go down that painful road again.

Telling himself this was just a bit of transitional awkwardness, he took deep breaths, trying to force his mind to quiet. It was some time before he was able to sleep.


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