Personal Fables: Tomko
Rating: PG13, m/m slash
Characters: Tomko, Christian; mentions AJ, Roode, Storm
Summery: Just what role does Tomko truly play in Christian’s coalition?
Note: Takes place around July 2007, with Christian’s coalition in all its slashy glory
Written 7/19/07

Tomko sighed, nuzzling Christian’s neck as they made love. A lot of people probably thought he only stayed with Christian for the sex, but it had never been like that. Christian had never been faithful in bed, but he had also never betrayed Tomko’s heart. In all fairness, Christian was a slut. Men wanted his body, and he gave it to them in exchange for allegiance. Tomko couldn’t really blame him; it was easy, and it worked. Loyalty was easy to foster when you were giving a guy a good tumble between the sheets a couple times a week.

Some might think his loyalty, too, was bought with sex, like Storm’s, Roode’s, and AJ’s. But sex with him, for Christian, was actually a break. When he slept with other men, it was all about pleasing them; catering to their wishes, so they’d be willing to put themselves on the line for him. With Tomko, he could relax and let himself be pleasured. Tomko had always been a giver, and he cared more about pleasing the man he loved than his own needs. He didn’t care who else Christian took to bed, because he knew they could never give Christian what he did. Christian never had to worry about him leaving; sure, they had their spats, but he was hooked and Christian knew it. And he wanted Christian to know it. Christian would never need to seduce him. Tomko just wanted to be there for him.

Tomko usually stayed to the back, rolling his eyes as Christian’s other lovers fought over his attention. AJ was the worst, and in Tomko’s opinion, more trouble than he was worth. He had to be constantly reassured that he was Christian’s favorite; if Christian even looked at another man in AJ’s presence, AJ would jump in, begging for attention. Every time they had sex, he had to be seduced. He liked to play that game; he, the innocent, and his lover mad with desire for him, coaxing him into bed. Tomko wondered if it was a game Daniels had taught him.

Then there was Roode, who liked to do a bit of seducing himself, but really just wanted a lustful submission. He too was clingy, and his constant verbal sparring with AJ irritated Tomko to no end.

Storm was Christian’s third lover of the moment, and annoyed Tomko in an entirely different way than Roode and AJ. When they were simply hanging out, Tomko actually quite liked James. The Cowboy was simple and fun, with no pretenses and no clinginess whatsoever. It was what he did in the bedroom that Tomko didn’t like. He was rough and insensitive in the sack, and although Christian’s proclaimed it hot, he always came out tired and sore. Tomko was happy to pamper him and cuddle him through the night, but he wished Storm would realize there was more to sex than pounding your partner through the mattress.

Tomko could forget all this when they were making love. He rocked steadily into Christian, as they kissed and touched all the while. Their lovemaking was always sweet, warm, and passionate. Tomko could picture them lying on a cloud, bluebirds caroling and circling around them with white ribbons trailing from their beaks. It was a fairy tale fantasy, but he liked it.

He sighed, bending to kiss Christian’s soft lips. If anyone dared call his Christian a slut, he would beat their ass. Christian was his prince, and he loved him.


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