Punk/Lij running universe fics

This is the timeline of my running Punk/Lij fics. The fics are usually lovely little moments from Punk and Lij's life together, popping up throughout the course of their relationship so far.

February 07:
Punk/Lij start dating

Post-Wrestlemania 07:
P/L consumate their relationship

June 07:

July 07:
Punk discovers he has a habit of sleep sex, and Elijah doesn't mind one bit
"The Sexy Daze"

October 07:
P/L Halloween party

February 08:
P/L vacation together in Berlin
"Me stadt"

March 08:
P/L celebrate their 1 year anniversary
"From Afar"

April 08:
"Paris Romance"
"For Paris"

May 08:
P/L move in together in Tampa, just a few blocks from E&C. Lij enjoys decorating.
"Just a Dream"
"Triple Existential"
"Moving In"

Spring 08:
P/L are drafted off ECW to different rosters

June 08:
Punk wins World Championship with his Money in the Bank title shot
"Best Night Ever"

July 08:
Lij convinces Punk to indulge in a little kink of his
"A Bedroom Feat"

Summer 08:
After his move to RAW, Punk suffers ongoing harassment from a lecherous Jericho

August 08:
Punk & Lij adopt their dog, Mail Call
"Mail Has Arrived" (Moments)

October 08:
Lij released from WWE. Punk buys him a new car for driving to indy events
Punk turns 30
"If You Wake Me..."
"An Arc Moment" (Moments)
"Hot Wheels" (Moments)
"Nice Cold Comfort" (Moments)

November 08:
"A Post Coital Request" (Moments)

December 08:
"Caught Any Moment" (Moments)
"Define Naughty"

April 09:
Punk has his first hint of something with Kofi
"Random Locker Room Moments: Darn It!
"With Whom to Share"

July 09:

August 09:
"Holy Spider!" (Moments)
"Remote Wars" (Moments)

October 09:
Lij debuts with TNA
Punk/Lij/Kofi saga begins;
Kofi and Lij kiss, and Punk/Lij/Kofi embark on a potential threesome
"Awoken Again"

December 09:
"Bang" (Moments)
Punk/Lij/Kofi intensify their affair
"Getting Closer"
"Visiting Passion"

January 10:
Kofi breaks things off with Punk/Lij, and starts dating Randy

February 10:
P/L celebrate 3 years together
"(Un)Important Numbers"
"More Than a Tease"
"No Accessories Needed"

March 10:
"Dirty Fantasy"

April 10:
WWE threatens to shave Punk's head; Punk worries it will make him less attractive to Lij
Elijah displays a rare streak of jealousy when Orlando rolls into TNA
Punk is out of town for Elijah's birthday, but Orlando and Brian keep him company
"If the Worst"
"Nightmare to Fantasy"
"The Substitute Birthday"

June 10:
Punk gets his head shaved in an angle

July 10:
Punk tattoos his chest

September 10:
Punk ditches the SES
Lij has to reassure Punk about his new look
Punk & Lij decide that, while playing with others is fun, they just want each other for a while
"Insecure & Horny"
"Just Us" (Moments)

October 10:
Punk's insecurity causes some problems between them, but Elijah reassures him
Punk gets a special tattoo for Elijah
"The Point"
"October 26th For the 32nd Time"

November 10:
Elijah proposes to Punk on Saturday, November 20th. Punk says yes!
"Us, Together"


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