Rating: PG13
Content: talk of m/m slash, sweetness, humor
Characters: CM Punk, Scott Colton (Colt Cabana/Scotty Goldman), mention Elijah Burke
Summery: Punk is missing his usual stress reliever; fortunately, Scott is there for him!
Note: I’m only just getting used to having a Scott muse, but he’s been settling in with Punk’s help.
Written 10/14/08

Punk sighed deeply. He had his arms wrapped around Scott from behind, his face snuggled against the other man’s back. Scott was reading a book, but moved a hand to rub Punk’s forearm. “Whatcha thinking?” he murmured.

Punk shrugged, his lips close enough to Scott’s flesh for Scott to feel their pout. “I wish I were more of a slut.”

Scott snorted, setting down his book. “So you could bang your unconventionally gorgeous best friend?” he teased.

Punk rolled his eyes, giving Scott a light smack on the chest. “Ew! That’s like, practically incest.”

“Works for the Hardys.” Scott caught Punk’s hand before he could be smacked again.

“And you wonder why Matt wouldn’t go out with you,” Punk chuckled.

“It’s not like I said it to his face!” Scott rolled over in the circle of Punk’s arms, wrapping his arms around the straight edger in return. “It was just a joke. I can’t go out with a guy who can’t take a joke. Anyway.” His fingers tapped at Punk’s back. “Why do you wanna be more of a slut?”

“So I wouldn’t be so fucking horny on the road!” Punk groaned. “When Elijah can’t travel with me, I go nuts. I don’t know how I ever lived with just my right hand.”

“Some of us have to live with that all the time,” Scott stated. “You are spoiled.”

“I like being spoiled.” Punk pouted. “I just wish I were the kinda guy who could mess around, you know? Not behind Lij’s back or anything – I know he’d let me, if I could do it. I think about it; I think about getting bent over a bench in the locker room by big Shad, or pressing Kofi down onto a couch, or inviting Shelton up to my hotel room. I totally think about it, and I would love to do it, but I just can’t be with another man like that.”

“Well that’s not a bad thing.” Scott poked him in the chest. “Do you know how many guys struggle to stay faithful to their man? And here you are, mourning that you can’t bring yourself to get any on the side!”

“But it’s frustrating!” Punk argued. “Especially when I get put in a shitty match, like tonight. Usually I’d fuck away that frustration, and after being with my lover, I’d feel all better! But because he’s not here, I still feel all annoyed and frustrated and just generally blech!”

“Well maybe I can do something about that.” Scott hefted himself up swiftly, rolling Punk onto his back and pinning his hands down to the pillow. “Let’s put on a good wrestling match, to forget about you having to cover for the next useless management darling.”

Punk held onto his pout. “Elijah and I wrestle sometimes,” he groused.

“We wrestled first.” Scott reached over to the nightstand, grabbing a pen and tapping it against a glass. “That’s the bell! One…two…” He found himself thrown onto his back, Punk tackling him and trying to pin his shoulders down. He wiggled around enough to thwart the straight edger’s attempts, rolling onto the floor. He had to jump out of the way as Punk dived after him, making his friend chase him for a moment before they locked up again, scuffling around on the floor.

“I got you! Give it up!” Punk yelled at him, locking his legs around Scott’s waist and his arms around his neck.

“Never!” Scott squirmed, trying to break the hold. He finally managed to roll Punk onto his back. “One! Two!”

“My shoulders aren’t down!”

“They feel down!” Scott leaned more weight onto Punk. “One! Two!”

“They’re still not down!” Punk released the hold, tackling Scott down onto his back. They rolled around for a few more minutes, until Punk finally managed to seat himself on Scott’s chest, pinning the other man’s shoulders down with his knees and counting off the 1-2-3.

“I let you win,” Scott asserted, taking deep breaths as Punk let him up.

Punk was also breathing heavily. “You wish.” He chuckled, leaning back against the bedframe as he tried to regain his breath. “You’re right, that was a great tension reliever.”

“Mmmhmm. You’re lucky you have me here.” Scott grinned as Punk gave him a half-hearted flick with his foot.

“I think I’m gonna call Elijah.” Punk hopped to his feet, snatching his cell and heading for the bathroom. “Since I got my blood pumping anyway. You rock.” He winked at Scott, then closed the bathroom door.

Scott chuckled to himself. “You’re welcome!” he called. He flopped onto the bed, still breathing a bit heavy. He glanced at his own cell, considering. “I wonder if Matt would give me another chance, if I explained that it’s just a joke,” he wondered. “Eh, can’t hurt to try!” He picked up the phone, grinning hopefully.


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