Characters: CM Punk/Eljah Burke
Rating: PG
Content: m/m slash
Summery: A surprise gift, a surprise start
Written 2/4/08

Elijah was worried to see that the door to his locker was ajar. They had never had problems with thievery in the locker room, but it was clear that someone had been in his space. Hoping for the best, but fearing the worst, Elijah yanked open the door.

The sight inside stunned him. None of his things were touched, but hanging from the center of the locker was a beautiful silver cross encrusted with diamonds. He gasped, cupping the beautiful necklace in the palm of his hand.

“Do you like it?”

Elijah turned at the voice, finding CM Punk leaning against the doorframe. He swallowed, unhooking the gift and holding it up. “This is from you?”

Punk nodded. “I thought you’d like it.”

“I do.” Elijah swallowed, gazing down at the precious necklace. “But I can’t accept this, Punk.”

Punk just smiled. “I was hoping you might wear it to dinner.”

Elijah stared at him. “You - but - ”

“I broke up with Edge.” Punk shrugged at Elijah’s look of astonishment. “I’ve always been into him, ever since I first saw him on RAW. He’s like my dream guy.” He ran a hand through his hair, looking earnestly at Elijah. “I was just about to ask you out, Elijah. I’ve wanted to ever since we met. But when Edge asked me out first, I just couldn’t say no.” He moved in quickly, standing so close to Elijah that they could feel each others’ breath. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. If Edge had asked me out a few months ago, I could’ve given him my all. Now, I only want you.”

Elijah took a deep breath, raising a hand to gently caress Punk’s cheek. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard Edge ask you out,” he murmured. “I was working up the nerve to talk to you, and he beat me to it.”

Punk chuckled, running his fingers softly down Elijah’s arm. “Isn’t it funny how fate plays with you?” he murmured. “I got the guy I always wanted, just as I met the guy I really wanted.”

Elijah nodded, wanting to kiss Punk but not wanting to do it quite yet. “I love it,” he whispered, holding up the necklace again. “Did you have a place in mind for dinner?” He unhooked the clasp on the necklace, sliding it around his neck and fastening it.

Punk beamed. “There’s a really nice place in town. I don’t usually like to dress up, but I’d love to treat you to some candlelight.”

Elijah’s face could hardly contain his huge grin. “You sweet talker, you,” he chuckled. “You know this necklace’ll look killer with my gray suit and my red silk shirt.”

Punk nodded enthusiastically. “I’ll try and look half as good.”

Elijah chuckled and grinned. A silence fell as they gazed at each other, not quite sure what more to say. Elijah took Punk’s hand and squeezed it, Punk smiling beautifully as he raised Elijah’s hand to his lips and kissed it. “Shall we say, the hotel lobby in an hour?” he murmured.

Elijah nodded, feeling a phantom tingle lingering on his hand where Punk had kissed it. “I’ll be there,” he breathed.

Punk squeezed his hand, grinned, then turned to go, his fingertips lingering on Elijah’s as he took a few slow steps away, finally turning to leave for real. He glanced back from the doorway, exchanging another sweet smile with Elijah before disappearing into the hall.

Elijah’s fingers closed around the cross about his neck, feeling as if warmth was radiating from the beautiful charm. He had mourned Punk as lost to him once Edge had moved in, and this approach by Punk was a wonderfully welcome surprise.

Grinning happily to himself, Elijah threw his things into his bag, eager to get back to the hotel and make himself perfect for his fantasy date.


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