A Quick April Morning
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash, humor
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: Punk pulls an April Fools prank that Lij very much enjoys

“Baby, have you seen my black thong?” Elijah was ruffling through his drawer in annoyance.

“Mmmhmm.” Punk grinned. As his lover looked his way, he pushed the edge of his jeans down to reveal a narrow strip of black across his hip. “I’m wearing it.”

Elijah blinked, staring at him. “You – you’re wearing my underwear?”

“Yeah.” Punk shrugged, leaning back against the wall. “Can’t I wear your underwear?”

“Well, I guess.” Elijah was looking at him curiously. “It’s just – it just seems a bit odd, to share underwear. We don’t even wear the same style.”

“Well, I’m trying it out.” Punk rocked his hips. “I do like things up my butt, after all.”

Elijah shook his head, raising an eyebrow. “Is that an invitation?” he drawled.

“Maaayyybe.” Punk sauntered over to him, his arms creeping up around his lover’s neck. “You wanna take me up on it?”

Elijah’s hands curled around the small of Punk’s back, pulling the dark haired siren’s hips against his. “Well, I was about to get dressed. But I think I could delay the start of my day, if it means going to bed with a sexy guy in a thong.”

“I think that all the time.” Punk chuckled, leaning in to capture a kiss. He enjoyed more of Elijah’s kisses as they backed toward the bed, Elijah unbuttoning his jeans and slowly sliding them off his hips.

“Hey.” Elijah stopped as his fingers hit more fabric around Punk’s nether regions than he expected. “That’s not my thong.”

“No, it’s not.” Punk reached down into the pocket of his jeans, which were currently around his thighs, and pulled out a small scrap of black fabric. “This is your thong.” He was grinning broadly. “April Fools!”

Elijah took his thong, glancing between it and Punk. “But – you still wanna fuck, right?” he queried.

“Mmm.” Punk’s arms tightened around Elijah’s waist. “Oh yeah.”

Elijah quickly tossed his thong onto the dresser, his full attention turning to Punk as he bore his lover down onto the bed.


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