Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: A weary Punk seeks comfort in his lover’s arms
Written 9/16/08

CM Punk was exhausted by the time he pulled into his driveway. His flight had been cancelled, so he had chosen to drive home rather than being kept from his lover another day. His body ached after hours on the road. He was sure the coffee was the only thing which had kept him awake during the last few hours.

Sighing deeply, he climbed out of the car and trudged into the house. He left all his things in the car, too tired to even think about bringing them in. Their neighborhood was illuminated by street lamps, but the sky was black with night. It was already in the wee hours of the morning. Punk kicked his shoes off in the entryway, beginning to strip off his clothes as he dragged himself up the stairs. He paused for a moment outside their bedroom door to slide out of his jeans, balling his clothes in the crook of his elbow as he entered the room.

His lover stirred, even though he was quiet. “Baby?” Elijah sat up, blinking his eyes sleepily.

“Yeah.” Punk dropped his clothes into the hamper in their closet, yawning as he approached the bathroom. “I gotta rinse off, I stink.”

“K.” Elijah petted the little dog beside him, who had raised his head when his second human entered the room. “I’ll warm the bed up for you.”

Punk managed to conjure the energy for a smile, then closed the bathroom door and turned on the shower. He sighed deeply as the hot water ran over his tired body. Work had become so stressful since moving to RAW, it hardly seemed worth it anymore. All his friends were on ECW and SD. And of course, Elijah was on that roster, when he even got to work. RAW was entirely different; it was filled with backstabbing bitches, who wanted nothing more than to jump up the ladder by coercing management and making their fellow wrestlers look bad. He hadn’t been able to wrestle a decent match since the move; not one, single decent match. He felt like both the wrestlers and management were spitting at all his hard work. Hard work didn’t matter on RAW; only politics mattered. And he was a hard worker, not a politician.

He didn’t want to complain to Elijah.; how could he, when he had been given a title run, and Elijah wasn’t even being used? His lover had far more career worries than he did. Still, he wanted desperately to attain some comfort for his battered soul.

Shutting off the water, Punk took a deep breath, trying to put all his work worries to the back of his mind. He was lucky; he had found love. That part of his life was better than he ever dreamed. He quickly dried himself, then shuffled back out into their bedroom. Elijah was still awake, and even though he looked sleepy, he flashed Punk one of his trademark grins. Punk smiled back, leaning down to lift the puppy out of their bed and place him in his own little bed on the floor. The dog whined, jumping back up into their bed the second Punk let him go.

“No, Mail Call,” Punk chided, removing the Pom from their bed again, and moving the chair the little dog needed to reach their mattress. “Stay. Your daddy and I need some time together.”

Elijah raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you tired, baby?”

“Fuck, yes.” Punk lifted the covers, his hand going right to Elijah’s groin as he crawled beneath them. “But I need you.” He rolled onto his back, pulling Elijah on top of him. “I’m ready.”

“Mmm.” Elijah reached for the lube on the nightstand, leaning down to give his love a sweet kiss. “Condom?”

“Fuck no.” Punk rocked his hips insistently again his lover’s. “I wanna feel you.”

Elijah leaned down to kiss him again, his hands cupping Punk’s cheeks and spreading them. He slid his length in slowly, feeling his lover’s body shudder against him. He began to pump his hips, softly kissing Punk all the while. Gradually his speed increased, his cock deliberately rubbing against Punk’s sweet spot as he went faster.

“Ahhhhh.” Punk whimpered as he received, his head thrashing against the pillow. “Fuck, Lij. Ah. Uhhhhhhh.”

Elijah grinned, loving the incoherent noises spilling from Punk’s lips. He was panting himself, his cock straining as it was engulfed in Punk’s tight heat. “You wanna come, baby?” he gasped, raising one hand to pinch Punk’s nipples, then beginning the descent towards Punk’s engorged cock.

“No.” Punk’s gasp stilled Elijah’s hips for a moment.

“No?” Elijah frowned, thrusting more slowly.

“Not yet.” Punk wrapped his legs firmly around Elijah’s waist, nearly stopping his lover from thrusting. “Want more. Longer.” He loosened his legs, allowing Elijah to begin to thrust again, although slowly. His arms wrapped around his partner’s neck, drawing them into a sensual kiss.

Elijah closed his eyes as they kissed, his hands running over Punk’s body caressingly. Punk had to sigh as Elijah’s touch covered his skin; first down his chest, then along his side, over his shoulders, down his legs. Elijah’s fingers even teased the sensitive soles of his feet, making him jerk, impaling himself hard on Elijah’s cock.

“Fuck!” Punk threw his head back, biting his lip. “I’m gonna come! Baby…” His words were reduced to a groan as Elijah instantly sped up, pounding into him as his fingers closed around Punk’s cock.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Punk was gasping, his whole body shaking as his orgasm overwhelmed him. He cried out loudly, grasping at Elijah’s back, his hips grinding against Elijah as his come spurted between them. It made him come even harder as he felt Elijah spilling inside him, a hot jolt filling up his insides.

He was just together enough to cup the back of Elijah’s head as his lover collapsed on top of him, both of them panting harshly. Punk was tingling all over, his body feeling hot and wired, yet exhausted. Gradually, the feeling calmed into a sweet satiation. Punk drew in another deep breath, his fingers stroking Elijah’s soft hair.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“Mmm.” Elijah seemed equally spent. He made no move to get off of Punk, and Punk didn’t want him to. “I love you too.”


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