Stick It
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash, humor
Characters: Elijah Burke, CM Punk, John Morrison, Miz
Summery: Written because I was bored at work; a totally random piece for fun!
Written 3/28/08

Elijah: “You can’t stick it there!”

Punk: “Why not? It fits!”

E “Punk; hey, ow!”

P “Oh stop whining, it’s going in fine.”

E “Come on, take it out!”

P “I like it in there!”

E “So!”

P “So?”

E “So, take it out.”

P “Fine, but you’re buying me dinner.”

E “I’m buying YOU dinner! Are you kidding me?”

P “Yes, for not letting me put it there!”

*brief silence*

E “Fine, but no wine.”

P “Uh, hello?”

E “Right. Sorry.”

P “Thank you. So….”

E “No!”

Morrison and Miz looked at each other after playing the tape they had secretly hidden in the Straight Edge star’s locker room.

Miz cleared his throat. “Uh…were they…?”

“I hope not.” Morrison looked deep in thought. “I mean, Elijah *does* like that, so they couldn’t have been.”

“Right.” Miz coughed. “So…did that tape make you want to…”

“Hell yeah.” Morrison dropped the tape, pouncing on Miz.

“Oh yeah. Oh, put it there. Oh that feels good!”

“That is fucking tight baby. Oh yeah.”

“Yeah! Yeah! Oh!”

In their locker room, Punk and Elijah shared a wicked grin.

“We totally baffled them,” Elijah chuckled. “But this, this is good stuff!”

“Yeah.” Punk leaned over, blowing softly into his ear. “Maybe later I can really try and fit something up a certain somewhere.”

“You better.” Elijah gave him a quick kiss on the lips as they continued listening to Miz and Morrison’s heated voices.


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