Straw in the Hay
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Rey Mysterio
Summery: Punk & Rey share some bedtime thoughts over life & love
Note: Inspired by RAW 9/29/08, which I got to see live! My muses have been bouncing since Monday night, and Punk & Rey were yummy together on that show, so here they are!
Note II: My Rey muse doesn’t speak up all that often, but when he does, he’s a fun guy
Written 10/1/08

Punk lay in bed, cuddled up with Rey. Rey had his arm around Punk, and was softly stroking his hair. They were chatting softly, about matches and tv shows they managed to catch.

“I’m not such a fan of their masked guys,” Rey was saying, on the subject of TNA Impact. “Call me sensitive.” He chuckled.

“Yeah, they’re not the best,” Punk agreed. “Give Curryman bad hair, and he’d be a TNA Jericho.”

“Jericho.” Rey looked thoughtful. “You know, I went out with him.”

“Really.” Punk sat up, looking down at his friend curiously. “Recently?”

“Hell no. It was 2002,” Rey clarified.

“Ah.” Punk lay back down, enjoying Rey’s fingers flitting through his hair. “Back when he was cute.”

“Exactly. Then I was thinking about you, and commitment, relationships, stuff like that. I don’t think I wanna do the whole committed relationship thing. Maybe I just haven’t met the right guy yet, but man, how can you know?” Rey shook his head. “When I commit to something, I really take it seriously. I work on it, and I don’t give up. But if I committed to a guy? I’d just be so worried that he’d change.”

“People always change,” Punk offered. “Some more, some less. Some for the better, some not so much. When you’re in a relationship, you change each other. And that’s not a bad thing. Elijah even put on one of my CDs the other day!”

Rey chuckled. “I guess, when you find the right guy, you change in the right ways. But I was thinking, what if I’d committed to Jericho? Ok, so he was never much of a wrestler, but he was damn good looking back then. He was sweet, and funny, and charming. Least he seemed that way, on the handful of dates we had. I can’t even recognize the guy now, with his snippy personality and bad hair. And I gotta think, was he always that person, or did he become that person? And how could I have known who he’d be, 6 years down the road? How can you commit to a guy and know that he’s gonna be someone you still like in the future?”

“Hmm. That’s a good question.” Punk shrugged. “I guess you just have to feel it out. People are all so different, I don’t think you can make a general rule. With Lij and I, it’s all about honesty. We know what we’re thinking and feeling, because we talk about it. We know where we’re going because we don’t hide anything.”

“And you’re not worried that some day, you’re gonna wake up and look at the pillow next to you, and say ‘Who the hell is this guy’?” Rey questioned.

“I don’t drink, remember?” Punk chuckled. “You know, I’m not really worried about that. I love Elijah with all my heart. I trust him. I really feel I know him.”

Rey just nodded, and was quiet for a moment. “Sorry, man,” he finally murmured. “I’m not trying to rain on your parade. I just like to think about this shit.”

“S’ok.” Punk smiled softly. “I think Billy Joel wrote a song about that; the one about the stranger in your lover’s eyes.”

Rey grinned, beginning to sing, “Well I used to believe, I was such a great romancer,”

Punk jumped in to sing the next line with him, “When I came home to a woman that I did not recognize.”

Rey chuckled heartily. “I can’t believe you know Billy Joel, Mr. Badass Punk-rock.”

“Lij likes him.” Punk shrugged. “You know, if he was born a generation later, he could’ve been a pretty kick ass metal singer. I’d love to see a band like Gamma Ray cover a few of his songs.”

Rey was still chuckling. “Yeah, I can really picture Kai Hansen belting out ‘It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me’.”

Punk raised an eyebrow. “You know metal?”

“I went out with Edge too.” Rey grinned. “I caught him between Christian and Christian. Now that’s a high drama relationship, but those boys are sure in love!”

“And you don’t think you’d want something like that?” Punk pushed.

“Eh, I don’t know.” Rey shrugged. “I don’t really like drama. I don’t know why two people can’t just have a nice casual thing together, and be happy with it. Like you and me here; we’re friends, we have sex, we’re cool. No drama, just a lot of fun and companionship.”

“But that’s not someone to come home to,” Punk pointed out.

“Hey, I’m happy to have my alone time. I see the boys all the time on the road.” Rey’s hands crept down Punk’s chest, gently moving him onto his back. “I think I’m cool how I am. If I meet a guy I wanna take home, I guess I’ll have to rethink things. But for now, I’ll be glad that Elijah is such a cool guy.” He grinned wickedly, rolling on top of Punk and nuzzling at his neck.

Punk returned his smile, before pulling him down into a kiss.


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