The Substitute Birthday
Rating: absolute NC17
Content: m/m/m slash
Characters: Elijah Burke, CM Punk, Brian Kendrick, Orlando Jordan
Summery: Elijah may not have his man for his birthday, but he indulges in a very worthy birthday treat
Written 4/9/10 (tech 4/10/10) to 5/11/10

“I miss you,” Elijah sighed. It wasn’t fair that his lover was away for 2 whole weeks, with his birthday right in the middle. Not fair at all. He usually liked his conversations with Punk to be private, but when Punk was calling from Europe, he wasn’t about to not pick up, even if he was in the TNA locker room. He was also still feeling irrationally jealous of Orlando, so he was happy that the tall black man was overhearing their loving conversation.

“Well, I gotta go,” Punk murmured, “but I’ll call you next time I’m free. You have an awesome birthday, baby.”

“I will. Love you.” Elijah was grinning as he closed his cell.


Elijah looked up, surprised that Orlando had spoken to him. “Yeah,” he murmured, not quite sure how to react to this.

“He hot?” Orlando questioned.

“Very.” Elijah did his best to keep his expression neutral. “You watch SD?”

“When I have time,” Orlando replied.

“He’s CM Punk,” Elijah stated.

“Ah.” Orlando nodded, his loose elegant locks nodding with him. Elijah couldn’t help but admire them. “He is handsome. Nice bit of fur on his chest too.”

“That’s new.” Elijah grinned at the thought of Punk’s hair-kissed pecs. “Well, November, but it still seems new to me.”

“Mmm.” Orlando seemed to have quickly lost interest in the subject. He settled onto the bench Elijah was sitting on, his legs wrapping around either side of it. “You always date white boys?”

Elijah felt his heart begin to beat faster. He had never expected the smoldering look Orlando was giving him. “I always date Punk,” he stammered.

Orlando merely nodded in response, his eyes visually caressing the hair scattered across Elijah’s own tight pecs. Elijah was suddenly very aware that the others had left the room, and Orlando’s eyes were quite blatantly ravishing his body. Before he knew what happened, Orlando’s hand had snuck around the back of his neck, pulling him into Orlando’s demanding lips. He was too startled to pull away, feeling his unprepared lips respond to Orlando’s kiss.

“Mmm.” Orlando drew back after a moment, trailing his tongue across his full lips. “If you ever want a break, I live in town.” He gave Elijah a sultry, inviting grin, then spun around and returned to his feet.

Elijah stared after him, swallowing hard. He wished desperately that he could call Punk; the burgeoning hardness in his trucks was making him feel uneasy, yet intrigued.


Brian looked up from lacing his boots, smiling when he saw it was Elijah. ”Hey,” he echoed.

“Heard you signed a long contract. Congratulations.” Elijah settled onto the bench next to the sexy little blonde.

“Ditto.” Brian raised his hand, sharing a fist bump with his fellow TNA star.

“I’m glad you’re around,” Elijah shared with a smile.

Brian raised an eyebrow. “Took you long enough to say hi.”

“Well, I uh – “ Elijah shrugged. “I didn’t want people to think there’s anything between us.”

“Now why would they think that?” Brian smiled softly, lowering his voice. “What happened between you and me and Punk is strictly our business.”

“Good. Definitely.” Elijah moved his hand over his tightly braided hair, fingering one of his plaited tails. “I was just wondering – are you seeing anyone?”

“No.” Brian looked at him with both interest and curiosity. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I don’t want to assume.” Elijah scooted a little closer to him on the bench. “The thing is, Punk’s out of town for a while, and it’s my birthday tonight. I was wondering if you might be into dinner at my house”.

“And sex?”

Elijah smiled, not surprised by Brian’s frankness. “If you’re into it,” he replied. “I mean, Punk’s ok with it, I asked him.”

“I love your guys’ relationship. You’re so honest.” Brian nodded. “I’d love to come over. How could I pass up another chance with a guy like you?” His eyes flicked over Elijah’s tight body. “Love the chest hair, that’s new.”

“It’s fun, Punk enjoys it.” Elijah was grinning. “After the show, then?”

“Sweet. Later.” Brian slapped hands with Elijah, giving him a wink before returning to his boot.

“So Brian’s coming over,” Elijah was saying into his phone as he set his shopping bag on the counter. “I’m looking forward to it. I’m gonna cook a nice dinner before he gets here.”

“Cooking on your birthday?” Punk teased.

“I like cooking.” Elijah was grinning as he began putting away the groceries, leaving out the ingredients he needed for dinner. “Have you and Kofi gotten together?”

“No,” Punk groaned. “And I’m ridiculously horny because of it! He’s back together with Randy.”

“Again?” Elijah shook his head. “Damn, I didn’t think a couple could break up and get back together so many times in six months.”

“Yeah, well I wish him the best, but I don’t know about him taking Randy back again.” Punk sighed.

“Mmm.” Elijah bit his lip, having one subject he had delayed bringing up. “Baby, I – I got this other thing I need to talk to you about.”

“What baby?” Punk sounded concerned just by the tone of Elijah’s voice.

Elijah hesitated, then just spit it out. “Orlando kissed me.”

“What!” Punk’s shock was evident in his voice. “How did that happen? You’ve been so jealous of him!”

“I know. I haven’t actually even talked to him before, and suddenly he was seriously coming on to me! I don’t know what to think.”

“What did you do?” Punk queried.

“I just kind of stared at him dumbfounded.” Elijah bit his lip.

“Well – are you attracted to him?” Punk questioned.

“I never thought about it. I’ve only thought about whether you’re attracted to him.” Elijah chuckled at that. “What should I do, baby?”

“I don’t know.” Punk paused. “We could see what happens.”

Elijah nodded, starting to take some pots and pans out of the cupboard. “You know how much I love you, baby?” He grinned broadly. “I love that I can tell you this, and not have you get pissed me.”

“ Always, baby. Let me know how things develop.” Punk’s voice took on a slightly pouty tone. “I’ve gotta go, got another interview. I can’t wait to see you in a week!”

“I’ll be here with bells on.” Elijah grinned. “Literally if you want.”

“I’m good with your sexy, sexy body. I can’t wait to get my arms around you again,” Punk growled.

“You are definitely gonna get a warm welcome home,” Elijah promised him.

“Man, I can’t wait!” Punk sighed. “I love you, baby.”

“Love you too. Call me later,” Elijah requested.

“I will. Bye.”

“Bye.” Elijah hung up the phone with a sigh. He loved that they both had successful careers, but the time apart was hard to take.

Brian was over soon enough to take his mind off things.

“Mmm.” Brian sighed as Elijah fed him another strawberry dipped in chocolate. “You know I came with the intention of putting out,” he murmured. “You don’t have to romance me.”

“Hey, it’s my birthday,” Elijah returned, claiming a kiss from Brian’s lips between words. “I like romancin’.”

“Well, I am lucky.” Brian grinned up at him lustily, wrapping his arms around Elijah neck and pulling Elijah to him. They kissed tenderly, Brian’s legs sneaking up to hug the black man’s tight waist.

Elijah was grinning his bright smile as he drew back. “I know what you want,” he teased.

“You on top of me?” Brian breathed, his playfulness ceding to his lust.

“Sounds fantastic.” Elijah rose, pulling Brian to his feet and kissing him deeply. “Get your sexy ass upstairs, I’ll just put the stuff up from the dog.”

Brian nodded, sauntering to the stairs and blowing Elijah a kiss as he disappeared into the stairwell. Elijah shivered, more than a little eager to tap that ass. He grabbed the strawberries and chocolate, shuffling quickly into the kitchen to put them out of their little dog’s reach.

Right then, Mail Call began to bark, running back and forth in front of the door. “What’s up, li’l MC?” Elijah questioned, striding to the door and peeking through the peephole. He was surprised enough by the visitor that he had to open the door to find out more. “Orlando?”

The tall, sexy black man gave him a broad grin, his pearly whites entrancing Elijah enough that he was able to slip past Elijah into the house.

Elijah blinked, spinning around and slamming the door shut. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?”

Orlando just smirked, yanking Elijah’s hips against his and claiming his mouth. Elijah sputtered, even as he fought not to melt into the scorching kiss. He managed to shove Orlando way from him after a moment, staring flabbergasted at the taller man. “What the hell are you doing?” he demanded.

“Thought you’d enjoy a visit,” Orlando murmured. He pulled his tight shirt up over his head as he slipped off his sandals, reaching for the dome of his jeans.

“Whoa, whoa!” Elijah cried, watching in fascinated horror as Orlando’s pants dropped to the floor, revealing the full glory of his dark body. “You can’t be coming in here and doing this! I got someone here, you gotta go!”

“Oh?” Orlando quirked an elegant eyebrow. “Is he as lovely as you? I’d be into that.”

“You - ” Elijah was cut off by Orlando’s lips connecting with his again, the tall black man’s sculpted body pressing fully against him as Orlando backed him up against the wall. Elijah’s lips were being ravished, and he found it hard not to groan into the touch. Although he’d like to deny it, he was hard as a rock.

Orlando finally drew back, giving his full lips a lick and smiling broadly at Elijah. “So, should we go upstairs?” he murmured.

“I – I should call my man,” Elijah stuttered.

Orlando raised an eyebrow. “It’s not your man upstairs? You kinky devil.”

“No, but – but, he knows,” Elijah told him, swallowing hard.

“So add one to the pot.” Orlando ran his hands down Elijah’s back, massaging the well-defined spot where his spine met the flush of his ass.

“I don’t – “ Elijah tried.

“Come.” Orlando took his hand, leading him up the stairs. He swiftly found the door, closing it behind them. “Now the world won’t see,” he murmured, pulling Elijah into his arms again. “Just us.” They kissed again, Elijah finding that his resistance was evaporating with every touch. Only after their lips parted did Orlando turn to look at Brian.

“What’s going on?” Brian was staring with wide eyes at Orlando’s glorious naked body.

“I invited myself over,” Orlando murmured, his eyes flicking over Brian, who had ditched his clothes, but pulled a bit of sheet over his groin when they came in. “I won’t tell, if you won’t.”

Elijah shook his head to clear it, glaring at Orlando, even though he didn’t push the other man’s hot body away. “This is crazy! You can’t just invite yourself here for sex! I – “

“Had plans with this gorgeous little doll?” Orlando’s eyes raked over Brian’s body, making the smaller man blush. “I promise not to do it again, if you give in to me.”

“N – “ Elijah was cut off before he could get out a word.

“Never had a threesome?” Orlando challenged.

“I’ve had several,” Elijah informed him.

“Really.” Orlando looked interested. “With who?”

“Well…” Elijah didn’t answer, but he did glance at Brian, which made Orlando grin.

“I see. Let’s try it again, but with you in the middle.” Orlando’s hand slid caressingly down Elijah’s back, grasping the waist of his jeans.

“What makes you think I wasn’t?” Elijah stammered.

“Something in your eyes.” Elijah’s pants hit the floor, followed swiftly by his little black thong. Orlando pulled him close, their naked flesh pressed deliciously tight together. “I wanna fuck you,” he whispered in Elijah’s ear, kissing his way across Elijah’s collarbone.

Elijah closed his eyes, his body burning from Orlando’s touches. This was a mile away from what he had planned…but he knew Punk would forgive him for it. Swallowing hard, he let his resistance go. He grabbed Orlando’s beautiful hair, pulling the bigger man’s mouth up to meet his. They kissed furiously, Elijah guiding them over to the bed. He flung the sheets from the bed, giving them the full run of the king sized spread. They fell onto the mattress, Elijah on top of Orlando, lips meeting passionately as hands explored each other’s bodies.

Elijah jumped at it as he felt a second touch on his back, looking up to meet Brian smile. “I still get to play, don’t I?” Brian teased, his hand ghosting across the small of Elijah’s back.

Elijah nodded vigorously, his eyes fixing on Brian’s ass. “Oh yeah. Just as long as everyone understands we’re using rubbers!” He pulled open the drawer they kept the condoms in, pulling out a handful along with some lube.

“Always,” Orlando murmured silkily, his hands caressing Elijah’s sides. “I do what I want, but I do it safely. Now let’s get you feeling good.” He rolled Elijah onto his back, positioning the smaller black man in the center of the massive bed. “Your mouth looks like it needs something.” He looked to Brian, who eagerly scurried up to kneel by Elijah’s head. Elijah took him into his mouth, groaning as that delectable cock slid between his lips. Orlando lay on his belly between Elijah’s legs, arching up to look directly at Elijah’s dick. It was already hard and waiting for him. Licking his lips and chuckling a bit, he wrapped his hand around the base, his tongue snaking out to tease the head. Elijah groaned around Brian’s cock, his heart beating swiftly in his chest.

Orlando proceeded to give him a phenomenal blowjob; he teased and nibbled for a few minutes, his talented fingers rubbing the sensitive flesh of Elijah’s inner thighs. Then he went to town, treating Elijah’s dick to the full expanse of his hot tongue, before engulfing that cock in his mouth and bobbing hungrily on it. Elijah was moaning from the fantastic stimulation. His own hands grasped Brian’s ass, working the smaller man’s dick rhythmically in and out of his mouth. Brian was mewling and moaning, clutch at his braids as his dick was artfully sucked.

Brian was the first to pull away, flopping back onto the bedspread. His cheeks were flushed, his dick rock hard against his abdomen. “I don’t wanna come ‘til you’re inside me,” he gasped in explanation, his burning flesh cooling only slightly from the break in contact.

“I concur.” Orlando let Elijah’s dick slip from his full lips, grinning lustily up at the panting black man. “It’s good that you’re so warmed up, you won’t last long with us on either side of you.”

Elijah was taking deep breaths, unsure he would be able to last any time at all with the double stimulation. “I never - ” he stammered.

“So you said.” Orlando smirked. “Or so I inferred. Just relax and enjoy.” He slid under Elijah, his hard dick pressing against Elijah’s back. “Brian?”

The smaller man roused himself, grabbing a condom and tearing it open with his teeth. He gave Elijah’s cock a few jerks before rolling it on expertly. He slicked his fingers with lube, quickly inserting them into himself and pumping them for a few strokes, his mouth falling open with a soft ‘Oh’. Elijah was so entranced watching Brian prepare himself that he didn’t even realize Orlando had suited up as well until the tall black man tossed the condom wrapper onto the bedspread beside him.

“Are you ready?” Orlando whispered in his ear.

Elijah only managed a slight nod, unable to take his eyes off Brian as the sexy blonde knelt over his waiting dick.

“You wanna be inside me?” Brian teased, stroking his dick as he lined the head of Elijah’s cock up to his puckered opening.

“Yeah,” Elijah groaned, sliding his hands up Brian’s thighs and grasping his hips. “I wanna fuck it!”

Brian’s breath hitched as he lowered his hips, taking the head of Elijah’s cock inside him. “Oh. God.” He planted his hands on Elijah’s sculpted, hair-kissed chest, moaning loudly as he took in another inch, and another. “Yes. Mmm!” he began to rock up and down, his tight tunnel rubbing deliciously around Elijah’s cock.

Elijah was loving it, his fingers digging into the pink skin of Brian’s hips. “So good baby,” he moaned, rocking his hips up to meet Brian’s flesh. “God you take it so good! Fuck.”

“Ahhhmm,” Brian retorted illegibly, his breath now coming in pants. He loved the feel of that big black cock, thrusting so deep inside him.

In their pleasure, they had almost forgotten Orlando, until Elijah felt a slick finger enter his ass. He bit his lip, having to close his eyes against the heated vision of Brian taking his cock, lest he come too fast. Orlando added a second finger, making Elijah groan and arch against him. He knew what came next as the preparatory fingers were removed, and was dually terrified and excited about it. He had taken cock before, many times, but never when his own dick was buried up a tight ass. He could feel Orlando lining up the head, then it was pushing into him. Orlando was big; much bigger than himself or Punk. He could feel himself stretch around that huge cock, an excruciatingly pleasurable experience. Brian stilled on him for a moment, allowing him to take in Orlando without as much stimulation on the other side.

Elijah’s eyes were tightly closed, his breath coming in ragged pants. It was overwhelming being filled and surrounded at the same time, more intense than he knew how to deal with. He was being pushed further toward a level of pleasure without words as Orlando began to rock in and out of him, slowly at first, going deeper with each stroke. Brian, too, began again, the blonde whimpering softly as Orlando’s increasingly powerful thrusts drove Elijah’s dick up inside him.

Elijah didn’t know how to move with them both, so he surrendered himself to their wills, clutching at Brian’s hips as his dick was thrust up into that tight passage.

It was so much dick and so much tight, tight ass. He was still in the dark, the molten sensations running through his body more than enough to amp his pleasure up to searing levels. His head thrashed against Orlando’s chest, his body arching against the big cock fucking him, then being driven into Brian’s tight ass by Orlando’s powerful thrusts. It wasn’t a sensation he could take for long.

On the verge, his eyes flew open, filled with the erotic vision of Brian’s tawdry disheveled form, shaking from the hot cock buried up inside him. The visual sent him shooting through the roof, his orgasm striking with such force that he shook uncontrollably, moaning out a long, incomprehensible string of nonsense. Orlando kept thrusting, and Brian kept bouncing, drawing his orgasm out for every second it could last.

Elijah was half aware of Orlando’s big hand jerking Brian’s cock, making the smaller man groan and spill on Elijah’s chest. He could feel Orlando’s cock spurting inside him, the big man panting in his ear, grasping at his hard pecs as he got in a few more sweet thrusts.

Then it was all panting, heaving chests and cooling cum. Brian collapsed onto him, groaning softly as Elijah’s spent cock slid out of him. Orlando summoned the strength to lift Elijah’s hips, guiding his sated cock from Elijah’s well pleased hole. He wrapped an arm around them both, the three of them all struggling to catch their breath.

It was quiet for a moment, their soft panting the only sound. Then Elijah roused himself slightly, stroking Brian’s tousled hair as he glanced between his bedmates. “This is gonna sound weird,” he murmured, “but do you mind if I call my man?”


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