Taken Too
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Edge, Elijah Burke, Shannon Moore, John Cena
Summery: Edge wants Punk, and what Edge wants, Edge gets
Note: Answering Orilon’s challenge, to start a story off the first paragraph below
Written 5/19/08-5/21/08

Punk’s POV

Edge seems to have two types of sex: meaningless and to advance his career. Since he can’t get the money in the bank contract by sleeping with me, his interest in me falls into the former category.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Edge isn’t the kind of guy who cares if you have a boyfriend. Which I do; 13 months and counting. And needless to say, Elijah is not exactly thrilled that another man is actively trying to get me into bed. He didn’t smile at all when I suggested we should have a threesome – and I was mostly joking. Although, if he would’ve been into the idea…but he isn’t, so I won’t go down that road.

I really don’t want to be tempted to cheat on Elijah. I love him with all my heart. He really is my other half. But when a guy like Edge is going all out to seduce me…well, it’s hard not to at least look. The guy isn’t subtle at all. His first come on line was, ‘Here’s my room key, stop by tonight and let’s fuck.’ He’s good at showing off his body too. He had a towel ‘malfunction’, right in front of me and Elijah.

Yes, you heard me right; in front of Elijah. When I say he doesn’t care if I have a boyfriend, I mean it! Elijah’s presence does nothing to dissuade his pursuit of me. He can’t tell me enough how hot I am, and how much he wants me. And I can’t lie, I kind of like the attention. I told Edge to fuck off after a few fights with Elijah on the issue, but he knew I didn’t really mean it. Can you blame me? It’s hot to be pursued, especially by a smoking hot sex beast like Edge. Elijah and I have been having incredibly hot sex since it all started, although he would never give Edge credit.

I’m not quite sure what I should do. Edge just doesn’t give up once he sets his mind to something. Just look at how many times he’s weaseled his way into a world title reign. His wild affair with Cena is absolutely legendary, and Cena still claims he’s straight, for anyone but Edge. I don’t want to cheat…I don’t want to even think about cheating…but how much can a guy resist? Edge is just so feral, so sexy, so…tempting. He’s sent me little notes, promising that if I sneak away with him, just for an hour, he’ll make a good show for Elijah like he’s given up, and leave me alone.

‘He’ll never know,’ he’s whispered in my ear on many occasions, ‘and I’ll give you the greatest pleasure of your life.’

I just have to bite my lip and shake my head. The sooner I can find Elijah after for a blowjob, the better. Edge always makes me hot. And that’s exactly what he wants; he wants me to be so hot, that I’ll stop thinking, and sneak away with him to do the dirty deed.

I don’t want to cheat. I really, really don’t want to, and I’m not prepared to deal with the consequences. But the way Edge touches me when Elijah’s not around…I’m really starting to want him. I just hope I can resist!

Elijah’s POV

We’ve been having more sex lately than ever. And I can’t deny, its possessive sex. Every time I turn around, I see Edge touching him. That bastard is always whispering in his ear, caressing his side, playing with his hair. It drives me absolutely crazy! I know I don’t own him, but he’s my man, dammit! People should know to keep their smarmy hands off a gentleman who’s taken.

It would be easier to take if it was just a one-way attraction. But I can see Punk trying to hide his smile when Edge compliments him. He’s putting on a show of saying no for me, and I worry about the times when I’m not around. I know he loves me…I trust him not to cheat on me…but Edge is just so relentless, I’m afraid he’s gradually breaking down Punk’s resistance. It’s hard not to give in when you’re got the devil sitting on your shoulder, constantly whispering in your ear.

I haven’t seen Punk for a few minutes, and I’m stalking the halls, trying to find him. My heart is thundering in my chest. I know I’m probably getting all worked up about nothing; he probably just got stopped by a friend and is chatting. Or maybe he’s helping Shannon spike his hair again. I’m trying to believe something, anything, like that.

Then I hear it. A whispered voice around the corner; Edge. Holding my breath, I peek around the corner. Punk is with him. I can’t do anything but stare, appalled by their closeness. Edge is caressing Punk’s cheek, their bodies only inches apart.

“You don’t have to run off, baby,” Edge coos breathily. “Stay with me for a moment.”

“Elijah’s probably looking for me.” Punk is staring into his eyes, looking half enchanted.

“Just one kiss,” Edge whispers. “I need to taste those sweet lips.”

Punk bites his lip, shaking his head. “I can’t,” he replies, his voice pleading. “I love Elijah.”

I’m watching with my heart in my throat. I want to run around the corner and punch Edge right in the mouth. But, I also want to see if Punk will give in. He’s standing so close to Edge, not pushing him away.

“Just a kiss…” Edge’s fingers trail over Punk’s lips, making my blood boil. I’m the only one who should be touching him like that.

Punk gives a soft little sigh. The look on his face worries me. It really worries me.

Suddenly Edge is swooping in, pressing my baby against the wall and kissing him. Punk makes a startled noise, but it looks like he’s kissing back as Edge’s body grinds against him. I can’t believe this; I can’t believe he’d actually do this to me.

Then, Punk’s hands move to Edge’s chest, and he’s shoving Edge away. “I told you I can’t!” he yells, shaking his head. He wipes at his mouth, as if he’s trying to wipe off Edge’s kiss. “I LOVE him! I wanna be with him for the rest of my life, and I can’t fuck that up for a fuck, no matter how fucking sexy you are.”

Edge’s eye narrow briefly, then a tolerant mask descends over his face, and he shrugs. “Just think about how good that felt,” he purrs, “think how much better I’d feel inside you.” He flips his hair, striding off in the opposite direction.

I slump against the wall, closing my eyes and taking deep breaths. Punk said no to him. But he still kissed him. And Edge still isn’t giving up. I hear a gasp, opening my eyes to find Punk standing before me. He looks pale, and I absolutely hate what I see in his eyes – guilt.

“Lij.” He runs a hand nervously through his hair. “I’m so glad I found you, baby. That crazy motherfucker just won’t leave me alone!”

I look at him, not knowing how I should feel. “You let him kiss you,” I whisper.

His mouth opens, then closes. He looks down, sighing deeply. “I’m trying, Lij,” he whispers. “It’s just – fuck, it’s hard. I’ve never had to deal with shit like this before.”

I know he’s being sincere. He’s always been honest with me. I pull him into my arms, kissing him softly. He melts against me, kissing with all his heart. “I love you,” I whisper, holding him tight.

“I love you too,” he murmurs, resting his head on my shoulder.

I’m scared right now, and I know he is too. Edge is an extremely persuasive man; if he were going after me right now, I’m not sure I would be able to resist. We have to think of something, something to get him off our backs.

Edge’s POV


I turn, seeing Elijah stalking up to me. I smirk, popping my gum as he gets right up in my face.

“I’m sick of you missing with my man,” Elijah growls.

“Oh yeah?” I’m not intimidated. He knows he can’t mess with me, I have clout around here. “What if your man wants to be messed with?”

He looks like he wants to hit me, but we both know he can’t. If he does, he gets to say hello to a pink slip, and I get to welcome Punk into my bed. I am a little surprised when he grabs my wrists, pinning them against the locker behind me. But I leer at him defiantly, daring him to try something.

He does hit me, but not with his fists; it’s his lips that strike mine. His big, soft, beautiful lips, which I never paid much attention to until now. Damn, can that man kiss! No wonder Punk doesn’t want to lose this. I bet his gives a killer blowjob, too.

We are making out hot and heavy, his hands still pinning my wrists to the wall. Forget Punk; I would have absolutely no qualms about getting screwed by Elijah, right here and now. I love an aggressive man. I get it now; he’s been jealous of me going after Punk. I guess I should have gone after Elijah first, gotten a good screw and let it break up him and Punk, then given Punk a nice hot comfort fuck.

He pulls away from me, releasing my wrists. What the hell?

“Stay away from my man,” he spits, storming out of the room.

Now I’m confused. What the hell is he up to?

Punk’s POV

I really hope Elijah gets back soon! I’m not sure what we’re doing is smart. And I’m really not in the mood for Shannon’s babble right now! He just keep going on and on about some great guy who took him out last night, and gave him what he claims was the best sex ever.

“His body is AMAZING,” Shannon sighs, grinning at the memory. “You wouldn’t believe the things he can do with his tongue!”

I’m only half listening. “That’s nice, Shannon,” I mutter.

“Really, he’s awesome. You should talk to Elijah. Maybe you can convince him to let you stray, just this once.”

I blink, frowning at Shannon. “Are you trying to set me up with some trick of yours?”

“No,” Shannon replies, “I’m just saying that Edge - ”

“You went out with Edge?” I interrupt.

Shannon shrugs. “He said he’d sleep with me if I told you how good it was. But I’m not exaggerating – he WAS amazing, seriously.”

I can’t help but stare at him. “I don’t care!” I exclaim. “I’m in love, and Elijah and I still have totally amazing sex! Edge is hot, and yeah I’d probably sleep with him if I wasn’t with Lij, but I can’t!”

Shannon shrugs again, looking unfazed. “I figured that. But I wasn’t gonna tell Edge that; he gave me one hell of a night! Telling you about it was my part of the deal.” He smiles at me. “You and Lij are so hot together, Punk. If I had a boyfriend like him, I’d probably say no to Edge too.”

“Right.” I can’t believe Edge is now sleeping with my friends to get to me! That man has absolutely no shame. Who would even think of sleeping with someone’s buddies to get a good recommendation? That’s just twisted.

I’m so relieved when Elijah returns. I think I’m as nervous about him being alone with Edge as he is about me. “So?” I press, standing and taking his hands.

“Did we have a second part of this plan?” Elijah looks worried. “Because I think I just turned him onto me. I’m not sure if that’s good or not.”

“Yeah.” I bite my lip. “We maybe should have thought this one through some more.”

“What did you do?” Shannon’s at my side, looking at us curiously.

I sigh. “Well, we thought we’d, you know, throw Edge off. So Elijah went and told him to stay away from me, and he kissed him.” I look at Elijah in worry. “You just kissed him, right?”

“Yeah, baby.” Elijah squeezes my hands. “He’s hot, but he’s no you.”

“The solution’s totally obvious!”

We both look at Shannon, who is holding up his hands as if about to deliver a brilliant revelation. “You need to have a threesome!” Shannon illuminates. “Or foursome, if you want,” he hints with a grin.

Elijah wraps his arms protectively around my waist, glaring at Shannon. “I already said no to that!”

“I was joking!” I exclaim, rubbing his back to try and calm him down. “Why don’t we just wait and see what Edge does now?”

“Ok.” Elijah takes a deep breath, leaning in to inhale my scent. “I love you,” he murmurs, nuzzling my neck affectionately.

“I love you too,” I whisper. We start to kiss, until I realize that Shannon’s still standing next to us, a big goofy grin on his face. “Can we get 5 minutes?” I snap.

“Sure. I’ll go find Edge,” Shannon states, heading out of the locker room. His head pops back in a second later. “I mean, not to tell him about what you said. To see if he wants to, you know, again.” He gives a little smile, then disappears.

“What?” Elijah asks in confusion.

“Never mind.” I lock the door and pull him over to the couch. Now I really get why he’s been so amorous in the locker room lately; it’s no fun thinking someone might be after your man!

Shannon’s POV

I am such a lucky guy. Edge isn’t usually into seeing his trick the next day; he’s more of a ‘don’t let the door hit ya on the way out’ kinda guy. Fortunately for me, though, Elijah’s kiss got him all hot and bothered. So here I am, with his big cock in my mouth, sucking happily. I swear, I could suck him all day. I relax my throat and take him all the way down, my nose nestling in his close cropped pubic hair. I’m getting so hot from mouthing that big cock, I’m rubbing myself through my pants.

After he comes, I figure I’ll go jerk off in the shower, because he’s not really the kind of guy to reciprocate. To my great surprise, he pulls me to my feet, delivering a little kiss to my lips. “Shannon,” he murmurs, all sexy and seductive. I’m pretty sure this is gonna be about Punk, because he’s talking to me the way guys usually do before they ask me to suck their dick. Edge wraps his arms around my waist, giving me another little kiss. “I had a great time with you last night,” he purrs, his words dripping with sex. “Wanna come over again tonight?”

Sweet! I could not be more thrilled. I don’t care why he’s asking, I want me summa that! But I’m obligated to play it coy…I don’t want him to think I’m *too* easy. “Maybe,” I purr in response. “Wanna buy me dinner?”

He smirks. “I guess I should eat something, before I eat you.”

I can just feel all my blood rushing to my groin. He’s so sexy! I’m thinking I really need to get in that shower…but before I can slip away, Edge is sinking to his knees. No way! He’s really not the type who does this, at least not for guys like me. But damn, does his mouth feel good on me.

I close my eyes, caressing his hair as he goes down on me. I really am the luckiest guy ever. If I thought this could possibly last, I wouldn’t do what I’m planning to do. But Punk’s my friend, and I don’t want him to cheat on Elijah. I’m pretty sure my plan is going to make Edge forget all about Punk and Elijah.

Edge’s POV

Shannon’s a good fuck. He’s useful for keeping my dick happy while I’m ‘courting’ Punk. He spends a lot of time with Punk, I’m hoping he might be able to get through to him. Maybe he can also give me some insight into Elijah. I’m rather keen on fucking him too, after that kiss. I’m more than willing to give Shannon a few thrills if he can help me make some progress. It’s getting rather embarrassing that I haven’t gotten more than a kiss, given how long I’ve been trying to seduce Punk.

Shannon’s in my bed again, but I’m thinking about Punk as I’m impaling him on my cock. Man, he’s got a nice tight ass. I bet Punk will feel amazing wrapped around me. I wonder how he’ll moan? You never quite know, with the little punker boys. Shannon’s a gasper. I hope Punk talks nasty, I love that. I can see him being that kind of guy.

It’s weird, but I swear I hear the door click…just then, Shannon gives a loud moan, pressing his hands over my ears and pulling me down into a hard kiss. Not the best bedroom move, but guys go out of their head with pleasure when they’re getting fucked by yours truly, so I’m used to it.

I’m enjoying ramming into him and doing a bit of nasty making out, when I suddenly feel a hand on my back. I jolt upright, my cock popping right out of Shannon. I’m about to give that motherfucker behind me an elbow in the gut, when I recognize the touch. My brain just freezes for a moment. It can’t be him…

“Shhh,” he whispers in my ear. As if I could speak now! He’s naked; I can feel him press against my back. He uses the weight of his body to push me back down onto Shannon, his hand coming around to guide my cock back into Shannon’s hole. I start to thrust slowly, my eyes closing, mouth falling open as he begins to push into me. It’s been so long since I’ve felt this…

As much of a slut as I am, I’ve never had it this way before; my cock buried inside one man, my ass being filled by another. It’s a completely overwhelming feeling, especially because it’s him. I’m amazed I manage to last for any time at all, but we rut for some time before I just can’t hold back, rocketing into the most ungodly orgasm of my life.

I think they get off too, but I can’t feel anything but the tingling in my body. I’ve never been so affected by an orgasm. I just lay there for a few minutes, waiting for my brain to come back online.

Shannon settles to one side of me, looking happy and satisfied. *He* settles on the other side, pulling me against him. I can’t believe he’s here. How? Why? I find myself wrapping an arm around his strong torso, pressing my face against his chest. I love the feel of his muscles against my skin. He’s the only man I never got tired of. Things just got…complicated.

He kisses my forehead, brushing my hair out of my eyes. He’s quiet, probably waiting for me to speak. But what can I say, that I’m willing to say?

I cuddle with him for an embarrassingly long time. I’ve never been so floored by an orgasm before, but I’m finally getting my wits back. I don’t know what to say, so I go the easy route.

“What are you doing here?” My angry voice would sound more convincing if I could bear to push away from him, but he just feels so good against my body.

“I got your text.” He’s playing with my hair, and I’m enjoying it way too much.

“I didn’t text you.”

He smirks, the bastard. “Drunk texting again, are we?”

I bite back the ‘Fuck you’ that’s on my lips. I don’t want to get too nasty, because I really don’t want him to leave. Dammit.

He sighs, twisting a lock of golden hair between his fingers. “I never got over you either,” he whispers.

I know it must be hard for him to say that. We never admitted feeling anything for each other. “John,” I sigh before I can stop myself. My throat seems to close up, forbidding me from further speech. I can’t do this…I can’t…

I lean in to kiss him softly. It’s not a seductive kiss, and not a hard kiss demanding more sex. I’m just kissing him, because I desperately want to kiss him. He’s only too happy to kiss me back, his hands rubbing my back soothingly.

It’s some time before we break apart. I feel as though my body’s turned to putty, and I could just melt right into the mattress. It almost hurts when he caresses my cheek, his touch delicate and sensual.

“I think I lo- ” He stops, not able to say it. I don’t want him to say it; I don’t do the *that* word. I just don’t. But I’m thinking it…I can’t stop my treacherous brain. He’s just so…him. John Cena. Stud. Hunk. Gentleman. Crazy enough to fall for me…

I’m kissing him again before I know it. Dammit, dammit, dammit!

Elijah’s POV

“It’s good that we both kissed him,” Punk is saying to me, “so it cancels out.”

I chuckle. “Couldn’t you say the same thing if we’d slept with him?”

He swats my chest. “No!”

I give him a kiss on the temple, giving him an affectionate little squeeze. It’s such a relief that things are back to normal! I’ve hardly even seen Edge lately; since he got back together with Cena, he hasn’t said a word to me or Punk. I suppose it was a bit of excitement, but I prefer just being able to cuddle my baby in peace. This did show how strong our relationship is, though; if we can survive Edge, we can survive the long haul.

I love not having to worry about him, and not having to watch my back. Bless John Cena, for whatever reason he decided to come back into Edge’s life now.

John’s got his man, Edge’s got his man, and I’ve still got my baby. It all sounds good to me!



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