That Sucks, But What’s This?
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Miz, John Morrison, CM Punk
Summary: Miz is bummed over his current angle, but Punk and John intervene
Note: Inspired by my frustration with Miz being stuck in a very, very lousy angle with a very, very lousy wrestler lately
Written 9/27/10

“Hey.” Punk took a seat at the table beside a glum looking Miz, setting a glass bottle down beside him. “Brought you a drink.”

Miz eyed the bottle, picking it up and giving it a sniff. “YOU are buying me a beer?” He took a swig, grunting in approval as he set the bottle back on the table.

“Well, I wouldn’t buy you vodka, but tonight, I figured a beer wouldn’t hurt.” Punk slapped Miz on the back. “So why isn’t John with you?”

“Fucking appearance tomorrow morning,” Miz grumbled, taking another swig from the beer. “Had to leave tonight. Believe me, if he was here, I’d be back in my hotel room with him, not here.”

“Sex is a way better drug than any booze,” Punk agreed. “Gotta admit I use that one, but with the man I got, how can I resist?” He grinned, taking a drink of his virgin pepsi.

“Mmm.” Miz sighed deeply, laying his head down on the table. “I hate my job right now. I was actually happier when I was changing in a broom cupboard.”

“That’s how it feels, when you’ve got a Jericho problem,” Punk agreed.

Miz turned his head, squinting at Punk. “He’s not the problem. Granted, he’s a lech. He looks at John changing, when he can. But he doesn’t really bug us.”

Punk shook his head. “I don’t mean him in particular. After my experience with him, I call any big, ugly, unpleasant problem that makes you hate your job and wanna scream, a Jericho problem.”

“Yeah, I remember when he was driving you crazy.” Miz sighed deeply, gazing at Punk with a glum frown. “How did you finally get him off your back?”

“Blackmail,” Punk replied.

Miz laughed, sitting up and taking another drink of beer. “No, really.”

“Seriously.” Punk raised his eyebrows. “Lij and I just happened to find something that he doesn’t want getting back to Vince. We told him he better leave me the hell alone, or what we got goes to press.”

“Oh man.” Miz scowled at his beer. “God I wish I could do that to Daniel Brian.” He said the name mockingly, his lip curling in disdain. “If he wasn’t a squeaky clean little nerd. It’s not fucking fair that I’ve been busting my ass for years to earn some cred in this company, and he waltzes in off the street and ruins it all! And now they got my man involved. God I wish I knew whose dick that little prick is sucking. Thank god he’s ugly, so he’d never have a chance with John, much as I’m sure he’d love it.”

“Brian’s a prick,” Punk agreed. “We should hook him up with Jericho, they’re matched to a t.”

“If only,” Miz sighed. “They’d probably kill each other, then all our problems would be solved.”

“Well, let me help with yours tonight.”

Miz blinked as a hand moved up his thigh. “What - ” He couldn’t finish his sentence, Punk’s lips closing over his. Then he was leaning back in bed, Punk’s naked body sliding onto his…

“Hey, what, what are you doing?” Miz muttered sleepily, faintly shoving the warm body off of him.

“Sorry.” John rolled off of him, raising his eyebrows at his lover through the dark. “You usually want to.”

“Oh.” Miz sat up, blinking as he looked around at their hotel room. His eyes moved over the comic book beside his head, which he had fallen asleep reading. “When did you get in?”

“Bout 10 minutes ago.” John shrugged. “Sorry the boys kept me out so late.”

“S’ok.” Miz yawned. “I do want to, baby, I was just having a weird dream.”

“What was it about?” John questioned, his hand reaching out to rub up and down Miz’s side.

Miz smiled at the contact, although he frowned a bit as he thought about his dream. “Punk brought me a beer.”

John laughed. “Yeah, that’s definitely a weird dream.”

“He was talking to me about – you know, the little prink.” Miz’s eyes narrowed automatically. “He was sympathizing with me, since it’s like the Jericho problem he had a bit ago. And then – well, don’t get jealous baby, ‘cos it was just a dream, and I’m not responsible for what my unconscious brain generates.”

“Tell me,” John prodded. “Did he give you a blowjob to cheer you up?”

“No!” Miz cleared his throat. “He just kissed me. Then he was on top of me in bed, but that was when I was waking up, and it probably got mixed in with what you were doing, so…” He shrugged.

“Well.” John raised his eyebrows, but his voice was clearly teasing. “I see why you tried to stop me, who’d want me when you have such hot dreams?”

“Shut up,” Miz snapped. “You know I’m not interested in Punk, I’m just really pissed off about this whole horrible angle that’s ruining my run!” He winced when he looked at the frown at John’s face, his lover having crossed his arms over his chest. “Baby - ”

“I know you’re pissed,” John stated, “but that doesn’t mean you can tell me to shut up.”

“I’m sorry.” Miz sighed deeply. “I don’t mean to take it out on you baby, it’s just so frustrating! I’m supposed to be enjoying being Mr. Money In the Bank and going after the title, and suddenly I’m jobbing to an infant who has less wrestling talent than Miss Kitty.”

“Hey, don’t diss Miss Kitty, she could beat up Kevin Kelly,” John argued, nudging Miz playfully with his elbow.

“Yeah.” Miz groaned, covering his face with his hands. “I’m sorry, baby, I wanna just let it go and let you cheer me up, I just can’t.”

“I’m involved in this too, you know,” John stated with a frown. “You think I wanna spend my career fighting lousy matches against Jericho, covering for his sloppy moves while he feels me up? And I sure as hell don’t want to be teaming up with rats like Brian! That’s a big step down from Truth.”

“You’re better as a solo guy, Truth likes you too much,” Miz muttered. He groaned at the frown John gave him. “I’m not being jealous!”

“Really, ‘cos you sounded pretty jealous,” John snapped, turning away from Miz and pulling the cover up to his chest.

“I’m not!” Miz insisted. “I thought you were trying to comfort me?”

“I’m not gonna talk to you in this mood,” John retorted.

“Baby,” Miz cooed, moving closer to John and setting his hand on John’s sculpted side.

“And now you’re trying to suck up for sex,” John pointed out.

“I’m not,” Miz denied. “We don’t have to have sex, I just wanna hold you.” He pressed himself against John’s back, whispering in his lover’s ear, “I’ve been getting burned lately, baby, you’re like the salve for my wounds.”

John suppressed a smile, turning onto his back so he could loop his arms around Miz’s neck. “That’s awfully poetic, for you.”

“Hey, give me credit, I can be romantic when I try.” Miz brushed a lock of soft brown hair out of John’s face, leaning down to bump John’s nose with his own. “I’m sorry I’m so bothered, I just really hate this stupid angle. Bet you could help me forget it for a bit, though.”

“I guess.” John’s attempt at aloofness by spoiled by his body’s eagerness to accept Miz on top of him. “But if you call me Punk, you’re sleeping on the floor.”

“Baby!” Miz feigned insult as he reached for the condoms. “Give me some credit. You are way too sexy for me to think about someone else.”

“I certainly hope so.” John gave him a grin, before their lips became occupied with each other.


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