A timid knocking came at the door. Joey Mercury didn’t want to get up, but he was yearning for something, anything, to take his mind off the pain in his face, so he rose slowly and shuffled over to the door. His doting tag partner had left for an appearance 30 minutes ago, and wouldn’t be returning for hours, so he wasn’t sure who to expect on the other side of the door.

When he opened the door, it revealed Jeff Hardy, holding flowers and some sort of food container. Jeff winced as he took in the condition of Joey’s face; his eye was swollen shut, his entire face was puffy, and his nose and cheek bore 30 raw stitches. “I brought you these,” Jeff stammered, swallowing hard as he offered up the flowers.

“Thank you,” Joey whispered, trying not to move his mouth too much as he spoke. Anything in the facial vicinity hurt at the moment. He took the flowers, glancing curiously at the container.

“Oh.” Jeff held it up, looking sheepish. “Chicken soup. I know you’re not technically sick, but…” He shrugged.

“Thanks,” Joey whispered again, taking that as well.

Jeff shuffled his feet. “Is it ok if I – if I come in?”

Joey turned back into the room, holding the door open for Jeff. He shuffled back to the bed, settling down in the middle and leaning back against the mountain of pillows Johnny had built for him. Jeff perched on the edge of the bed, gazing at him nervously. “I am so sorry, Joey,” he apologized. “I’m so sorry!”

“Not your fault,” Joey whispered. “Shit happens.”

Jeff was quiet for a moment. “Still. I’m really, really sorry.” He gazed at Joey, licking his lips hesitantly. “Is – is there anything I can do for you? Anything at all?”

Joey shrugged. “I could use some company,” he whispered. “Distraction is good.”

“Right.” Jeff gave him a little smile. “Well, I can certainly stay for a while.” He was quiet again, looking unsure. He ran a hand through his hair nervously. “I – I heard - ” He twisted a lock of hair between his fingers, looking at that instead of Joey. “I heard you might be gay,” he stuttered, quickly and quietly.

Joey would’ve smirked if it hadn’t hurt so much. He found it comical how intimidated all the butch muscle men in the locker room seemed to be by the idea of an out gay man. Not that he was obvious, by any means, but he refused to lie. “Yeah,” he confirmed, “I am.”

Jeff fidgeted, running his hand through his hair again. “Well, I – I really wanted to say I’m sorry,” he stuttered, “And I – I was wondering if there was anything I could – do?” He looked up, meeting Joey’s gaze.

Joey smiled internally, amused by the offer. “Jeff, that’s sweet, but you don’t have to - ”

“I want to,” Jeff interrupted, still playing nervously with his hair. “I mean, I – I swing that way sometimes, too.” He swallowed, his gaze locked with Joey’s. “I thought it might make you feel better. I’m pretty good at it.”

This was not an offer Joey had expected. It was tempting, but he didn’t feel he could accept in good conscious. “Jeff - ”

“Please,” Jeff insisted. “I – I want to. Really. It would make me feel better too.”

Joey was silent for a moment. “I’m not feeling real sexy right now,” he whispered at last.

Jeff nodded, licking his lips nervously. “I could – I mean, if you want me to, I could - ” He swallowed, pulling off his shirt and revealing his torso to Joey.

It was Joey’s turn to swallow. He had to admit, he had looked at Jeff before. The younger Hardy was beautiful, too much so to prevent a stolen glance or two. “You really don’t have to,” he repeated.

“I want to,” Jeff affirmed, sounding more sure of himself this time. He put his hand on Joey’s knee, gazing into his eyes. “Joey, do you want me to?”

Joey needed a moment to debate it with himself. Over the last 24 hours, he had been so scared and in so much pain, the thought of a temporary relief from that was more than he could pass up. “Yes,” he whispered. “Yes, please.”

“Do you want me to…” Jeff set a hand on the waist of his pants. Joey nodded, watching with rapt attention as Jeff slid the fabric down, revealing a small black thong.

“That’s hot,” Joey whispered, reaching out a hand to touch, then withdrawing it quickly.

“It’s ok,” Jeff murmured, clasping Joey’s hand and drawing it to his hip. “Touch me.”

Joey’s fingers trailed up Jeff’s side, making the Hardy shiver. Joey’s other hand joined the exploration of the first, caressing Jeff’s chest and lingering to tease his nipples. “Mmm, yes,” Jeff groaned. This was making him hard, and he hoped it was doing the same for Joey. “Do you want me to touch you?” he inquired softly.

“Carefully,” Joey whispered in response.

Jeff nodded. He straddled Joey’s legs, careful not to rest too much weight on them. He slowly undid the buttons of Joey’s shirt, his fingers sliding along Joey’s skin as each inch was revealed. Once it was completely undone, he pushed the fabric out of the way, bending down to mouth a nipple.

“Oh, Jeff.” Joey raised his hands to Jeff’s hair, stroking the silky strands as Jeff’s tongue moved on to thoroughly please his other nipple. “That feels so good,” he whispered. It had been some time since he had been with anyone, and Jeff’s attention was quickly arousing him. He let his hands slide down Jeff’s back, brushing against the top of the thong.

Jeff raised his head, his lips moist and pink from licking Joey’s nipples. “Do you want me to take it off?” he breathed.

Joey considered for a moment. “Not yet,” he replied, wanting to enjoy the tease of Jeff’s nearly-bare body for a little longer.

Jeff’s hands found his button fly, slowly undoing it, his hands stroking Joey’s abdomen as they had his chest. Joey raised his hips just enough to allow Jeff to slip his pants over his thighs, Jeff momentarily raising off him to pull them completely from his legs. Jeff again straddled Joey, this time settling around his knees so he could access Joey’s crotch. He licked his lips as he came face to face with Joey’s hard on, glancing up at the brunette for permission.

“Please,” Joey whispered, his hands caressing Jeff’s supple back. Jeff wound his fist around the base of Joey’s cock, his tongue licking up and down the shaft. Joey groaned, closing his good eye and reminding himself to breathe through his mouth. He had to gasp as Jeff’s mouth closed about the head of his cock. Jeff definitely knew his way around a cock, no doubt about that. The Hardy slowly took more of Joey into his mouth, bobbing steadily up and down.

“Oh, Jeff,” Joey panted. In his current state, he knew he wasn’t going to last long. He reveled in the sweet waves of pleasure rolling through him, his nails digging into Jeff’s back as he got close. Joey opened his eye, the hot sight of Jeff sucking him enough to tip him over the edge. He groaned aloud as he came, Jeff drawing back and pumping his cock until he was done. Joey took a deep breath, his body tingling in satisfaction. His fingers found the rim of Jeff’s thong again, his eye focused on the strip of silk. “Now take it off,” he whispered forcefully.

Jeff gladly freed himself of the restraint, his cock standing hard against his abdomen. Joey spit in his palm, then wrapped his fist around Jeff, jerking him steadily. “Oh yeah,” Jeff gasped. He raised his hands to rub his nipples, his hips thrusting against Joey’s hand. “Yeah, yeah!” He shot across Joey’s chest, then collapsed onto his back, his chest heaving.

Both were content with a moment of silence. They enjoyed the sound of each other’s heavy breathing and the smell of sex which was gradually filling the room. Jeff eventually rose up onto his elbows, smiling lazily at Joey. “Kleenex?” he offered.

“Got it.” Joey could just reach the box on the nightstand. He mopped off his chest, discarding the tissue without really caring where it went. He swallowed, his fingers playing gently across Jeff’s thigh. “Will you stay?” he whispered softly.

“Yeah.” Jeff crawled up to the head of the bed, joining Joey on his mountain of pillows. He wrapped an arm around Joey’s chest, resting his head against the other man’s shoulder. “This ok?” he murmured.

“Mmmhmm.” Joey slid an arm around Jeff, shifting them just enough to cover their naked bodies with the sheet. “Thank you, Jeff,” he whispered. He sighed happily, laying his head back against the pillows to relax.


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