Triple Existential
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: Porn & philosophical ponderings
Note: Written late at night in a strange mood
Written 5/25-5/26/08

“Y’know, it’s crazy.”

“Hmm?” Elijah opened his eyes. He had been half dozing, happily curled up against Punk’s back as they watched a video of Punk’s choosing. He took a quick look at the screen, then closed his eyes again and snuggled closer to Punk. “Yeah. Big cock.”

Punk snorted. “Not that! I mean, that the world’s so obsessed with these little holes we’ve got between our legs. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?”

“You like it well enough,” Elijah murmured sleepily. “You’re the one who put on porn.”

“Yeah.” Punk was quiet for a moment. “I’m human, just like everyone else. But still, porn is ridiculous. If you think about it, sex is really ridiculous in general.”

“That’s not what you say in bed.”

Elijah received a light slap on the arm for his comment. “I like sex,” Punk stated. “I just think it’s crazy how much time people devote to it.”

Elijah yawned, resting his cheek on Punk’s biceps. “You’ve been watching porn for an hour,” he pointed out.

“Exactly.” Punk sounded deeply thoughtful. “I watch porn a lot, even when I’m having a lot of sex. I just want to.”

“Mmmhmm. Porn freak. Gotcha.” Elijah nuzzled Punk’s arm with his nose. He was half ready to go to sleep, but also half inspired to rouse himself for something like a tamed down version of what he was hearing on the tv.

“I’m not a porn freak!” Punk objected. “I just…enjoy adult things. Sex is simple and it’s stupid, but it’s fascinating.”

“Sex is not simple. Sex is complicated,” Elijah murmured. “Sex is like a machine with a million little parts, and you have to tweak every one just right to make it work really well. You have to pay attention to tons of details and make it not seem like a chore. Sex is so intricate, and so many little things can make such a big difference.”

Punk turned to face him, frowning slightly. “Are you saying sex with me is a chore?” he demanded.

“Are you saying sex with me is ridiculous?” Elijah challenged.

A slight smile tugged at Punk’s lips. “I think sex with you is hot. Just as hot as that.” He gestured to the scene on the tv.

Elijah pretended to pout. “Only as hot as ridiculous porn?” he teased.

Punk smiled, rolling onto his back and pulling Elijah on top of him. “Show me why its hotter,” he whispered, pulling his lover into a kiss.

“Mmm.” Elijah fumbled on the nightstand as they kissed, his hand snaking under the covers with a little bottle. Punk groaned into his mouth, arching his chest wantonly. The bed sheet was pulled up to their waists, hiding the motion taking place beneath the covers. Punk’s toes poked up through the sheet like little mountains as his legs wrapped around Elijah’s waist, his toes curling as Elijah moved closer to his body.

“Oh god.” Punk bit his lip, gasping softly as the mattress began to rock under them. “Lij!”

The porn on the tv was completely forgotten, as were Punk’s philosophical ponderings. The connection of their bodies was more important.


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