(Un)Important Numbers
Rating: PG13, m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: Elijah asks an awkward question, but it’s Punk who gets an unexpected answer
Written 2/19/10 (tech 2/20/10)

Elijah rolled over, splaying his hands across Punk’s chest as he was often wont to do. He set his chin on his hands as he gazed up at the dark haired siren. “Can I ask you an awkward question?”

“You sure you want to do that in bed?” Punk set a hand on his lover’s back, his fingers trailing up and down affectionately.

“Yeah.” Elijah’s gaze was soft but curious. “How many have you had?”

“Today?” Punk paused to think. “Well, you just gave me two. Then there was in the shower this morning…”

Elijah clicked his tongue. “Not that. Men.”

Punk raised an eyebrow. “You mean in my life?”

“Yeah,” Elijah stated.

Punk pursed his lips. “You really wanna know?”

“I do.” Elijah moved to the pillow beside Punk, his hand settling onto Punk’s side in an affectionate touch. “I’m just curious. I wanna know you inside and out, baby.”

Punk hesitated, swallowing. “I don’t know, I’m embarrassed,” he confessed.

“The number doesn’t matter to me, big or small,” Elijah assured him.

“Mmm.” Punk was quiet for a moment, his hand coming to rest on Elijah’s side in a mirror of his lover’s gesture. “Will you tell me yours?”

“If you wanna know.” Elijah nodded.

“I do wanna know the real you, past and present.” Punk sighed. “11.”

“Really.” Elijah seemed to consider that. “Counting me?”

“Yes!” Punk bit his lip. “Is that good?”

Elijah chuckled. “I didn’t have a rating scale in mind, baby. I mean, I definitely wanted it to be under 100…”

Punk laughed in response, shoving Elijah’s shoulder playfully. “You knew it was under 100! Geez, I mean we waited more than a month to have sex!”

“You could’ve had a conservative turn after some wild teen years.” Elijah was still chuckling. “So, were any of them right before me…”

“Four of them were since you,” Punk retorted.

Elijah made a face. “You counted those?”

“Of course I counted them!” Punk exclaimed. “They’re men I’ve been with.”

“Yeah, but it’s different when we’re playing as a couple.” Elijah moved closer, winding his arms around Punk’s trim waste. “But, you’re right, they do count. So, Kofi, Brian, John, and Miz; anyone else I know?”

“Kevin,” Punk murmured. “I was seeing him before you came to ECW, but you knew about that one. Alex, back in Ring of Honor. The others were previous boyfriends.”

“Hmm.” Elijah couldn’t keep the grin off his face as he gazed into his lover’s eyes. “So just 6 guys before me, in 28 years.”

Punk rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I know, it’s not very alpha-male of me. I’m just not the kind of guy who can give my body to someone without giving me heart.” He chuckled, reaching out to bump the end of Elijah’s nose with his finger. “I’d apologize for that being so sappy, but I know you love it.”

“Yeah, I’m a big softy.” Elijah chuckled, leaning in to rub noses with Punk. “You wanna know my number?”

Punk took a deep breath, then nodded. “I’m ready.”

“Just counting guys before you,” Elijah revealed, “2.”

Punk gaped at him. “2?”

“That’s right baby,” Elijah affirmed.

“2!” Punk shook his head in disbelief. “Now my number seems high. 2!”

“Mmmhmm.” Elijah was grinning, clearly amused by his lover’s bafflement. “I know exactly what you mean, ‘bout your body and your heart. I used to be pretty conservative in that department, before I met you.” He traced his fingers over Punk’s cheek, smiling softly. “You know I’m a romantic, baby. I dated guys, and I liked ‘em just fine, but when we started getting real intimate…I just, didn’t want to. And I tell you, some of ‘em got real pissy ‘bout it. ‘Member I told you ‘bout my Japanese boyfriend who nearly gave my parents a heart attack?”

“Yeah,” Punk chuckled.

“Man, when we’d been on a few dates and I still shut him down, he had a fit!” Elijah shook his head at the memory. “I tell you, when you don’t put out, you really see a guy’s true metal.”

Punk cocked his head, blinking curiously at his lover. “When we started going out, I was the one who wanted to hold off on sex,” he recalled.

“I think it was mutual.” Elijah shrugged a bit. “You were more explicit about it, but you know I completely agreed about waiting ‘til it felt right.” He leaned in to steal a little kiss, backing off enough so he could again meet Punk’s eyes. “It’s really true, about all the hormones that kick in when you start having sex. Shelton and I went there way too fast, and I felt way more in love than I really was. That’s why my parents ended up being more in love with him than I was.” He sighed, moving in a bit closer to Punk, nuzzling at his lover’s neck with his nose. “With you, I felt it right away,” he whispered. “It wasn’t just ‘damn that boy’s hot’. I wanted to know you. The more I saw you, the more I talked to you, the more I wanted. I’m a damn lucky man that you felt the same.”

“Aw, baby.” Punk rested his chin on Elijah’s head as Elijah kissed his neck. “I love you. I can’t believe we’re at 3 years already!”

“It’s crazy.” Elijah straightened up, sharing a beautiful smile with his partner. “So are you happy to know?”

“Yeah, I am.” Punk plucked at the end of one of Elijah’s pigtails. “You?”

“Definitely. I’d have asked sooner, but there’s so many other things to know.” Elijah pulled Punk against him, their matching chest hair rubbing together as their chests connected. “Maybe we should work on a plan to get my parents to like you next,” he chuckled.

“They’ll come around eventually,” Punk murmured, repeating the phrase Elijah had uttered to him so many times. “Love ya baby.”

“Love ya,” Elijah echoed, yawning loudly. “Sweet dreams, baby.”

“Mmm,” Punk murmured, closing his eyes as he snuggled into his lover’s arms.


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