Rating: R, m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: When Punk’s just out the shower, how can his man resist?
Written 2/18/10

“Oh, damn, baby.”

Punk smirked as he padded out of the bathroom, naked, having just taken a refreshing shower. Elijah was instantly on his feet to greet him.

“God I love seeing your naked body,” Elijah purred, his hands sliding around Punk’s waist and up his back. “Don’t ever feel the need to wear a towel around me, baby.”

Punk was grinning as he wound his arms around his lover’s neck. “You saw my naked body 10 minutes ago,” he pointed out.

“Yeah, but that was 10 minutes ago.” Elijah’s hands slid down to Punk’s butt, grasping the supple skin and pulling the cheeks apart.

“You,” Punk murmured, “are insatiable.”

“You’re on the road 5 days a week,” Elijah growled, his teeth moving down to nip gently at Punk’s neck. “Can you blame me for wanting to fuck you as much as humanly possible when you’re here?”

Punk’s hand had moved to Elijah’s strong back, his breath growing a bit quicker as Elijah’s full, hot lips moved down his chest. “I just showered, baby,” he half-heartedly objected.

“Which means you’re perfect to lick everywhere.” Elijah pulled his lover against him, lifting Punk off his feet and carrying him over to the bed. “And I’m gonna lick every inch of that sexy, sexy body.” He laid Punk down on his back, sprawling between his still damp legs.

“I don’t know,” Punk murmured, groaning as Elijah’s lips captured one of his pierced nipples. “I don’t think I can make it through that, we may have to stop and have sex.”

“I’m completely ok with that,” Elijah responded, his hands delivering teasing touches up and down Punk’s abs. “God, you’re so fucking beautiful, I need another mouth so I can lick you and suck you at the same time.”

“Mmm, don’t let me stop you from sucking,” Punk groaned, his cock already standing at attention between their bodies.

“I’ll get to it.” Elijah grinned up at him, his million dollar smile lighting one to match on Punk’s face. “I just sucked your cock half an hour ago, though, I think you can take a bit of licking first.” He moved back to Punk’s neck, capturing that spot above Punk’s collar bone, between the neck and shoulder, that always made his lover tingle.

“Ohhhhhh, baby.” Punk bit his lip, gasping as his lover’s hot tongue stimulated that sensitive spot. “God, I didn’t even know I had that spot until you found it.”

“That’s what can happen, when you take the time to thoroughly explore with your tongue.” Elijah somehow managed to talk without ceasing his masterful tongue action, driving Punk’s arousal ever higher as he bathed that particular spot.

“Baby,” Punk gasped, feeling his cock straining against Elijah’s tight abs, “baby you better bring it down, or I’m gonna come right here.”

“Mmm, you’re right, I got good uses for that.” Elijah drew back, his fingers closing around Punk’s erect manhood. “Fuck, we look good together, don’t we?” He grinned, rubbing his thumb across the swollen head, capturing the bit of precum there, then smearing it across Punk’s pale thigh. “I love how we’re so distinct, but fit together so well,” he murmured, gazing down at his dark brown hand against Punk’s peach-pink skin. “Like milk and chocolate, baby. Absolutely delicious.”

Punk just smiled, dismissing his various thoughts on things like porn, and Elijah’s parents’ view of him, to join his lover in the beautiful moment. He reached down, taking Elijah’s hand and turning it over, his fingers tracing the lighter skin found there. “It’s such a joy to explore your body,” he whispered. “Every little inch is fascinating.”

Elijah had to kiss him, his fingers locking with Punk’s as they exchanged passionate kisses. It was some time before their lips drew apart, and when they did, Elijah folded his hands across Punk’s chest, resting his chin on their cushion and gazing lovingly into Punk’s eyes. “I love you,” he murmured.

“I love you,” Punk affirmed, raising a hand to stroke Elijah’s sexy braids.

“Mmmm.” Elijah was smiling softly, content to gaze into his lover’s eyes.

“So…” Punk let his fingers dance down Elijah’s back, but his thoughts were focused on their intimacy rather than his hard on. “You wanna just cuddle for a while?”

“Yeah.” Elijah chuckled as he crawled up to Punk’s level on the bed, pulling is lover against him and sighing contentedly. “But if my friends ask, I’m telling them I fucked your brains out.”

Punk laughed, shaking his head as he relaxed in Elijah’s warm arms. “You did that less than an hour ago. Maybe,” he raised his eyebrows, “if you want, I could fuck yours out, when we’re ready.”

“I could definitely go for that.” Elijah licked his lips, his ass twitching a bit at the thought. “But don’t get me real turned on yet, baby. I just wanna hold you for a while.”

“Mmm.” Punk closed his eyes, his body melting into the warmth of Elijah against him. “Have I mentioned I love you?” he whispered. Even with his eyes closed, he could feel Elijah’s smile.


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