Who Shall He Be Now?
Rating: PG13
content: m/m slash, mpreg
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke
Summery: What’s in a name? Punk and Elijah try to find the right one for their baby
Written: 11/10/08

“Arjen?” Elijah was frowning. He sat with one hand on his large belly, enjoying a foot massage from his lover.

“Isn’t it cool?” Punk stroked his fingers along the arch of Elijah’s foot. “Feeling better?”

“So much.” Elijah sighed, wiggling his toes. “I’m telling you, this thing is heavy.” He smiled as he patted his belly.

“You shouldn’t be on your feet so much,” Punk scolded. “I know you wanna get the house together, baby, and you’re doing a great job, but there’s nothing wrong with sitting down and relaxing. You know Christian said he’d come over any time he’s in town, and Edge is home right now too.”

“I know, and they’ve been wonderful, but I really want this place perfect before the baby arrives.” Elijah stroked his stomach affectionately. “I can’t wait. Not that I’m not enjoying this bonding time – it’s not often you get to live with someone inside you. But god, I can’t wait to get my figure back!”

“It’ll be soon enough, baby,” Punk murmured, moving to Elijah’s other foot. “So, what do you think? Arjen.”

“Honestly, I’m not crazy about it.” Elijah made a face. “Can’t we just use a normal name?”

“Well, how normal?” Punk didn’t look thrilled with the idea. “It has to be more unique than Matt, or John, or Paul, or Brian.”

Elijah chuckled. “Did you tell all those guys that you rejected their names?”

“Yes, I went around checking them off my list,” Punk joked sarcastically. “There’s nothing wrong with any of those names, baby, they’re just so common! I want something where he’ll be the only one in the room with that name.”

“You know, we should have a girl’s name, too, just in case,” Elijah pointed out.

“You said you were sure it’s a boy.”

“Well, I am pretty such. Paternal instinct.” Elijah patted his tummy, grinning down at it. “But you never know.”

“Did you have a girl’s name in mind?” Punk questioned.

Elijah nodded. “Adrianna.”

Punk looked up abruptly, his mouth opening slightly. “You’re joking!”

“No.” Elijah frowned. “Baby?”

“Sorry.” Punk swallowed. “It’s crazy. We are so meant for each other, baby. That was my first choice too!”

“Really!” Elijah chuckled. “Well, that figures. We both have the same girl’s name in mind, and we’re probably going to have a boy.”

“Yeah. That is kind of a bummer.” Punk’s hand snuck up towards Elijah’s tummy, but Elijah smacked his hand away.

“Wash your hands first!” Elijah exclaimed.

“Aw, baby, your feet are clean,” Punk pouted. He went back to his massage, putting a bit of lotion on his hands to massage into Elijah’s heel. “So you really don’t like Arjen?”

“I don’t know. It sounds foreign. I don’t want him to get teased,” Elijah stated.

“It’s Dutch, I think.” Punk shrugged.

“I don’t want anything with a ‘j’ that’s pronounced as a ‘y’,” Elijah continued. “People will always be calling him ‘Ar-jen’ instead of ‘Ar-yen’.”

“But that’ll be easy to correct. Arjen Burke. Doesn’t that sound great?”

“Are we decided on giving him my last name?” Elijah raised an eyebrow.

“I like your last name. We can give him mine as a second middle name, if you want. It doesn’t matter to me, I know I’m his daddy.” Punk grinned, sneaking two fingers up to tap Elijah’s stomach.

“Hey!” Elijah wiped off the lotion, feigning offense.

“I know. How about, we give him your last name, and I pick the first name?” Punk suggested.

“No. Anyway, you said you’d thought of other ones too,” Elijah stated.

“Oh yeah. Well, I like Tobias.”

Elijah sighed. “Punk, can we please not name our baby after singers you like?”

“I don’t like Arjen Luccassen that much,” Punk pouted. “I just love his name! But Tobias is a great name; it sounds great, it looks great, and it’s got a great nickname too; Tobi!”

“Yeah, but what if some day, Tobias Sammett releases an album you don’t like?” Elijah questioned.

“So not gonna happen,” Punk countered.

“Maybe, but still.” Elijah’s hand was rubbing little circles on his belly. “I don’t want to name him after someone. I do like the idea of a unique name; a unique, but normal name.”

“Why don’t we look at one of those websites that lists names?” Punk suggested. His hands started to trail up Elijah’s legs, a grin spreading across his face at the little shiver that caused in his lover’s skin. “Maybe we’ll see something we like.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Elijah licked his lips, watching as Punk’s hands slid up to his thighs. “I definitely want to continue this thought, but baby, go wash your hands first.”

“My hands are fine.” Punk mock pouted, his fingertips tiptoeing up Elijah’s thigh.

“Baby,” Elijah warned. “Don’t make me send you out on a pickle run.”

“We don’t need to buy any more pickles, we have a dozen different kinds,” Punk murmured, lowering his lips down to kiss Elijah’s knee. “I didn’t know there WERE so many different kinds of pickles before you got pregnant.”

Elijah reached down, fingering a lock of Punk’s silky black hair. “Baby, I really am gonna have to insist on that hand washing. I don’t want you touching our baby with dirty hands.”

“Fine, fine.” Punk finally gave in, jogging into the kitchen to run some water over his hands, then hustling back. “Now?” he murmured, leaning down to trail the tip of his nose from Elijah’s thigh to his belly.

“Yes.” Elijah opened his arms for his lover, drawing him up for a kiss.

“Oh, man. This is not helping.” Punk frowned at the screen. “Maybe I should look up American baby names. Most of these would stand out like a sore thumb.”

“We’re getting more diverse every day, baby,” Elijah murmured.

“Yeah, but I think people would still struggle with ‘Dakshesh’,” Punk pointed out.

“Probably.” Elijah looked more amused than anything. “What’s that mean?”

“Ruler of Daksa,” Punk read, “from Sanskrit. Ok, I’m switching to a different site.” He clicked a few times with the mouse, his eyes scanning the screen. "What letter do you want to try?”

“How about D? It’s a good letter,” Elijah suggested.

Punk nodded. “D sounds good. Hmmm…well David’s way too common. No…no…no…huh. Did you know that ‘Darrell’ means ‘darling’?” He chuckled. “Ooh. I kinda like this one; Darren.”

Elijah stood, coming to peep over his shoulder. “Hmm. Well, I don’t quite like it with the ‘e’, but maybe the ‘i’. Darrin. I like it. Darrin Brooks Burke. Darrin Arjen Brooks Burke.”

Punk winced. “Ok, we’d have to pick a different middle name, the rhythm of ‘Darrin Arjen’ is not good. So, should I write that one down?”

“Definitely. It’s a normal name, but not super common.” Elijah took a seat again, content to let Punk share any interesting names with him.

“Ooh. Daviel. That’s unique. You know, an interesting name can be a good conversation starter,” Punk commented.

“Yeah, but people might think that’s a misspelling of Daniel,” Elijah pointed out.

“Touché.” Punk eyes scanned the list for another moment, then he clicked on another link. “Ok, I’m tired of D, let’s try L.”

“Also a good letter.” Elijah nodded.

“How about ‘Leander’?” Punk suggested. “It means ‘lion man, or brave as a lion’, from Greek.”

“Not digging it. What does Darrin mean, anyway?” Elijah questioned.

“Great,” Punk replied.

“Oh. Well that works. Keep going.”

“Um…” Punk’s eyes scanned down the list. “Not much that I like. Let’s try R. Ooh, how about Rafael? That’s a sexy name. It means ‘God has healed’, from Hebrew. Maybe he’ll be a doctor!”

Elijah chuckled. “Well, write it down.”

“Can do.” Punk quickly typed the name out in the Word document where he was compiling possible names. “Ooh, here’s an interesting variation,” he murmured, “Tarrin. It means ‘Earthman’, and is American. I like that.”

“Yeah.” Elijah nodded. “It sounds normal, but it is unique.”

“Man, I can’t take any more of this right now.” Punk put the computer to sleep, spinning around to face his lover. “I feel like my mind’s turning to mush, staring at all those names.”

“Well, we should still have a little while to decide.” Elijah rubbed his belly, smiling when Punk came to sit next to him, placing a hand on their growing child.

“In retrospect, we should’ve probably started this earlier,” Punk chuckled.

Elijah smiled. “Maybe. But we were a little distracted, what with buying the house, and being pregnant in the first place.” He put his hand over Punk’s, grinning as they both felt the baby kick. “Our baby’s gonna be great,” he murmured, leaning over to steal a kiss from Punk’s lips. “But thank god we’ve got a lot of neighbors willing to baby sit, because once I drop this baby weight, you’re not gonna be able to keep me off of you!”

“I have enough trouble with that now.” Punk grinned broadly, leaning in for another kiss. “I don’t mind one bit that pregnancy makes you horny. It’s not much of a change for us, though, we were always pretty damn hot. I’m just glad Christian will understand if we ask him to come over for an hour, so daddy and daddy can have some alone time.” Grinning wickedly, he let his fingers dance sensually over Elijah’s cheek before leaning in for a kiss.

“Mmm.” Elijah hugged his lover close to him. “Is he still thinking about a baby?”

“I think so.” Punk sighed, snuggling against Elijah’s chest. “It’s certainly feasible, he’s only 5 years older than us. I don’t know if they’re entirely sure they want one, though.”

“Well, at the very least, they get to be uncles.” Elijah groaned, fidgeting in Punk’s arms. “Baby, can you rub my back? I love this little guy, but carrying him is a nightmare for my spine.”

“Sure.” Elijah scooted forward, allowing Punk to move behind him. “Good?” Punk murmured in his ear as he began to massage Elijah’s aching muscles.

“Perfect,” Elijah sighed, closing his eyes to enjoy the touch.


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