Your Horizon
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash, oral sex, some m/m/f involvement, solo female
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke, Kelly Kelly
Summery: An invitation from Elijah introduces Punk to a steamy new world
Note: Takes place outside of the usual slash world; here most of the guys are (or claim to be) straight
Note II: Wow, was I inspired on this one! The idea struck me, and it just flowed out all in one shot!
Written 7/15/08

“Hey Punk.”

Elijah’s greeting sounded casual, but Punk could tell there was more behind it. He looked up curiously at Elijah, unlacing his wrestling boots by instinct and pulling them off. “Hey Lij. What’s up?”

Elijah sat down next to him, waiting a moment until the other man in the room headed out the door. “I was just wondering if you wanted to come over to my house sometime,” he offered. “Next time we’re in Florida, maybe. Have dinner with me and my girlfriend.”

“If there’s gonna be food, I think I can make it.” Punk grinned. “Kelly’s not cooking, is she?”

“Nah, nah. I let her try it once, and I had to buy a new microwave.” Elijah chuckled. “That’s why we’re going to my house, not her apartment. I have to clean every time I go over there.”

Punk nodded. “She’s cute, though,” he put in.

“Yeah.” Elijah moved a bit closer to him on the bench, raising Punk’s curiosity. “That’s the thing,” Elijah murmured, glancing around the room, even though they were clearly alone. “You don’t have a girlfriend at the moment, right?”

“Nah. I seem to have a hard time attracting anything but groupies. And - well, straight edge, you know.” He shrugged.

“But you know Kelly. You know me.” Elijah licked his lips, gazing at Punk with a look that made Punk’s heart beat a little faster. “We were wondering…well, if you might be interested in more than dinner. With us.”

It took a moment for those words to sink in. When they did, Punk frowned, moving a bit further away from Elijah. “Look, Elijah, I’m not like that.”

“Hey, there wouldn’t have to be nothin’ between us,” Elijah assured him. “Haven’t you ever had a threesome? You do the math…two guys, one girl.” He raised his eyebrows.

Punk flushed, clearing his throat. “I don’t think so, Elijah. I mean, the whole straight edge thing…”

“Punk.” Elijah held up his hand. “I know you don’t do promiscuous sex. But this would be a fun night with two of your friends. It’s not a dirty hookup with some stranger.” He nudged Punk. “Haven’t you ever wanted to try it? If you change your mind, you know Kel and I’ll understand. You can get out at any time.”

Punk swallowed hard. His heart was really beating fast now, especially when Elijah put a hand on his shoulder.

“When was the last time you were with a girl?” Elijah coaxed. “You and Maria broke up ages ago. And Kelly…you’ve seen her.” He grinned. “She’s hot, blonde, and stacked.”

“I’ll think about it.” Punk stood abruptly, grabbing his boots off the floor and shoving them into his bag. He was still in his wrestling gear, but regardless, he threw his bag over his shoulder and headed for the door. “We’ll see, next time we’re in Florida.”

Two weeks later, it had come. They were in Florida; Jacksonville no less, home of both Kelly and Elijah. Elijah had called about setting up dinner, and Punk had hesitantly agreed. He dressed up for the dinner, wearing a blue dress shirt and black slacks. He felt unusually stuffy in the formal outfit, but it made him feel better to be so thoroughly covered. He picked up a loaf of fancy bread at the bakery, his usual contribution to dinner since he didn’t drink wine. Following Elijah’s clear directions, he arrived at his coworker’s house early. He sat in his car around the block for five minutes, trying to work up the nerve to go the rest of the way.

“Dinner. Just dinner,” he told himself. “Nothing more has to happen. Just dinner.” Nodding his head, he turned his car back on, heading the final block to Elijah’s house.

Kelly was the one to answer the door. She was clad in an incredibly tiny black dress, her breasts and thighs spilling out from the minimal fabric. She was clearly dressed for more than dinner. Punk almost turned and ran right there, but he steeled himself. He was a grown man, and he knew how to say no. Anytime he wanted to put a stop to what was going on, he could.

“Hey.” Kelly grinned, her eyes raking over him.

Punk flushed, knowing he was being undressed by her gaze. “Hi.” He offered her the loaf of tomato basil focaccia he had picked up.

“Thanks.” Kelly turned, shooting him a seductive look over her shoulder. “Dinner’s almost ready. Follow me.” She sauntered into the house, her four inch heels making her hips sway erotically from side of side.

Punk stepped inside, feeling a bit overheated in his dress clothes. He followed her to the kitchen, where she dropped the bread onto a counter, than continued on into the dining room. “Lij, baby, is dinner ready?” she asked as they entered the room, which was currently bathed in candlelight.

Elijah looked up from lighting the last candle, blowing out the match and dropping it into a small ashtray in the middle of the table. “That roast’s still cooking,” he stated. He grinned at Punk in greeting. “Hey man. Thanks for coming! You’re an hour early too.”

“What?” Punk blinked. “Didn’t you say 6:00?”

“I swear I said 7:00.” Elijah shrugged. “The roast’s gonna be coming out at 7:00; guess we’ve gotta do something else for an hour.”

Punk’s heart was beating quickly again. It was very clear what Elijah and Kelly wanted: sex. He had been tempted enough by the idea to come here, but he wasn’t sure he could go through with this.

“Why don’t you loosen your shirt?” Kelly cooed, her hands running up his chest to flick open the top button of his dress shirt. When he didn’t object, she continued down, swiftly unbuttoning the entire shirt. She spread it open, revealing the white tank top he had on underneath. Then, she leaned forward to kiss him. He didn’t exactly respond, but he didn’t object either. She grinned, licking her lips as she drew back. Her eyes moved over to Elijah, and he slunk up beside her.

“You ok with this?” he murmured, his hand coming up to cup the back of Punk’s head. Punk swallowed hard, but when Elijah leaned in to kiss him, he tilted his head, making an effort to return the kiss. When Elijah drew back, Punk’s lips followed, wanting more. Elijah’s fingers on his cheek guided him over to Kelly, who took another kiss for herself.

Kelly took hold of his tank, backing him towards the bedroom while kissing him. Elijah caught the sleeve of his dress shirt, pulling it off his shoulders as he moved. Punk shivered at the touch of Elijah’s hand, running up his back. Before he knew it, they were in the bedroom, Kelly pulling him onto the bed while Elijah took off his own shirt.

His heart was really starting to pound now. Elijah had slipped out of his pants, joining them on the bed in just his skimpy thong. Punk momentarily mourned that he was wearing simple boxers, not something sexy like Elijah. Kelly seemed pretty pleased, regardless, as she helped him slide off his slacks. “You are HOT,” she murmured, her fingers teasing down his chest. She sat back enough to take hold of her dress, pulling it off over her head. Her breasts were instantly exposed, her groin covered only by see through lace panties, which seemed to contain about as much fabric as a Kleenex.

“Isn’t she hot?” Elijah was suddenly in Punk’s space, pressing against his back. Punk’s breath hitched, momentarily frozen by Elijah’s hot body against him. “Which way do you want it?” Elijah whispered in his ear, making Punk look back at him abruptly.

“What?” he questioned, looking between Elijah and Kelly.

Kelly grinned, shaking her sexy hips at him. “Front,” she stated, her hand sliding down between her legs, “or back?” She turned around, rotating her hips so her ass was offered up to him.

“I - ” Punk was starting to breath heavily. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“We can start off slow,” Elijah whispered in Punk’s ear. He nodded to Kelly, who shot Punk a sexy look, then reached into the nightstand drawer. She pulled out a big dildo, licking her lips as her eyes moved over the piece. She let her lips slide over the head, sucking on it teasingly as she locked eyes with Punk.

“That turn you on?” Elijah whispered as Kelly took the dildo a bit deeper into her mouth. His hand slid down Punk’s slide, reaching around to cup the front of Punk’s boxers. “Mmm. Feels good.” He began to massage Punk, making the straight edge superstar gasp. “Nice and hard,” he whispered sensually, nipping at Punk’s ear. “You wanna get sucked, Punk?”

Punk bit his lip. He could see Kelly awaiting the answer as she licked teasingly at the head of the dildo. Not quite able to speak, he shook his head. He loved what Elijah’s hand was doing; he didn’t want it to stop.

“Kel.” Elijah nodded his head to her. She smirked, lying down on her back and extending her legs up in the air as she pulled her panties off, sliding them slowly over her long legs. Her eyes locked with Punk’s as she spread her legs wide, sliding the spit-moistened dildo down her torso toward her pussy. With another breath to ready herself, she lined the dildo up, sliding it into her pussy.

“Uh!” She groaned, biting her lip as she slid it in deeper.

Both Punk and Elijah were watching in rapt attention as she began to rock it into herself. Elijah’s hand was still rubbing Punk’s cock through his boxers, and he could feel Elijah’s hard on pressed against his back. Elijah nudged Punk, gesturing to Kelly. “Wouldn’t you rather do that?” he whispered, urging Punk towards Kelly. Kelly drew out the dildo, laying it down on the sheets and spreading herself invitingly.

Punk felt a wave of panic wash over him. “I - I can’t,” he choked, pushing Elijah away from him and jumping off the bed, practically running out of the room. He rushed down the hall, looking desperately for the bathroom. Mercifully, he found it fast, rushing inside and closing the door behind him. He leaned against the cool counter, taking deep breaths. His reflection was staring back at him from the full length mirror; his skin was flushed, the front of his boxers still hugely tented. “Fuck,” he muttered, running a hand through his hair. “What the fuck am I doing?”

“Punk?” Elijah knocked at the door.

Punk wanted to lock it and hide, but he had never let himself be a coward, and he wouldn’t allow himself to start now. Taking a calming breath, he stood tall, pulling the door open.

“Hey.” Elijah looked at him apologetically. “I’m sorry, man. I know we come on kinda fast.”

Punk leaned against the doorway, having to tell himself to keep breathing. “I don’t really do this,” he explained. “I’ve never…” He breathed in deeply, starting again. “I’ve never seen it so…blatant. Even with Maria, it was always in the dark. Under the sheets.”

Elijah nodded in understanding. “Yeah, Kel’s pretty open. She likes to get freaky. We’ve only been dating a month, and we’ve had a bunch of guys over, and a few girls.”

Punk gaped at Elijah. “And you’re ok with that?” he stammered.

Elijah shrugged. “I mostly just watch.”

Punk swallowed. “I don’t have anything against that,” he clarified, “but I - I’m not like that, Lij. Sure, I’ve checked out Kelly in the locker room, but I’ve never pictured her - like that. It kinda freaks me out.”

“It’s ok.” Elijah stepped into the bathroom with Punk, glancing down the hallway, then closing the door. “So you…haven’t done much?”

Punk flushed, from both annoyance and embarrassment. “I’m not some kinda virgin,” he asserted quickly.

Elijah just nodded, his fingers reaching up to trace over Punk’s pecs. “Ever been with a guy?” he murmured.

“No!” Punk felt he should move back, but his body didn’t want to cooperate. He was enjoying the feel of Elijah’s fingers stroking his nipple, sending little shivers down to his still hard cock.

“It doesn’t really count, you know,” Elijah breathed, his hands sliding sensually down Punk’s chest as he sunk to his knees. “If you don’t touch each other…if it’s just one way.” His fingers hooked the fabric of Punk’s boxers, slowly guiding it down to the floor. Punk watched with a dry throat as Elijah’s full lips brushed the head of his cock. Instead of pulling away, he let his hands sink into Elijah’s hair, gripping the soft fluffy mass as Elijah’s tongue teased him. Then Elijah’s lips were sliding around him, his cock engulfed in the other man’s hot mouth.

Punk was staring down, his mouth hanging open as Elijah sucked him. He was so turned on, he was panting. His cock was rock hard, pleasure tingling through his body as Elijah’s hot mouth ran over his flesh. Elijah’s hand rising to cup his balls made it that much hotter, and he nearly lost it when a finger slid up to tease his opening. Elijah took him deeper as he pushed past the tight ring of muscle, sinking one finger inside up to the second knuckle.

That was all it took. Punk gasped, his hips jerking as his orgasm struck. Elijah quickly pulled back, his hands pumping Punk’s cock as the cum spurted, landing on Elijah’s shoulder and chest.

Punk collapsed back against the wall. He gasped for air, the spots clouding his vision beginning to clear. “Oh god.” He fumbled for his boxers, shakily tugging them back up his legs.

Elijah quickly grabbed a towel to wipe the cum off his skin, catching Punk’s arm before he could leave. “Chill,” he murmured. “S’no big deal, ok? You liked it, right?”

Punk couldn’t look at him. He took a deep breath, his eyes locking on the door. “I’m not gay,” he whispered.

“Doesn’t mean you are.” Elijah shrugged. “It’s just a good time.”

Punk nodded, fiddling with his hair in agitation. “Did you…like it?” he questioned.

“Yeah.” Elijah smiled at him. “You?”

“Fucking obvious, isn’t it?” Punk took a deep, calming breath.

“It’s not just straight and gay anymore, you know.” Elijah raised his eyebrows. “Kelly’s introduced me to a crowd that’s more...enlightened, say.”

Punk snorted. “Yeah, casual meaningless sex is real progressive.” He groaned, shaking out his sweaty hair. “I shouldn’t have come.”

“Punk.” Elijah blocked him as he went for the door. “I don’t do it a lot, for the record. Every now and then with Kel. I just watch. Maybe touch a bit.” He could tell Punk was a split second away from bolting, so he wasted no time in making his move; he stepped forward, pulling Punk against him and giving him a passionate kiss.

Punk was surprised to find himself responding. His arms wrapped around Elijah’s back, his lips actively seeking Elijah’s kisses. It was several minutes before either of them was willing to pull away.

“I’ve been wanting to do that forever,” Elijah whispered when he finally released Punk’s lips. “I want you Punk. I know you said you’re straight, but fuck, would you be kissing me like that if you were? I wanna take you out, show you a good time.” His arms settled around Punk’s waist as he gazed into the other man’s nervous eyes. “Please?”

Punk swallowed. “Did you ask me here to see…”

“It was Kel’s idea,” Elijah confessed. “She thought we could see if you were…interested.”

“Fucking good test.” Punk took a deep breath. “You think people will be ok with this?”

Elijah shrugged. “Charlie and Shelton are doing it. Booker and Hunt. Hell, the divas are always fucking each other.” He raised an eyebrow, his eyes sweeping over Punk’s tattoo covered skin. “Like you really care what anyone thinks?”

Punk wasn’t as conflicted as he felt he really should have been. Truth be told, he had noticed Elijah before, in ways that were definitely not straight. He had admired Elijah’s muscles. Enjoyed his beautiful smile. Taken long, appreciative whiffs of his scent…

“Ok,” he agreed, before he even knew what he was saying. “A date. Just, nothing too cliché, ok? I’m not really a traditional guy.”

“Oh, I know.” Elijah leaned in for another kiss, and Punk closed his eyes to receive it this time. He was ready for his horizons to expand.


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