"He's gonna be out for how long?" Christian snickered.

 "Two weeks," Rob giggled. "You really got him good baby!"

 "Me?" Christian feigned innocence. "What makes you think I had anything to do with his unfortunate and painful injury?"

 Rob raised his eyebrows. "Because you'd do anything to get out of teaming with him again."

 Christian shrugged. "I can't say I'm sorry that we won't be able to team together for the PPV. Oh well!"

 "Come on Christian." Rob nudged his friend in the ribs. "I know it was you, so spill it! Come on! Details are few and far between. All I know is that he was injured in a very *sensitive* area."

 Christian giggled harder. "Well, I think I may have mistakenly - and it was a *total* accident, of course - but I maybe have accidentally left my superglue on a bench in the locker room, and he may have somehow grabbed it thinking it was his hand lotion!"

 "Lotion?" Rob raised an eyebrow. "Does he have dry skin?"

 "Nope, he doesn't." Christian giggled harder.

 "Then what does he need lotion - " Rob stopped, his mouth falling open. "Oh my god, not for - oh god!"

 "Well how should I know what he uses it for?" Christian shrugged.

 Rob fixed Christian with an inquiring look. "Just what were you carrying superglue around for, anyway?"

 "I was fixing a pair of shoes I have," Christian replied.

 "With superglue?"

 Christian shrugged again. "Why not?"

 Rob raised an eyebrow. "You wouldn't be the reason a certain main eventer had to go to the hospital to have his mysteriously stuck kneebraces removed, would you?"

 Christian gasped in pretend shock. "Of course not! How could you accuse me of such a thing?"

 Rob chuckled. "Honey, remind me to never piss you off!"

 "A sweetie like you? Never!" Christian gave Rob a kiss on the cheek, still grinning. "You know what they didn't tell everyone?" he chuckled.

 "What?" Rob asked eagerly.

 Christian snickered. "That my esteemed would-be tag partner was arrest for indecency on the way to the hospital!"

 "No way!" Rob exclaimed. "Was he?"

 "Yep!" Christian confirmed.

 "Bet that went down well with management!" Rob laughed.

 "Oh, I'm sure." Christian tapped his chin thoughtfully. "I wonder who they're gonna team me with at No Way Out now?"

 Rob laughed. "Anyone's gotta be better, eh?"

 "Damn right! Hmm." Christian tapped his chin. "I wonder if they'll just pull me from the match? That would be better than having to be associated with him!"

 "I so agree!" Rob exclaimed.

Christian sighed happily. He opened his eyes, frowning when he found himself lying in bed. "Pooey," he muttered.

 "Hmm?" the blonde head on the pillow beside his stirred, Edge raising his head to gaze at his lover. "You ok honey?" he whispered.

 "Yeah." Christian sighed. "I just had the best dream!"

 "That's nice." Edge raised his eyebrows. "Was it about us?"

 Christian smiled to himself. "Oh, of course, honey," he replied. "But before that I was dreaming about my match at NWO."

 "Oh, about that," Edge told him, "got a call from JR after you went to sleep. They're gonna have to find you a new partner; Lance is out."

 "What?" Christian asked, perking up a bit.

 "Yep." Edge yawned. "Some little mishap. Nothing serious, just something that'll take him out few a few weeks. No big deal." He yawned again, turning over and closing his eyes, missing the smile which crept across his lover's face.


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