"Hey Rob." Edge sidled up to the other superstar, sliding his hand down Rob's back and grasping his ass. "That was a really great match!"

 Kurt came into the room just in time to hear the beautiful blonde's comment. He frowned, looking even more unhappy when he noticed Edge's hand on Rob's ass. He sighed, remembering wistfully the days when Edge would congratulate him and grab his ass after a match.

 "Hey Edge," Kurt said, moving to stand by the blonde wrestler. "So you liked the match?"

 "It was good Kurt." Edge smiled at the Olympian, but not half as brightly as he had smiled at Rob.

 Kurt moved a little closer to Edge, not happy at all the Edge hadn't yet tried to touch his ass. Edge was known as man who really appreciated a good behind, and he loved to grab them. Very few of the superstars minded; actually, most encouraged it. Kurt had always enjoyed Edge's roaming hands. He had considered himself very lucky that he got so much attention from the lovely blonde, but now much of the attention he used to get was going to RVD.

 "So, Edge," Rob began, making shooing motions at Kurt behind Edge's back, where the blonde couldn't see. "Got plans for tonight?"

 Edge raised his eyebrows. "What if I don't?"

 Rob grinned. "Well, I've got a few bags of microwaves popcorn in my bag that're just begging to be popped. You could swing by my hotel room later and we could watch a few movies."

 Kurt cleared his throat, causing both men to look at him. "Edge, is my singlet messed up?" he asked quickly, moving his hips as if trying to get his attire into a more comfortable position. "It feels funny around my lower back, could you check it?"

 Edge grinned his patented killer smile. "Don't mind if I do, Kurt." He let his fingers slid down Kurt's back, then a little lower, cupping and squeezing his ass. Kurt arched his back, pushing his ass against Edge's hand.

 Rob watched with a frown, very unhappy to have lost Edge's attention. He arched his back as well, pushing against the hand that still rested on his ass. He was rewarded with a smile from Edge and a nice squeeze of his ass. He moved a little closer to Edge, right up against his side. Seeing this, Kurt did the same thing.

 Edge chuckled, quite happy to have two gorgeous, muscular men so close to him. He also loved the fact that his hands were on two very nice, appealing asses. "Listen, boys," Edge began, suddenly feeling very horny, "There's no need for the two of you to fight. You're both hot, and you've both got lovely asses! So what do you say we all go back to my hotel room and I have a nice Angle and RVD sandwich?"

 Kurt and Rob exchanged glance. They still didn't like each other, but neither was about to turn down a rare and much sought after invitation to Edge's hotel room. They both nodded eagerly. Edge smiled. "You boys promise you'll behave?" he asked them. Both men nodded. "Good," Edge stated. "And remember, I'm the sandwich filling, so I have to get the attention of both the buns!" He squeezed both men's bottoms to emphasize his point.

 "Sounds good to me," Kurt replied, thinking that he wouldn't ever want to touch Rob willingly.

 "Me too," Rob agreed, echoing Kurt's thoughts.

 "Awesome!" Edge grinned, licking his lips at the thought of being sandwiched between the two extremely attractive men. "Off to my room then!" He marched off, hands still on his soon-to-be lovers' behinds, the other two men following him eagerly.


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