Kurt Angle glared at his lover, making the older man flinch. He crossed his arms over his chest, looking extremely annoyed. "Well this sucks!" he exclaimed.

 Steve Austin cleared his throat, trying to push down the embarrassed blush which colored his cheeks. "Look, baby, I swear this has never happened before," he told the scowling Olympian.

 "Well that really makes me feel better." Kurt continued to scowl at the uncomfortable bald man lying beside him. "What is it? Me? Do I not turn you on?" He held out his arms, gesturing to his muscular body. "You've always said I do!"

 "No, baby, that's not it. You do turn me on, you are totally gorgeous. It's just - I don't know." Steve rubbed the back of his neck, fidgeting uncomfortably. "This just happens to guys sometimes."

 "Hmph." Kurt turned away from his lover, a pout on his full lips. "Bet it never happened when you were with Rocky, did it? Is he better than me or something."

 Steve groaned, putting a hand up to his suddenly aching temple. "Not, of course not baby. I told you you're the best I've ever had."

 "Yeah sure, well it's easy to say, but how do I know you mean it? If I'm so good then why aren't we having hot wild sex right now, instead of this?" Kurt snapped, gesturing with annoyance at Steve's crotch. Steve just sighed, leaning back against the headboard resignedly. After a few moment, Kurt spoke up again. "Do you think about him?"

 "What?" Steve asked in confusion.

 "When we're doing it, do you think about HIM," Kurt repeated, spitting the last word out with utter disdain.

 Steve sighed and shook his head. "God Kurt, how many times do we have to go through this? Rock and I are over. We have been for months, ok? The only person I'm thinking about when we're together is you."

 "Then why won't you make love to me?" Kurt yelled, continuing to glare at the older man.

 "Kurt, I told you," Steve groaned. "This has nothing to do with you! It happens to guys sometimes, and I can't control it! Believe me, baby, I do want to make love to you. My body just doesn't agree at the moment."

 Kurt was silent for a moment, his eyes still narrow. Then, he climbed out of the bed and reached for his clothes. "What are you doing?" Steve asked, sitting up and watching as Kurt pulled on his shirt and pants.

 "Dammit Steve, I want it tonight!" Kurt exclaimed, still glaring at his lover. "So, I'm gonna go get laid."

 "You are not!" Steve cried in outrage, leaping out of the bed and grabbing Kurt's arm to stop him from leaving. "You're mine, and I'll kill any man who lays a hand on you!"

 "I'm not your damn property!" Kurt yelled, shoving Steve away from him. "If I wanna go get laid, then I'm damn well allowed to."

 "Kurt!" Steve rushed to the door, pressing his body against it to stop the Olympian from exiting. "It's just one bad night, ok baby? One night! Come on, baby, do you really want to throw everything we have away over one bad experience? Kurt, you know how good I am." Steve took a step forward and wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist, brushing a light kiss over the other man's lips. "We'll just take it easy tonight, ok? You've got a big match tomorrow anyway, do you really want to be walking crooked?"

 "Yes," Kurt replied, his lips jutting out in a pout. "I want it so hard and so long that I can't even stand the next morning! So I'm gonna go find someone who can give me that!"

 "Kurt!" Steve was about to object again, but Kurt was already gone, the door slamming behind him.


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