"Jay!" Adam giggled as the golden blonde's tongue swept over his nipples. Jay had pinned him on his back on the couch in their locker room, and was currently taking much pleasure in licking all over his chest. "Baby - ooh!" Adam closed his eyes as Jay took one of the hardening buds into his mouth, sucking on it like a baby on its bottle.

 "What?" Jay drew back, replacing his mouth with his hands and continuing to rub Adam's pert nipples.

 Adam raised his eyebrows. "Don't you have a date?"

 "Soon." Jay shrugged. "It's not really a date. We'll go out somewhere, then we'll fuck. Should be good, though. You know how talented Kurt is."

 Adam nodded his head. "Do I ever. Have fun, baby." He slapped Jay's ass as the smaller blonde walked away from him, sticking out his tongue as he slipped out the door. He passed by Kane as he left, not really acknowledging the tall brunette.

 Kane watched him go, then turned his eyes back to Adam. He had been watching the attractive blonde ever since their encounter two weeks before. He found himself unable to think of anything but Adam; the way Adam had touched him, the tender way Adam had treated him, so different than Taker, and the sweet, beautiful words Adam had said to him. Kane wanted badly to approach him, to be with him again, but he was too shy to know how. He felt completely insignificant next to Adam. He had seen the gorgeous blonde with many people over the past two weeks, Adam having taken some of the most beautiful men in the federation to bed. Kane was sure that Adam could never want him, when he was competing with people so much more lovely. He told himself Adam's night with him had just been curiosity, but still he watched.

 The things he felt as he looked at Adam were completely new to him. He felt a stirring in the pit of his stomach every time he saw him, and he still wasn't quite sure what it was. He mused that maybe it was love, but then again he didn't really know what love felt like. He felt lost in a world that was completely new and unfamiliar to him.

 Kane snapped out of his thoughts when he realized Adam was looking at him. He blushed beneath his mask, taking a step back. He thought he had seen Adam watching him a few times in the past weeks, but figured it was just wishful thinking. Someone as beautiful as Adam could certainly never want to be with someone like him.

 "Why don't you come in, Kane?" Adam asked, putting his hands on his hips. "It's not polite to stare."

 Kane hesitantly stepped into the room, dropping his eyes to the floor. "I've seen you watching me," Adam continued, his eyes taking in the large man's reaction. Kane's jaw clenched, staring down at the floor intently, afraid to raise him eyes.

 "You want me, don't you?" Kane's head shot up at that. His breath caught in his throat when he found Adam only inches away from him. "You liked that night we had together, didn't you?" Adam purred, raising his fingers to trace them along the edge's of Kane's mask. Kane nodded, a touch of apprehension in his eyes. The other men teased him sometimes, pretending to hit on him until Taker chased them away. He was afraid that Adam was doing the same thing.

 "Tell you what." Adam pursed his lips, looking thoughtful. "I'm not busy tonight, but I know Taker's going out with someone. He won't be there to notice if you wanted to come to me room." Kane stared at the blonde. Was he serious? Kane desperately hoped he was. He wanted to be touched in that way again, so badly he could taste it. "But - " Adam held his finger up. "There is one condition." Kane looked at him with wide eyes, willing to grant him practically anything. "I want to kiss you," Adam whispered, leaning in close to him, his fingers trailing over his mask. "Right now."

 Kane pulled away, shaking his head and gripping his mask with his hands. He knew that he could absolutely not let Adam see his face. If the gorgeous blonde saw his hideous, scarred face, he was sure he would want to have nothing more to do with him.

 "Kane, please." Adam walked towards him, his eyes gentle and pleading. "Let me kiss you." Kane backed away from him, until he back hit the wall and he could go no further. Adam stopped right in front of him. He reached his fingers up to touch the bottom of Kane's mask. Kane shook his head vigorously, holding the sides of the mask.

 "Shh, it's ok," Adam cooed, tracing the underside of Kane's chin with his fingers. Kane shivered at the touch, his eyes still wide with fear. "You don't have to take it all the way off, sweetheart. Just slip it up a little, so I can touch your lips," Adam whispered in his ear. The soft puff of breath against his ear felt wonderful to Kane, the sensual tone in Adam's voice sending shivers through his body. He mind was reeling as he took in Adam's words. Sweetheart. Adam had called him sweetheart again.

 His hands were shaking, but he relaxed his grip on his mask slightly, allowing Adam to push it up just a bit. "That's it. It's ok, baby, just relax. I won't hurt you," Adam whispered, pushing the mask up just far enough to reveal Kane's full red lips. Kane was breathing heavily with fear, his frightened eyes fixed on Adam. Adam looked up into his eyes and smiled, making that feeling stir in Kane's stomach again. He stood frozen as Adam licked his lips, then leaning forward and pressed their lips together.

 Kane was shocked by how good it felt. He had never been kissed before, although he had seen plenty of others doing it. He closed his eyes, letting his body respond to the kiss. Adam's lips were sweet and warm, feeling absolutely wonderful pressed against Kane's own. He unconsciously wrapped his arms around Adam's back, drawing the smaller man closer to him.

 Adam drew back after a moment, smiling at him brightly. "You see?" he asked, running his fingers over Kane's slightly parted lips. "Didn't that feel nice?" He reached into his pocket for a piece of paper and a pen, quickly scribbling something on it and handing it to Kane. "My room number, he told the big man, whose head was still swimming from the sensual kiss. "9:00. Don't be late." He turned and walked away, deliberately swaying his hips in a seductive manner. Kane stared after him, touching his hand disbelievingly to his lips. He looked down at the paper in his hand. His fist closed tightly about it and he clutched it to his chest. He was still scared, but he knew it was an offer he could never turn down.


At 9:00, Kane stood in front of Adam's door. He was staring at the golden numbers on the door, his breathing a bit ragged with fear. He was scared that this was all a joke, and when he knocked on the door Adam would answer it and laugh at him. Kane swallowed hard, raising his hand to knock, then letting it fall to his side again. The nervousness he felt was almost paralyzing. He so badly wanted to be touched again, he wanted to have another night like their first. The kiss from earlier that evening still lingered on his lips, reminding him of all the new, wonderful things Adam could show him.

 Kane raised his hand again, determined to knock this time. Before his fist could touch the door, it was pulled open. Kane could only stare at the blonde god that greeted him. Adam's long golden hair was splayed across his shoulders, falling around his soft skin in gentle waves. He was clad in only a short white silk robe, the thin fabric revealing every soft curve of Adam's body. It left much of Adam's chest and nearly all of his legs exposed. Kane's eyes ran over the soft, perfect skin, feeling something stir inside of him.

 "Hello," Adam said silkily. "Won't you come in?" He took Kane's arm and pulled the frozen giant into the room, closing the door behind him. "I'm so glad you decided to come," Adam purred, letting go of Kane's wrist and walking over to the bed with a sultry sway of his hips. He lay back on the mattress, sprawled in a sexy, inviting pose. "Won't you join me?" he invited, patting the bed next to him.

 Kane practically leapt onto the mattress, acting like an excited puppy. His eyes ran over Adam's beautiful body again, his breathing getting heavier at the thought of getting to touch him again. As unfamiliar as the feeling was, he embraced it, knowing how good this had felt the last time. He wanted to get there quickly, but now that he was lying next to Adam he had no idea what to do.

 Adam raised his eyebrows. "You want to take off your clothes, sweetheart?"

 Kane blinked and nodded, quickly throwing off his clothes. He was even more excited from hearing Adam call him sweetheart again. He loved being called that, especially from Adam's lips. He hoped that Adam would say more pretty things to him, like he had before.

 Adam laughed as Kane's clothes came off in only seconds. "Boy are you eager," he commented, a sparkle in his eyes. "I find that very sexy." Kane shivered from the seductive tone in Adam's voice, his body getting even more excited. This was not lost on Adam, whose grin widened. "Mmm, I can see how much you want me," he breathed, looking right into Kane's eyes. Kane blushed beneath his mask, following Adam's gaze to the center of his body, where his cock was growing very hard and erect. He let his eyes focus on the same part of Adam's body. He was sure he saw a growing bulge beneath the silken fabric of the blonde's robe. He wasn't positive, but he was pretty sure that this was supposed to happen, considering how pleased Adam seemed.

 Adam leaned closer to him, putting his hand behind Kane's neck. Kane's first instinct was to jerk back, put he made himself stay still. Adam moved his lips to Kane's ear, whispering sensually to the larger man. "Do you want to touch me?" he breathed, his hot breath caressing Kane's ear. Kane nodded vigorously. There was nothing he wanted more than to touch Adam's soft, silky skin again. Adam smiled, pulling back and positioning himself on the pillows, propped up slightly on his elbows. "Do it then. Touch me Kane."

 Kane swallowed. He focused on a spot on Adam's leg, reaching out a shaking hand and tentatively setting his fingers on the exposed skin. Adam chuckled and shook his head. "Not there, sweetheart," he said softly. He hands slowly untied the belt of his robe, pulling the silk away from his body. Kane's breathing got a little heavier as Adam's stomach and thighs were revealed. His eyes focused on Adam's erect member. He looked up to meet Adam's eyes, feeling afraid and hesitant. Adam smiled gently, making butterflies stir in Kane's stomach. "It's ok," Adam whispered, his gaze moving pointedly to his own member. "You can touch it. Just be gentle."

 Kane nodded, slowly removing his hand from Adam's leg and moving it to hover over the other man's shaft. He mentally forced himself to reach out a finger, tracing it over the tip. This was all new to him, and he was afraid he would be something wrong and make Adam not want to go through with it. His ears picked up a quiet moan from Adam's lips, the sound pushing his fear back a bit. He ran his thumb over the slightly wet tip again, Adam's moan slightly louder this time. Gaining confidence, Kane ran his fingers up the whole length, caressing the tip, then letting his fingers trail back down and up again.

 Adam's breath caught in his throat, his blonde head falling back against the pillows. "Oh Kane," he gasped, "Oh don't stop, that feels so good."

 Kane looked up at Adam's flushed face, feeling his body get still more excited. He wrapped his whole hand around Adam's member, squeezing gently as he ran his hand up and down. He prayed that what he was doing was right, and from Adam's moans of encouragement, he thought it was. Recalling things Taker liked him to do sometimes, Kane bent his head over Adam's member, his tongue darting out to tease the tip. Adam jumped, then smiled, urging him on. Kane repositioned himself between Adam's legs, pushing them farther apart to give him easier access. He licked his lips, then took the head of Adam's cock into his mouth, sucking on it gently.

 Adam almost shot off the bed as the wet heat of Kane's mouth closed around his cock. "Oh god. Kane, yes, oh yes, more!" he cried. Kane reveled in Adam's praise, knowing that he was doing what Adam wanted. He had done this to Taker many times before, but he had never really enjoyed it. Now, he suckled on Adam's cock as if it was the sweetest candy in the world, sliding it in and out of his mouth and running his tongue over its full length. His cock was getting harder with every moment, and he wanted desperately to be inside Adam again, to feel that wonderful velvety heat around him. He let his hands trail over Adam's ass as he sucked on him, quickly finding the opening he had gone in before.

 Not wanting to wait any longer, Kane pulled his mouth back, sliding up Adam's body so his cock was touching Adam's thighs. He shoved Adam's legs open wider, finding the entrance again and pushing the tip of his cock inside. Adam's body recoiled violently. The blonde shook his head, trying to pull away. "Kane, stop, don't!" he cried, chest moving heavily as pain tore through him.

 Kane froze, knowing he'd done something wrong. He quickly pulled back, jumping off the bed and running over to the corner of the room. He fell onto the floor, pulling his knees up to his chest and trying to bury his head between them. His body was shaking violently, rocking back and forth as he tried not to cry. He was deadly afraid that Adam would be angry and try to hurt him, and he was sure Adam wouldn't want to do that wonderful thing again. He had ruined his chance of feeling that heavenly pleasure again.

 Kane stiffened as he felt a hand touch his arm. He held absolutely still, too scared to even breath. "Kane, honey, it's ok," Adam's soft voice told him. "I'm ok. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell. Come back to bed, please?" Kane looked up at him, his eyes unsure and questioning. He was shocked at Adam wasn't angry with him. "Come on sweetheart," Adam said again, grasping his arm and pulling him back to the mattress. Kane relaxed a bit, loving the pretty names Adam was using on him.

 "Ok, I guess I should explain more," Adam told Kane, taking his large hands and squeezing them reassuringly. "You can't just go in like that, because it hurts. It's ok that you don't know that, since you haven't really done this before. You have to prepare your lover first. It's a very intimate thing, and it has to be done right. I'll show you, ok?"

 Kane nodded, watching with wide eyes as Adam pulled a bottle of lotion out of the nightstand drawer. The blonde handed it to Kane, then settled back onto the pillows and spread his legs again. Kane looked down at the lotion, feeling very confused. He looked at Adam inquiringly. Adam smiled at him gently. "Don't worry, I'll tell you what to do. Now open the bottle and squeeze a bit of lotion onto your fingers." Kane did as he was instructed, wondering if Adam wanted a massage. He couldn't fathom what else he could do with the lotion.

 "Now, take one finger," Adam instructed. He nodded as Kane raised one lotion coated digit, looking very confused. "You're going to prepare me with your fingers. You have to do it slowly, gently; ease it inside of me," Adam told the larger man, raising his hips invitingly. He took one of the pillows from the bed and placed it under his hips to keep them raised, giving Kane easier access. Kane turned his eyes to Adam's exposed entrance, hesitantly reaching out his finger and poking the tight ring of muscle. He took a deep breath, then pushed gently. His finger slid slowly into Adam, the digit encased in his snug tunnel. It was tight and hot around Kane's finger, and he had to bite his lip, pausing a moment to take in the new experience.

 Adam was panting, keeping his legs spread as far apart as possible. "Good. Very good. Now another," he breathed. Kane looked up at Adam, then back down at his slightly stretched entrance, not sure he could fit another in. Then he remembered the way his whole cock had fit in before. He looked down at his member, which was significantly larger than even three of his fingers. Feeling reassured, he touched the ring of muscle with a second finger, pushing it slowly inside with a bit more trouble than the first. "Oh god." Adam's head fell back against the pillows. "Another." Kane did as he bid, having some trouble fitting a third finger in, but managing to insert it as far as the others. He looked up at Adam for further directions once he had, hoping that he would get to put his cock in soon.

 "That's good," Adam panted. His cheeks were flushed, making him look even more wanton and desirable to Kane. The large man's cock was aching, a bit of moisture dripping from the tip. The feeling inside of him was as strong as it had ever been. "Now move them around a bit, really stretch me out," Adam instructed. "I'm gonna need it if I'm gonna take that big cock." Kane nodded, spreading his fingers apart a little to stretch out the snug tunnel. He was concerned by the look of discomfort on Adam's face, but the blonde assured him it was ok and urged him to continue. Kane spread his fingers out a little more, enjoying the feel of Adam's soft flesh around the digits. He squirmed a bit, feeling very eager to move on.

 Adam chuckled, noticing his impatience. "You wanna be inside me, don't you?" he asked the larger man. Kane nodded emphatically, his breathing growing a little heavier at the thought. "Ok. It'll only be a moment more. Now slowly pull out your fingers, and spread some of that lotion on your cock," Adam instructed. Kane slid his fingers out of Adam's snug tunnel, squirting some of the lotion into his palm. He looked down at his member, a blush coming across his face at the thought of touching himself. He was glad he was still wearing his mask so Adam couldn't see.

 "Haven't you ever touched yourself before?" Adam raised her eyebrows, looking a little surprised. Kane shook his head, suddenly afraid that Adam wouldn't want to be with him anymore. Adam saw the flash of fear in his eyes, reaching out his hand and setting it on the bigger man's shoulder. "It's ok. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Come on, you can do it. All guys do." Kane swallowed, his gaze locking on his erect member. Slowly he lowered his hand, tentatively touching his lotion filled palm to the head. He drew back sharply as the cool substance touched him, his hand shaking.

 "It's ok. It's a little cold now, but it won't be for long." Adam stroked Kane's arm gently, his eyes growing wide like a puppies. "You do want to be inside me, right? As soon as you put the lotion on, then that - " He gestured to Kane's hard member, leaning close to the big man to whisper in his ear, " - will be inside of me."

 Kane's wide eyes moved from Adam to the lotion in his palm to his cock, jutting up from his soft brown curls. He swallowed hard, his mouth feeling dry. Slowly he lowered his hand, hesitantly wrapping to about himself. He bit his lip, wincing as the cold slippery substance clung to his sensitive flesh. Gritting his teeth, he ran his hand over his shaft, spreading the lotion over the full length. He was surprised to find that after a few strokes, the motion of his hand began to feel very good. He moved his fist a little faster, gasping at the pin pricks of pleasure that began to flow through his body.

 "Ho there big man." Adam put his hand over Kane's, drawing it away from the larger man's very erect cock. "Don't you want to come inside me?" Kane blinked, nodded his head voraciously. His gaze ran from his own cock to Adam's stretched entrance, his breathing growing heavier. Adam smiled, laying back on the pillows and spreading his legs again. "Penetrate me," he whispered, his breathing speeding up as well. "Go slow, give me time to adjust. Ok?" Kane nodded, his eyes focused on Adam's entrance. Slowly he moved forward, placing the head of his cock against the opening. He glanced up at Adam, afraid the beautiful blonde was going to object again. Adam gave him a brilliant, nodding, his eyes locked on the place where their bodies touched.

 Kane took a deep breath, then pushed the head of his cock inside, slowly as Adam had requested. He had to gasp, even that small amount of contact sending shocks through his body. It was the best thing he had ever felt in his life. He had trouble even putting a thought together as he slid in further, the feeling of Adam's velvety walls around him engulfing him entirely. His body was on edge, every nerve stimulated and alive. His muscles were tense, but it was a wonderful tenseness that felt incredibly good. He could barely even remember to breath as he slid in still further, engulfing his cock in the wonderful wet heat until it was buried in Adam's body up to the very root.

 "Oh holy god, you're big!" Adam head pressed back against the pillows, his hands holding the sheets tightly. "Don't move. Give me a moment to adjust. Oh god! Oh god it wasn't half this good before!" He closed his eyes, his breathing coming in rapid pants. After a moment he opened his eyes, a hungry grin spreading across his face. He wrapped his legs around Kane's waist, the grin remaining on his face. "Ok. I'm ready. Now do me, god do me hard!" He arched up against Kane, making the big man moan. Kane pulled back a bit, a little unsure of what to do. Adam arched against him again, making his cock slide back into his hot tunnel. Kane felt his body taking over, beginning to do things he didn't even know he could. He pulled back again and thrust into Adam, the blonde arching to push him in further. Kane repeated the motion, feeling jolts of pleasure fill his body. He set a fast, hard pace, delving deep into Adam with every thrust of his hips.

 "Oh that's good. Oh god. Ooh, harder! You're not - you have to - OH THAT'S IT!!!" Adam arched high off the bed, a loud moan escaping his throat. "That's the spot! There!" Kane thrust his hips, bumping against the same place. Adam cried out again, his face a mask of please. "More, more!" he screamed. "Oh god Kane, yes!" Kane thrust against the spot again and again. He didn't know what was special about that spot, but at the moment all he could think about was the feeling of Adam's silky flesh moving around his cock, every inch it being touched and caressed by the hot walls of the other man's tunnel. It felt too good to even describe, and it was the best thing he had ever felt in his life.

 Adam became like a wild animal, his body arching frantically, his face a writhing mask of pleasure. He arms clung to Kane's back, his nails digging into the other man's flesh. Moans and cries slipped from his lips, his blonde hair thrashing wildly about on the pillow. His cries grew louder, his body moving even more frantically. He screamed out an undecipherable curse, then his body arched a final time, his form shaking as his cock spilled burst after burst of a hot, sticky substance.

 Kane gasped as Adam's walls clenched around him, squeezing his cock almost unbearably. He felt a great pressure building in his abdomen, spreading up through his entire body and engulfing him in waves of intense ecstacy. He threw back his head and roared as a white light filled his vision, he large body jerking in the throes of orgasm. As the light and the pleasure slowly began to fade, Kane collapsed onto Adam's body, his breath thundering in his chest. It was quiet in the room for a few minutes as both men recovered, their loud breathing dying down slowly.

 As his thoughts began to find their way back into his head, Adam glanced down at the man lying on top of him. Kane's dark head was resting on his chests, the larger man's eyes closed and his breathing even. Adam smiled, leaning down to press a kiss to the sleeping giant's temple. "That, my darling, was an orgasm," he said softly, his fingers playing with a strand of soft brown hair. "And if yours was anything like mine, it was a hell of a good one! Thank you darling." He signed contently, reaching for the discarded sheets. Without disturbing his lover, he pulled the covers over them. He wrapped his arms around Kane's back, a soft smile on his lips as he let himself drift off to sleep.


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