Rocky awoke feeling warm and happy. He stretched his arms above his head, sighing happily. The memories of the previous night surrounded him like a warm blanket. He figured it had easily been one of the best nights of his life. He never could've predicted what happened. It was like something taken out of one of his fantasies.

 It had been a good match that night, and the crowd had loved his speech beforehand. And, after the match, when he was changing in his dressing room, he had discovered that someone else had loved his performance, too. A man he had only dreamed about had approached him and offered to spend the night with him. At first he had only stared in shock.


The man laughed. "It's a simple proposition, Rocky." The Rock continued to stare. Could this actually be happening? This beautiful god wanted to spend the night with HIM? The man looked highly amused. "I know this is a shock, but yes, I do want to spend the night with you. I absolutely LOVED that speech you gave. ‘Just the way you like it, so the Rock has heard.' That was great!"

 "Well, I - um, thank you," Rock stuttered. "You - you'll really spend the night with me?"

 "Yes." The man's eyes twinkled with amusement. "I should be a welcome relief from those men you're used to laying. When was the last time you slept with a man who was actually good looking?"

 "Well, um, they don't normally show much interest in me." Rock swallowed, looking at the gorgeous man before him almost shyly.

 "I know." The man reached out his hand and ran it down Rock's cheek gently. He leaned in and met Rock's lips, giving him a soft yet incredibly hot kiss. "And that's just a preview," he said with a smirk on his face as he drew back. He gestured towards the door, picking up his bag and slinging it over his shoulder. "Shall we go?"

 Rock nodded enthusiastically, hurrying to the door and holding it for his companion. The man smiled at Rocky and thanked him before heading into the hall. Rock felt a little dizzy from that beautiful smile being directed at him. He couldn't believe this was actually happening. They headed out to the parking lot, stopping by Rock's rental car. Rock fumbled with the keys, his hand shaking slightly. His nerves were on end. He was so afraid he was going to screw this up...

 The man laughed, walking to the driver's side of the car and taking the keys from Rock. "Relax, Rocky. This is going to be the night of your life," the man promised, unlocking the door and pulling it open. Rock smiled at him gratefully, feeling only slightly less nervous. He climbed into the car and put the keys in the ignition. He was more than a little surprised when, instead of moving to the passenger side, his companion climbed in on top of him, straddling his hips in a very suggestive position.

 "I'm in the mood for a bit more of a preview," the man murmured, sliding his shirt up over his head as he pulled the car door shut. Rock's breathing quickened at the site of the powerful muscles on the man's bare chest, only inches from his face. The man looked at Rocky expectantly, a teasing gleam in his eyes. "Well, do something if you want to," he urged.

 Hesitantly, his breathing coming quickly now, Rock leaned forward and kissed the man's chest. The man murmured his approval, encouraging Rock to go further. Wanting badly to touch the man's silky skin, Rock raised his arms to his companion's back and gently caressed the lines of his well defined back.

 "Mmmm, yes," the man whispered, "like that. Come on Rocky. You don't have to be shy." Encouraged by the man's words, Rocky worked up the courage to lean forward and kiss one of the man's hardening nipples. He took the tiny bud in his mouth and sucked on it gently, delighting in the taste of the man's soft skin. He was rewarded with a moan.

 "Yes, like that," the man whispered, wrapping his arms around the back of Rock's head as the Rock sucked on his chest. "That feels SO good." He began to grind his hips into Rocky, making the WWF champion gasp and release his nipple. Rocky had to close his eyes from the sensations flowing through him. "Don't stop," the man instructed, pushing his chest forward wantingly. Rock did as he requested, taking his other nipple into his mouth.

 "Oh yes," the man moaned, grinding his hips harder. Rock was nearly breathless from the sensation. He was becoming so aroused it was almost painful. There was nothing more he wanted to do than to tear the man's clothes off and fuck him right there. But he forced himself to restrain from doing anything so forward, lest the man change his mind completely.

 The desire in Rock's eyes was not lost on his companion. He pulled back, pushing Rock's lips off his chest. He leaned down, his long, silky hair brushing against Rock's face. "Do you have any lubricant with you?" he whispered.

 Rocky's eyes widened. He reached for his bag, desperately fumbling for the tube he always carried. It seemed to take him forever to find it, while in reality it was only a few second. He was relieved when his fingers closed around it, hoping the delay wasn't long enough for his companion to change his mind. He handed the tube to the man, feeling about to pass out from shock. Was this beautiful god actually going to have sex with him, right here in his car?

 The man took the bottle, glancing from it to their surroundings. "We should move to the back," he whispered in Rock's ear, "It's too cramped in this seat." Rock nodded, hurriedly pushing open the door and climbing out, then plopping into the back seat. The man followed him, an amused smile on his face. He pulled the doors shut after they were both in the back. The man turned a teasing gaze on the WWF champion.

 "Are you gonna take off your pants, or try to fuck me through them?" he teased. He laughed at the speed with which Rock removed his pants. "My my, you certainly are eager, aren't you?" He shook his head, making his shiny blonde locks swish back and forth. "Now, take off your shirt, too, and relax," he instructed. Rocky did as he was told, swallowing as the man instructed him to lie down on his back. He still couldn't believe this was happening.

 Rocky couldn't help crying out as the man's hand ran up his thigh to the patch of hair at his middle. His breath began thundering in his throat from the simple touch. The man chuckled. "You certainly are responsive. You'd think you'd be used to being touched like - this." The blonde began to work his hand in a slow, gentle rhythm.

 "Oh god." The Rock had to close his eyes, feeling about to pass out. He still couldn't believe THAT man was touching him that way. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. The man noticed, looking amused but not saying anything. He squirted some lubricant onto his hand and began applying it to the Rock, coating him thoroughly. Rock moaned, his fingers grasping at the seat of the car.

 "Open your eyes, Rock," the man whispered. Rock did so, jumping at the sight of the man's face only inches from his. "I'll do this now on one condition," the man drawled, tracing his finger down Rock's abdomen. Rock looked at him inquiringly, feeling completely willing to agree to whatever he might ask of him. A sly smile crept across the blonde's face. "You have to promise me that if we fuck now, you'll still have enough in you to do me again when we get back to the hotel. I want more than just a quick fuck in a car."

 "Of course!" Rock practically shouted, unable to believe his ears. This gorgeous man wanted him AGAIN? This was better than any fantasy he'd ever had!

 The man chuckled again. He seemed to find the Rock's enthusiasm more than a little amusing. "Good," he stated. Rock's eyes watching in utter fascination as his companion's hand moved to the button on his jeans. Slowly, tauntingly, the blonde slid his pants off his hips. The Rock's breath caught in his throat at the sight of this god naked before him. He swore he'd never seen anything so beautiful.

 The man once again straddled Rocky's hips, setting his hands of the Rock's bare chest. Excitement flooded through the WWF champion. The man's penetrating blue eyes looked directly into Rocky's. "Are you ready, Rocky?" he whispered, raising himself directly above the Rock's hungry erection and spreading his legs wide.

 "God yes," Rock panted, his voice barely more than a squeak. "Please. Plea - OH!"

 "Oh." The man closed his eyes as he adjusted to the feeling of Rock filling him. "Damn, you've never looked so hot before," the blonde growled. "I'm gonna ride you SO hard..." He began to move himself up and down, making both himself and the Rock gasp in pleasure. "Ooh, Rocky!" the blonde cried, throwing his head back as he bounced on the WWF champion. "Oh yes! So HOT...oh, YES!"

 The Rock was feeling equally intense sensations, but his throat seemed to have constricted from the pleasure, and he got no more than a few squeaks and pleasure filled moans out. He was panting heavily, feeling barely able to breathe by the time his climax exploded, sending his seed shooting deep into his partner. The smaller blonde screamed, his climax hitting him almost violently. He fell onto Rocky's chest, panting heavily.

 "Damn, that was good," the blonde panted, not caring in the least how sticky and sweaty they both were. Rock nodded, unable to put even two coherent words together. After a few minutes their breathing had returned to normal, and Rock was beginning to be able to think again. He groaned in disappointment when the smaller man sat up and reached for his clothes.

 "Come on Rocky, get dressed," the blonde urged, tossing the Rock his pants. "We've gotta get back to the hotel. I most definitely want to do THAT again!" Rock dressed quickly, then returned to the driver's seat, speeding out of the building as fast as he could. He couldn't WAIT to get back to his hotel room.


Rock looked at the man in bed next to him. He was still sleeping, having completely worn himself out at from their activities last night. They had made love into the late hours of the night, until they were both too tired to do anything but drift off to sleep in each other's arms. Rock gently brushed his companion's tousled blonde hair out of his face, caressing the man's cheek lovingly.

 "Last night was the best night of my life," he whispered, more to himself than his companion, who he knew was still sound asleep. He thought quietly for a while. He had been with a lot of men in his life; had a lot of hot, yet meaningless sex. But last night didn't feel meaningless to him. It wasn't just because this was easily the most attractive, wonderful man he had ever slept with.

 He was sure there was more to it then that, and in some ways it scared him. He doubted the man had any intension of starting a relationship with him. This had been a one night stand, and Rocky had to accept that. The man in his bed had been particularly pleased with his performance in the ring that night, and had decided to reward him with his body. But it wasn't more than that. Rock was sure someone as beautiful and wonderful as his companion could never want to be with him. Still, that couldn't change the things he was feeling. As Rock gazed at his sleeping lover, he made a vow to himself that even if he couldn't tell this beautiful man how he really felt, he would never let any harm come to him.

 Rock leaned down and softly brushed his lips against the sleeping man's cheek. "I love you, Christian," he whispered.


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