"Sex, sex, I need some sex!" Christian sang as he popped the dish he'd spent all day preparing into the oven. For months, he had been stuck at home, filling his days with housework, reading, exploring the internet, and longing for Edge to come home. Getting pregnant had been loads of fun, but actually being pregnant, well, that was another story!

"Gimme some of your lovin'!" Christian crooned as he chopped up some vegetables. He was expecting Edge home in an hour or two, and he had every intention of romancing and seducing his taller lover. Ever since he'd gotten pregnant, Edge had been treating him like he was made of glass, and he hated it. If anything, his libido had increased since he had become with child, and it was driving him nuts that Edge never wanted to be with him anymore. He knew his lover was just worried about the baby, but they had been assured by their doctor that sex was just fine, and it annoyed him that Edge still resisted.

"Gonna gonna get it put it in me," Christian hummed. "Gonna get dirty with my ma-an! Oh yeeeeeeeeaah!" He smiled, putting a hand on his stomach. "You won't mind, right sweetness?" he cooed, chuckling as he patted the bulge in his abdomen. "I'm sure you understand that your daddy still needs to get laid. I think I'm gonna explode if I don't get some cock soon!"

He whistled to himself, trudging up the stairs to their bedroom. He checked the drawer next to their bed, making sure it was well stalked with lube and condoms. "We don't really need them," he said aloud, patting his tummy, "but Edge feels better if we use them anyway. He's such a silly man sometimes. No way he's getting out of sex tonight though! If he tries to get out of it, I'll tell him that if he doesn't, I'll call Terry and have him gimme some a that nice thick cock of his!"

Christian licked his lips, chuckling to himself. "I never thought that being pregnant would make me think about sex so much! I swear I think about sex more now than I ever have before, even as a teenager. Maybe it's just 'cos I'm getting it less or something." He glanced into the mirror on their closet door, turning sideways and looking over his figure. "I'm still hot, right? I mean, he'll still be able to get it up and all, right? I'm not really that big." He set his hand over his stomach, rubbing it gently as he stared at himself. "Nah, I'm not that big," he decided. "Although I did get Viagra just in case."

His eyes widened as he heard a car pull into the driveway. "Edge!" he squealed, practically running from the room and dashing for the stairs. "Edge!" he exclaimed as he bounced down the stairs, pouncing his surprised lover the second the taller blonde walked in the door. "Edge Edge Edge Edge Edge Edge Edge!!!!!" he yipped, smothering Edge's face with kisses. "Baby, I've missed you so much! You're home, you're home! Edge!"

Edge raised an eyebrow, carefully extricating himself from his lover's tight embrace. "Can you let me get my coat off before you fawn all over me?" he chuckled.

"Nope." Christian sighed happily, wrapping his arms around Edge's waist and leaning his head against his lover's chest. "I love you. I miss you so much when you're gone!"

"I miss you too." Edge managed to slip off his coat and shoes, giving Christian a hug and pressing a kiss to his forehead. He sniffed the air, a smile spreading across his face. "Are you cooking?"

"Yep." Christian beamed. "I've been getting really good at it! I might as well learn, I've got nothing else to do. Besides, I want to welcome my man home with a nice delicious dinner!"

"Aw, baby, that's so sweet." Edge took another long sniff of a fragrant air. "Is it ready? It smells incredible!"

"It's got another hour to cook," Christian replied. "Which gives us plenty of time to....get reacquainted." He raised his eyebrow, trailing a finger over Edge's firm chest.

Edge frowned, shaking his head at his smaller lover. "Christian, I don't think that's a good idea."

Christian sighed, throwing his hands up in the air. "Every time you come home, you have some stupid excuse why we shouldn't have sex! Geez! Come on Edge, am I that much of a fucking cow?" He turned his back on his lover, not wanted the taller man to see the tears burning in his eyes.

"Christian, baby, it's not like that," Edge murmured, his arms wrapping around Christian from behind. He pressed his lips against Christian's neck, nuzzling the smaller man's soft skin with his nose. "You know I love you baby, and I think you're beautiful, especially with my baby inside you." His hands moved to caress Christian's rounded abdomen, stroking the soft flesh adoringly. "I just don't want to risk hurting the little guy."

"Did you not hear the doctor say it's ok?" Christian snapped, breaking out of his lover's arms and whirling around to glare at the taller man.

Edge sighed. "I'm sorry, baby, but I just don't feel comfortable - "

 "Oh fuck your comfort!" Christian screamed, spinning around and dashing up the stairs, running into their room and slamming the door behind him. He threw himself onto their bed, burying his face in the pillow and letting the tears flow. He scowled when he felt a hand on his back, raising his head and swatting at Edge. "Just go away!" he spat. "If you don't fucking want me, just go find some fucking boytoy that you can feel comfortable with and leave me alone! All I want is for you to love me, sorry to be such a fucking burden!"

"Oh honey," Edge groaned, his hand finding its way onto Christian's back and gently massaging the muscles of his lover's back. "Christian, I love you more than anything! I haven't even looked at another man in months! I think you're incredibly beautiful, baby, you're a knock out!"

"Well you're doing a fucking lousy job of showing it!" Christian snapped. "It makes me feel like a fucking ugly cow when you refuse to make love to me! It's OK for us to be together! That's right from the damn doctor's mouth! IT'S OK! I'm not exactly feeling super sexy with this huge fucking tummy I'm getting and I'd appreciate it if you could appreciate me just a little bit more! Would it kill you to actually touch me when you're home?"

"I think I touch you plenty," Edge replied, his fingers tracing over the muscles in Christian's back. "I'm always touching you."

Christian glared at him. "But not the way I WANT you to touch me, dammit!"

Edge sighed. "Is this all about sex?"

"Yes!" Christian snapped. "I'm fucking horny as hell, Edge!" In one swift motion, he grabbed his partner, shoving him down onto his back on the bed and straddling his hips. "I want you, Edge," he groaned, rocking his hips against his lover's groin. "I want your cock and I want it bad! Please, baby, put it in me!"

"Christian, we don't have time before dinner!" Edge squeaked, trying, and failing, to gently push Christian off of him.

"Oh, we've got time." Christian continued to rock his hips. "Come on baby, you want it, I can feel it! And god do I want it. We can do it now, and after dinner, and later this evening, and then again right before bed." He smiled and licked his lips. "Just the thought of all that cock...mmmm."

"Christian, are you sure that would be good for the baby?" Edge asked tentatively.

Christian's eyes narrowed, his hands slapping the mattress to either side of him. "To hell with the baby, it's my fucking body!" he shrieked. "If I wanna have sex a few fuckin' times a day, I can fuckin' do it! The doctor said I can have sex as much as I god damn want to, as long as it's not too rough. So just pull your pants down and fuck me already!"

Edge crossed his arms, frowning at his lover. "You really think this kind of behavior is going to turn me on?"

"Eeeeeeeddddgggge!" Christian whined. "I NEED cock! I need to feel your big, thick, long cock sliding into me, filling me so completely, touching me so intimately, making me feel so incredible...." He licked his lips, groaning at the thought. "God I'm so cock starved!" he muttered.

Edge thought for a moment, a contemplative look at his face. "How about we make a deal?" he suggested. "I promise that tonight, when we got to bed, we'll make love. The sweet, tender, slow, safe kind of love making, nothing rowdy." He raised his finger and pressed it to Christian's lips as the younger man began to object. "I'm not caving on that, sweetheart, I won't risk the health of our baby. But, if you really must have something now, I think we should go downstairs, maybe listen to some nice music, and I'll let you get reacquainted with my cock."

"You'll let me give you head?" Christian murmured, his eyes gleaming at the thought. He licked his lips, glancing hungrily at his lover's crotch. "Can I swallow? Oh Edge, please let me swallow! You never let me give you head anymore!"

"I let you give me head every time I'm home," Edge chided. "And I'm not sure if you should. The things that go to your stomach end up going to the baby, after all."

Christian rolled his eyes. "Oh come on, it won't affect the baby at all! Eeeeeeeedddge, you have to let me swallow!"

"Do I?" Edge raised an eyebrow.

Christian pouted. "Well, I really want to, anyway. Please? Pretty please? I'll make it extra long, it'll be the best head you've ever had!"

"Are you sure it'll be extra long for me?" Edge questioned teasingly.

Christian shrugged, his lip still extended in a pout. "Can I help it if I've always loved sucking cock? It's not like you've ever complained about my abilities. You should thank me, some guys won't even do that for their boyfriends!"

"I never said I didn't appreciate it," Edge murmured, brushing a stray lock of hair from Christian's cheek, then leaning in close to kiss his cheek softly. "Alright, fine, have it your way. Do whatever you want."

"Yes!!!!" Christian again pounced on his lover, smothering his face with kisses for the second time that night. "I love you soooo much Edge, you're so good to me!"

"Yeah yeah." Edge chuckled. "You just better be less temperamental once the baby's born!"

"Oh, I will be," Christian promised, already grabbing Edge's hand to lead him downstairs. "Of course, I hope you realize we're gonna be having sex constantly as soon as the baby's out!"

Edge frowned. "Now wait a minute!" he objected as he was yanked out the door.


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