"This magazine is so lovely!" Rico exclaimed.

 Christian glanced up, raising an eyebrow when he saw what his lover was currently pouring over. "Divas Undressed? Something you need to tell me babe?"

 "Huh?" Rico gave the pretty blonde a funny look before returning to the magazine. "Have you looked through this? Don't you think it's just PERFECT?"

 "Actually, looking at pictures of scantily clad women isn't really my thing, me being gay and all," Christian replied with a shrug.

 "You're missing the point!" Rico informed his pretty lover. "This magazine is so well coordinated, it's just marvelous! Look at this page." He showed his lover pages 20 and 21, featuring Molly. "You see what they did here? In the one picture, she's wearing a white-blue outfit with a darker blue background, and in the other, she's wearing a darker blue outfit with a white-blue background! And throughout almost the entire magazine, the backgrounds and outfits go just perfectly! Marvelous, truly marvelous!"

 Christian chuckled. "Figures you'd like something like that."

 "I can hardly see something done so well and not appreciate it!" Rico replied. "What a marvelous idea to theme each of the diva's sections! All excellent choices for their skin tone, and these capture all their personalities so well! Although some sections are certainly more impressive than others. Ivory, Jackie, Molly, and Nidia's parts are certainly superior to Torrie, Stacy, and Linda Miles."

 "Rico," Christian sighed. "I know you love anything fashion related, but I really couldn't care less about the design of the divas magazine, ok?"

 Rico glared at the pretty blonde. "Well, you really should care about the quality of the products our company puts out on the market!" he huffed. "This is exceptional, and it deserves to be complimented! Just look at this fantastic Ivory shot on page 52!" He showed the magazine to Christian again. "See the perfect pose, the perfect outfit, the perfect background, and the perfect hair? The way it's blowing back like that is just perfect!"

 "Yes, it's a great shot," Christian replied through gritted teeth. "But for god's sake, you're been showing me crap from that damn magazine all day! Can't you look at something that might interest ME? Like, here." Christian reached into his bag, pulling out the November issue of RAW magazine, with RVD on the cover, and tossed it to his boyfriend. "Now find some shots you like from in there and show them to me, ok?"

 "Well, let's see." Rico peered down at the cover. "Well, this is fairly nice. The blue text on the white background looks good, but the smaller gray text is rather drab, and I don't like the red ‘RAW' bit at all."

 Christian sighed and rolled his eyes. "You're hopeless, you know that?"

 "I don't know what you mean, I'm sure." Rico opened the magazine and began flipping through it, only getting to page 7 before he stopped. "Well, this is a much better shot of Torrie than most in the divas magazine!" he exclaimed. "Christian, look."

 "I don't want to see divas pictures!" Christian growled. "That's why I gave you the damn magazine in the first place! Critique a picture of somebody hot and show it to me, ok?"

 "Well, fine, but I don't see what's wrong with diva pictures," Rico replied sulkily, flipping one page and making a face. "My god, what is Rocky THINKING with that horrid suit?"

 "Keep going!" Christian snapped.

 "Fine, fine." Rico kept flipping. "Lita, uck. Brock; so plain, so dull! This red white and blue splattered outfit of Kurt's with the white boots has promise, though." He flipped further. "Rey Mysterio in silver. Now that young man I am impressed with, always so coordinated! And there's your brother Edge, looking quite dull in a plain black tshirt!" Rico shook his head. "I thought he was making progress with the white tights and gold-lined white trench coat, but he does seem to be regressing."

 "I said find hot pictures and show them to me, not criticize my brother's fashion sense!" Christian growled.

 "Well I'm sorry." Rico turned the page, stopping on page 24. "Now that is lovely," he murmured. "White shirt, completely open, revealing a smooth, perfectly shaped chest. Jean shorts hanging low enough to make it clear that he's not wearing any panties. Very erotic!" He flipped the page, nodded approvingly. "Perfect pose, perfect pants, perfect backdrop!" he cooed. "And my isn't Rob shapely! So deliciously curvy, yet hard and firm in such a manly way." He flipped the page again. "Oh my! Look at those splits! Impressive! Why with flexibility like that, just think what he could do!" The stylist unconsciously licked his lips.

 "That's enough!" Christian snapped jealously, snatching the magazine from his lover. He threw the Divas magazine at Rico, flopping back into his chair with a sigh. "There you go, knock yourself out!" he exclaimed.


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