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At the hotel just one night later
All the same couples were rooming
But the mood was far, far light
There was magic in the air

Edge presented Christian with Advil and a hopeful smile
Christian laughed and shook his head
Then took his love to bed

Chris waited in his room with a rose between his teeth
Raven was surprised and pleased
Forgetting his suspicion

Hunter only had a beer
Mark found him very charming
The cleaning up they did that night they really didn't mind

Drew was sad that he forgot again
Kurt surprised him with a whole pack
All of which they set out to use

Kane was happier than happy
Dennis met him at the door
Loneliness was far that night from either of their minds

Brian turned his charm on full
Steve found him quite appealing
Delighting him by finally responding

Steven held his temper
Kwik blinked his pretty eyes
Anger was forgotten in each other's arms

Val finally got his way
Bull found it not too bad
Both in the future more cuddling did foresee

Goodfather finally spoke his heart
Faarooq delighted to agree
In their room that night there was no lack of sound

Bradshaw gladly accepted
Shane humbly apologized
From their loneliness the past day their night more energized

Sean gave it another chance
Eddie this time got it right
And shouted out his lover's name long into the night

Essa this time spoke with actions
Al completely understood
No words were needed for the place they visited

Regal was shocked beyond words, when
Vince got down on one knee
The chamber ringing with his "Yes!" and the after activity

And so this certain night was spend
With smiles, moans and laughter
Every couple's bed was rocking
And most would be sore upon the morrow. :)

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