Anytime, Anyplace!
Author: Lissa
Rating: PG
Content: m/m slash, slight hint of incest
Characters: Frankie Kazarian, Matt Bentley
Characters mentioned: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, Misty the Rat
Summery: Michael and Kaz feel the need for some payback.
Note: Written as a response to a fic GG Bayley wrote called "Someone, Anyone!" and doesn't really make a whole lot of sense unless you've read that one first. Sorry, GG, the Musi just….couldn't let that go. Oh, and I'm sorry, but Kaz refused to call Matt Bently by "that" name, so he calls him Michael, for Michael Shane, instead.

I should have known the man was mental when Misty came up missing. At first, I thought she had escaped her cage, or possibly Michael had fed her to the cats, because he hated that rat more than I did. The next day, however, I got a call from Matt Hardy telling me that he had Misty, and if I wanted her back, I would have to meet him to… discuss it.

I just rolled my eyes and reminded him that I was already involved with Michael. I mean, come on, everyone knows Michael and I are together. We couldn't have made it any more obvious than we have if we tried. Oh wait, that's right…we have tried. Nope, completely obvious. I figured that would be the end of it.

Until Michael and I got a pair of dead pigeons in our mailbox.

Come on, I mean, seriously…who leaves people dead pigeons? Psycho stalker freaks? Well, that left two options. Some crazed fan…or Matt Hardy.

We couldn't just let that go. So we plotted, and planned, and waited for the perfect opportunity. We found it just two weeks later.

Michael and I decided to go visit Shawn for Raw. Evidently he was having some issues with Hardy Junior being convinced that they were dating, as well. What can ya say…maybe it's something in the water? They're both a pair of wackjobs.

Anyway, we snuck into their dressing room while they were out. Michael took Junior's nail polish and painted their soap with it. Senior has a thing for blogging, so I got a hold of his laptop and changed a bunch of the keys around on it. We switched out their shampoo for Nair. And the piece de la resistance, payback for Shawn, we lit a bunch of marijuana scented incense in their dressing room, then hid behind a bunch of crates to watch the fun unfold, and what did we see?

Matt dressed up as Shawn, making out with Jeff in the shower!

Those Hardy's…they're sicker than we thought!


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