Kaz (Frankie Kazarian) Fic

Angels in the Storm series
Rating: PG13 to NC17
Content: m/m slash, talk of cheating, some language, lots of sex and drama
Characters: Various
Summery:  The tumultuous story of relationships beginning, ending, and restarting
Note: A cross-promotional series featuring both WWE and TNA characters
Fics involving Kazarian: 2

Duel Fics:
Cute & Hot

Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Kaz, Eric Young, Miz, John Morrison, Bobby Roode
Summery: Crushes and attention seeking
Note: 50 word a day challenge (continued for 2 weeks, 10 episodes)

How Super?
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash; angst, mention of rape
Characters: Kaz, Eric Young, Petey Williams
Summery: Where’s a Superhero when you need him?
Written 4/15-4/17/08

Someone, Anyone!
Rating: R
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Matt Hardy, Elijah Burke, CM Punk
Characters mentioned: Kaz, Matt Bentley, Shelton Benjamin, Misty the rat
Summery: Matt gets dumped, and just has to take it out on *someone*
Note: Written with the challenge prompts ‘breakdown’ and ‘animal’. I made it odd, and I enjoyed it!
Written 2/22/08

**Someone, Anyone sequel, written by Lissa**
Anytime, Anyplace!
Author: Lissa
Email: LadyLissa2004@yahoo.com
Rating: PG
Content: m/m slash, slight hint of incest
Characters: Frankie Kazarian, Matt Bentley
Characters mentioned: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, Misty the Rat
Summery: Michael and Kaz feel the need for some payback.
Note: Written as a response to a fic GG Bayley wrote called "Someone, Anyone!" and doesn't really make a whole lot of sense unless you've read that one first. Sorry, GG, the Musi just….couldn't let that go. Oh, and I'm sorry, but Kaz refused to call Matt Bently by "that" name, so he calls him Michael, for Michael Shane, instead.

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