I'm staring at him. Ok, so I shouldn't be gawking so openly, but I can't help it! He's standing there, shaking his head, his gorgeous hair bouncing over his shoulders. He's wiping off the beads of water which cling to his dark skin, removing the evidence of the shower he just stepped out of. Damn, why does he have to keep the second towel wrapped around his waist? Couldn't he drop it, just a little bit more? It's long enough to hide those beautiful thighs of his....those gorgeous, voluptuous, perfect thighs.

 Oh god, he's noticed me staring. Hell, how could he not? It's not like I'm making any effort to hide it. I've been trying to be more discreet, to watch him from the corner of my eye, but I just can't do it. He's so painfully gorgeous, I just have to see that body every chance get. If only he were mine...I would touch his soft, beautiful skin, caress his cheek, gently trail my fingers across those full lips.


 I jump. Oh shit, there he is, right in front of me! And he's still wearing nothing but a towel. Oh damn. I'm in deep this time.

 "What the hell you looking at?" he growls.

 "L-looking at?" I stammer brilliantly.

 "Yeah." He scowls at me. "It ain't enough for you to try and cripple me in the ring, you have to come back here and taunt me?"

 I blink. Is that really what he thinks? It makes sense, I supposed. Damn, why do I always let people talk me into doing things I don't want to? "I'm not here to taunt you," I tell him. I swallow, glancing around at the others in the locker room. "Can we talk?"

 "Go ahead," he snarls, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

 "In private," I add quickly.

 He snorts. "How stupid do you think I am? I follow you to somewhere ‘private', and you'll have a pack of goons jump me."

 "I won't," I promise. "I swear I won't." I glance around, lowering my voice to make sure no one but him can hear. "Look, I'm in room 301 tonight. I just need to talk, and it'll just be you and me, I swear."

 He crosses his arms. "I'm in room 219. You wanna talk, you come to me, alone." He turns away, walking back over to his bag and proceeding to ignore me.

 I feel myself flush. Did he really just invite me to his hotel room? I quickly reprimand myself, telling myself it's a logical choice for him; there wouldn't be any ambushes set up in his own room, after all. But still, he invited me to his room! This is my chance, it has to be.

Ok, room 219. I take a deep breath, running a hand through my freshly washed hair. I really went all out getting ready to come here; I washed and blow-dried my hair, brushing it to perfection. I left it down, showing off the shine of the soft silky tresses. I pulled out my best black suit and tie, fixing myself up into a respectable looking gentleman. I shaved everywhere, to make sure I have perfectly smooth, touchable skin. I sprayed on just a touch of my sexiest cologne, the scent mingling perfectly with the soft aroma of body wash emanating from my freshly cleansed skin. And, just in case, I was wearing a skimpy, sexy black thong.

 Gotta knock. Gotta knock. Taking another deep breath, I raise my hand and rap crisply on the door. He pulls it open, looking surprised to see me. I stand there for a moment, trying not to fidget as his eyes scan my body. He sticks his head out into the hall, looking around to check for the presence of others. Satisfied that I'm here alone, he holds the door open and beckons for me to enter.

 "Didn't expect you to actually show," he murmurs, flopping down into a comfortable chair.

 I awkwardly take a seat, offering him a little smile. "Of course I did. I wanted to see you." I quickly continue, kicking myself for that slip. "I mean, I need to apologize."

 "Apologize?" He throws his head back and laughs. "You must be kidding! You, apologize? Yeah right."

 "I'm serious," I tell him. "I'm sorry about a lot of the things I've said and done to you recently. None of them were my idea. I certainly don't think you're any less than me, I have a lot of respect for you, as a wrestler and as a man. I'm honored to have you as an opponent."

 He looks confused. He just stares at me, a questioning look in his eyes. He's about to speak, but then, much to my dismay, there's a knock on the door. I swear, at that moment, I really did want to kill whoever it was. It better not be something that'll take long, this is my chance, and I don't want it ruined!

 "What the hell are you doing here?" I hear him groan. I turn in my seat, my eyes filling with anger when I see that awful blonde bimbo I've seen him with. I've tried to deny that they're together, but I guess this proves they are, or were at least.

 "Why do you think?" Jericho pushes his way into the room and slams the door behind him. He doesn't seem to notice me, completely focused on the man I want so badly for myself. "Why the hell didn't you tell me your room number? I had to wrangle it out of the desk clerk." He forcefully shoves the larger man back onto the bed, climbing on top of him and straddling his hips. Does he actually not realize there's someone else in the room?!? "Come on baby, you know you wanna fuck me," he purrs, trying to undo the clasp on the other man's pants.

 "I told you we were through!" my man growls, much to my relief. "I don't want any more of your games, and you're sure as hell not gonna keep using me for sex. I'm not that damn desperate!"

 Jericho glares at him, his eyes narrowed. "Oh, so you've found some other little slut to fuck? Well we'll just see how long that lasts!"

 "You're getting the hell out of my room!" the larger man exclaims, standing and yanking Jericho up into the air, holding him around his waist.

 Jericho notices that I'm here, at last. "What the hell is he doing here?" he demands, kicking and struggling as he's carried towards the door.

 "Apologizing for being an ass," is the reply he gets before being tossed out into the hall. The door is slammed and locked, then the tall, gorgeous man I am so in lust with reclaims his chair.

 "Sorry about that," he tells me.

 "Twinks, huh?" I crack, and we both laugh. I clear my throat, gathering the nerve to ask him about Jericho. "So, uh, you dated him?"

 "Not really." He shrugs. "Slept with him. Honestly I've never liked him, but he was all over me constantly, so I figured what the hell, might as well get laid. Now I wish I hadn't, I just can't get rid of the little bitch."

 "Doesn't surprise me." I lick my lips, asking the question I'm burning to have answered. "So, have you?"

 "Have I what?" he asks.

 "Found someone new," I clarify.

 He laughed. "Nah. Hell after him, I think I could use a break!"

 "Won't you miss the sex?" I press. The more I can find out about him this way, the better. Please let him say he's horny, please! Not that he couldn't have just about anyone if he really wanted someone, but I'm here, and I'm willing! Not that he has any clue about that. I'm pretty sure he thinks of me as a top only. Hopefully, I'll get an opening to slip in that I like a little cock once in a while. Truthfully, I'd rather take cock than be a top any day, but I don't wanna scare him off. I've been around enough guys to know that if they think you very rarely bottom, it makes it that much sexier for them when they can convince you to take it. It means you're making an exception for them, and guys love that.

 "Not really." He makes a face. "Really Jericho's not half as good in bed as he thinks he is. Too controlling, never let me get him in the position I wanted."

 I raise an eyebrow. "What position do you like?"

 He grins. "I tend to go for good old missionary. I like to feel my boy's legs wrapped around me while we're having sex, and I like to kiss him and just generally be against him." He looks at me, and he must've caught the dreamy look on my face, but he just smirks. "What about you?"

 "Me?" I swallow. "Oh, I could go for that. I mean - I mean, missionary, yeah, that's a good one."

 He chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. "Man, can you believe this? We're talkin' like old girlfriends here."

 "Is that a bad thing?" I offer him a smile. "I really don't wanna be your enemy, Book. I know we haven't talked all that much, but you really seem like my kind of guy. I think we could be great friends."

 "Maybe." He eyes me warily. "You seem cool right now, but that don't mean I trust you. You've pulled a lot of shit."

 "I know." I swallow. This is it. I've got an opening, I have to go for it. "I'd like to make it up to you."

 "How you gonna do that?" He smirked. "What about that pretty title you've always got over your shoulder."

 "I don't lay down for anybody," I snap. "In the ring, that is," I quickly add.

 He raises one dark eyebrow. "You saying you'd lay down for me out of the ring? Maybe, in a hotel room?"

 I gulp. Is he mocking me, or is he actually interested? God I hope he's interested, because if he's just playing along to humiliate me, I'll be the laughing stock of the locker room. "I might," I reply cautiously.

 He just gazes at me for a moment, then he chuckles. "Is that why you wanted to know about my sex life? You wanna be a part of it?" His eyes never leave my face as he speaks. I think he's trying to gauge me, to see if I'm just playing with him. I guess we're thinking the same thing about each other in that respect. "I sure as hell hope you don't think you're gonna coax me into spreading my legs for you," he states. He's a total top; I already knew that, and that is not a problem for me. I've played the top with most of my lovers, and I've never found it satisfying. A top like him is exactly what I need. "You don't seem like the kind who bottoms," he adds.

 I shrug. "It doesn't happen often," I tell him. "Most guys don't have the guts and try and put their cock in me."

 He gives me a broad grin. "Guts ain't something I've ever been short on," he tells me.

 "Really." I smirk at him. I've definitely played my cards right; he loves the challenge. "So you think you're man enough to make the Game spread his legs, do you?"

 "Oh, I'm man enough alright." He stands, taking a step towards me. I move back against the arm of the coach I'm sitting on, letting my legs fall open just slightly. God I want this! Please don't let him change his mind.

 "You think so, huh?" I goad him. "You sure?"

 He growls. "Damn sure." He moves onto the couch, kneeling in front of me. "Now are you gonna offer me that ‘apology', or do I have to rip those clothes off ya?"

 "Go ahead and try," I sneer.

 "If you insist." He takes hold of my jacket, pulling me forward a bit and sliding it off my shoulders. I don't complain as he tossing the expensive garment casually onto the floor. "I'd rip it off," he growls in my ear as he begins to unbutton my shirt, "but I got too much taste to ruin such a nice shirt." The shirt joins the jacket on the floor.

 He reaches for my pants, but I put my hand over his, halting his progress. "You sure you wanna go there, big man?" I challenge.

 "Hell yeah I am." He shoves my hand off, and I let him unzip my pants and slide them off my legs. He raises his eyebrows as he sees the thong clinging tightly to my nearly nude body. "I knew you were a thong man," he murmurs, licking his lips as his gaze sweeps over the tiny black scrap of cloth.

 "You've uncovered my secret," I joke with a smirk, again covering his hand as his fingers hook in the band on the thong, about to pull it off. "Hang on a second." I quickly snatch up my discarded pants from the floor, pulling out two small items from one of the pockets. I take one in each hand, dangling them before him. "You want my ‘apology', you're gonna need these. I don't do it dry and I don't bareback."

 He chuckles as he takes the small bottle of lube and the condom. "You always carry these around in your pocket?" he asks, setting them both down on my bare chest as he pulls off his own shirt.

 "Yep." I smirk. "Just ask Flair about the time they fell out of my pocket during an autograph signing."

 He laughs. "Next time I see him without a sledgehammer, I will." Oh god, he's taking off his pants. Shit! I think I'm gonna hyperventilate! I have to keep it together, if I start looking like I'm dying for this, like I actually am, I'll probably turn him off as quickly as Jericho did. Oh wow, look at his cock! It's long and thick and utterly gorgeous. Damn he couldn't put it in me soon enough! I manage to tear my eyes away from his groin when I hear him chuckle. I can tell from the look on his face - both amused and horny - that he's loving this. "Worried you can't take it?" he challenges.

 "I'm the Game, I can take anything." I fidget, managing to look a bit uncomfortable, knowing he'll love it. "I just, well, I don't have much experience in that area."

 He grins, grabbing my thong and pulling it off, leaving my completely exposed to him. "Well I got plenty of experience in giving it," he purrs, tearing open the condom and sliding it on. He cracks open the bottle of lube, applying a liberal amount to himself. Oh god, this is really going to happen! I bite my lip as he pushes my legs further apart, settling between them. Put it in me, baby, now! He's looking up at me, his eyes dark with desire. "That apology of yours include kissin'?" he asks.

 Oh god, he wants to kiss me. If I weren't already hard as a rock, that alone would have me hard in an instant. I shrug casually, struggling to keep up my cool charade with his hard cock pressing against the inside of my thigh. "You're the one playing the Game, aren't you?" I murmured. "You take what you want, if you can."

 Definitely the right thing to say. He leans forward, capturing my lips in an incredible heated kiss. While he kisses me, he sets his hands firmly on my ass cheeks, spreading them out for his entrance. Then, the head of his cock is pressing into me, slowing stretching me out. I groan into his mouth as my body yields to him. He's inching in slowly, giving me enough time to adjust. He wants me to enjoy this just as much as he is. It still hurts, but it's a good sort of burn, one that makes me even more horny that I already am. His cock feels so good inside me, I feel like I'm about ready to explode right now, before we've even gotten started.

 He slides in all the way, pausing once he's fully seated. Shit, if he doesn't start moving soon, I'm gonna flip him over and just fuck myself on his cock. We're making out hot and heavy as he pulls out and thrusts into me for the first time. My body arches, and I swear colors flash before my eyes. This is so hot, it's hard to believe it's actually real. I wrap my arms around his neck, opening my mouth for the invasion of his tongue. My hips buck as he sets a fast rhythm, driving into me over and over again.

 Oh, this is so good! This is so god damn good! Pleasure is flooding through my body, making every nerve sing, making every bit of flesh tremble. All I can think about is that thick cock, driving into me, delving so deeply into my body. Before I know it, I'm throwing my head back, letting out a feral scream as I come. I feel him swell inside me as my muscles tighten around him, spasming around his cock. His climax just pushing me over further, ripples of pleasure crashing over my senses.

 I can't hear, I can't see, I can't smell, I can't even taste. I can only feel, and all I feel is an orgasm greater than anything I've ever felt before.

 I'm left gasping as it begins to ebb away. I can barely breath, it was so intense. I take a deep, gulping breath, becoming vaguely aware of his weight on top of me, his chest thundering against mine. He's still buried inside me, and god, it still feels good.

 He takes a deep breath, slowly pulling out and flopping onto the couch beside me. It's a tight fit, but I love the closeness. The feeling of his warm, sweaty skin pressed against mine if almost as satisfying as the orgasm itself. "Damn," is all he says.

 I nod my head, pushing a lock of sweat-soaked blonde hair out of my face. "Damn," I agree.

 He makes a small noise of contentment, resting his broad arm across my chest. His lips nuzzle my jaw, planting gentle kisses. I smile happily, closing my eyes and enjoying his attention. I tilt my head slightly, giving him better access to my neck. He takes advantage of it, leaving a trail of lazy kisses across my skin. "You better be planning on stayin' the night," he murmured, his hand gliding up to fiddle with a lock of my hair.

 "I'd love to," I whisper, sighing happy as he strokes my hair. "I'll stay as long as you want."

 "Good." He kisses me softly, gently caressing the side of my face. "You really are legit, aren't you?"

 "Completely." I open my eyes, gazing up at him sincerely. "I wanna be with you, Book."

 He smiles, giving me another gentle kiss. "Flair wouldn't object?"

 I snort. "As if it matters?"

 He grins. "Course it doesn't." He pulls me into his arms, stroking my hair as I lay my head against his chest. "Might as well give it a go," he murmures, pressing a kiss against the top of my head.

 He can't see it, but I'm absolutely beaming right now. I wrap my arms around him, holding him close. After months of wanting this man, at last he wants me too.


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