Jeff Hardy sat at the small table in his hotel room, busily scribbling in his journal. Meanwhile, his lover lay impatiently in bed, playing with one of his braids while he waited. After several more minutes, the patient, yet not that patient, Raven began to wonder why he had bothered putting on the thong Jeff had bought him underneath his boxers. Not being used to wearing such garments, he found is rather uncomfortable. Of course, he hadn't planned on wearing it for half as long as he already had.

 "Jeff, you about done?" Raven asked impatiently, fidgeting a little, trying to make the thong a bit more comfortable.

 "Just a sec, I'm almost done," Jeff replied, continuing to scribble away.

 "What are you writing, anyway?" Raven asked.

 "Raven I'm busy," Jeff replied, continuing to write.

 Raven sighed, laying down and closing his eyes. He wiggled around, trying to imagine that he was wearing comfortable underwear instead of the tight, sexy red silk thong. He smiled when he heard the click of the light being flipped off, and the room grew dark. As his lover slid into bed, he slipped into full vixen mode, rising up on his elbow and fixing Jeff with a sizzling look. Jeff smiled at him, then turned onto his side, facing away from his dark haired lover, and lay his head down on the pillow.

 The smile immediately disappeared from Raven's face. A pout taking over his features, he reached over and tapped Jeff on the shoulder. Jeff turned to look at him. "What?" he asked quietly.

 "Don't you wanna make love?" Raven whined, scooting a little closer to the other man.

 Jeff glanced at the clock. "It's awfully late. We really should be sleeping."

 "Baby, I want you," Raven purred, running his hands over Jeff's bare chest. "Please?" he pouted, putting on his most irresistible face. He moved even closer to his lover, raising his eyebrows. "I'm wearing that thong you bought me, baby," he breathed.

 Jeff felt his mouth begin to water, quickly swallowing to avoid any unsightly drool. "The red one?" he whispered, feeling a tightening in his groin.

 "Mmmhmm," Raven murmured, his chest now pressed against his lover's. "You wanna see it, baby?"

 Jeff nodded, biting his lip as Raven crawled out from under the covers. His dark haired lover knelt in front of him, slowly sliding his loose boxers down, revealing tantalizing snatches of red silk. Jeff's heart was beating far faster than normal by the time Raven tossed the discarded boxer shorts aside, fixing him again with a seductive look. This time Jeff responded in full, kicking off his boxers haphazardly, wasting no time in pulling Raven's wanton form beneath him, kissing the other man passionately as he fumbled on the nightstand for lube. Raven chuckled, pressing a bottle into Jeff's palm.

 Jeff quickly spread a bit of lube on his fingers, slicking himself with one hand as the other slid down Raven's sexy thong. He had to bit his lip again as Raven's legs automatically spread for him, the other man arching his back wantingly. "You always make me so hot," Jeff murmured under his breath, quickly inserting two fingers and stretching out his lover as quickly as possible. The moment he thought the beautiful brunette was ready, Jeff pulled out his fingers, casting the lube aside and about to penetrate his lover when Raven held out a finger, clicking his tongue at the younger man.

 "Aren't you forgetting something?" Raven chided.

 Jeff frowned. "Oh you're not really going to make me - "

 "Yes, I am," Raven stated, handing Jeff a condom. Jeff sighed and rolled his eyes, but one very deliberate movement of Raven's hips had him slipping it on in record time, falling back onto his lover and kissing him like crazy as he slid into of the other man.

 "Oh Jeff." Raven's breath caught in his throat, his legs wrapping around Jeff's waist and his fingernails digging into his lover's back. "Oh god," he moaned, his back arching as Jeff began to thrust inside of him. "Jeff! Oh lord, Jeff!"

 "Raven!" Jeff groaned in reply, his lover's touch exciting him to no end, as it always did. "Oh god you're so tight...oh so good..."

 "Jeff, baby - oh!" Raven cried, his back arching and his dark head straining against the pillows as Jeff hit just the right place inside of him. "Oh baby it feels so touch me," Raven pleaded, thrusting his chest out pleadingly. Jeff happily complied, reaching down to rub Raven's nipples as he continued to ride the writhing brunette. Raven began to whimper and moan even louder. He always loved having his incredibly sensitive nipples touched, the twinges of pleasure emanating from his chest combined with the pleasure of having Jeff inside of him enough to send his mind reeling.

 "Jeff...oh...oh....god...oh...yes..oh Jeff!" Raven panted, his head thrashing about on the pillows. He had completely lost his excellent speaking skills, as well as most of his vocabulary, and he didn't care in the least. He was reduced to moaning and whimpering, barely managing to gasp out, "Jeff...oh, good, I...yes....YES....god...I...I'm coming! Oh yes!" His back arched and his eyes closed as pleasure shot through him, shaking his body in powerful waves. Jeff followed right after him, screaming out his lover's name as his orgasm overtook him.

 The younger Hardy fell onto his lover, propping himself up on his elbows until he caught his breath enough to move. Swiftly he withdrew, pulling off the condom and throwing it away. "That was great," he breathed. "Baby, I LOVE that thong! You look so damn sexy in it!"

 Raven sighed contentedly, scooting right up next to Jeff. "Cuddle?" he asked hopefully, his face flushed, but his body sated.

 Jeff grinned. "Of course baby." He opened his arms, and Raven happily fell into them, wrapping his arms around Jeff's back and resting his head on Jeff's chest.

 "That was wonderful," Raven breathed as he got comfortable. "You know, maybe I'll wear my black lace thong tomorrow," he commented, closing his eyes just as Jeff's shot open.


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