Note: Takes place after the Austin/Kurt bridge incidents (September 2001) refresh your memory, Austin threw Kurt's medals off a bridge, so Kurt tried Austin up and threatened to throw him off a bridge. Austin was mega-pissed and grabbed the first guy he could (RVD) and challenged him to a match in which he'd be "Kurt Angle". Naturally, Kurt had to get involved. And that's what inspired this!



 "Oh god."

 "Ya like that?"


 "Ya like being the one tied up, don't ya?"




 "Ya gonna try and tie me up again?"


 "Good. Ya want more?"


 "Ya want me?"


 "Beg for me me bitch."

 "More. Oh god more!"

 "Like this?"

 "Yes! Oh yes!"

 "Want it harder, bitch?"

 "Yes! Yes harder! Harder! More! Oh god!"

 "Ya love that, don't ya you little bitch?"

 "Yes! Oh my god! More! I...I'm almost...oh, YES!!"

 Two men collapsed onto the mattress, their bodies covered with sweat and their chests heaving.

 "Damn that was hot," the more dominant of the pair growled, wiping at his sweat soaked forehead. "I love roll playing, it's so hot!" He glance at his partner, flashing the dark haired man a smile. "You have an incredible ass, baby."

 "Thanks." The dark haired man sighed contentedly, glancing at the handcuffs binding his wrists. "Think you can release me now?"

 "Oh, sure." The more dominant man snatched the keys, unlocking the padded metal cuffs. "They certainly made his hot! We should do this again sometime."

 Kurt Angle brightened. "Really? That would be great! I thought this was just a one time thing. When?"

 "Erm..." The other man cleared his throat. "I'll, um, let you know." He climbed out of bed and pulled on his shorts, quickly drawing a tshirt over his head. "You don't mind if I tell people about this, right?"

 "I guess not." Kurt sat up, a slight pout on his full lips. "But my boyfriend's gonna be mad."

 The other man chuckled. "I'm sure he will be, baby. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he finds out! This'll teach him to mess with me."

 "But, that's not why you did it, right?" Kurt asked, still pouting. His partner flashed him a smile. "Of course not baby. I did it because I wanted your ass. Have for a long time."

 "Good." Kurt smiled happily.

 The other man was grinning as he headed for the door. "I really can't wait to see your boyfriend's face when he hears about this. This'll teach Austin to tell me my name is Kurt Angle for the night! I'm Rob Van Damn!"


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