Val stood up from his chair when he heard someone outside the door. His eyes narrowed as he heard the other man's voice. The door swung open, revealing the man he felt so hostile towards at the moment; David Heath. Standing next to Dave was Val's lover, his world, his everything; the ever beautiful Adam Copeland.

 Adam was smiling, and he had his arm around Dave's waist. They were chatting about some light subject which Val was not remotely interested in. As soon as the door was closed behind them, he walked up to Adam and pulled him into his arms, giving him a long, passionate kiss. He wanted to make clear to Dave what was his territory from the beginning.

 Adam was smiling as he drew back, but his look turned slightly chastising as he glanced at Dave, who now looked very uncomfortable. "Nice to see you too, Val," he said smoothly, running his hand tenderly down Val's cheek. "Now, I understand you don't like this arrangement, but it's too late to do anything about it. I've already turned Dave. His is my Eternal."

 Val's face fell, and he turned away with a sigh. "Fine," he muttered, flopping back into his seat. "If you want him over me, then fine."

 Adam sighed, but he looked patient. He gave Dave a reassuring smile before releasing his grip on the his new lover. "I told you he was upset about this. But he'll get used to it," Adam assured Dave. Dave nodded, letting his lover go to Val's side.

 "Val, darling, my kind can have many loves," Adam said softly, kneeling on the floor next to Val. "You're my Immortal love. You and I will always be together, and our minds will always intertwine, as they do now. But you're not meant to be a creature of the night, love. Don't you see how I need both you and Dave? Every one of my kind needs an Immortal and an Eternal to prosper. You're my eyes in the daylight, love. I need you."

 Val looked into his lovers eyes, sitting in silence for a long time. "I still don't like it," he said at last.

 "I know." Adam looked pleadingly at the man he loved with his big blue eyes. "Please, love. Say you'll try and get along. You've always liked Dave, haven't you?"

 "I did," Val said bitterly, then sighed. "But I can't leave you, Adam. I love you."

 "I love you too," Adam whispered. "Who knows? You two could become good friends. Companions in the least. But - " Adam looked up at Dave, then back at Val. His manner was no longer serious. "Absolutely no hanky panky! I don't share."

 Val laughed. It was impossible for him to even think about being with anyone but Adam. He guessed it would soon be the same for Dave, if it wasn't already. He began to chuckle as he thought about it more. It seemed ironic that Adam had chosen Dave for his Eternal, a man who pretended to be a vampire already. Seeing the humor in the situation, Adam began to chuckle as well. He motioned for Dave to join them, which his new lover did.

 "Are you ok?" Dave asked Val with concern. He wasn't too thrilled about the idea of sharing Adam, either, but he had as little a choice about it as Val.

 Val considered for a moment, then shrugged. "I'll adjust," he stated.

 "Hey, even if you two disagree, at least it'll add some variety to your life, right?" Adam said brightly. The other two chuckled. They felt warmer when they were pulled into a double embrace by the man they would both love eternally.


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