Matt Hardy kept his eyes closed.

 "Matt! Wake up!"

 Matt scowled as his annoying little brother began to shake him, still not opening his eyes. "I'm sleeping!" he snapped.

 "You are not." Jeff tapped on Matt's lips with his finger. "Come on baby, open up."

 "No! It's first thing in the morning!" Matt exclaimed. "You can wait until the afternoon, at least!"

 "Matt! I didn't mean it like that!" Jeff cried. "Come on, really. Keep your eyes closed and open your mouth, I've got a surprise for you."

 "No way am I falling for that again," Matt retorted.

 "It's not a trick! Come on Matt, you're wrecking it."

 Matt sighed. He thought it over for a minute, knowing full well that Jeff was probably never going to leave him alone. "If it's what I think it is, you should know that I'm in a biting mood this morning," he warned.


 "Good?" Matt raised his eyebrows. "Seriously?"

 "Yep. Come on, open up, and bite all you want," Jeff invited.

 Matt hesitated a moment, then opened his mouth.

 "A little wider," Jeff commanded.

 Matt sighed, but obeyed.

 "Ok, now go ahead and bite," Jeff told him.

 Matt did so, finding his mouth suddenly filled with sweetness. It tasted like a mixture of chocolate and caramel. He happy chewed and swallowed the sweet concoction, opening his mouth for more. Jeff chuckled. "Like that?" Matt nodded. "Well try this one." Jeff fed Matt another object. This time Matt tasted a mix of delicious milk chocolate and a heavenly chocolate cream. He grinned and licked his lips, his eyes still closed as he opened his mouth again.

 "Here's the third one," Jeff stated, letting Matt take a bite of it. "Tell me which one you like best." This one mixed the same milk chocolate with a delicious vanilla cream. Matt savored the taste before swallowing it down.

 "You can open your eyes now, I hid the wrappers." Matt opened his eyes to his little brother's smiling face. "So, which did you like best?" Jeff questioned.

 A feral grin spread across the elder Hardy's face. In an instant, he had his little brother on his back, Jeff's boxers flung across the room. "I like this one," Matt stated before sucking the tip of Jeff's cock into his mouth. Jeff moaned, his fingers twining in Matt's dark hair. Matt kept just the head in his mouth for a moment, his tongue teasing the very tip until he could feel the tension rolling off Jeff's body. He chuckled, causing Jeff to moan in pleasure, then took more into his mouth. He bobbed his head for a few minutes, letting Jeff's cock slide in and out of his warm mouth. He let his fingers caress Jeff's balls, one of his hands slipping down between Jeff's legs and teasing the puckered entrance.

 Jeff's body arched off the bed as a finger slid into him. "Oh god, Matt....let me come!" he panted, his fingers tightening in his brother's hair. Matt responded by deepthroating his cock, sending his little brother right over the edge. Jeff cried out, holding fast to Matt's hair as his orgasm swept over him, Matt quickly swallowing everything his brother gave.

 Jeff fell back against the mattress as his orgasm subsided, his lungs taking in oxygen in quick, gasping breathes. He swallowed, closing his eyes and giving himself a moment to recover. When he opened his eyes, he saw Matt sitting back on his haunches, a grin plastered across his face. Jeff propped himself up on his elbow, quirking on eyebrow at his brother. "I thought you said you weren't gonna do that this morning?" he pointed out.

 Matt shrugged, still grinning. "Well that was before I knew you were gonna feed me Cadbury chocolate for breakfast," he stated. "You know how much I love those, Cream, Caramel, and Chocolate."

 "And you prefer me to them all?" Jeff questioned, his grin mirroring Matt's.

 Matt licked his lips meaningfully, nodding his dark head. "Oh yeah. You're delicious."

 "Does that mean I should wake you up with a taste of me every day?" Jeff asked impishly.

 Matt rolled his eyes. "Don't push it, baby," he chuckled.

 "I won't." Jeff sat up fully and pulled his brother into a hug. "I love you," the younger Hardy whispered.

 "Is it just me, or do you only say that when your cock has been in my mouth in the last two minutes?" Matt joked.

 "Not only," Jeff replied defensively, nuzzling against Matt's neck. "Matt?"

 "Yeah baby?"

 Jeff looked up into his brother's eyes, grinning broadly. "Happy Easter, baby!"


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