"Grab the frying pan! The frying pan! It's right there on the stove! No don't grab the knife! No! Take the frying pan you stupid girl! The frying pan! You can smash his brains with the frying pan, what're you gonna do with a knife! No! No!" Jay screamed at the television. His eyes widened with horror and shock as the screen suddenly went blank. He whirled around, scowling at his partner. "Turn that back on NOW!!!" he screamed.

 Adam crossed his arms over his chest, the remote held securely in his hand. "I've had quite enough of your screaming, thank you very much!" he snapped.

 "Adam, it's the very end of the movie!" Jay squealed. "It's on tv, and I'm missing it! Turn it back on! I gotta know if she gets away!"

 "Jay, I have been waiting for you to come to bed, and I'm sick of it!" Adam replied. "I'm horny as hell, I want some nookie, and I want it now!"

 "I'll give you some if you turn the tv back on right now!" Jay told his lover.

 "Fine." Adam uncrossed his arms, flipping the tv back on and plopping down on the couch next to the smaller blonde.

 "Thank you." Jay gazed raptly at the tv, watching the end of the thriller he'd been engrossed in for the past two hours. He frowned, swatting his lover away when Adam began to nuzzle at his neck. "Baby knock it off!"

 "You said I'd get nookie, so I'm getting myself some," Adam replied, not allowing Jay to push him away.

 "I meant after the movie!" Jay snapped, trying to push Adam away again. "Adam stop!"

 "I think this is distracting you," Adam stated. He stood, grabbing a blank tape from beside the tv and popping it into the VCR, then hitting record and turning the set off.

 "Adam!!" Jay screamed.

 "Don't worry, baby, the tape's getting it," Adam explained, settling back onto the couch and pulling Jay against him.

 "I have to see it now, Adam, it's the climax of the movie!" Jay objected.

 "I'll let you watch it as soon as I get to climax," Adam told him, pushing him onto his back on the couch and kissing him insistently.

 "You are such a jerk sometimes!" Jay exclaimed. "Get off of me now! I'll give you as much nookie as you want in 15 damn minutes!"

 "Nope. Now." Adam paused for just a moment to pull his tshirt up over his head and fling it across the room, grabbing the sides of Jay's shirt and yanking it off as well. He grinned in that wicked, sexy way that was his trademark as he covered Jay's body with his own again, their bare chests pressed together. "You're so sexy baby, you turn me on so much," he purred, laying kisses across Jay's jaw.

 Jay sighed and rolled his eyes, frowning and simply staying stiff and still.

 Adam drew back a bit, pouting down at his lover. "Oh come on baby, this won't be nearly as much fun if you don't even bother to move!"

 "You're being a total asshole, why the hell should I do anything for you?" Jay snapped.

 "I'm not the one who spent almost two hours watching a stupid movie while my lover was waiting to love me in bed!" Adam countered. "If I had done that to you, you would've been in here after 10 minutes begging me to come to bed, and you wouldn't have let up until I said yes! Just the other day I was trying to watch that show I like, and you distracted me by going down on me, even though I told you to wait, and you turned off the tv while you were doing it so I wouldn't notice, and I missed the whole damn show!"

 "That is a gross distortion of the facts!" Jay exclaimed. "This is a totally different situation."

 "It is not! It's exactly the same!" Adam asserted. "But I know how to distract you baby." He stood up, unbuttoning his pants and sliding them off, his satin thong quickly joining the pile of fabric on the floor. He straddled Jay's waist, kneeling so that his half hard cock was just a few inches in front of his lover's face. "You sure you wouldn't like some of this?" he murmured, stroking his cock a few times to bring it up to full erection.

 Jay bit his lip, gazing at his lover's large shaft with hungry eyes. "You are such a bastard," he muttered. "You know how much I love that sweet piece of meat. Damn you." He licked his lips, setting his hands on Adam's hips and drawing the other man closer. He licked up one side of Adam's shaft, then the other, groaning in pleasure. Adam laced his fingers through Jay's hair, closing his eyes and just enjoying it as his lover went down on him.

 "Oh baby," he murmured, throwing his head back, his long golden locks flying about wildly. "Oh baby I'm gonna come! Oh you're so good at this! Yes!"

 Jay drew back after swallowing everything Adam had to offer, giving the tip of his lover's shaft an affectionate lick before pulling away completely. "You never last long enough," he pouted.

 Adam chuckled, heaving a contented sigh as he lay back against the armrest opposite from Jay. "Sorry baby. Can I help it if you turn me on like crazy? But if it'll make you feel better, I promise I'll let you have a nice, long one-on-one with certain parts of me tomorrow morning, ok?"

 "Great." Jay crawled across the couch, curling up against Adam's strong chest. "I love you Adam. I love you so much."

 "I love you too," Adam whispered. "I'm sorry I act like a jerk sometimes, baby. I just get a little crazy sometimes because I'm so crazy for you."

 "It's ok." Jay yawned, glancing at the clock. "We should probably be getting to sleep." He stood up, pulling Adam with him. They held hands as they walked towards their bedroom, Jay gazing adoringly at his taller lover. "Wait, was there something I was supposed to do?" Jay realized as they were climbing into bed.

 "Nothing that can't wait ‘til tomorrow, my love," Adam purred, pulling Jay into bed and cuddling him against his chest.

 Jay sighed happily, reveling in the worth of Adam's arms surrounding him. "Yeah, I guess. Night."

 "Night," Adam whispered, pressing a kiss to his love's forehead, then closing his eyes for sleep, a contented smile on his face.


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