The door was open a crack. That wasn't right. He hadn't left the door open. He had brought his key so that he could get back in, and he was sure he had closed the door behind him. Chuck Palumbo looked down at the ice bucket in his hands, then up at his slightly open hotel room door. Someone had definitely tampered with it, and that made his suspicious. Cautiously he approached the door, peeking through the crack. All he got was an eyeful of shiny silver. Pulling back, he realized someone must have draped a shirt or some such thing over the door. Frowning with determination, he dropped to his knees, this time receiving only an eyeful of shiny black. He scowled, standing and pushing open the door. He stepped inside and inspected the door.

 A sparkling silver shirt was hanging there, beneath it a pair of shiny black pants. And looped over the door handle - Chuck caught his breath. It was a small, glittering black thong, just like the one -

 "Well hello."

 Chuck whirled around, eyes widening further as he took in the sight before him. Lying on the amply sized bed, not a stitch of clothing on him, was Chris Jericho. He was lying on his back, his long blonde hair spread out on the pillow around him. All the covers had been kicked onto the floor, leaving absolutely nothing to cover the attractive blonde's body. His thighs were spread apart invitingly, his cock already hard, jutting up from its nest of soft blonde curls. Chuck's eyes ran up his body, stopping to stare with shock at his wrists. They were drawn up above his head, fastened into the handcuffs which were loops around one of the posts in the headboard.

 "What on earth?" Chuck stuttered, letting the door close behind him.

 "Hey baby," Chris greeted, grinning at the other man and wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. "You just gonna stand there?"

 "What are you doing here?" Chuck asked, remembering the horrible fight they had the last time they saw each other.

 "Making up with you," Chris replied with a grin.

 "What?" Chuck was still in shock, but his was beginning to recover. He couldn't stop his cock from stiffening a little at the sight of Chris laid out before him so wantonly.

 "Well I could've sent flowers, but I figured this was better," Chris explained. "I'm so sorry baby. I never wanted to fight with you. I was being stupid and stubborn. I want to make up."

 Chuck stared at him. "Really? But you said - "

 "I know what I said," Chris interrupted. "I was angry. I didn't mean it, baby. Please forgive me. I'm prepared to make it all up to you." He glanced down at his naked body, suggestively arching his hips.

 Chuck hesitated a moment, letting it sink in. Then a huge grin spread across his face. "I'm sorry too, baby," he exclaimed, rushing over to the bed and pulling Chris into his arms. "I love you, baby." He draw back, looking over Chris again. "And damn is this better than flowers!" He put his hand on his belt, quickly pulling it from its loops. His body was getting even more excited, his hard cock pushing against the fabric of his jeans. It had been a month since he and Chris had quarreled, and he couldn't wait to sink his cock into Chris' tight body again.

 "Hurry up baby," Chris panted, watching eagerly as Chuck undressed. "I want you. I want you in me."

 Chuck settled himself between Chris' parted thighs, about to reach for the lube when he paused. "Chuck," Chris whined, arching his hips pleadingly. "Come on! I said I was sorry!"

 A wicked grin spread across Chuck's face. "You know what I just realized?" he drawled, chuckling impishly. "You are completely at my mercy." He raised an eyebrow at his lover. "Why did you handcuff yourself, anyway?"

 Chris shrugged. "I figured this way, even if you were still mad you couldn't throw me out."

 "Mmm, well you're gonna pay for it now, baby," Chuck murmured, leaning down to lay kisses up Chris' muscular chest. "Ever heard the word 'foreplay'?"

 Chris made a face. "Come on Chuck. It's been a month! I want you so bad, don't make me wait!" It was a well known fact that Chris Jericho was not a man to beat around the bush. He had never been particularly fond of foreplay, preferring to bypass it in favor of long, hot sex. Chuck, on the other hand, liked to have a bit of warmup before the main show.

 "Sorry baby, but this is a one of a kind chance," Chuck told the squirming blonde. "Just lie back and enjoy it baby." Chris muttered something under his breath. He opened his mouth to object again when a moan was forced from his lips. Chuck looked up, grinning. "Like that baby?" He bent his head and took Chris' nipple in his mouth again. His tongue ran over the hard bud, laving it gently. He closed his lips about it, sucking hungrily. His other hand reached for the other bud, gently massaging and pinching it.

 Chris' body arched, his breath coming in gasps. "Oh god Chuck I don't think I can take this. Please!" He tugged at the handcuffs, his crystal blue eyes begging.

 "Please what? More?" Chuck gently nipped the bud in his mouth, making Chris cry out in pleasure. He slid up Chris' body, parting the blonde's lips with his tongue and taking his time to explore the moist cavity. His hands remained on Chris' nipples, their movement sending pinpricks of pleasure throughout the blonde's body. Chuck was thoroughly enjoying himself, both from the exploration of Chris' body and from watching his lover squirm. He let his lips trail back down Chris' chest, stopping at his belly button. He gently nipped the soft skin, making Chris yelp. The blonde immediately began to moan again as Chuck's tongue pushing into his sensitive naval. The restrained blonde was panting, pleading with Chuck to go faster.

 "Patience my dear," Chuck chided as he ran his tongue down Chris' abdomen. He deliberately raised his head when he came to the curly patch of blonde hair, ignoring Chris' pleading arch of his hips. Instead, he moved his mouth to Chris' inner thigh, letting his mouth and tongue explore the silky skin. His fingers were still working Chris' nipples, the hard buds now achingly erect. He could feel the length of Chris' thick, almost painfully erect cock against his cheek. He wanted badly to sink it down his throat and taste his lover again, but he didn't want to give Chris release just yet. Instead, he moved his mouth to the inside of Chris' other thigh, deliberately letting the tip of Chris' cock trail across his cheek. He could feel the wet trail of precome on his face, only turning him on further.

 "Oh god please Chuck!" Chris begged. He was panting raggedly, his head thrashing around on the pillow. "Please!"

 Chuck glanced up at his lover. Chris seemed desperate, frantic even. His hair was tousled and strewn across his cheeks, his face a mask of need. Chuck returned his eyes to the thick organ at the center of Chris' being. He licked his lips, deciding to tease his lover just a little bit more. He lowered his head to Chris' balls, carefully taking one into his mouth, applying just the barest of suction. Chris nearly shot off the bed, his hips arching spasmatically. Chuck released the ball from his mouth, his eyes now completely focused on Chris' straining cock. He couldn't resist it any longer.

 Letting his tongue pass through his lips, Chuck ran the wet muscle over the very tip, collecting the droplets of precome there. He moved his hands from Chris' nipples, using them to hold down the blonde's hips so Chris couldn't buck up against him. His lover's body was trembling beneath him, a fact that only made Chuck hotter. He ran his tongue over the head again, then took the tender flesh between his lips. He sucked gently, beginning to slowly bob his head. With each bob, he took in more of Chris. The taste was delicious, filling Chuck's mouth with the lovely flavor of his lover. He kept bobbing his head, completely filling his mouth with Chris. He took the blonde even deeper, until he nose was nestled in the silky curls and Chris' thick shaft was sunk all the way down his throat. He moaned, loving how Chris always filled him so well. The vibration made Chris tremble. He arched his hips, throwing off even Chuck's strong hold as he climaxed. His come flowed down Chuck's throat in hot bursts, Chuck drinking up every drop.

 As the last spasms began to fade, Chuck raised his head, moaning as Chris' silky flesh slid over and out of his throat. Chris was panting heavily, his eyes glazed. His face was flushed, his rosy lips parted just slightly. Chuck took a moment to catch his breath, giving Chris a minute to recover. While Chris' breathing evened out a bit, Chuck grabbed the lube and poured a generous amount into his palm. He stroked it over his rock hard cock, making sure it was nice and slick. He looked down at Chris. The sweaty blonde was now watching him intently, his eyes glued to Chuck's swollen member.

 "Now Chuck," he breathed. His chest was till moving heavily in anticipation. He spread his legs open wide, revealing his tight, inviting entrance. "Please Chuck, now!" he demanded. "Put it in me! I need you. I need to feel you now!"

 Chuck reached for Chris' entrance with a lube slicked finger, but the blonde shook his head demandingly. "I'm ready Chuck, now! Forget that, just go slow baby. You won't hurt me."

 Chuck hesitated for a brief moment, then tossed aside the lube. He lowered his excited body on top of Chris, his arms wrapping around the blonde's waist. He positioned himself between Chris' wide spread legs, the tip of his cock nudging Chris' tight opening. He moved his hands to Chris' hips, pinning them to the bed as he began to inch into his lover. He moved his hips forward just a tiny bit, the head of his cock barely penetrating Chris' body. Chris' head pressed back against the pillows, his breathing growing harsh.

 "Oh god Chuck," Chris cried. "Oh god Chuck more! Put it all in me!" Chuck obliged, sliding his cock further into Chris' tight sheath. He went very slowly to give his lover time to adjust, driving his lover crazy with impatience. "Faster!" Chris demanded, trying to impale himself further on Chuck's cock.

 Chuck help Chris' hips firmly as he continued to inch his way in. He was only just restraining his own lust. He forced himself to keep it slow, knowing Chris' body need the time. "I won't hurt you baby," he told Chris stubbornly. A moan slipped through his lips as another inch of his cock slid into Chris' hot, moist tunnel. The head of his cock was buried deep in the silky flesh, the tightness sending little shivers of pleasure through him. Chris was quivering beneath him, his beautiful face even more flushed than before.

 At last, Chuck's hips bumped against Chris', the very root of his cock the only thing not bured in the blonde's hot body. Chuck's hands clenched tightly, his restraint almost collapsing. He forced himself to stay still for a moment, waiting for Chris' body to adjust to him. It didn't take long, as Chris was relaxed and very ready. Taking a deep breath, Chuck let his last bit of control go. He wanted nothing more than to drive his cock into Chris' hot body again and again, while the blonde screamed and moaned his name.

 More eager than every to get to that point, Chuck drew his cock out nearly all the way. He thrust back in hard, the rush of Chris' hot flesh around him making him see stars. He thrust back in again, his body taking over completely. His hands slipped from Chris' hips, resting on the bed so he could thrust in harder. Chris cried out, arching his hips frantically against Chuck. He wound his long, powerful legs around Chuck's waist to try and push him even deeper, his heels digging into Chuck's backside. A continual stream of moans was spilling from the mouths of both men, their cried mixing in the heated air. The room was filled with the sound of their flesh meeting, Chuck pounding ferociously into Chris' body.

 Chris let out a howl as Chuck shifted position, his cock jabbing against his prostate. The blonde screamed even louder than he had in the past, giving his vocal chords free reign as his body writhed and quaked. With every stroke Chuck hit his sweet spot, sending wave after wave of intense pleasure coursing through his body. Chuck was moaning loudly, his body practically shaking with the force of his thrusts. They could both feel it building like a tsunami inside them, just a few more thrusts away.

 "Oh - oh yes - oh - oh - oh GOD!!" Chris screamed, his cry so loud the entire floor had probably heard. His body grew impossibly tense, his breathing merely ragged pants. His body arched almost violently, nearly throwing Chuck off him. His walls clenched tightly around Chuck, his cock swelling and exploding with burst after burst of hot, creamy come. The hot liquid splashed against Chuck's stomach and chest, running over his defined muscles and dripping off the peaks of his hard nipples. It pools in little puddles on Chris' convulsing, pleasure wracked body.

 The sudden pressure around his cock tore Chuck's orgasm from him, the tidal wave crashing into him with unbelievable force. He screamed, not even caring how loud he was as his body trembled and shook. His cock swelled and spurted hot come into Chris' waiting body, the tunnel filling with the hot, sticky liquid. The two lovers held tightly to each other as mindblowing pleasure shot through them both, heightened by their simultaneous climaxes. It seemed to go on and on, the pleasure too intense to be described. Chris gave a little cry and his eyes rolled up in his head.

 As the spasms began to fade, Chuck's mind began to work again. He looked down at his lover, whose eyelids had slid closed over his pretty blue eyes. Chuck didn't want to even move, feeling too exhausted to lift a finger. Summoning all his strength, he loved a hand up to Chris' shoulder, gently shaking the blonde. Chris groaned, blinking as he came to. Satisfied that his lover was alright, Chuck let his head rest on Chris' chest, his arms wrapping around his lover's back. The thought of not touching Chris after the mindblowing sex they had just had never even crossed his mind. The very idea would've seemed ludicrous to him at the moment. His softening cock was still buried deep inside Chris' body, and he made no motion to remove it.

 Chuck was nearly asleep when he felt warm arms slide around him. He stared, looking up at Chris with surprise. The blonde's arms were indeed free, the handcuffs haning empt form the bedpost. "How...?" Chuck managed to ask.

 Chris sighed contentedly, tightly his hold on Chuck. "Had the key in my hand," he murmured.

 Chuck looked at him in shock. "The why did you let me..."

 Chris just shrugged. "It was hot, wasn't it?" he chuckled. "I think I like you being so in control."

 "Me too," Chuck replied with a small grin, all he could manage in his exhausted state. He took a deep breath, trying to raise the strength to pull out of Chris and roll off him.

 Chris seemed to read his mind. "Don't," he said simply. He managed to roll them over so that he was lying on Chuck's chest, Chuck still deep inside him. "Leave it in."

 "You sure?" Chuck raised his eyebrows. "You won't be able to walk in the morning."

 Chris, who had laid his head on Chuck's powerful chest and was half asleep already, shrugged faintly. "Oh well," he whispered softly. "I wanna be close to you..." His voice trailed off, his body relaxing completely. Chuck laughed softly to himself, his arms fastening about Chris' waist. His fingers trailed over the smooth skin of his lover's back, reacquainting himself with the feel. He smiled to himself. Having Chris back was the most wonderful thing in the world to him. He felt completely full and happy at the moment, the warmth inside him a result of far more than just the sex. Blinking back tears of happiness from his eyes, he pressed his lips against Chris' forehead in a tender kiss.

 "I love you, Chris," he whispered, his breath stirring Chris' golden hair just slightly. "I love you. Don't ever leave me again, baby. I'll make you happy this time. Every day I will." His promise fell on Chris' sleeping ears, but he didn't need his lover to hear it. It was a promise from his heart, and one that he would do everything in his power to keep. Sighing happily, Chuck closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth of his lover's body against him as he drifted off to sleep.


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