"Is that the last one?" Jeff asked, peering over the papers on the table.

"Indeed." Matt relaxed back in his chair, smiling at his baby brother. "Why don't I stay around for a while so we can talk? We never talk anymore, bro! When was the last time you invited me over not for business?"

Jeff frowned, crossing his arms over his chest. "I never invite you over because every time I do, you bring that bitch," he muttered.

Matt sighed deeply. " ‘That bitch' is my husband, Jeff. Get used to it!"

"He's still a bitch, and I don't want to see him," Jeff shot back. "What do you see in him anyway?"

"Lots of things," Matt replied. "He's wonderful at running my household, for one thing. And for another thing, he's extremely beautiful, in case you hadn't noticed."

"Right." Jeff rolled his eyes. "The good old sex factor! He's good in bed, so he's worth keeping around, right? Oh wait, it's more than that! He's a good fuck, so he's not only worth having around, but he's worth MARRYING, right?"

"Every respectable man should have a good husband," Matt stated. "And for the record, he's GREAT in bed, not just good."

Jeff scowled, playing with a lock of his sun bleached hair. "I do NOT need to know about your sex life with the bitch! I don't see why you act like sex is such a huge deal. There are a hell of a lot more important things in life you know, and things that're a lot more enjoyable! I don't understand why people even bother with sex, it seems to me like it's just a pain and hassle!"

Matt chuckled, shaking his dark head. "Spoken like a true virgin, Jeff. You know, if you'd just try being with a man, I bet you'd really like it."

"Ha. Never." Jeff crossed his arms over his chest. "I have no interest in having a husband or a lover! All that crap is just a stupid waste of time. Look at how much time you waste on the bitch! And what about all the money you spend buying him shit so he can look pretty? I don't need that kind of expense either."

"The money I spend on him is well worth it!" Matt exclaimed defensively. "For one thing, I like him looking pretty for me, and for another, the more pretty things I give him, the friskier he is in bed." He shook his head as Jeff made a retching noise. "Jeff, really, you need to grow up. Why don't you take a lover and become a man? I bet there's lots of men in your household who'd sleep with you; what about that hot gardener of yours?"

"Nope. I'm PLENTY grown up already; I don't know why you think sex would ‘make me a man'. I wouldn't like it anyway."

"You never know," Matt urged. He just sighed when Jeff's stubborn look remained. "Fine, have it your way, bro. Be a bachelor all your life. I guess I should go now, but we should get together sometime; find a time that works and send a page to me, alright?" Matt stood up, walking over to his brother and pulling him into a hug. Jeff hugged him back, resting his head briefly on Matt's shoulder. Matt smiled at his little brother as he drew back. "I love you, bro," he said softly. "Try to stay out of trouble until the next time I come, ok? And, for the sake of my sanity and yours, get yourself laid, boy!"

Jeff just smiled and patted the brunette on the back, watching as Matt left. "Not gonna happen," he murmured to himself. "What's the big deal with sex, anyway?"

At that moment, Jason Reso was thinking the exact same thing. "I just don't get it, Terry," the pretty young blonde was whining to his personal manservant. "Why the heck are guys so obsessed with sex? I mean, yeah, it feels kinda good, but it doesn't feel THAT good. And he's just so insistent about it, I'm really getting sick of it! It wasn't like this when we were courting. I'd told
him specifically no sex until we got married, since that's the right thing to do. Back then he was so sweet and wonderful and charming. He'd set up romantic outings for me, and give me lots of pretty things, and sometimes, we'd just sit by the fire for hours cuddled up together. It was so beautiful back then. But now, all he ever wants to do it get on top of me and grunt and groan a lot and get me all sweaty and icky!"

Jason sighed deeply, running a hand through his beautiful golden hair. "Sex is just way over-hyped if you asked me. I was expecting something way different when we had our first time. I was expecting mind blowing pleasure that took me to clouds of bliss and felt so good I couldn't even think. Instead, I got all sweaty and sticky, and he was crushing me being on top of me like that, and in the morning I was really sore and walking funny! It wasn't fun at all."

Jason shook his head, fiddling with the large, expensive ring on his finger. "Sometimes I wonder if it's really worth it. I mean, yeah, I've got a huge mansion, tons of servants, lots and lots of gorgeous clothes, drawers full of beautiful jewelry, and all that stuff, but he's really getting to me! I DON'T want to do it every night, and I've told him that many times, but does he EVER listen? No! Of course not! He still tries to get on top of me every night! Sex just is not fun at all." Terry listened to his master rant in silence. A few days ago, he would've agree wholeheartedly, but after the wild, torrid night of passion he had spent with the mansion's gardener, Rob, the previous evening, his views on the issue had changed considerably.

"Maybe a walk in the garden would help," Terry suggested casually, hoping that the young blonde agreed so he could see Rob again.

"I don't feel like walking," Jason sulked, a huge pout taking over his lips. "I bet he'll make me do it tonight," he complained. "I've been telling him that I'm tired, which I HAVE been, but he normally just ignores me and makes me do it after a few minutes, never mind what I want!"

"Honey!" rang a voice through the halls. "I'm home!"

"Oh no," Jason groaned, scowling at the wall. "Why is he back already? What, is he expecting me to run out and kiss him like a good little husband? Ha! It's him that needs to learn to be a good husband and respect what I want instead of making me do things I don't like!"

"Shall I tell him you're in here?" Terry questioned, inching towards the door. He was quite anxious to leave him young master's company and search out Rob.

Jason sighed deeply. "Yeah, FINE. Tell him I'm here."

"Yes sir." Terry exited the room, practically bouncing at the thought of a secret, mid-day meeting with the beautiful and wanton gardener.

A few moments later, the door opened and a dark haired man stepped in. He was carrying a small bundle, and had a huge smile on his face. He walked over to the couch where Jason was sitting, kneeling down in front of him. "It's so great to see you again, baby," he murmured, brushing his fingers across Jason's soft cheek.

Jason looked up at his husband, a cynical look on his face. "You were only gone for two days, Matt."

"I know, but I still missed you," Matt replied, leaning forward to kiss Jason. The pretty blonde frowned and turned his head away. Undeterred, Matt turned to the bundle he had brought with him. "I brought you some beautiful things from the city, baby," he cooed.

Jason glanced at the bundle, interest flashing in his eyes. "What?" he asked.

"Several things. First, this." Matt pulled a long, purple silk dress out of the bundle. Jason's eyes glowed as he looked over the beautiful dress. It was a soft, rich color, decorated and trimmed with strands of gold. The material was cut to reveal every firm, supple curve of the wearer's body, and it looked to be just his size.

"That's not all," Matt went on before Jason could say anything. "To go with it," he explained, pulling out a gold encrusted emerald pendant and setting it on the material. "And one more thing." He pulled the last object from the bundle and set it in Jason's waiting hands. It was a small, finely detailed silver necklace, depicting a graceful dragon and studded with all kinds of
expensive jewels.

Jason squealed in delight, inspecting the necklace closely. "Oh Matt, thank you so much!" he exclaimed. "They're all so beautiful, I love them!"

"I'm so glad you like them. I just want to make you happy, baby." Matt moved in again for a kiss, and this time Jason allowed it. Matt's eyes ran down the other man's form as he drew back. The blonde was wearing a tight blue top with loose, breezy white sleeves and a slim white skirt which hugged every inch of his long, beautiful legs. Matt met Jason's eyes, cupping the blonde's face with one hand as his other hand found its way to his husband's thigh. "Baby, will you give yourself to me?" he breathed, his voice thick with desire.

Jason frowned. "Now?"

"Why not?" Matt replied. "You're so beautiful, I can't resist you."

"It's mid-day, it just wouldn't be proper!" Jason exclaimed, swatting Matt's hand off his thigh.

"But I need you, baby," Matt insisted, glancing longingly over Jason's gorgeous body. "Promise you'll give yourself to me tonight?"

Jason thought about refusing, but instead just faked a smile and nodded. "Yes. I promise you can have me tonight," he told his husband, resigning himself to his fate.

"Then I can't wait until evening," Matt replied, sneaking his hand around the back of Jason's neck and pulling his young husband into a passionate kiss. Jason just sighed internally, obediently opening his mouth when Matt's tongue traced his lips. He did his best to ignore it as Matt's tongue explored his mouth, wondering how long it would be until he could excuse himself from his husband's presence and go try on his new treasures.

Jeff opened his eyes as someone shook him. He blinked up at the person who had awoken him, sitting up from the couch where he had been napping. "What?" he snapped, his eyes widening when he recognized the man standing over him. "Terry?" he asked incredulously, staring at his brother's servant. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to wake you, my lord," Terry replied, bowing his head respectfully. "It's time for bed. I came to help you up to your room."

"You came all this way just to help me to bed?" Jeff asked, puzzled. It was more than a day's ride between his mansion and his brother's, where Terry worked.

Terry gave him a funny look. "I was only out in the garden. Now come along Jason." He helped Jeff to his feet, leading him towards the stairs.

"But I'm not - " Jeff began, stopping when the thought occurred to him that Terry had gone mad. He bit his lip, looking around frantically for one of his servants for help. His eyes widened when he realized that he was no longer in his own mansion, where he had fallen asleep, but a different location entirely. It took him only a moment to recognize the house as that of his brother. He
shivered a little, wondering if Terry had kidnapped him and somehow brought him here without him waking up. He shivered as Terry led him up the stairs to an unfamiliar bedroom.

"Your husband should be along soon," Terry told the petrified young man as he escorted him into his bedroom, turning to leave and bowing deeply before him. "I'll be right outside the door until he's here. If you need me, just call."

Jeff was left alone in the bedroom. There were two candles sitting to either side of the door, the only light in the room beside the moonlight which fell gently through the large window. "What the hell is going on?" Jeff muttered. Sighing deeply, he took one of the candles and walked over to where a mirror was set up, a brush sitting beside it. He figured that if Terry were holding him
captive, there wasn't much he could do about it, so he might as well brush his hair and get a good night's sleep.

As he sat down in front of the mirror, he froze. He stared at himself, his mouth falling open. In the mirror was not his own face, but a soft, smoother face, with long, silky, golden blonde hair cascading down around it. Jeff realized with a start, for the first time since he had awoken, that he was wearing not his usual trousers and tunic, but a long white skirt and blue top. "Oh my GOD," he breathed, staring into the mirror in disbelief. "I'm the bitch! I'm that awful whiny bitch my brother married, Jason. Shit!"

Jeff stood up and began pacing, wringing his hands in dismay. "How did this happen?" he moaned, not able to believe his current situation. "I can't be Jason! How could I have become Jason? This can't be happening!" After several more moments of pacing and worried muttering, Jeff sat back down and took a few deep, calming breathes. "Maybe this is a divine punishment,"
he muttered. "Maybe this is because I haven't been very nice to the bi - Jason, so I have to live a day in his shoes or something." He shook his head and sighed, finally deciding that there was absolutely nothing he could do about his current situation, so he might as well just play along.

He brushed out his fine golden hair, which really was delightfully long and silky, then stripped out his finery, although not before noting how very nice the skirt and top felt on him. He slipped on a robe for bed, tying it closed in the front and crawling into the large bed in the center of the room. Sighing contentedly, Jeff snuggled into the covers, feeling surprisingly comfortable considering he was in a strange house, and even a strange body. He blew out the candle and closed his eyes, preparing to go to sleep.

It was then that he heard the door open. He froze, realizing that would be his brother, Jason's husband, coming to bed. "Are you awake, baby?" Matt called, walking over to the bed and quickly stripping off his clothes.

"Yes," Jeff whispered, realizing too late it would probably have been better to feign sleep.

"Good." Matt climbed into bed, his wicked grin visible in the moonlight. "Cos I've got plans for you tonight!" He crawled under the covers, trying to pull Jeff into his arms.

Jeff pulled away, feeling panic rise in him. "Um, uh, do you just wanna cuddle up and go sleep?" he asked hopefully.

"We can cuddle after, baby," Matt growled, his hand settling on Jeff's thigh, stroking up and down. "I want you, Jay."

Jeff swallowed hard. "Matt, I, um, I would, but I'm really tired tonight."

"Don't give me that." Matt scooted a little closer, rubbing his cheek against Jeff's shoulder. "Terry told me you just had a nap. You're not tired."

"I have a headache," Jeff ventured, wracking his brain for a way to get out of what his brother obviously wanted.

Matt rolled his eyes. In one quick movement, he pinned Jeff beneath him, forcing the other man's legs apart and settling between them while pinning Jeff's wrists to the bed. "Matt," Jeff gasped, struggling weakly.

"You promised, baby," Matt purred, leaning down to nuzzle Jeff's neck. "Remember this afternoon? You promised you'd give yourself to me tonight."

"Did I?" Jeff laughed nervously, trying to squirm away. "I will later, ok?"

Matt shook his head. "No. It's going to be tonight. I'm tired of your excuses, Jay. Sex is a part of marriage! We even talked about that before we were married! As a good husband, you're expected to keep me happy, and that does mean in the bedroom! So stop being a bitch and just put out!"

Jeff's eyes widened. He had been under the belief that his brother's sex life was great; at least, that was what Matt had led him to believe. He shivered as Matt untied his robe and parted the material, running his hands over the bare flesh beneath. The realization hit him that he was about to, in effect, lose his virginity, and to his own brother.

"Relax, baby," Matt purred, pushing Jeff's legs wider apart and pulling him into a deep kiss. "Just relax baby. You know what to do." Jeff began to breathe a little heavier as Matt's mouth closed around his nipple, Matt's hand teasing the other bud to erectness. He moaned as sensations he had never experienced before began to flow through him. Matt's kisses began to feel incredibly good, Jeff's resistance weakening with each brush of his brother's lips against his body. As Matt dipped his fingers into a pot of lubrication, Jeff ceased resisting at all, giving himself over completely to the building pleasure.

Jason opened his eyes, yawning loudly and stretching like a cat. He glanced around, scowling when he saw that it was dark outside. "Oh great," he muttered, crossing his arms and glaring ferociously at the wall. "Looks like its time to get to bed and to Matt, so he can climb on top of me and grunt and groan and get me all gross and sweaty and tired and sore!" Jason sighed,
standing up and beginning to heard for his bedroom, grudgingly accepting his fate. He stopped when he reached the door, peering at it in confusion.

"This doesn't look like one of MY doors," Jason commented, tilting his head to the side and frowning. "Come to think of it - " He turned, looking around the room he was standing in, which appeared to be some kind of office or study. "This isn't even a room in my house!" His face paled as he looked around. "Oh my god," he squeaked, feeling panic take over him. "I've been
kidnapped! Oh my god!"

Jason took a deep breath, trying to calm his racing heart. He stumbled over to a chair, falling into it heavily. "Don't panic," he whispered, taking more deep breaths. "I'll be ok. They probably won't hurt me. But what if they - what if they torture me? What if they want to have sex with me? What if they force me? Oh god, I want Matt!" he wailed, clutching his legs to his chest.

It was then that he noticed the breaches he was wearing. He frowned at the material, feeling extremely confused. "If I've been kidnapped, why am I in these hideous clothes?" he wondered aloud, looking over his manly attire. "Where's my dress?" His lip jutted out in a pout, the pretty blonde not willing to admit to himself how comfortable he felt clad in these clothes. "What the
HELL is going on here?" he snapped, beginning to get angry. "If someone doesn't come and explain this to me soon I'm gonna scream! I really am. I'll - " His rant was cut off when he eyes caught a reflection in a mirror hanging on the wall. Not able to believe what his eyes were seeing, he walked up to the mirror, staring at the reflection it showed, which should have been

In the place of a beautiful, jewelry bedecked golden blonde stood a slightly taller man, hair also blonde, but not golden like Jason's. His facial features were very different than Jason's, yet bore more than a passing resemblance to Matt. Jason's eyes widened as realization dawned on him.

"Oh, this isn't possible!" he cried. "I couldn't POSSIBLY have - have some how been switched into Jeff's body! Matt's horrible brother who hates me!" He stood there staring at his reflection for a moment before a small smile crept over his face. "But this means I don't have to sleep with Matt!" he announced giddily. He threw his blonde head back and laughed. "And I bet Jeff's
switched into my body! Ha! If I know Matt, he'll be in bed by now, and he'll have forced his unfortunate husband to let him get on top of him and do his thing. Little does he know he's fucking his own brother!" Jason chuckled, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes. "Oh, this is too much!" he cooed. "Serves him right for making me do that icky sweaty thing when I never want to!"

"My lord?"

Jason straightened up when he heard the voice, doing his best impersonation of Jeff. "Yes, what is it?" he asked.

The man who had spoken stepped into the room. Jason's eyes widened as he took in the sight of the man before him. He was beautiful, with a mane of incredible blonde curls framing a beautiful, yet very manly, face. He was tall, his body strong and well muscled, a neatly trimmed goatee resting on his chin and a pair of deep and fascinating green eyes peering respectfully at his young lord. "Your horse is saddled and ready for your evening ride, sir," the man informed him. "Do you wish me to escort you to the stables?"

"Yes," Jason breathed, his eyes raking over the man's body. He felt things stirring inside of him that he had only read about before. His body was becoming excited by the other man's presence, and while it was a new feeling for him, he liked it. "Lead the way, um - " He blinked coyly at the other blonde. "I do apologize, I seem to have had a slip of mind!"

"Adam," the other man supplied. "Your stable master, sir."

"Right." Jason snapped his fingers. "It was on the tip of my tongue. Well I won't forget it now!" His eyes moved down the tall blonde's body again, and he knew the attractive young stable master noticed - nor did the other man look displeased. Jason quickly decided that since technically he wasn't himself, but Jeff, and since it was really his body only that belonged to Matt, he was now technically single and free to do as he wanted. He told himself that if he were to do anything with Adam, technically it really couldn't be counted as adultery, especially since Matt was probably doing the exact same thing at the moment; given, probably without knowing it. Casting Adam his rarely used but dazzling smile, Jason took Adam's hand in his and walked towards the door. "Let's go then," he breathed.

Giggling and deep, contented breathing could be heard from the sleeping chamber. Matt was resting on his back, leaning against the headboard of their large bed. Jeff was scattering kisses over his brother's chest, his hands playing over Matt's soft skin.

"That was so great," Jeff whispered, his body feeling completely warm and satisfied in a way it never had before.

Matt smiled, wrapping an arm around Jeff's back and gently stroking the soft skin there. "You've never been like this before," he breathed, raising an eyebrow at his lover. A huge grin broke out across his face. "I like it. And twice! You've never let me have you twice in a row before."

"Mmm, you were so good, I couldn't resist," Jeff murmured. He glanced up at Matt, his eyes glowing wickedly. "Can we do it again?"

Matt stared down at his husband. "Really? Three times in one night?"

"Oh yeah." Jeff rolled onto his back, fixing Matt with a seductive gaze as he parted his thighs invitingly. "I want you baby," he breathed.

Matt looked thrilled, quickly settling on top of the smaller man and laying kisses up his jaw. "I don't know what's gotten into you," he whispered in Jeff's ear, "but I like it!"

"Oh god." Jason was lying on a pile of hay in the stable, a naked and rather anxious Adam right beside him.

"Are you alright my lord?" Adam asked, reaching out tentatively to smooth a lock of hair from Jason's face. "Did - did I do anything wrong?" He swallowed nervously.

Jason turned to face the nervous stable master, a look of utter bliss on his face. "Call me Ja - Jeff. And no," he whispered. "Oh god no. You were incredible. Just hold me." He reached out his arms, and was immediately pulled against a warm, inviting chest, laying his head down on the firm yet soft flesh. "I never knew sex could be like that," he whispered, half to Adam and half to himself. "So hot, and passionate, yet tender, and gentle, and wonderful. So pleasurable." He murmured his approval as Adam's lips moved across his neck.

They lay there in silence for a moment, each enjoying the warmth of the other's body. After a few minutes of heavenly cuddling, an activity that with Matt he had enjoyed only slightly more than sex, Jason raised his head. "Do you want to come up to my bed chamber?" he whispered, leaning down to brush his lips across Adam's. "I think we'd be more comfortable there." He raised his eyebrows, surprising even himself with his next words. "If you're not tired, I could go for a bit more frolicking," he suggested. Never before had he ever wanted to have sex more than once a night, or even once a night, but he just couldn't fight the desire he felt for the beautiful stableman whose arms he was currently entwined in. Adam nodded eagerly, and the pair stood up, quickly grabbing their clothes and practically racing up to Jeff's bed.

Jason and Jeff had both been living a week of bliss. Jason loved being the lord of the manor, being able to wear breaches instead of skirts and dresses, and handling business instead of being in charge of directing the servants and decorating. Strangely, he found he didn't miss any of the things he used to think were his favorite. He didn't miss the pretty dresses, the jewelry, the makeup, and all his pretty things. The joy of riding horseback in pants rather than a skirt was one of his greatest discoveries of the week. And, of course, there was Adam to look forward to in his bed each night, and sometimes in the middle of the day. Jason couldn't believe how excited the statuesque blonde made him, and he loved every moment they spend together.

Jeff shared Jason's love of his "new" life, but his experiences were exactly the opposite of Jason's. He loved being able to lie around the house in pretty dresses and jewels, not being asked to read any reports or go over any numbers. Instead, all he had to do was keep the house and servants in order, a task which presented him with no challenge what so ever. He had never felt so content and relax. And, of course, there was Matt. Although a part of him told him it was wrong, since Matt was his brother, Jeff told himself that since he was in Jason's body, it wasn't technically incest. On top of that, it was his duty to satisfy his "husband" sexually.

Jason returned to consciousness slowly, sighing happily at the feel of warm arms around him. He snuggled against the strong chest of his lover, feeling quite content and sated, if a little sore, from their activities the previous night. He chuckled when he felt a pair of soft lips brush against his neck, keeping his eyes closed and just enjoying the sensation. He tilted his head back to give him lover more access to his neck, smiling as his neck and jaw were thoroughly covered with kisses. He felt a shiver of desire pass through him as the bed shifted and a warm body settled on top of him.

"Didn't you get your fill last night, baby?" he whispered, spreading his thighs and letting the other man settle between them.

"Mmm, not nearly."

Jason's eyes flew open upon hearing that familiar voice. He came face to face with his husband, feeling shocked and speechless for a moment. His shock quickly turned into annoyance. He shoved Matt off of him, scowling at his confused looking husband. "Well tough! Cut it out!" he snapped.

Matt looked crushed. "But you were just going along with it! I thought you wanted it!" he objected.

"Well I don't." Jason crossed his arms over his chest. "I was half asleep anyway! You should at least wake someone up before you try that!"

"But we've made love practically every morning for the past week," Matt murmured, attempting to sneak his arms around the gorgeous blonde's waist.

"Yeah, well I've had enough," Jason stated, climbing out of bed and pulling a robe on. He was still scowling, he mood growing very black from having woken up once again next to his husband. He walked over to his closet and yanked it open, scowling at all the pretty dresses inside. He glared at the long skirts, having no desire to start wearing them again. His scowl deepened when he felt arms slide around his waist.

"Come on baby," Matt cooed, brushing his lips against his husband's neck. He was wearing his own robe, but it was hanging open, exposing everything. Jason gritted his teeth as Matt ground himself against his ass. "Come back to bed," the brunette purred. "I'll make you feel better."

"I already TOLD you no!" Jason hissed, shoving his husband away, then stomping over to Matt's closet.

Matt frowned, a pout forming on his lips. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes I'm sure!" Jason spat, grabbing a tunic and a pair of hose from Matt's closet, then slamming the door closed.

Matt sighed. "Well ok, if that's the way you feel. But maybe later today? I'm free this afternoon, and I've arranged for us to go out on a picnic by the river, just you and me. It'll be so romantic." He walked over to the pretty blonde, attempting to take the tunic from him.

Jason glared at his husband, snatching back the tunic. "What are you doing?" he demanded.

Matt looked confused. "Didn't you get that out for me?"

Jason continued to glare at him. "No, I didn't! I got it out for me!" He cast his robe off, pulling the tunic over his shoulders.

Matt had to stop himself from laughing. "Baby, you can't be serious! You can't wear that!"

"Why not?" Jason demanded, shoving his legs into the hose and pulling them up. "I can wear what I want!" He marched over to the door, sighing in annoyance when Matt blocked his path.

"Baby, you can't go out in that!" Matt exclaimed. "I'd be a laughing stock! Stop being so silly. Now take that off and put on one of your dresses."

"I don't LIKE any of my dresses!" Jason exclaimed. "I like this better!"

Matt just shook his head. "Come on." He took Jason's arm, pulling the feisty blonde over to his closet. He opened it up, pulling out a long, sleek lavender dress. "How about this one? Surely you can't be tired of this, it's your favorite!"

Jason crossed his arms. "I don't want to wear it," he stated stubbornly.

Matt sighed, pulling out a pretty blue dress. Again Jason shook his head. Ten minutes and two dozen dresses later, Matt was getting very frustrated. As his husband turned down yet anther dress, Matt stomped his foot. "That's it!" he exclaimed. He snatched up a random dress, shoving it into Jason's arms. "Put it on now!" he yelled. "And I mean NOW!" he continued when Jason opened his mouth to object. Glaring ferociously at his husband, Jason stomped into the bathroom to get dressed, slamming the door behind him.

The very same morning, Jeff opened his eyes and got a huge shock. He was no longer in Matt's bed, but in his own, his stable master lying, naked, beside him. He gaped in shock for a moment, then swallowed, folding the covers back a little and trying to noiselessly sneak out of bed. He squeaked in surprise and dismay when a pair of strong, well tanned around slid around his

"Morning baby," Adam whispered, nuzzling at Jeff's neck with his lips. "Sleep well?"

"Erm, yeah, I guess," he replied, swallowing hard and managing a fake smile. "You?"

"With you in my arms? Very well," Adam replied.

Jeff blushed, managing to squirm out of Adam's arms and pull on a pair of breaches. "Well, uh, I'd better get up and get going," he announced.

"Going? Where are you going?" Adam asked, looking a little confused.

"I have to visit my brother today, um, baby," Jeff replied awkwardly, quickly pulling on his tunic. He shifted the fabric on his shoulders, but still hated the feel, longing for one of Jason's beautiful dresses. He felt naked without any jewelry, but he knew it wasn't proper for him to wear any.

"You didn't tell me you were going to see him," Adam stated, frowning a little.

Jeff gave him a small smile. "I've only just remembered," he lied. "Can you have my carriage ready to leave by noon?"

"Certainly." Adam tugged nervously on a lock of his hair, clearing his throat. "Um, do you want me to go with you?"

"No, you've got important responsibilities here," Jeff replied. He forced himself to lean down, giving Adam a brief kiss. "But I'll miss you," he added.

Adam smiled, gazing adoringly at his young master as he climbed out of bed and got dressed. "I'll be awaiting your return," he whispered, bending down and catching Jeff up in a kiss before turning to leave.

Jeff heaved a sigh of relief once Adam disappeared out the door. "Oh GOD!" he moaned, throwing himself down on the bed. "Why did this have to happen? Just as I was getting used to being the bit – Jason, I have to be me again! And it turns out Jason's hooked up with my stable master!" Jeff groaned, wrapping his arms around his head. "What the heck is going ON?" he
lamented. He shook his head, praying that when he went to visit his brother and Jason later that day, he would find some answers.

Jason was lying on a padded couch, trying to read. Matt was sitting behind him, pretending to read over his shoulder. Jason suppressed a growl, slapping Matt's hand away as it crept up his thigh once again. He was wearing a fancy green silk dress with golden trimming, which Matt had forced him into. Several expensive golden bracelets were fastened around his wrists, a golden chain with a polished green jewel dangling from his neck. He had to slap Matt's hand away several more times, just about to lose his patience and yell at his husband again when Matt snatched the book he was reading, threw it across the room, and climbed on top of him.

"Matt!" Jason snapped, his eyes widening as Matt pushed his skirt up to his waist, the brunette shoving his own hose down to his knees. "What are you doing?!?"

"I can't wait any longer for you, baby," Matt growled, capturing Jason's lips in a passionate kiss. "I want you. I have to be inside you."

"Matt, no! Get off me!" Jason insisted, trying to squirm out of his husband's hold.

"Come on baby." Matt brought his lips to Jason's, cutting off the other man's protests as he pushed inside of him. Jason tried weakly to push him away, eventually giving up when it became clear that Matt wasn't going to give up. He resigned himself to going through this unpleasant, sweaty ritual once again, cursing Jeff for apparently being the biggest slut in the world during the
week they had been in each other's bodies. It had been hard enough for him to fend off Matt's constant pleas for sex before, and now that his husband was under the impression that he was a willing and eager partner, Jason seemed to have no hope of getting out of it. He sighed internally, opening his mouth and letting Matt's tongue plunder his mouth as Matt's hips rocked against his fair body. He grudgingly accepted that he was probably going to have to get used to this, at least in the short term. Cursing Jeff's sluttiness yet again, he stared off into space as Matt grunted and groaned on top of him, wishing desperately for Adam.

"Matt?" Jeff called, striding through the halls of his brother's mansion, approaching the room where Matt's steward had told him his brother was currently occupying. He ran through his plan again in his head, sighing internally. He knew Matt would be suspicious when he asked to speak with Jason, whom he had professed to hate on every occasion possible, but he had to speak with the beautiful golden blonde to try and figure out what was going on.

He pushed open the door to the room, freezing as he took in the sight before him. Matt was laying on top of Jason on the couch, grunting and groaning as he thrust into the rather annoyed looking blonde. Jeff felt jealousy surge within him briefly, swallowing hard and telling himself that Matt was Jason's husband, not his. Not knowing what to do, and feeling horribly embarrassed as well as jealous, Jeff simply stood motionless in the doorway.

Matt was too preoccupied with his beautiful blonde lover to notice the arrival of his brother, but Jason caught sight of him, his eyes narrowing. He glared at Jeff, rolling his eyes as Matt thrust into him a few more times, then finally came. Matt collapsed against the blonde, burying his face in his husband's chest and taking a deep breath. "That was wonderful baby," he breathed, just loud enough for the words to find their way into Jeff's ears. "I love you," Matt professed, giving Jason a passionate kiss.

Jason faked a small smile, sitting and trying to push Matt off of him. "Matt, we've got company," he hissed.

Matt whirled around, flushing red with embarrassment when he saw his brother standing in the doorway. "Jeff," he exclaimed in surprise, glancing at Jason, who had quickly covered himself with his skirt, and clearing his throat sheepishly. "I wish you would've knocked."

Jeff had to swallow before he could speak, feeling his heart ache from hearing Matt profess his love to Jason. "Sorry," he murmured, trying in vain to remember the speech he had planned out. Um, can I talk to Jason for a moment?"

A frown immediately overtook Matt's face. "Jeff, I know you don't like him, but he's my husband dammit! I have every right to make love to him, and you don't have any right to label him a slut, or a whore, or a strumpet, or any of those other names you've used to refer to him! We're married and he deserves some damn respect from you!"

"Matt!" Jeff cried, raising his hands in a gesture of surrender. "I'm not gonna insult him or do anything to him. I jut need to talk to him for a minute."

Matt eyed him suspiciously. "What about?" he questioned.

Jeff raised his eyebrows. "That's between me and Jason."

"It's ok," Jason spoke up, patting his husband's arm reassuringly. "I'll be fine. If he tries anything, I'll have Terry throw him in the fish pond."

"Well..." Matt frowned, looking between the two blondes. "I guess. But you'd better both be nice!" He stood up, quickly fixing his breaches and tucking in his shirt, then left the two of them alone.

In a fraction of a second, Jason was on his feet and in Jeff's face. "You horrid slut!" he cried. "Because of you, I had to put up with all his nasty grunting and groaning and getting me all sticky and sweaty! Thanks a fucking lot! And he's been groping me ALL DAY! What kind of an incredible whore are you?!?"

"I don't think you should be talking!" Jeff shot back. "Considering I woke up in bed with my god damn stable master!"

Jason crossed his arms, glaring at Jeff through narrow eyes. "I enjoy Adam's company, which is more than I can say about your brother right now!"

Jeff's hands clenched into fists. He took a deep breath, pushing back a nasty retort. "Listen," he hissed through gritted teeth. "I don't like you, you don't like me; that's given. But right now we need to put all that aside and figure out what the hell is going on!"

"I guess you're right," Jason reluctantly admitted. "I hate to say it, but I really enjoyed being you for a week. And it's obvious that you enjoyed being me."

Jeff shrugged, then reluctantly nodded. "I guess. You don't think there might be a way for us to switch back, do you?"

"I wish," Jason muttered. "But how are we supposed to figure that out if we don't even know why this happened in the first place?"

"I can tell you why," a voice suddenly spoke up.

Both Jeff and Jason whirled around, their eyes widening to the size of saucers when they found a muscular blonde man behind them. He stood tall, his entire body rippling with muscles, his skin tan and smooth. His clothes were tight, and revealed an obscene amount of skin.

"Where did you come from?" Jason gasped. "And how did you get in my house??? If - if you lay a hand on me I'll have my manservant cut you in two!"

The man smiled. "Relax Jason. I'm not going to hurt you. And don't bother calling Terry; he wouldn't be able to see me anyway. Allow me to introduce myself; I'm Hunter Hurst Helmsley, the god of love and sex."

Two pairs of eyes stared at him. "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Jason exclaimed at last. "There's no such thing! It's just not possible!"

Hunter smiled, crossing his arms over his substantial chest. "Then how do you explain the fact that you've been in another man's body for the past week? That's not possible either, is it?"

Jason and Jeff looked at each other, mouths agape. Jeff finally managed to swallow, finding his voice at last. "Did you do that?" he asked timidly.

Hunter nodded, his smile both friendly and sexy. "Indeed I did. I just couldn't let young men as lovely as you two be so negative about sex! I knew you'd both warm right up to it if you were put with the right partners. Unfortunately, in order to do that I had to put you in each others bodies. I hope you've both learned your lesson now!"

Both mortals nodded. They exchanged a glance, then Jason hesitantly step forward. "We really appreciate this, er, your godliness, but, um, is there any chance you could maybe switch us back?"

Hunter chuckled. "I thought you might ask that, so I've left a way open to allow that. However, I don't want to see you two fighting anymore! You two need to get along instead of participating in all this senseless quarreling!"

"We promise," Jeff and Jason said in unison. "No more fighting."

"Good," Hunter stated, "but I'm afraid you two are going to have to make up a little more than that. I want you two to be familiar with each other and treat each other like brothers." He held up his hand, halting both Jeff and Jason, who were both about to speak. "So you want to know how to switch back?"

"Yes!" both men cried.

Hunter smiled impishly. "There's just one simple thing you have to do. And, keep in mind, if the two of you ever want to switch again, you only have to do this one thing again, and it'll be done."

"What is it?" Jason pressed, feeling a nervous lump forming in his throat.

Hunter grinned. "You have to have sex."

"What!" both men screamed. They both began talking at once.

"Are you crazy?!? I can't sleep with him!"

"What if Matt found out?" Jeff yelled. "We'd both be screwed! You can't possibly seriously want us to - "

"Quiet!" Hunter roared. He frowned at both young men. "I told you I wanted you to get along," he told them, "and I really think this will help you. Besides, did you really expect me to make it easy for you? Read some myths; you'll find that gods never make anything easy!" A broad smile spread over his face. "Have fun boys!" he exclaimed as he vanished in a cloud of twinkling light. Jeff and Jason looked at each other, the expressions on both men's faces sour, to say the least.

"Are you guys ok?" Matt cried, barging into the room. He came to a skidding half when he saw Jeff and Jason simply standing in the middle of the room, looking sour, but otherwise perfectly fine. "I heard screaming," he continued, frowning in puzzlement.

"Just us trying to work out our differences," Jason said quickly, giving Matt a devastating smile. He glanced at Jeff, then strode seductively over to his husband, wrapping his arm around Matt's waist. "Actually, baby, Jeff and I really want to work out our differences and get along," he cooed. "We think it would be a good idea if I went back to his manor with him for a few days so
we could talk through stuff. We really feel that we should get along, for you, baby. We know it hurts you when we fight."

"Oh." Matt glanced at Jeff, who gave him a weak smile.

"I guess maybe he isn't so bad," Jeff said hesitantly. "I think the two of us spending some time together would really help."

"It's settled then." Jason snapped his fingers, screaming out into the hallway. "Terry pack a bag for me! I'll be away for a few days!"

"Yes master Jason!" Terry shouted back .

"Well, um, when do you plan on leaving?" Matt asked, not quite knowing how to react to the strange behavior of his husband and brother.

"Oh, very soon," Jason replied.

"Well, you have to at least wait ‘til after dinner!" Matt insisted, forcing a smile. He tried to push down his suspicions, telling himself that the idea of anything going on between Jeff and Jason was crazy.

"I guess so," Jason agreed, smiling thinly. "I'll just go help Terry get my things in Jeff's coach. Come on Jeff," Jason stated, flipping his hair over his shoulder and strutting out of the room.

"Are you crazy?" Jeff hissed the second they were away from Matt. "We can't do this! There is no WAY we can do this! Just the idea of sleeping with you makes me sick!"

Jason turned to glare at the other man. "And you think I like the idea of sleeping with you?!? Believe me, I don't! But I'll be damned if I'm gonna be your brother's little sex toy forever! I've been back as me for one day and I miss Adam already!" Jason stomped his foot in annoyance. "Dammit Jeff, we HAVE to do it!"

Jeff sighed. "I guess you're right," he muttered. "But don't be surprised if I throw up afterwards!"

"You'll have to beat me to the lou," Jason grumbled, glaring at the other man's back as Jeff walked off to ready his carriage.

Meanwhile, Matt was still staring at the door, his mind feeding him a hundred crazy ideas a second. He still couldn't believe that Jason and Jeff, the two of them sworn enemies, wanted to spend time with each other. Then, suddenly, it hit him. It was all a charade; it must've been from the beginning. Pale and feeling very weak, Matt sunk into a chair. "My god," he breathed. "My
brother is having an affair with my husband!"

"How fucking far away is your house?" Jason complained for the 20th time.

"We're almost there," Jeff replied through gritted teeth, glaring out the window.

"I think we should just do it right away," Jason went on, concentrating on smoothing a wrinkle out of his dress rather than looking at Jeff. "I'll just lay down, and you can do all that grunting and groaning shit, and we'll go our merry ways, ok?"

"The sooner we get it over with, the better!" Jeff grumbled.

"I couldn't agree more!" Jason peered out the window, his eyes widening with excitement. "There it is! There's the house! Oh my beautiful Adam, I'm coming! It'll just be a few more hours, and I'll be with you again! We'll have a such a good time! I'm going to let you fuck me all night. God, after being with Matt, I can't wait to have you inside! You feel so incredible, you just make me - "

"Shut up!" Jeff roared. "Stop talking to the air! Adam can't hear you!" They had just pulled into the courtyard, and Jeff jumped out, thrilled to finally be leaving Jason's company, if only temporarily. "Now get out and get your ass up to my bedroom! You'd better be naked and ready when I get there!"

Jason glared at him, hopping out of the carriage, purposely landing on Jeff's foot. He smirked as Jeff hissed in pain, stalking into the house and slamming the door after he had entered. Adam came around the corner just in time to see the beautiful blonde disappear into the house. He swallowed, feeling his heart start to sink. "It's not what I think," he told himself, "just some guest!" Swallowing again to regain his composure, he walked over to his master, bowing deeply before Jeff. "Welcome back, my lord," he breathed. He glanced at the coachman, who had just disappeared into the barn with the horses. Making sure no one was watching, he stepped a bit closer to Jeff, well within kissable range. He gave his young lord a shy smile. "I'm glad you're back," he whispered.

Jeff faked a smile, patting Adam on the shoulder. "Glad to be back," he replied. "I'm very tired from the journey, I'm afraid, and I think I'll go right to bed. You just take care of the horses, and I'll see you later, ok?"

Adam just nodded, his heart sinking a little more as he watched Jeff walk away from him. He sighed, telling himself he should've known it wouldn't last. His golden head hanging low, he turned and walked towards the stables, fighting the tears building behind his eyes.

Jeff walked quickly up to his bedroom, pausing before the door to take a deep breath, then stepping into the room. Jason was lying in bed, naked but covered with a sheet. The golden blonde glared at Jeff, an extremely unhappy look on his face. "Well come on, take off your clothes and do me really quick so I can get to Adam!" he exclaimed.

"Fine, fine," Jeff muttered, hesitantly throwing off his tunic, then stepping out of his breaches. He couldn't help blushing a little as Jason's eyes ran over him, fighting the urge to cover himself.

"Come on," Jason snapped, hesitating a moment before throwing off the sheet. He took a deep breath, then lay down on his back, spreading his legs. "I've already got myself ready, so all you have to do is stick it in, and we can go back to the men we really want," the golden beauty informed Jeff tersely.

"Right." Jeff settled onto the bed next to Jason, taking a deep breath, then forcing himself to lie on top of the young man. The golden blonde was staring at him expectantly, and suddenly Jeff froze.

"What?" Jason snapped, squirming uncomfortably.

"I, um," Jeff swallowed, "I'm not sure how?"

"What?!?" Jason glared at him.

"Well, um, I haven't exactly done this before," Jeff confessed, his face growing red. "The only time I've done anything like this at all is when I was with Matt as you. So I don't know how to."

Jason sighed in exasperation. "You just stick it in! It's not that hard!"

"Ok." Jeff bit his lip, his eyes focusing on Jason's lower body. He slowly inched his hips forward, pressing the head of his cock against Jason's already stretched entrance. "Um, I, uh, I don't think it'll fit," he stated, not wanting to damage the body he was about to inhabit.

"It stretches!" Jason yelled. "Just put it in slowly, and if you're hurting me, I'll tell you to stop, ok?"

Jeff nodded, taking a deep breath, then pushing forward. He went painstakingly slow, pushing in inch by inch until he was fully buried in Jason's body. He let out a sigh of relief, pulling out and sitting on his haunches. "We did it!" he exclaimed, a smile spreading across his face. He glanced down, quite aware that he was still himself. "So, um, when do we change bodies, exactly?"

Both men turned when they heard an exasperated sigh from the corner. Hunter stood there, shaking his head at them. "You call THAT having sex?" he asked them in disbelief. "I meant really having sex, boys. That means the grunting, the moaning, the bodies locked together in ecstasy, and, most importantly, the orgasm! What kind of love god would I be if I let you get
away with that pathetic show I just witnessed? Try it again, and this time do it right!"

Jeff and Jason both opened their mouths to object, but before they could say a word Hunter had vanished. "Well great," Jason complained, glaring up at Jeff. "Nice way to screw it up! Now we have to start all over again!"

Matt sat brooding as his carriage swiftly approached his brother's mansion. He was still shocked from his realization, but after several hours of contemplation, he had come to a resolute decision. There was no way he was losing his beautiful husband to his brother. He and Jason were bound in holy wedlock, and there was no way that could be reversed. Jason was his, plain and simple. He had every right to Jason, and Jeff had none. He was going to Jeff's mansion to fetch his husband. He planned on giving Jason no choice in the matter. It was time for him to lay down the law to his wayward husband. Jason was going to forget about ever seeing Jeff again, and he was going to accept his duty to keep Matt sexually sated, whether he liked it or not. That was what he had agreed to do what he'd said 'I do' to Matt, and Matt was going to hold him to it.

At last, the carriage pulled up in front of Jeff's mansion. Matt climbed out, summoning the tall blonde who was lounging by the stable doors. "Is my brother in?" Matt asked the lanky blonde as the stablemaster came to take care of the horses.

Adam nodded. "Yes my lord, Master Jeff is up in his room."

"And what about the pretty blonde he arrived here with?" Matt pressed, his face drawn in a distinct frown.

"I – I'm not sure of his whereabouts, my lord," Adam stuttered. "Do you know him?"

"Know him?" Matt snorted. "I certainly do. He's my husband!"

"Oh." Adam swallowed, feeling even more depressed. Not only had Jeff moved on already, but apparently he had moved on with a married man. "If you'll wait for a moment, my lord, I'll let his lordship know you're hear," he stated, calling out a stable boy to take care of Matt's carriage.

"Please do." Matt turned towards the door, his face still hard. "Tell him I'll be waiting in his study!" he shot back over his shoulder.

Adam gulped, quickly heading into the mansion and striding up to Jeff's room. He stopped before his master's door, about to knock when he heard what sounded like a moan. He froze, squeezing his eyes shut. He kept trying to tell himself that he was just being overly suspicious, but the sounds he heard coming through the door could hardly be a figment of his imagination.
Swallowing hard, he quietly pushed the door open a crack, peeking into the room. The stablemaster felt his heart drop into his stomach at what he saw. His beloved master was lying on his back on the bed, completely naked, the blonde laying between his legs. The pretty young man was also devoid of clothing, and there was no mistaking what he was doing. Adam suppressed a
sob, whirling around and practically running to his own room, forgetting completely about everything but the utter heartbreak he felt.

"Dammit Jeff!" Jason sat up, glaring at Jeff, who glared right back at him. "We can't do this if you won't cooperate!"

"It's not my fault I don't find you remotely sexy!" Jeff shot back. "It was hard enough to make it do – um - *that* the first time, it's just not going to work now!"

Jason growled, his eyes narrow. "Just like a man," he snapped. "You're just like your brother, you know that? It's all about you you you! Nevermind that I find it absolutely disgusting to have to put that thing in my mouth to try and make it work!"

"As if I ever asked you to do that?" Jeff shot back.

"Well I had to do something!" Jason yelled. "I'll go crazy if I'm stuck as your oaf of a brother's sex slave forever! Now come on! Just think of something sexy, ok? Think about what you're gonna do to Matt when we finally switch back."

"It's hard to think *anything* sexy when I'm in bed, naked, with you," Jeff muttered. "Why don't you be the one who's on top, if you're so smart?"

"Because I don't do that!" Jason huffed. "Besides, I'm already prepared, and I know you'd whine and moan like crazy if I tried to prepare you!" He sighed, taking a deep breath. "Jeff, come on. We need to do this! I – I miss Adam like crazy!" He sniffed, wiping at his suddenly wet eyes. "I love him," he whispered.

"I feel the same way about Matt," Jeff replied, his glare turning into a rather forlorn look. "We – we just have to set our minds to it. It can't be that hard to do this just once, right? And I guess you're not diseased or anything, so maybe if I just close my eyes - "

" 'Not diseased'?" Jason snapped. "How dare you! You should be kissing my feet! A guy like you could NEVER get a husband as beautiful as me, thank you very much! You – you should be honored that I'm even willing to consider this! If it weren't for Adam, I wouldn't let you and your non-working body parts anywhere near me!"

"Don't flatter yourself," Jeff growled. "You're nothing but a tease anyway! It's disgusting how you treated my brother!"

"How DARE you say that I - " Jason began to shout, his words stopping instantly when the air near the bed began to flicker, and Hunter was suddenly standing quite near to them.

"You two!" Hunter roared. "You're supposed to be getting along! Now you will STOP this petty bickering this moment, you hear me? All you have to do is get along! Just put aside your dislike of each other for one minute and let your bodies love each other. For goodness' sake, this isn't that hard, yet you two are acting like I've asked you to do something incredibly challenging!" He turned to Jason, putting his hands on his hips. "Jason, I appreciate you trying to get this going, but you have to stop acting like touching him makes you sick. And Jeff!" Hunter turned to glare at the other young lord. "Just close your eyes and think of something sexy, like he said. All you have to do is relax and let yourself get into it. You'll probably really enjoy it once you just let yourselves go. Now get on with it, and DON'T make me come down here again! There is a time limit to my
offer. Do it now or forever inhabit your own bodies!"

With that, the love god disappeared again. Jeff and Jason looked at each other, both sighing at the same time. Jeff took a deep breath, then lay back, closing his eyes. "Ok, lets try this again," he murmured. "It has to work this time. Sexy thoughts....sexy thoughts..."

Matt sat in Jeff's study, waiting impatiently for his brother. After what had to be twenty minutes, if not more, he sighed and stood up. Figuring the stablemaster must have been distracted and forgotten his task, he set out to find Jeff for himself. He strode quickly to Jeff's room, molding his face into a distinct frown as he prepared to grill his little brother about his relationship with Jason.

He arrived at the door to his brother's room, about to knock when he heard a sound that made him freeze. He put his ear to the door, his eyes narrowing when he distinctly heard a moan.

"Maybe it's the stablemaster..." he muttered, his face darkening. " ' I don't understand why people even bother with sex'," he mocked, remembering a conversation he had with Jeff. "What a little liar!" Steeling himself for the worst, he stood up straight and pushed open the door. He froze again the second he set eyes on the scene currently playing out on the bed. As he had feared, it was his brother and his husband, but the actual sight of the two making love was many times worse than he could have ever imagined.

The two men on the bed, who had been energetically participating in a dance of passion, both froze when they noticed the intruder, both staring at Matt in horror. For his part, Matt's shock quickly wore off, replaced an intense jealous rage. "I knew it!" the brunette roared. "You whores! Bullshit you two don't like sex! Apparently you just don't like it with me!" he yelled at Jason, who had quickly moved out of his position straddling Jeff's hips and pulled the sheet over himself. "And you!" Matt ranted, glaring daggers at Jeff. "So you don't like sex, huh? Apparently you do, as long as it's with my husband!"

"Matt, please, this isn't what you think!" Jeff exclaimed, swallowing hard. "Please, just – just let me explain!"

"You think I'd listen to any of your explanations?" Matt spat. He snatched Jason's dress off the floor, marching over to the bed and grabbing Jason's arm. He pulled his husband out of the bed, shoving the dress down over his head.

"Matt, honey, please, this isn't what it looks like! Let me explain!" Jason cried, echoing Jeff's plea.

"I've had enough of your shit!" Matt snapped, not even bothering to do up Jason's dress before dragging the pretty blonde to the door. "This is it Jason! I'm laying down the law! I've put up with you for long enough, and I'm not going to any more!" With that he picked up the protesting blonde and threw him over his shoulder, stomping out of the room.

Jeff quickly sprung out of bed, wrapping the sheet around himself and running after his brother. "Matt, wait!" he cried. "Please wait! Matt!" He ran after Matt all the way down to the courtyard, but his brother refused to acknowledge him. The brunette simply marched into the barn, turning a deaf ear to the pleas of the blonde over his shoulder and of his brother. He walked up to his carriage and threw Jason into it, summoning the coachman immediately. Jeff watched with dismay as the carriage whisked away both his would be lover and his reluctant ally. He just stared for a moment, hardly able to believe that such a nightmare was really happening, then he collapsed against the wall and burst into tears.

In the carriage, Jason was still pleading with Matt to listen to him, but Matt was simply glaring at him. "Be quiet!" Matt yelled after a moment of listening to Jason's sobbing pleas. He reached out and covered his husband's mouth with his hand, his eyes narrowed. "You will shut up and listen to me! This is the last straw Jason! You're my husband, don't you understand what that means? Denying me your body is bad enough, but this! You've been lying to be all this time, lying about not liking sex, lying about how much you hate Jeff! You've been sleeping with my own brother, and I never had any clue!" He shook his head, his face still dark. "From now on, Jason, all this bullshit is going to stop! You will make love with me whenever I ask it of you, and you will never, ever think about Jeff again! You pledged yourself to me forever when we were married, and that's a bond that can never be broken! From this second on, I just want you to keep your mouth closed and do as I say. Do you understand?"

Jason swallowed, lowering his eyes and nodding. He could tell from the tone of Matt's voice that his husband was deadly serious. "Yes," he whispered.

"Good," Matt growled. "Now take off that dress and lay down. I want you to show me that you understand that you are MINE and only mine."

Jason quickly complied, for the first time feeling a little afraid of his husband. He spread his legs and let Matt settle between them, wrapping them around Matt's waist. For the first time with someone other than Adam, he actually put some effort into it, trying his best to please his enraged husband. He couldn't help thinking of Adam as Matt moved on top of him, only just stopping himself from crying at the idea that he would never again be with his beautiful stablemaster.

Jason lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Matt was lying next to him, one of the brunette's arms draped over his husband's chest. Between the time with Jeff, the time in the carriage and the repeat performance Matt had demanded when they retired for the night, the pretty blonde was exhausted. He was also about ready to cry. He had come so close to getting exactly what he wanted, then had it snatched right out from under him. He sighed, glaring at the ceiling.

"Thanks a lot Hunter!" he hissed. "You were so smart asking Jeff and I to have sex, weren't you? It would've been great if Matt hadn't caught us! Now things can never be right." He shook his head, blinking back the tears again.

Jason gasped as a form flickered into existence before him, staring at the love god himself. Hunter had his arms crossed over his chest. He was frowning, but he didn't look angry. "Misplacing the blame helps no one," he stated. "I had no way of knowing Matt would choose to follow you two."

"But what are we gonna do now?" Jason asked, gazing pleadingly at the love god. "Isn't there anything you can do? Can't you just switch us back?"

"Possibly." Hunter sighed. "Would you say that you and Jeff have learned to get along? That was the purpose of this little exercise. Well, that and getting you two beauties to appreciate the pleasures of sex."

"I do!" Jason exclaimed, nodding his golden head voraciously. "I've learned how wonderful it can be! Please, Hunter, I need to be with Adam! I love him! Aren't you supposed to bring true lovers together?"

"I try to." Hunter thought for a moment. "I'm not sure what I should do with you two. Perhaps I never should have switched you two in the first place."

"No, lord Hunter, please!" Jason pleaded. "Please let me be with Adam again! I – I'll do anything! I'll show you what a good person and a faithful lover I can be. Please!"

"I'll consider it," Hunter replied. "First show me that you can be a good husband to Matt. If you can make him happy and mend the riff you've created between you two, then I might switch the two of you again. You have to learn to live in situations which aren't perfect, Jason."

"I know." Jason swallowed. "I'll do a good job, I promise!"

"I hope so. I'll ask Jeff to do the same with Adam. Although, perhaps once you've allowed yourself to have a happy relationship with Matt, and Jeff with Adam, you won't even desire to switch with each other. I know you'll deny that now, but perhaps it will change. For now, just concentrate on developing a healthy relationship with Matt. I want to see nothing but happiness coming from his house."

"I promise," Jason whispered as the love god faded away.

"Jason?" Jason turned to look at his husband, who was looking at him curiously. "Were you talking to someone?" Matt asked.

"Just myself." Jason lay down, resting his head on Matt's chest. Now that he was starting to open himself to the possibility of a real relationship with Matt, the idea didn't really seem so unappealing. Matt was a sweet man, after all. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I – I love you. This afternoon was a mistake Matt. It never happened before, I swear. I don't even know why I did it, but I never will again. Please forgive me baby. I'll try to make you happy. I really will."

Matt smiled, his arm wrapping around Jason's back. "I'm sorry I was so harsh on you," he whispered in return. "Did I hurt you, baby?"

Jason shook his head. "I'm fine. You just scared me a bit. Really, Matt, I'm gonna make you happy. I promise."

"I'll try harder to make you happy, too," Matt promised. "Did – did I drive you into my brother's arms? I mean, I know I haven't been the most sensitive husband - "

"No. No, it wasn't your fault," Jason splayed his hands across Matt's chest, gazing up at his husband. "Lets just forget about it and start over, ok? I promise I'll really try to make it work this time."

"Me too." Matt smiled, his arms gently massaging his husband's back. "I'll try actually talking to you when I'm unhappy about something this time. I really do love you, Jason. I wouldn't have married you if I didn't. You're the only man I ever wanted."

Jason grinned, feeling his heart swell. "That's so sweet," he murmured. He paused for a moment, licking his lips. "Matt, do you want to – do you want to really make love?"

Matt returned his smile. "I would love to," he whispered.

***Four years later***

"Matt!" Jeff called, frowning down at the documents on his desk. "Matt!"

Matt popped his head in the door. "Yeah?" he replied.

"Matt come look at these figures," Jeff stated. He glanced up as his brother strode into the room, smirking when he noticed how rumpled his brother's clothes were. "No wonder you took so long to come," he chuckled. "You and Jason can't keep your hands off each other for five minutes, can you?"

Matt grinned. "Well, we are married," he replied.

"Uh huh," Jeff murmured, quickly running a hand through his slightly messy hair.

Matt raised his eyebrows. "Speaking of husbands, didn't I see you and Adam out in the barn just a bit ago? Or should I say heard?"

Jeff flushed, his eyes focused on the desk. "Um, that must have been someone else..." he replied.

Matt laughed. "Right." He shook his head as he plopped into the chair beside Jeff. "Nevermind. I'm just glad you finally married the guy. Took you long enough, didn't it?"

"Things were complicated!" Jeff exclaimed. "I mean, after Jason and I decided to tell you guys what happened, things were really hard for a while!"

"You're telling me." Matt nodded. "I don't know if I would've ever believed you if Hunter hadn't shown up."

"Yeah." Jeff tapped his chin thoughtfully with his writing quill. "You think he planned this all along? I mean Jason and I learned how great sex really is, we became great friends, and we both fell in love with two great guys."

"Possibly." Matt moved closer to Jeff, wrapping an arm around his little brother's waist. "But whether he did or not, it couldn't have worked out better for us. What he did really gave me time to bond with Jason, and then, later, with you. I certainly never would've looked at you like that if it wasn't for him."

"Same here." Jeff rested his head on Matt's shoulder, smiling happily. "It's awesome that he gave me that little push to get to know Adam, too. That way I can be married to a guy I love, and no one will be suspicious about you and I."

"And?" Matt asked, wiggling his eyebrows at Jeff. "Aren't you leaving someone out?"

Jeff flushed again. "Jason and I aren't like that," he muttered.

"Oh no? So, what, were you trying to see whether you'd switch bodies again?" Matt teased.

"Well, I – I just wanted to *try* it!" Jeff replied defensively. "He and I are mostly just friends. Besides," he grinned, putting his hands on his hips, "I happen to know that you and Adam - "

"Ok, ok." Matt quickly changed the subject, glancing down at the document on the desk. "So what were you having trouble with?"


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