"I told you we should've used a recipe!" Christian glared down at the little balls of peanut butter sitting on the tray. "These are gonna make damn lousy peanut butter cups! They're not even REMOTELY cup shaped!"

 "Oh come on, Chrissy, you weren't expecting them to look like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, were you?" Edge asked, walking over to the counter with a big pot of melted chocolate. "Now how do we do this?" he asked, glancing from the peanut butter to the cups. "Should we maybe just dip them in?"

 "I don't know. Who even cares? You've already screwed this up too badly! Look at them!" Christian scowled, gesturing to their attempts at peanut butter cups.

 "Come on baby! They're home made, of course they're gonna be a little rough. But I'm sure they'll still taste great," Edge assured him.

 "Ha. Sure." Christian crossed his arms over his chest, watching with a frown as Edge picked up a pair of tongs, beginning to dip the peanut butter balls into the vat of chocolate.

 "I think this'll work," Edge stated. "We'll just let them dry, then dip them one or two more times, and they'll be great!"

 "They do look kind of good," Christian admitted, licking his lips as he looked over the candy they were making.

 "Told you. There, that's the last one. Now we just have to wait a bit for them to dry," Edge said. He set the tongs down, glancing at his blonde lover and suddenly wanting to fool around. "You know, baby," he drawled, twisting open the large jar of peanut butter which was sitting on the counter. "I've heard that peanut butter is an aphrodisiac." He dipped a finger into the smooth peanut butter, offering it to Christian. "Care to find out?"

 Christian giggled and shook his head. "You think I need an aphrodisiac, baby?"

 Edge shrugged. "Couldn't hurt to test the theory."

 "Alright." Christian leaned forward, opening his mouth wide and encasing his lover's finger in the warm heat, letting his tongue trail over the soft skin as he licked away every trace of the peanut butter. After it was gone, he began to suck voraciously, teasing the tip of Edge's finger with his tongue.

 Edge groaned, watching with growing desire. He couldn't help but be turned on by the site of his lover, continuing to suck, his lips forming a perfect o'. "How do you feel?" Edge gasped when Christian drew back.

 Christian gave him a wicked smile, his eyes flicking over the taller blonde's body. "Damn, peanut butter MUST be an aphrodisiac," he murmured. "I feel so horny, baby. Follow me." He turned and headed for the door, crooking his finger at Edge to follow, then walked out into the living room, his hips swaying in a sultry stride. Edge couldn't help but follow, his mouth watering at the sight of his lover so wanton and desirable.

 Christian lay down on the couch, his eyes locking with Edge's and not parting for a moment. "Come here," he breathed, laying down on his back. He quickly wiggled out of his jeans and tossed them onto the floor, his tshirt quickly following. "I want you," he whispered, spreading his legs invitingly.

 Edge couldn't help the throbbing which began in his groin. Quickly, he snatched a bottle of lube and a condom from a nearby drawer, practically ripping off his pants and shirt as he dashed over to the couch. "I want you bad baby," he growled as he settled between Christian's legs, pulling the gorgeous blonde into a heated kiss at the same time he slipped a lubed finger into his lover's entrance. Christian groaned, working his hips against Edge's finger, moaning louder when two more fingers slipped into him. Edge continued to kiss him passionately, pinching his nipples with his free hand.

 "Now," Christian gasped, already writhing under his lover's touch. "I want you now!" As Edge's fingers pulled out of him, he slung one leg over the top of the couch, bracing the other on the floor, leaving his legs spread wide and his entrance exposed. He snatched the condom which Edge was about to rip open, tossing the small packet across the room. "Ride me bare," he growled, arching his hips pleadingly.

 Edge shivered with desire, quickly lubing his cock, then pressing the head against his lover's stretched entrance. Christian moaned as Edge slid into him, clutching the material of the couch tightly. "Oh god," he gasped, his breath already shaky. "God Edge you're so big! Oh god." Edge paused for just a moment once he was fully seated, positioning his elbows to either side of Christian's head for support. Christian wrapped his arms around Edge's back, pushing his hips forward in a way that made them both gasp.

 "Oh Edge!" Christian closed his eyes in pure ecstacy as Edge began to rock his hips, thrusting deeply inside his partner and aiming for his prostate nearly right away. "Edge!" Christian shrieked as a thrust connected with just the right spot. "Yes! More! Oh yes, yes, more! More! More!" Edge thrust his hips voraciously, covering Christian's lips with his own to silence his increasingly loud cries. Christian closed his eyes as Edge's tongue explored his mouth, eagerly sucking on the other man's tongue as he arched his body frantically into his lover's thrusts. Both their breathing grew erratic, Christian beginning to tremble as his climax approached. One more thrust against his over sensitized prostate was all it too to send him over the edge, his body arching violently, his head pressing back against the couch as he screamed in utter ecstasy. Feeling is lover in the throes of orgasm as all it took for Edge to come, continuing to pump his hips as he came inside his lover's trembling body.

 Edge collapsed against Christian's chest, letting his head rest of the other man's firm chest and closing his eyes until his pleasure hazed thoughts began to return to normal. "Wow," he panted. "That was - it was - wow."

 "Yeah." Christian took a deep breath, then sat up, pushing Edge off of him. "C'mon, you big lug, lets go finish those peanut butter balls," he stated, snatching up his clothes and heading into the kitchen. He paused at the door, turning to face his lover, still in all his naked glory. "I'm gonna have to feed you some of that peanut butter tonight, baby," he growled, giggling his eyebrows, then turning and walking into the kitchen.

 "I can't wait," Edge breathed, hurrying to follow his lover.


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