It was so much work being big and manly all the time, a guy could really get tired of it. He was always so strong, so tough, so macho, it really did get a little old. This was how his current arrangement, and the arrival of a new member in his immediate circle, had come around. By day he was still tough and a man through and through, but by night, in his hotel room, he could be whatever he wanted to be. And on this particular night, macho was the last thing he wanted to be.


 His larger lover sat on the bed, grinning and covering his eyes. "I'm ready. Come on out baby."

 "You sure you're ready?" He giggled, a sound that most would have found very out of place on him. His lover, however, was used to hearing it. It was part of their little secret, and one they both would keep to themselves, for the sake of their images.

 "Ok." He bounced out of the bathroom, a huge grin on his face. "Open your eyes, sweety!"

 The taller man slid open his eyes, letting out a low whistle as he took in his lover's appearance. Incredibly long, smooth legs were almost fully revealed, starting just above the pink glittery strap-on heels and running all the way up to the bottom of his short, short white skirt. The skirt was so short that it barely hid the glittery pink thong beneath, the flimsy garment almost fully revealed when its wearer bounced up and down to show off his outfit. His flat, hard stomach was exposed, the smooth, creamy skin leading up to a tight white belly shirt with the logo of some sports team printed on it. His arms were bare except for the white band around his wrist, his hands clutching two sparkling hot pink pom poms. His long blonde hair was pulled up into two perky pigtails which bounced around as he skipped and posed for his lover.

 The large brunette licked his lips, his large hands coming together in a round of enthusiastic applause. "You look absolutely incredible, baby! God you look so delicious."

 "Do I?" the blonde blushed prettily, giggling as he tossed his pom poms to his large lover. He crawled up onto the bed, straddling his lover's hips and wrapping his arms around the big man's neck. "So whaddaya wanna do with your perky little cheerleader."

 "I want to put him on his back and feel those gorgeous long legs wrapped around my waist," the brunette growled, his hand sliding down the blonde's smooth leg.

 The blonde leaned down to whisper in his lover's ear. "Want me to take off my panties first, baby?"

 "Hell yeah."

 "If you insist." He shot his lover a sultry look, sliding his long legs off the edge of the bed and kicking his heel up in the air, holding them up for display as he reached under his skirt and slowly pulled off the flimsy thong he wore. He let it fall to the floor, shooting his lover a seductive look as he crawled back on his broad lap. "Want me to ride you?" he whispered in the bigger man's ear.

 "Ride me baby," the brunette growled, setting his hands on the smaller man's hips.

 The blonde grinned, reaching down to undo the zipper of his lover's pant. He pulled out his lover's hand cock, giving it a few strokes to make sure it was ready. "I'm all ready for you, baby," he purred, leaning in close to nip at the other man's ear.

 "I love a girl who's prepared," the brunette murmured, snatching their lube from the nightstand and quickly lubing up his cock, then pulling his lover's hips against him and guiding his lover down onto his cock.

 The blonde threw his head back, moaning as his lover slid inside of him. "Oh god that feels so good."

 "I'll second that," the brunette groaned, taking a deep breath to control himself. "Are you gonna ride me or what? Fuck, I could come right now."

 The blonde chuckled. "You'd better not come yet, I want my money's worth, baby."

 His lover raised an eyebrow. "Are you calling me a whore?"

 "You know you are, you big slut," the blonde teased, slowly rising, then impaling himself again. "Oh god!"

 "Hell yeah," his lover moan. "I'll be a slut for you any time."

 "Good." The blonde was panting as he rode his large lover, his golden head thrown back in pleasure. "Oh, I love you baby! I love you so much!"

 "," the larger man panted, his hands sliding under the blonde's shirt and massaging his nipples. "I love you like this."

 "I love me like this too," the blonde managed to get out, just before he threw his head back, letting out a little shriek as he felt his orgasm ripple through him. His lover gritted his teeth, clenching the blonde's hips tightly as he came. They were relatively quite for a moment, both panting and hardly able to speak. After a moment, they moved apart, the larger man's cock slipping from his lover's warmth.

 The bigger man grabbed the wet towel he had placed on the nightstand earlier, quickly wiping off both himself and his lover. He set the towel down and pressed a kiss to his lover's cheek. "I love you," he whispered, settling down into bed and wrapping his arms around the other man.

 "I love you too," the blonde whispered, curling up against the big strong chest. "Sometimes I wish I could be this way all the time. But no one would ever believe I could be like this."

 "It doesn't matter," his lover told him. "I love you this way, and I'll love you however you want to be."

 "Your so wonderful Paul." The tall blonde buried his face in the giant's chest, sighing happily. "Thanks for indulging me. I just get so sick of being all butch, you know?"

 Paul Wight chuckled. "Believe me, Kev, I understand," he assured his partner. "I get sick of it too. Just 'cos you're seven feet tall doesn't mean you can't be a twink at heart."

 "Thank goodness you understand," Nash murmured, tired out from their exertion and half asleep already. "You wanna be the cheerleader next time?"

 Paul grinned. "I sure as hell do!"

 "Good." Kevin yawned, snuggling up to his lover. "Night."

 "Night baby," Paul murmured. "Sleep tight, beautiful."


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