Linda McMahon stood up to answer the door. They normally had servants to do such things for them, but they had decided to give their hired help the holidays off and spend a nice, quiet together. Stephanie, Shane, Shane's wife Marissa, and Vince were already settled into the large mansion. There was only one person they were waiting on. Linda was fairly certain that person was standing outside the door that very moment.

 Linda pulled open the heavy wood door, smiling when she saw Adam Copeland standing on the doorstep. He was biting his lips, and looked a little nervous. "Adam," Linda greeted in a friendly tone. "Come on in."

 "Um, thank you," Adam replied, hesitantly stepped into the extravagant entryway.

 "Do you have any bags?" Linda asked, noticing his hands were empty.

 "Yes, their in the car," Adam told her. "I can get them later."

 Linda gave the nervous blonde a reassuring smile. "I'll fetch them for you now and put them in your room."

 "Oh, you don't have to do that," Adam said quickly.

 "It's no trouble." Linda shrugged. "Go on into the kitchen, the others are just getting some breakfast. Rissa cooked some eggs and French Toast. I'm sure she'd be happy to make you something. Have you eaten?"

 "No, but I'm fine," Adam replied.

 "Nonsense. Go on, Steph and Rissa will be thrilled to see you," Linda urged, giving him a light shove in the direction of the dining room.

 "Alright. Thank you, Mrs. McMahon," Adam said shyly, glancing in the direction she had indicated.

 "Please, call me Linda," Linda replied, keeping a friendly smile on her face.

 "Ok, Linda." Adam smiled back shyly, then headed off in the direction of the dining room.

 Linda watched him go, then pulled the door closed and walked out to the car. She sighed as she shouldered his bags and headed back for the house. This could prove to be a very long holiday.


Part 1

 Adam walked hesitantly into the kitchen. He peaked his head in the door, finding three McMahon's sitting at the table - two by blood, one by marriage. Stephanie was the first to notice his presence.

 "Adam!" the youngest McMahon cried, a grin spreading across her face. "Well come in, you silly boy! You don't have to be afraid of us. When did you get here?"

 "Um, just a moment ago," Adam replied, allowing Stephanie to pull him into the room and over to the table were Shane and Marissa were eating. She pushed him into a chair, leaning over him with a big smile on her face.

 "So what can I get you?" she pressed.

 "Nothing, I'm fine, really," Adam told the McMahon Princess.

 Stephanie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, sure. How ‘bout I make you an egg, some bacon, and a slice of French Toast, huh?" Adam was about to open to his mouth to object, but she was already walking over to the fridge, pulling out the various supplies she needed. "How do you take your eggs?" she asked.

 "Scrambled, please," Adam stated, figuring there was no point to arguing with her.

 Shane looked up from his food. "Hey, me too! Scrambled eggs so totally rule," he exclaimed, grinning broadly.

 Adam chuckled and rolled his eyes, beginning to feel a bit more comfortable. "Yeah, they do," he replied.

 "So how was your flight?" Shane asked after he took a big gulp of his orange juice.

 "It was fine. Jay saw me off; he told me to wish you all happy holidays."

 "Well, tell him thank you for me next time you talk to him," Shane said. "I guess you must not be too thrilled to be spending the holiday apart from your best friend. I'm lucky, ‘cos I've got mine right here." Shane patted Marissa on the back, who smiled at him while chewing a bight of eggs.

 "Here you go!" Stephanie announced, plopping a large plate down in front of Adam. She sat in the seat next to him, looking at him expectantly. "Well, eat up!"

 Adam told her thank you, and dug into the surprisingly appetizing breakfast. Stephanie was not known for her cooking skills. "Rissa's been showing Steph around the kitchen," Shane told Adam, seeing the surprised look on her face. "She's really been improving." He chuckled and shot a challenging look at his sister. "Maybe you'll actually be able to catch a man now, sis!"

 Stephanie stuck her tongue out at him. "I can catch a man fine, thank you. But this will help me keep one, if I can ever persuade Hunter to actually marry me." She frowned, her full lips forming a pout. "What does that OTHER person have that I don't, huh? Why wouldn't Hunter rather be with me and only me?"

 Shane chuckled. "Well I can tell you one thing that ‘other person' has that you don't, but I think you already know."

 Stephanie just rolled her eyes, the pout leaving her face as she returned her attention to Adam. "So how long are you staying? The whole break?" she asked hopefully.

 Adam nodded, pausing to swallow before he spoke. "I'll be here ‘til we go back on the road," he informed her.

 "Great!" Stephanie beamed happily. "It's so dull around here with just Shane and mom and dad; Rissa's fun, I guess, but she's not nearly as interesting to look at as you are!" She ran her eyes down Adam's muscular body. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans which hid little.

 The tall Canadian only smiled as she gazed at his body. "Thanks Steph. You're a very attractive woman yourself. If you ask me, Hunter's crazy. But you know how guys are sometimes; cheap and easy over classy and pure."

 Stephanie grinned from the complement. "Thank you. I just love talking to you! I wish you were my brother."

 "Hey!" Shane objected. "You're saying he's a better brother than me?"

 "Are you kidding?" Stephanie snorted. "Way!"

 Shane chuckled. "Well, I guess that's fair. I wish he were my brother, too."

 Adam smiled at the adoring gazes he was receiving from both McMahon children. He was glad he had won them both over, but they hadn't been the two he was worried about. He was more concerned with the spouses of the McMahon men. He couldn't tell from Rissa's reaction how she felt about him being there, but he knew Linda didn't like it. She was trying her best to be friendly, but he could sense her resentment at his presence. He knew very well it might not be possible to get either to like him, but he would certainly try his hardest.


Part 2

 At dinner that night, all the McMahons were gathered around the table. Vince was sitting at the head of the rectangular table, Linda to his right, Shane to his left. Marissa was sitting next to Shane, and next to her was Adam, who sat at the other end of the table facing Vince. Stephanie was to his left, across from Marissa and next to Linda. Vince cleared his throat. "So, how did everybody's day go?" The others murmured a mix of ‘ok's and ‘good's, none of them having anything particularly exciting to share. Vince just smiled. "Well I've had a very good day, since our honored guest for the holidays has arrived." He smiled at Adam, who smiled back, if looking a bit uncomfortable. "I trust everyone has treated you with the highest esteem, Mr. Copeland?"

 Adam nodded. "Oh yes, they've been very nice, Mr. McMahon."

 Vince chuckled, dropping his playful formality. "Well I'm glad. How have you been getting on with my children?"

 "Ooh, ooh, I can tell you!" Stephanie volunteered, her eyes glowing. "So he got here this morning, and I made breakfast for him, and he said it was very good! See, I can cook! Then I showed him the gardens, which he said were really beautiful, especially the tulips that I planted! He wasn't just being nice, either, ‘cos I didn't tell him they were my tulips until after he said that. Then, later on, he helped me pick out a nice dress for the party tomorrow. He has just the best taste! He helped me pick out accessories, shoes, and makeup too, although he said I don't really need it ‘cos I'm so pretty." Stephanie smiled brightly at Adam, then returned her gaze to her father. "He also french braided my hair really nicely, and he said he'd do it again tomorrow for the party!" She turned her head to the side so they could all see her braid.

 Vince smiled with amusement. "I'm glad you two are getting along so well. What about you, Shane?"

 Shane looked up at his father, a small smile on his lips. "Well, Steph hogged him most of the day, but we hung out, talked about some stuff, you know."

 "Great." Vince looked pleased, then went back to eating his dinner. Light conversation accompanied the rest of the meal. Adam chatted happily with the McMahon children, who did most of the talking. Linda put in a word here and there, as did Rissa, but both seemed distracted and a little upset by his presence.

 After they had finished their meal and Stephanie had bounced off to do the dishes, they moved into the mansion's large living room to chat. Vince stood by the unlit fireplace, leaning against the wall. Adam and Linda took chairs, while Shane and Marissa shared the loveseat. Stephanie rejoined them after a few minutes.

 "You finished the dishes that fast?" Shane asked, eyeing her suspiciously.

 "Yeah, I did," Stephanie replied, sticking her tongue out at her brother. "So what were you guys talking about?"

 "Some of the new recruits to the Fed," Shane replied. "Especially K-Kwik. He's great. If he keeps working like he has been, he's really gonna go far. Oh, and on a more gossipy note, did you know he's already hooked up with someone?"

 "Doesn't surprise me," Stephanie replied, flopping into the chair next to Adam's. "I swear like half the wrestling industry is gay, and blatantly! I mean, you've got Rock, Austin, Angle, oh, and of course you," she continued, pointing to Shane.

 "I am not gay!" Shane objected. "I wouldn't be married to a beautiful woman like Marissa if I was." He squeezed his wife's hand lovingly. He looked back up at Stephanie defiantly. "I like both."

 Stephanie giggled. "A lot of guys do. Just shows that wrestlers are smart; why cut off half your options for love, right?" She frowned, a pout coming to her lips. "I just wish Hunter didn't think that way."

 Vince cleared his throat. "Children, I really don't think this is an appropriate discussion to be having in front of your mother."

 Stephanie gave him a funny look. "But Mom obviously doesn't have a problem with that, ‘cos she let - um - " She cleared her throat and glanced at Adam. "Nevermind."

 Linda bit her lip, knowing exactly what her daughter had been about to say. She hadn't wanted to let Adam stay at their house for the holidays, but Vince had wanted so much for them to like the energetic young blonde, she had agreed. She had accepted certain facts about her husband a long time ago, but this was another hurdle for her altogether.

 Vince just smiled. "Your mother is a very good woman, Stephanie, and I feel thankful every day that I have her as my wife and the mother of my children."

 They quickly shifted back to a safer topic, all of them feeling rather uncomfortable. After they had talked for a while more, Vince let out a loud, exaggerated yawn. "Well, I certainly am tired," he announced. "I think I'll be heading upstairs." No one couldn't missed his hungry gaze as he walked to stand behind Adam's chair and wrapped his arms around the young man's shoulders. "Come to bed, Adam," he purred, gently stroking the fabric of Adam's soft shirt.

 Adam looked up at him and smiled, trying not to blush as he stood up and followed Vince up the stairs, after telling everyone goodnight.


Part 3

 It was a little while later when Linda decided to retire. She climbed up the stairs of their mansion and headed towards her bedroom. Her body felt heavy with exhaustion from the emotionally taxing day. She had not been looking forward to Adam's arrival. It wasn't that she didn't like the spirited young Canadian, she just didn't like him being with her husband. She resented the fact that Vince would rather have Adam in his bed rather than her.

 She shook her head as she climbed into bed, trying to push it out of her mind. The fact was Vince wanted Adam in his life, and there was nothing she could do about it. She loved Vince, and she wanted him to be happy. Vince did love her back; as he said, he loved her as the mother of his children. That was something Linda knew she would always have.

 Another fact that made her feel a little better was that Adam wasn't after Vince's money or power. Vince had chosen very well in that respect. There were plenty of young men who would've milked the situation for all it was worth, but Adam was too good a person. Vince did give him a lot of gifts, often expensive ones, and as much as Linda disapproved, she couldn't blame him for accepting them. It would be rude to refuse them.

 Pushing these thoughts out of her head, Linda let herself drift off to sleep.

"Adam, wake up! Breakfast is ready!" Stephanie announced, bouncing happily into the bedroom. She found Adam lying across Vince's bare chest, the bedsheet pulled up to their waists. Both men blinked and sat up, Adam looked a little embarrassed. Vince yawned and stretched out his arms.

 "We'll be down in a second sweety," he said, stifling another yawn. He frowned and glanced at his daughter. "Didn't we lock the door?"

 Stephanie chuckled. "Yeah you did." Still grinning, she turned around and walked back into the hall. "Hurry up, or it'll get cold!"

 A few minutes later, Vince and Adam came down the stairs together. The rest of the family was already gathered around the informal table in the kitchen. Stephanie was happily dishing out pancakes, sausages, and hashbrowns onto their waiting plates. She smiled when she saw Adam and her father, motioning for them to sit down. She filled up both their plates, then poured them each a cup of orange juice.

 "This looks great," Adam commented, giving the youngest McMahon a broad smile. "You cooked?"

 "Yep!" Stephanie announced proudly. She rolled her eyes when Marissa cleared her throat. "Well, Rissa helped me, but I did most of it. Dig in, guys!"

 "It does look good, sweetheart," Vince told his daughter before picking up his fork and stabbing a sausage.

 Linda ate quietly. It was still hard for her to be at the same table as her husband's lover. She glanced up at Adam, and couldn't help noticing the beautiful gold necklace around his neck, a small pendant containing a jewel that looked like diamond hanging from the golden chain. She was about to ask about it, but her daughter beat her to it.

 "Wow, where did you get that necklace?" Stephanie exclaimed, staring at the gorgeous piece of jewelery. "It's beautiful!"

 "Oh." Adam glanced down at the necklace, fidgeting uncomfortably. "Vince gave it to me last night, and he wanted me to wear it."

 "And it looks beautiful on you," Vince put in, smiling at Adam with a glint in his eye. "Absolutely beautiful, just like you."

 Adam blushed. "Thank you," he said quietly, still looking quite uncomfortable. Vince just smiled, reaching up a hand to run it through Adam's golden locks. "Stephanie showed you around yesterday, I take it?"

 "Yep I sure did!" Stephanie volunteered happily.

 "Did she show you the stream?" Vince asked, eyes still locked on Adam's lovely face. Adam shook his head. "Well then, I'll take you out there after breakfast," Vince said with a smile. He held up his hand when he saw Stephanie's mouth open. "JUST Adam and I. I let you have him yesterday, but today he's mine."

 Stephanie frowned, but didn't object.


Part 4

 Linda sat at the table, trying to concentrate on some documents she was reading. She looked up when Vince and Adam walked through the screen door into the room. Adam had been at their house for a few days, and Linda had been watching both him and Vince closely. Unfortunately, she had noticed several things that disturbed her. She noted with little amusement that Adam's clothes and hair looked a little messed up, giving away what he and Vince had been doing down by the stream, yet again.

 "9:00 already?" Vince commented, glancing at the clock. "Were we out there that long?" He shrugged and grinned wickedly at Adam. "Well we were having a good time. We should probably head to bed and get some sleep."

 Linda gritted her teeth, trying not the watch as Vince's arm snaked around Adam's waist, his lips brushing lightly across the younger man's cheek. She cleared the throat to get their attention. "Vince, honey, could I talk to you for a moment?" she asked, trying to sound as friendly as she could manage.

 "Sure honey. Baby, you just wait for me upstairs," Vince whispered to Adam, giving his round bottom a squeeze before he let him go. Once Adam was gone, Vince took a seat across the table from Linda and looked at his wife expectantly. "What is it, Linda?" he inquired.

 "Vince - " Linda took a deep breath, then continued. "You know I was opposed to you bringing him here. But I have to admit, he's a very sweet young man. I see the way he looks at you, and he really does care about you." Linda had to pause again to compose herself. "Vince, I'm just...well, I'm concerned about the way I've seen you treating him."

 "What?" Vince gave his wife a funny look. "I've been nothing but good to him! What are you talking about?"

 "Yes, you've been sweet, and given him fancy things, but I'm just wondering how you feel about him." Linda searched her husband's eyes, hoping she wouldn't see in them what she suspected.

 Vince laughed and shook his head. "Well this is a surprise. Linda, dear, are you telling me that you're concerned for my lover's well-being?"

 Linda took a deep breath to keep herself calm. "He's a sweet young man, Vince. If you're just using him, like you have others in the past, it's really going to hurt him."

 Vince reached out and put a hand on Linda's shoulder. "Linda, no, I'm not just using him for sex, which I know is what you're asking. I enjoy his company greatly, in bed or out. That's why he's here."

 Linda looked into his eyes, seeing genuine affection for the younger man in them. She had to blink back tears as all her emotions came flooding out suddenly. "Vince, why him? Why do you need him?" she demanded. "I love you, I'm here for you, why isn't that enough? He's half your age, for god's sake! He's younger than our son! Why does he have to be here?"

 Without a word, Vince stood up and pulled his sobbing wife into his arms. "Linda, honey, you know I love you," he whispered as he comforted her. "I love you a lot, and I would never, ever want to lose you. I just...I need to be with him. I can't say why exactly, but I need to. I'm sorry."

 Linda swallowed and wiped at her eyes, pulling away from her husband. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I didn't mean to explode like that."

 "It's ok." Vince smiled at her, gently reaching up to brush a tear from her cheek. "Tell you what. I'll make us some tea, then you and I can do something together."

 "Won't Adam be waiting?" Linda asked, a hint of bitterness in her voice. "I wouldn't want to keep you from his bed."

 Vince seemed a little taken aback by the stinging remark. "No," he said resolutely. "I care a lot about you, honey, and I won't let my relationship with Adam ruin that. Now," he grinned at her as he walked towards to kitchen, "what kind of tea do you want?"


Part 5

 Adam sat in the large bed he and Vince had been occupying, waiting for his lover to come to bed. He had finished getting ready for bed some time ago, but still there was no sign of Vince. Figuring he had simply gotten caught up with some business dealing that Linda was working on, Adam switched off the light and pulled the covers over himself, deciding to get a little sleep while he waited.

 A few minutes later, the door opened slowly and a figure stepped into the dark room. Adam woke instantly as he felt a hand trailing down his back. He looked up at the dark silhouette standing beside the bed and smiled, although he knew it wouldn't be visible in the darkness. He was about the reach for the light, but his companion caught his hand.

 Adam shrugged, sliding over in the bed so his companion could get in. He could sense rather than see the movement of the other man as he kicked off his shoes and socks, then drew his shirt up over his head. Adam felt warm hands on him again, one on either side of his middle, caressing the soft skin of his waist. His companion leaned over, catching his lips in a hungry kiss.

 Adam gladly returned the kiss, opening his mouth when he felt a tongue pressing against his lips. He lay down on his back as his companion's tongue explored his mouth. He felt the other man's weight move on top of him, pushing him into the bedspread in the wonderful familiar way. Adam moved his hands around to the man's back, running his fingers over his companion's torso. He froze as he realized that the flesh was not Vince's, not the skin, not the texture, not the shape. Shoving the unfamiliar body off of him, he quickly flipped on the light and turned back to the intruder in his bed. To his horror, he found Shane McMahon gazing back at him.

 "Shane?!?" Adam stared at the young heir. "What the hell are you doing?!?"

 "I'm sorry, Adam." Shane swallowed, looking a bit guilty. "But...well you see, dad is busy with mom downstairs, and I know he won't be up for a while. I just...I want you so bad." The look in Shane's eyes was hungry, starving even, and filled with desire.

 Adam shook his head adamantly. "No. Absolutely not. You know damn well that's out of the question! I think you should leave right now, Shane."

 "I can't." Shane reached out his hand, setting it on Adam's shoulder despite the blonde's attempt to flinch away. "Adam, please. You have no idea how bad I want you. It's been so long since I've been with a man, I can't stand it! I need you Adam, please," he begged, giving Adam a desperate look. He pushed the tall blonde onto his back, straddling his hips and laying kisses along his jaw. "Please, I need you," he pleaded. "It won't take long. You can be on top, I don't care. I just need you!"

 Suddenly, the door to the room flew open, blinding both of them with the light. "Shane?!?" Marissa stood in the door, staring at the couple on the bed with a mix of anger and disgust.

 "Um..." Shane glanced down at Adam, then up into the furious face of his wife. "Honey, this isn't...I mean, we're not - "

 "I can't believe you, Shane!" Marissa yelled, tears in her eyes. "You said you were through with this after the last time! I know this would happen if he came here, I knew it! It doesn't matter who it is, does it? You just can't keep your hands to yourself when there's a good looking guy around!" She turned and ran off down the hall, tears pouring down her face.

 "Oh shit." Shane quickly jumped off the bed and grabbed his clothes, hastily pulling on his shirt. "Sorry," he yelled back to Adam as he took off after his hysterical wife.

 Adam got up and slammed the door closed, feeling extremely upset. He crawled back into bed and pulled the covers over his head, praying that Vince didn't kill someone over what had just occurred.


Part 6

 "Marissa, honey, really!" Shane banged on their bedroom door, which his wife had locked securely. "Come on baby, you're being silly! Honey, you know I love you. Rissa? Rissa, come on!"


 Shane jumped, turning and coming face to face with his father, who had a curious look on his face. "Uh - " Shane cleared his throat and ran a hand nervously through his hair. "Um, no, dad, everything's fine! No problem here."

 "What's Rissa upset about now?" Vince asked, glancing at the closed door.

 Shane sighed and shrugged. "She's upset about Adam being here," he stated. "She thinks I'm attracted to him or something. Which, of course, I'm not, and even if I was, nothing would ever happen because I know Adam is with you."

 Vince smiled and nodded. "Yes he is. Tell Rissa she's just being silly. Wives." He shook his head as he walked down the hallway towards his bedroom. Shane let out the breath he'd been holding, then resumed pounding on the door.

 Vince slipped into his bedroom a moment later, yawning with exhaustion. He had been up with Linda a lot longer than he would have liked, but he certainly didn't regret the time he'd spent with her. He knew it was going to be difficult for her to accept Adam into their family, and he was prepared to give her plenty of time and support.

 Vince yawned again as he swiftly pulled off his clothes, then climbed into bed next to his blonde lover. Adam stirred as the older man wrapped his arms around his waist. He turned around to look into Vince's eyes, which he could only barely see in the dim light. "Go back to sleep, baby," Vince cooed, laying a gentle kiss on Adam's forehead. Adam smiled and cuddled up to him, closing his eyes and sighing contentedly.

"Adam Adam Adam, wait til you hear the news!!" Stephanie shouted excitedly as she burst through the bedroom door. She stopped when she saw Adam and Vince sitting up in bed, their arms wrapped around each other and their lips pressed together in a passionate kiss. "Oops." Stephanie giggled, still grinning broadly. "Guess I shoulda knocked."

 Vince pulled back from the kiss, turning to his daughter with annoyance. "Did we forget to lock the door again?" he asked, looking less than happy about the interruption.

 "Um, yeah, you must've," Stephanie replied, glancing around the room innocently. "Anyway, I really need to talk to Adam, I have such great news!"

 "Honey, as I'm sure you can see, Adam and I are in the middle of something," Vince told his daughter.

 "Well you can do that later!" Stephanie exclaimed. "It's time to get up, anyhow. Come on Adam, we can talk while I make you something for breakfast!" Stephanie grabbed a robe and handed it to Adam, then turned back to the door. "See you in five!" she called brightly.

The instant Adam entered the kitchen, Stephanie pushed him down into a chair, sitting down at the table next to him. She was almost bouncing with excitement. "Guess what guess what?" she prodded, grinning widely.

 "What?" Adam asked, peering at her curiously.

 "Hunter called me this morning!" Stephanie exclaimed happily. "And guess what he said? He told me he's through with that little slut Chris Jericho, and he only wants to be with me!"

 Adam's eyes widened. "Oh my god, really?" he asked in amazement.

 "Yes!! I knew he'd come through for me!" Stephanie was grinning from ear to ear. "Ooh, ooh, and the best news of all, he's coming here! He said he wants to spend the holidays with the woman he plans to marry!" Stephanie could barely contain her excitement. "Did you hear that, Adam? Marry!! He wants to marry me! And he's coming! This is gonna be so great!"

 "Steph, that's wonderful!" Adam was grinning too. He reached out and pulled Stephanie into his arms, giving her a big hug. "I am so happy for you!"

 "Thank you so much." Stephanie was so happy she had tears in her eyes. "You're the only one who's supported me in this. You're my best friend."

 Adam smiled, feeling warm inside from the compliment. "Well I'm glad to be," he assured the youngest McMahon. "When is he coming?"

 "Tonight!" Stephanie exclaimed. "He'll be here for dinner, and I'm cooking! Wanna help me figure out what to make?"

 "Sure, I'd love to," Adam agreed, starting to get out of his seat to fetch a cookbook.

 "Hey, not yet!" Stephanie pulled him back down into his seat, standing up and heading for the fridge. "Now what can I get you for breakfast?"


Part 7

 Adam was leaning over the kitchen counter, scrubbing at the surface with a sponge. He knew the kitchen didn't really need to be cleaned, but it was something he liked to do to relax. He was wearing only a loose pair of blue jeans, the muscles in his bare torso rippling as his arms moved. Hearing a knock at the door, he grabbed a towel to wipe off his hands and walked to the entryway. Pulling the door open, he was surprised to find Hunter standing outside.

 "Oh, hi," he greeted the bigger man, gesturing for him to enter. "We weren't expecting you so early. Steph said you'd be here for dinner, but it's barely past 2:00."

 Hunter shrugged, throwing his bags onto a nearby chair. "I caught an early flight." He glanced around, seeing no one but Adam in the near vicinity. "So where's the McMahon clan?" he inquired.

 "They went out for the afternoon. I wasn't exactly clear on what, but I think it had something to do with shopping." Adam shrugged his bare shoulders.

 "When will they be back?" Hunter asked. "Any time soon?"

 "No, they should be gone for a few hours, at least," Adam replied. "Sorry."

 To Adam's surprise, a broad grin spread across Hunter's face. "Don't be," he replied, his tongue darting out to lick his lips hungrily.

 Adam was shocked when Hunter suddenly grabbed him and pressed their lips together. He began to respond, Hunter being the fabulous kisser that he was, but quickly caught himself and pushed the larger man away. "What the hell are you doing?" he demanded, staring at Hunter with wide eyes.

 "You tell me," Hunter murmured, grabbing Adam by the shoulders and pulling him into another searingly hot kiss. He let his hands wander down Adam's smooth, bare back, sliding down to squeeze his firm bottom.

 Adam pushed away again, shaking his head adamantly. "Hunter, you know this can't happen! I'm here for Vince, and you're here to make up with Stephanie."

 "Stephanie?" Hunter laughed and shook his head. He pulled Adam up against him, wrapping his arms around the blonde's waist. "Adam, I only came because she told me you were here. Stephanie's nice and all, but I'm just not ready to settle down yet, and I'm tired of Chris. He's just too - " Hunter paused, making a face. "Well, he's too a lot of things, most of them not good."

 "But Hunter, I'm with Vince!" Adam objected, trying to squirm out of Hunter's strong grasp. "Besides, you've never showed any interest in me before, what the heck has gotten into you?"

 "Oh, I've paid you attention, babe," Hunter replied, laying gentle kisses along Adam's neck and shoulder. "You were just too busy with the boss to notice. I've tried to get close to you, but every time I do, Vince is right there with you. I figured this might be my only shot, and what do you know? Worked out perfectly."

 Adam shook his head, still trying to push Hunter away, although his protests had grown weaker. "But I really am with Vince!" he objected again.

 "Well he doesn't have to know." Hunter tightened his arms around Adam's waist, pressing their bodies together. "Are you really telling me that old man satisfies you in bed?" Hunter asked, raising his eyebrows, then resuming the efforts of his lips on Adam's neck. "A young, virile man like you? There's nobody else here, babe. All we have to do is slip upstairs, and if you don't want Vince to know, don't tell him." Hunter drew back again, peering into Adam's eyes. "On the other hand, if you're really seriously not interested, tell me to go to hell and I'll try and keep my hands off you, no matter how badly I want you."

 Adam drew back a bit and let his gaze run down Hunter's perfect, incredibly muscular body. Hunter grinned as he saw the spark of desire in Adam's beautiful eyes. Taking that as his answer, he grabbed Adam's hand and pulled him towards the stairs. "Hunter, if Vince ever gets wind of this..." Adam warned as he let Hunter lead him to one of the guest bedrooms.

 "Don't worry baby, I'm not about to tell him," Hunter replied, pulling Adam into a room and closing the door behind them.


Part 8

 "Sweetheart, we're home!" Vince walked into the mansion, looking around for his lover. "Honey?"

 "Adam!" Stephanie looked around, then shrugged. "He's probably upstairs, dad. We are home way earlier than we said we'd be, you know." She walked into the kitchen with the groceries they had purchased, setting the bags down on the counter. They had decided to come back home after getting the dinner supplies they needed. Linda and Shane had gone on to do the rest of the shopping, and would probably not be home for a few more hours.

 "Can I help you, sweetheart?" Vince asked, watching Stephanie as she unpacked the bags.

 "Sure, if you want," she said cheerfully. "But Adam said he would help, too, so we'd better go get him. Come on." She bounded up the stairs to the mansion's second level, Vince following behind her. "Adam!" Stephanie called. Getting no response, she walked to his and Vince's room, pushing open the door. Finding the room empty, she began looking through the other rooms on the level.

"Ooh, Hunter!" Adam screamed, panting harshly as Hunter moved on top of him. Their bodies were locked in the heat of passion, both having to gasp for air as their flesh came together. Adam's head was thrashing around on the pillow, his hips arching desperately to meet Hunter's. They both reached their climaxes as the same time, Hunter pressing a passionate kiss to Adam's lips to silence his scream. The larger man collapsed on top of Adam as his orgasm faded, his breathe still coming with difficulty.

 "Oh god, that was the best sex I've had in ages!" Adam moaned, wrapping his arms around Hunter's back and pulling him into a hot kiss.

 Both men jumped as they heard the door opening, then a shrill scream cut through the air. Adam quickly pushed Hunter off of him and scurried to cover himself with the sheet. His face turned white when he saw Stephanie standing in the doorway, staring at them with shock.

 "Stephanie, honey, what's wrong?" came Vince's voice, and Adam squeezed his eyes shut, kicking himself for being so stupid. The elder McMahon came into sight, his eyes widening as he took in the sight before him. "My god!" he gasped.

 "Great," Hunter groaned, wrapping his arms over his face. "This is just great."

 "Adam, what is the meaning of this?!?" Vince demanded. "I go away for a few hours, and when I come back, I find you in bed with my daughter's boyfriend?"

 "Vince, don't blame him," Hunter put in, sitting up and looking both McMahons in the eyes. "It was my idea. I pushed him into it."

 "But I thought you were coming here for me!" Stephanie squeaked, tears brimming in her eyes.

 "I know. Just hear me out, ok?" Hunter grabbed the blanket from the end of the bed, wrapping it around his waist. He stood up, picking up his jeans and grabbing something out of the pocket, hiding it in the folds of the cover. "I've been thinking about things a lot, Steph. About us, mostly. I know you want more from me, want a real relationship. And I do want that, but I had to think about what I'd be giving up." Hunter glanced back at the bed, where Adam was sitting huddled under the sheets, looking very pale. "You see, I know you're an old fashioned girl, and I love that about you. I certainly wouldn't want you to change. But, on the other hand, there's - more physical concerns. For a long time, I've been thinking mostly about that."

 "Obviously," Stephanie snapped, looking at Adam. "That's why you kept wanting to be with Chris instead of me!"

 "Right." Hunter cleared his throat, glancing down at the object hidden in the cover. "The thing is, Steph, I'm tired of having meaningless sexual affairs with bimbos like Chris. That's why I'm here. And what happened between Adam and I - " Hunter swallowed hard. "That was kinda like - the final big fairwell, you know?"

 Stephanie's face softened, her eyes filled with question. "So - what does this mean?" she asked him, chewing on her lower lip.

 "It means - " Hunter took a deep breath, walking over to stand right in front of her. Stephanie gasped as he dropped to his knees and pulled out the object he had been hiding, a small velvet box containing a beautiful diamond ring. "It means I'm through with flings, and I want you to be my wife."

 Stephanie just stared at him in complete shock. "You - you're - really?!?"

 "Yes really." Hunter looked up at her with pleading eyes. "If you want to marry me, that is. I can understand if you say no, considering - " he glanced back at Adam self-consciously. "Well, everything I've put you though."

 "Are you kidding?!?" Stephanie smiled broadly, yanking the big man to his feet. "Yes, of course I'll marry you, I love you!" She pulled him into her arms, pressing her cheek against his bare chest. He wrapped his strong arms around her, grinning from ear to ear. "Well come on!" Stephanie exclaimed as she drew back, grabbing his wrist and pulling him away. "We've got a wedding to plan!"

 Adam dared a glance up as Stephanie and her new fiancé disappeared down the hall. Vince was standing in the doorway looking at him, a pensive look on his face.

 "Vince?" Adam asked hesitantly.

 Vince was silent for a moment, then he spoke.


Part 9

 "Maybe this is for the best."

 Adam couldn't believe what he had just heard. "W-what?" he stammered.

 Vince sighed, moving into the room and sinking down into a chair. "Adam, I spent a lot of time with Linda last night. It's been a while since I've done that, I've been so caught up with work, and recently with you. Hell, it's probably been years." He paused to take a deep breath. "Last night, when I was with her, I realized that I really do love her as more than the mother of my children and my business partner. And you, Adam - I do love you, but maybe more like a protege than a lover. That's really why I've been so - um - affectionate lately. I was convinced you were in love with me, so I was trying to convince myself that I loved you in that way. Are you - " Vince swallowed hard. "Are you in love with me?"

 Adam bit his lip, considering for a moment. "I do love you," he said slowly, realizing his true feelings for the first time himself, "but I don't think I'm in love with you. I guess I really think of you more like a father." He smiled, glancing down at the bedspread. "I jumped into this way too fast, though," he continued. "This little - um - incident with Hunter made me realize that I'm not ready to commit yet. I need to play the field some more."

 Vince chuckled, looking up at Adam and smiling. "Well then, it's settled. From now on, I'm only a mentor to you. Never would've thought finding you in bed with another man could turn out to be a good thing, but it has. It made us realize we were both lying to ourselves."

 Adam nodded, gather the sheets around himself and stepping out of bed. He wrapped his arms around Vince, giving him a long, friendly hug. "Thank you, Mister McMahon," he said, a smile playing across his lips. "I want you to know, I really enjoyed my time with you. I hope we can still be friends?" He looked into Vince's eyes hopefully.

 "I think I can manage that," Vince replied with a smile. He chewed his lips, glancing up at Adam inquiringly. "I've really put Linda through hell with this. What should I do to make it up to her?"

 Adam smiled as a thought came to him. "I've got a great idea," he said with a wide grin, leaning in to whisper in Vince's ear.

A few hours later, Shane, Marissa, and Linda returned home. Linda was surprised to find Vince waiting for her. Before she could speak, he had taken her arm and dragged her into a private room. Her eyes widened as he dropped to his knees before her, clasping her hands in his.

 "Linda, honey, I'm sorry for all I've put you through," Vince said softly. "Adam and I talked while you were gone, and we decided it would be best if we split up. He needs to explore more, and me - " Vince ran his finger gently over the back of Linda's hand, looking directly into his eyes. "I need you. I want us to be man and wife again, in more than just name. Linda, my love, I want to renew our vows. Will you marry me, again?"

 Linda was floored. "Really?" she gasped, hardly able to believe her good fortune.

 "Absolutely. I've been lying to myself, honey, but I've woken up now. Will you?" Vince pressed, squeezing her hands tightly. Linda felt tears coming to her eyes. Her throat was too choked up to speak, so she simply pulled her husband to his feet and embraced him.



 The McMahon family was sitting around the living room, along with their various significant others. Stephanie was cuddled up in Hunter's lap, Vince and Linda sitting next to each other on the couch holding hands, and the other three sitting in their own chairs. Most of them looked happy, even Shane and Marissa, who had decided it would be best for their marriage if they separated for while. Shane was fairly confident that after a little time apart, they would be able to get their marriage back on track.

 "Well, after that fabulous dinner, prepared by my beautiful daughter, I think we should have a toast," Vince announced, picking up the wine glass he had been sipping from. "I'd like to toast my beautiful wife, who's been so very understanding of me through our sometimes turbulent marriage."

 Linda smiled at her husband, tipping her glass to him and drinking. The others did the same, then Stephanie and Hunter stood up at the same time, toasting each other and both professing their love. Vince watched on happily. He had been a little doubtful of Hunter at first, after catching him in bed with Adam, but he now had no doubt that Hunter was sincerely. Shane next called a toast to his extremely patient wife. Marissa gave him a small smile. The last toast was given by Adam, who stood up with one of his patented killer smiles on his lips.

 "I want to toast you all," he announced, raising his glass high. "Hunter, for seducing me and making me see the light, Vince for being so honest, Linda for being so understanding, Rissa for teaching Stephanie how to cook, and Shane and Stephanie for being such great friends. But, most of all, I want to thank you all for giving me a great holiday, which I know I'll always remember." He raised his glass to his lips and drank, while all the McMahons applauded loudly.


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