"Matt," Jeff purred, lying back on the bed and fixing his brother with a 'come hither' look.

 Matt looked up from where he was sitting on the couch, watching tv. "What is it, baby?" he asked.

 "Come to bed," Jeff whispered, patting the mattress next to him.

 Matt looked from the tv to his brother, then flipped off the tv and walked over to the bed. "You wanna cuddle?" he questioned, stripping off his clothes and sliding under the covers.

 "No." Jeff grinned. He wrapped his arms around Matt's neck, pulling the bigger man on top of him. "I wanna be with you, baby."

 "Jeff, you know we can't yet," Matt chastised, trying to pull away.

 "We can." Jeff pulled Matt against him again. "I talked to the doctor this morning, and I am 100% clean! We can be intimate again!"

 "Um, yeah." Matt cleared his throat, reaching up and removing Jeff's arms from around his neck. He moved back onto his side of the bed, giving his brother an apologetic look. "That's awesome news Jeff, but this isn't the best night. I'm completely exhausted."

 "What?" Jeff rose up on his elbow, scowling down at the attractive brunette. "You can't be serious! We haven't had sex in months, and you're too fucking tired?!?"

 "Sorry, but I am!" Matt snapped. "Don't yell at me, Jeff, it's your fault we couldn't have sex for so long."

 "Oh, so now you're throwing that back in my face!" Jeff growled, his nostrils flaring angrily. "You cheated on me too, Matt! You're got no fucking room to talk!"

 "I only slept with Chris because I was hurt and betrayed!" Matt yelled back. He took a deep breath, raising his hands in a plea for truce. "Jeff, baby, please," he said softly, "I don't want to fight with you. I'm just not ready to be intimate yet. We had a really bad period in our relationship, and I don't think we should jump right back into something physical just 'cos we can."

 Jeff threw his hands up in the air. "This is ridiculous! You sound like a fucking woman! We've had months to deal with it, now I wanna fuck!"

 "Well you'll just have to wait!" Matt exclaimed.

 Jeff scowled, crossing his arms over his chest. "How long?" he demanded.

 "I don't know." Matt shrugged. "Let's say...about three weeks."

 "Three weeks?!? You have to be kidding me! No way!" Jeff shook his head, glaring at his older brother. "I've been waiting months to have sex again, I'm not waiting for three more weeks! I'm horny as hell, and I want it NOW! So just drop this fucking bullshit and do me!"

 Matt crossed his arms stubbornly. "No. I told you what I want, and I'm not going to give in to your tantrums. I have a vibrator in your bag if you feel you absolutely can't wait."

 "A vibrator!" Jeff cursed and punched the mattress. "I can't believe you! If you don't do me, now, then I'm just gonna go find someone who will!"

 "Oh, great, go cheat on me again!" Matt yelled. "That'll really make me want to be with you!"

 Jeff closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths before speaking again. "Matt, I don't understand," he said after a moment, opening his eyes again. "You always want sex sex and more sex! So why the hell have you suddenly changed your mind? You've never said no to me before!"

 Matt shrugged. "Well, maybe I think you need to hear it!" He opened his arms, giving his brother a pleading look. "Can't we just cuddle for tonight? We'll work on it, and we'll get back there eventually."

 Jeff sighed, but grudgingly settled down, cuddling up to his lover. Matt buried his face in Jeff's hair, rolling his eyes once he knew Jeff couldn't see him. The last thing he wanted to do was cuddle after the way Jeff had thrown himself at him, but he still had three more weeks to go before he'd be clean. As much as he wanted Jeff, he couldn't risk infecting him again and having to wait another few months. He sighed, resigning himself to another three weeks of jacking off in the shower.

"Ah hah!" Matt was awoken by a stinging slap to his cheek.

 "Wha?" he murmured, opening his eyes to the sight of an irate Jeff standing over him.

 "You bastard! You fucking horrible bastard!" Jeff screamed, waving a bottle in Matt's face. "This is the same fucking medication I'm on! I found it in your bag! For fucking MONTHS you've been constantly reminding me how I cheated on your, how I fucked up, how this was all my fault, and you've fucking got it too! You got it from Jericho, didn't you? God, you bastard!"

 "What?" Matt blinked, shaking his head in denial. "Jeff, you've got it all wrong! That's probably yours, I must've picked it up accidentally."

 Jeff rolled his eyes. "This was issued last week, Matt! I wasn't born fucking yesterday! And on top of that, it's prescribed to you! I knew something was up when you didn't want to fuck, I just knew it! You're such a liar! God!"

 "Jeff, baby, wait," Matt fumbled, trying desperately to think of a way to explain. "See, Jeff, I was only taking that stuff as a precaution! Because we still kiss and stuff, I took it just to make sure I wouldn't get anything!"

 "Lie some more Matt, it'll make it all better!" Jeff screamed, throwing the bottle at his brother's head. "You ass! You horrible disgusting lying bastard! You could've at least had the fucking decency to tell me that skank gave it to you too! God I can't believe this! No, don't even say a word!" he shouted as Matt tried to get a word in. "I'm taking my stuff and staying with someone else! You can come and talk to me when you're clean, which I assume is three weeks, and you'd better fucking grovel if you want me back!" With that, he snatched his bag, marched out of the room, and slammed the door as hard as he could.

 He knew right where to go, banging on the room's door until it was pulled open by a groggy looking RVD. "Jeff?" Rob murmured, frowning as Jeff pushed open the door and stomped into the room. "Do you know what time it is?"

 "7 am," Jeff snapped, throwing his bag onto the floor and flopping onto one of the bed. "I need to sleep, wake me around noon."

 "Hey hey hey!" Rob objected. "What the hell are you doing here? I thought I got rid of you months ago?"

 "Well you didn't." Jeff sat up, shaking his head sadly. "I can't believe it Rob! Matt lied to me! He's been lying to me all this time! He got the same fucking STD I did from that slut, Jericho, and he never even told me! That fucking bastard!" He sniffed, wiping at his eyes, which were rapidly filling with tears.

 "Aw, Jeff, I'm sorry." Rob sat down on the mattress next to the distraught Hardy, the current scene seeming more than a little familiar to him. "I feel awful for you, but - "

 "He lied to me Rob!" Jeff cried, throwing himself into the other man's arms. "He lied and lied and lied and lied!"

 Rob gritted his teeth, trying to work up the nerve to tell Jeff to leave, but failing. He sighed, patting Jeff on the back as the younger Hardy sobbed on his shoulder. "Fine, you can stay here tonight, ok? But I think after that you should get your own room; you know, have some time to yourself to think."

 "Ok." Jeff pulled back, sniffing and rubbing his eyes. "Thanks Rob. You're such a great friend. And if you really want me to blow you or something in exchange, I'm clean now, so I can."

 "No, that's ok," Rob told him.

 "You sure?" Jeff pressed, scooting a little closer to the caramel blonde. "I wouldn't mind."

 "Really, Jeff, that's ok," Rob told him again.

"Aw come on, why not?" Jeff raised his eyebrows. "I'm good at it you know. Really good at it!"

 "I told you before Jeff, I old like older men," Rob explained.

 "But you don't even have to see me!" Jeff insisted. "We can just slip into bed, and I'll go under the covers. You can pretend it's Hogan, or Flair, or whoever turns you on. I'd really like to Rob, just to say thanks for everything."

 "Or to get Matt back for lying to you?" Rob pointed out.

 Jeff smirked. "Well, if it happened to do that too, I wouldn't complain. Come on Rob, how can you say no to a free blowjob? I promise I won't tell anyone, and so no one will ever have to know you slept with a guy younger than you."

 "Jeff, no!" Rob stood up, quickly moving away from the younger Hardy's roaming hands. "I'm just letting you stay here tonight 'cos we're friends, kind of, and that's it! I don't want any favors from you, ok?"

 "Fine then." Jeff crossed his arms over his chest, scowling at the pretty caramel blonde. "Go ahead and kick me when I'm down, thanks a lot!"

 "Jeff, come on," Rob groaned. "You know you really shouldn't be sleeping around anyway. Just take a bit of time to yourself, then go talk to Matt and work this out somehow."

 Jeff rolled his eyes. "Right." He crawled under the covers of the bed, yawning and closing his eyes. "Wake me up in a bit, we can spend the day together."

 "Sure." Rob sighed, wishing fervently that he had never approached and comforted the young Hardy in the first place. "Just great!"

"Can I have another?" Rob sighed as the bartender set yet another drink in front of him. Jeff had followed him around all day, and it was already driving him nuts. Finally he had retired to the bar where he could drown his sorrows in the numbness of alcohol, and even then Jeff had followed him. The only reason he was currently enjoying a moment of quiet was because Jeff was in the bathroom. He sighed again, quickly downing the drink and signally for another.

 Jeff, meanwhile, was standing in the bathroom, gazing into the mirror. He was grinning at himself as he went over his plan again. He quickly snapped into action as the door opened, walking to the sink and washing his hands again.


 The younger Hardy scowled, turning to look at his older brother. "I don't want to talk to you," he snapped, grabbing a paper towel to dry his hands, refusing to look at Matt.

 "Jeff, please, I'm sorry!" Matt exclaimed. "I didn't tell you because I didn't want to worry you! It was your fault I got it, after all."

 "MY fault?" Jeff whirled on his brother, his scowl already set in place. "Where the hell do you get off claiming that?!? You're the one who ran off and fucking Jericho! No fucking way can you blame this on me!"

 "But it was your fault I fucked Jericho in the first place!" Matt countered. "You drove me into his arms when you fucked around on me and get yourself infected!"

 "Oh fuck you!" Jeff yelled. "You can go right to hell Matt, because I don't need you! I'm moving on! I'm here with Rob, and after we have a few drinks, we're going to go up to his room and fuck like wild animals!"

 "You really expect me to believe that?" Matt sneered.

 "We are." Jeff crossed his arms over his chest. "He's letting me stay with him for the time being, but this morning when I went to his room to plead for sanctuary, he insisted I blow him for it. I did, and I loved every second of it! I loved his big hot cock filling my mouth, and I loved swallowing every drop of his come!" He quickly breezed by his brother, who seemed to be speechless at the moment. He marched back out to the bar before Matt could recover, sitting down next to Rob and giving the caramel blonde a pretty blonde. "Let me buy you another round," he offered.

 "Ok." Rob chugged down another drink, hiccuping a little as he set down his glass. "Ya know, Jeff," he murmured, his words slightly slurred. "You're gonna be a VERY attractive man in, like, 20, 30 years."

 "Uh huh." Jeff gave Rob a false smile, directing the blonde's attention to the fresh drink which had been set in front of him. "Drink up, baby, 'cos I need you drunk enough to get you to fuck me to spite Matt."

 "Ah that's nice." Rob giggled, taking another swig of the drink. "Ya know what? We should sing! Sing!"

 "Later baby. Just drink for now." Jeff patted Rob's back and watched him drink, grinning when he thought of the look that would be on Matt's face when he learned of their soon to be tryst. "Just keep drinking babe, just a few more and we'll be outta here."

The first thing Rob became aware of was a brutal, pounding headache. He groaned, wondering why on earth he had drunk so much the previous night. Then, he remembered: Jeff Hardy. He groaned again, wondering if the pesky Hardy was still in his room. Then, he realized there was an arm across his chest. He opened one eye to a slit, glancing suspiciously as the offending limb. He gasped when he realized who it must belong to, sitting up straight, his eyes flying open.

 "Oh fuck!" he exclaimed, jumping out of the bed as if it were poisoned. There, in his bed, lay a very naked Jeff Hardy. "Oh no!" he groaned, putting a hand to his head. "No no no! God, I can't have been that drunk!" He noticed a glimmer of something on the carpet, picking it up and discovering, to his dismay, that it was a condom wrapper. "No, no, no!" he moaned.

 "Morning, tiger."

 Rob spun around, finding Jeff awake and smiling. "Jeff, we didn't - I mean, we couldn't have - "

 "Oh, we did." Jeff sighed happily, snuggling under the covers. "Last night was incredible! You were so aggressive, and your cock felt so good inside of me! I thought you'd never get tired of me riding you!"

 "Oh, no." Rob groaned, sinking into a chair. "Not only do I not date guys my own age, but I'm normally the bottom! Geez, why did I have to get so drunk! This is horrible!"

 "Aw come on baby, it not that bad," Jeff purred, climbing out of bed. He strutted over to Rob, his entire body exposed. "Don't you remember you much you wanted it?" he breathed. "How you grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto your cock? How - "

 "Stop it!" Rob covered his ears, closing his eyes tightly. "I don't want to hear! It's over, it's done, let's never talk about it again! And put some clothes on, for god's sake!"

 "What?" Jeff quirked an eyebrow. "You don't like seeing my naked body? Most guys would."

 "Well I'm not most guys," Rob snapped. "I told you Jeff, I'm not into guys your age!"

 "That's not what you said last night," Jeff countered.

 "I was drunk out of my mind last night!" Rob exclaimed. "I can't believe this happened! At least we used protection. I am never getting drunk again, never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER!"

 "You know you liked it!" Jeff smirked, raising his leg and propping it up on the chair leg, giving Rob an even better view. "Wanna do it again?" he purred, dropping into Rob's lap and straddling his waist.

 "No! Get off!" Rob insisted. "I am not interested in you, I never was."

 "Rob." Jeff leaned in close, planting his hands to either side of Rob's head. "The thing is, with the exception of last night, I haven't had sex in MONTHS! I am beyond horny, and I really, badly want cock. You're here and you've got one, so why not?"

 "Because I don't want you!" Rob exclaimed. "I am NOT your sex doll, Jeff! Find someone else!"

 "But why not you?" Jeff whined, grinding his hips against Rob. "Your body wants me, Rob. You know it, I know it. It's plain as that right there." Jeff glanced down, raising his eyebrows at the considerable erection Rob was sporting.

 Rob blushed, trying to cover himself with his hands. "I can't help it, it's a natural reaction!" he stammered.

 "Mmmhmm. And it means you want to stick that sweet cock straight up my ass," Jeff purred. "Come on Rob, when was the last time you topped? Besides last night, which you don't remember anyway."

 "It's been a while," Rob gasped, closing his eyes as Jeff continued to grind against him. "I - I just prefer to bottom. Jeff stop."

 "You don't want me to stop." Jeff continued to grind, lowering his head to brush his lips across Rob's neck. Rob shivered, his hands moving over Jeff's smooth back, his hips bucking up against Jeff's despite his attempts to stop himself. "Every guy wants to top occasionally," Jeff murmured, his actions not ceasing for one moment. "Matt lets me top him, every now and then, to keep me totally satisfied. Come on baby, just give in. Just do me and satisfy that hunger!"

 "Why - why don't you go do this with Matt?" Rob gasped out.

 "I can't, because he's still infected!" Jeff growled. "Just relax baby, I'll do all the work, like last night."

 Rob kept his eyes tightly closed, biting down on his lip. He wanted to tell Jeff to stop, but his body did want sex, and it seemed to have erected some sort of block between his brain and his mouth. He sighed, deciding he might as well just get it over with, if it had to happen. He wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist and stood, carrying the younger Hardy over to the bed and tumbling onto the mattress with him.

"I am going to kill him! I'm going to find him, and I'm going to beat him to a bloody pulp, and I'm going to rip out his heart and stomp on it!" Matt fumed. "How dare he touch MY lover! How dare he touch my Jeff! He'd better RUN the next time I see him, because I - "

 "Excuse me, can I get a word in here?" Chris Jericho sat on the bed in the elder Hardy's hotel room, looking a bit bored.

 "What do you want?" Matt snapped, pacing angrily around the room.

 "Well you could thank me for tipping you off that your little slut and RVD were fucking like bunnies," Chris snapped. "You chewed me out for accidentally giving you that stupid STDs and went back to him, wasting all these months sucking up to him for nothing! Now forget him already and just come back to me."

 "I can't believe that bastard," Matt was muttering. "He knows we're together, and he knows we're having problems, and he goes right ahead and takes advantage! I WILL kill him, just you wait and see! How could he do this to my poor, sweet, beautiful, vulnerable Jeff? He's a fucking monster!"

 "Matt!" Chris yelled, the elder Hardy finally looking his way again. "Haven't you been listening to me? Forget him!"

 "I can't!" Matt snapped. "I love him Chris! And you can forget about me getting back together with you, if it weren't for you and you're slutty habits I'd be having hot, passionate sex with Jeff right now!"

 "Fine then," Chris huffed, glaring at Matt as he stalked to the door. "Be a moron! See if I care! I've got guys who're ten times the man you are drooling after me, and I can have any one of them at a snap of my fingers! I thought you might have wizened up, but since you clearly haven't, you can just forget about every having me again! Goodbye!" He stomped out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Matt barely even noticed, still muttering to himself about the evils of Rob Van Dam.

"God that was great." Jeff stretched his arms above his head, sighing contentedly. "Ever better than last night! You really are incredible when you get into it, Rob."

 Rob was lying beside the younger Hardy, feeling sated yet incredibly awkward at the same time. "Thanks," he murmured, trying to figure out what he should do next. He didn't want to kick Jeff out, for fear the young Hardy would spread word of their affair to the rest of the roster, but he certainly didn't want to let Jeff stay and risk it happening again.

 "I think this'll work out fine," Jeff mused, curling up against Rob and laying his head on the other man's chest. "I'll stay with you until Matt's rid of the STD, and I'll forgive him at that point, as long as he apologizes. Me sleeping with you will by his punishment and my compensation for him being such a bastard to me."

 "Um, you mean just this time, right?" Rob asked hopefully.

 "What? No, of course not!" Jeff laughed, shaking his head. "Do you think one little tryst is gonna make up for months of him lying and guilt tripping me? Hell no! I'm going to have sex with you twice a day for the next three weeks!"

 "Um, yeah, about that," Rob began, Jeff cutting him off before he could say much of anything.

 "This is so perfect!" the younger Hardy gushed. "What awesome revenge, huh? He is going to appreciate me from now on, really appreciate me! He'd better treat me like a damn prince! He'd better grovel and say he's sorry, and promise to never, ever lie to me again!"

 "I AM NOT SLEEPING WITH YOU AGAIN!" Rob yelled, cutting off Jeff's rant.

 Jeff blinking, raising his head and staring at the pretty caramel blonde. "What?"

 "You heard me!" Rob exclaimed. "Look Jeff, this may have happened once, well, twice technically, but it's never going to happen again! You seduced me, and I'm not going to fall for that again! If you wanna fuck someone to get back at your lover, find someone else, ok?"

 "But why?" Jeff looked hurt, his eyes starting to look watery.

 Rob sighed, shaking his head and climbing out of bed. "No! You are not getting me with that again!" He grabbed his clothes, quickly dressing and heading for the door.

 "Hey!" Jeff snapped, his eyes narrowing. "You can't just love me and leave me! No way! If you walk out that door, I'm going to tell everyone that we slept together, and that you're no longer in the market for older guy, only for young guys who like to bottom!"

 Rob paused, turning to look back at the younger Hardy. "Jeff, please," he said softly. "I'm sorry that I'm not attracted to you, but I'm just not! You may be a bitch, but it's still obvious that you're in love with Matt, and he loves you too, for some stupid reason. Just go back to him, kiss and make up, and we'll all be happier!"

 At that moment, there came a loud pounding on the door. "Rob!" screamed the voice of the elder Hardy. "I know you're in there! Open up! Jeff is MINE, and I've come to get him! Don't try to stop me!"

 Rob rolled his eyes, yanking open the door. "You can have him," he told Matt, quickly dashing out the door and hightailing it down the hall.

 Matt blinked, glancing after Rob, then turning his eyes to Jeff. "You slept with him?" he growled, stepping into the room and closing the door.

 Jeff swallowed, pulling the covers up to his chin. "I had no choice!" he shot back. "I needed to be fucked, and you couldn't do it, so I went to him!"

 "Jeff, baby, I'm sorry." Matt sat on the edge of the bed, sighing heavily. "I'm a moron, ok? I should've told you that I had it too, I should never have lied to you. I fucked up, and I know that. But Jeff, I need you! I would do anything for you, Jeff. I would kill Rob if he ever stood between us. We're meant to be together Jeff, even if we fuck up and drive each other nuts sometimes. Please baby, forgive me. I love you."

 Jeff swallowed hard. "You won't ever lie to me again?" he whispered after a moment.

 "I swear, I never will," Matt promised. "Believe me, I've learned my lesson! Just the thought of you with him, the thought of his slimy hands, touching your beautiful body - " Matt's hands clenched into fists, a low growl emanating from his throat.

 "You really love me that much?" A smile small was starting to curve Jeff's lips.

 Matt nodded vehemently. "That much and infinitely more," he replied.

 Jeff pursed his lips, taking a moment to think. "I guess three weeks isn't that long," he mused. "You still got that vibrator?"

 "You bet I do," Matt told him.

 Jeff grinned. "Promise to fuck me with it until you can do the job again?"

 "Every time you want it," Matt promised.

 "I guess I can live with that." Jeff smiled, crawling down to the end of the bed and wrapping his arms around Matt's waist, resting his head on his brother's shoulder. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

 "It's ok," Matt murmured. "I'll forgive you if you forgive me."

 "Deal." Jeff raised his head, his smile now huge. "I love you, Matty. Let's get back to our own room so we can make up properly, as best we can."

 "You got it." Matt swept Jeff into his arms, taking the bed's covering with him and wrapping them around Jeff. He carried his charge to the door, sharing a quick kiss with Jeff as he walked out into the hall.

 "This is so romantic," Jeff murmured, laying his head on Matt's shoulder and nuzzling the brunette's neck. Matt just grinned and gave him an affectionate squeeze, spiriting him quickly down the hall, both of them soon disappearing into their room.


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