Hunter had just finished a rigorous match. His fit, muscular body glistened with sweat as he made his way back to his locker room. Pushing open his room door, Hunter started, staring with shock at the figure waiting on a bench. He quickly overcame his surprise, resuming his usual calm demeanor. "How did you get in here?" he asked casually, grabbing a towel and wiping at his sweaty face.

 The man on the bench flashed him a devastating smile. "I played the celebrity card," he replied. "I believe you know it?"

 Hunter chuckled, looking at his visitor innocently. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean."

 "Oh?" The man stood, walking over to Hunter with a sexy sway of his hips. "So that was another tall handsome blonde who made it backstage a few weeks ago? Funny, I could've sworn it was you."

 Hunter smiled broadly, showing his nice white teeth. "Must've been," he replied teasingly.

 The man continued to approach Hunter until their chests were mere inches apart. "You know you had the advantage before," he murmured. "You were just some kid who managed to sneak backstage; every tour, showing up somewhere, giving me a brief glance of you, a look, and this last time, even a kiss." He smiled, putting a hand up to his lips. "A wonderful kiss. But I watch tv, Hunter. You're not exactly hard to find anymore."

 "True." Hunter shrugged, his eyes playful and challenging. "But that still doesn't explain why you're here. I'm just a fan you've met a few time. Surely Jon Bon Jovi has other things to do with his time?"

 Jon grinned wickedly, placing his hands on the lockers to either side of Hunter's shoulder. He leaned in very close, whispering directly in Hunter's ear. "You've been teasing me for years," he whispered, his breath stirring Hunter's silky hair. "I've come to collect on your promises."

 Hunter raised his eyebrows, leaning his head back against the lockers and watching Jon with his sharp eyes. "Oh? And when did I promise anything?"

 "You promised plenty," Jon replied smoothly. His tone was playful, as was Hunter's. His arms snaked about the bigger man's waist, pulling their bodies together. "You didn't have to promise in words. You know exactly how to move your body, and you are perfectly aware of that fact. You promised me more with that delicious way you moved your hips as you walked away from me, all those times that I could never catch you."

 "Hmm, perhaps I did." Hunter's eyes twinkled with mirth. His strong arms slid around Jon's slim waist, his fingers trailing over his smooth back. "Never expected you to show up here, though."

 Jon flashed him a smile. "I figured it was a promise worth pursuing," he murmured. In a smooth gesture, he leaned in close to Hunter, meeting the blonde's lips in a hungry kiss. As they kissed, he let his hands trail down Hunter's bare back, his fingers tracing the well defined muscles. Keeping his lips on Hunter's, he let his hands move to Hunter's strong chest, caressing his soft tanned skin. His fingers worked at Hunter's nipples, rubbing them into two achingly erect buds.

 Hunter murmured approvingly as he drew back, keeping his arms wrapped around Jon's back. "You've done this before," he commented, his eyes gleaming and a slight smile on his lips.

 Jon chuckled, his hands continuing to work on the blonde's chest. "Oh, just a few times," he commented with amusement.

 Hunter laughed and rolled his eyes. "I'm sure." He and Jon kept touching and kissing, letting their hands become familiar with each others bodies. Hunter began to pull off Jon's clothing piece by piece. They talked all the while, both with amusement in their eyes, as well as growing desire.

 "So really, who have you 'played' with?" Hunter wanted to know.

 "Mmm, lots of people," Jon murmured as he nipped at Hunter's neck, letting Hunter slide off his tight black shirt. "Bruce Dickinson, for one."

 Hunter raised his eyebrows. "Seriously? You and the Air Raid Siren?"

 "You betcha." Jon chuckled. "It was during the five years when he and Steve were broken up. I always hoped we'd meet again, but I guess that won't happen now that he and Steve made up."

 "And who else?" Hunter murmured, his talented fingers pulling the loops of Jon's belt from his pants.

 "I once spent a night with all the members of Poisen," Jon told him, sounding rather proud. "A VERY fun night. Let's see, who else? There are so many you know. Dee Snyder, Eddie VanHalen, Sebastian Bach. And, as embaressed as I am to admit it, Boy George and George Michael, too."

 "No Elton John?" Hunter teased as he worked open the button of Jon's black jeans.

 Jon rolled his eyes. "Afraid not." He moaned as Hunter slid down his zipper, brushing his fingertips over his growing erection.

 "I think I've had enough talking," Hunter murmured, letting his lips brush over Jon's neck, just barely touch the soft skin. His fingers brushed over Jon's erection again, then slowly took it into his hand and began to knead it gently.

 "Definitely," Jon gasped, closing his eyes as a wave of pleasure washed over him.

 With his free hand, Hunter took hold of the fabric covering Jon's hip and yanked it down, letting the material pool around the singer's feet. His crafty fingers pulled Jon's briefs after it, exposing his now hardened member to the air. He took the thick shaft in his hand again, stroking it while littering kisses across Jon's face. The singer moaned, his hands finding the top of Hunter's wrestling trunks and pulling down the fabric. Hunter's hard cock sprang from the fabric, hard and thick and completely ready. The tall blonde's fingers ran over Jon's back while his other hand continued to stroke him, the renegade fingers slowly making their way to the curve of his ass. Jon gasped as he felt a finger slide down the valley of his ass, pulling away slightly.

 "Hold on just one moment," he gasped, running over to the bench and flipping on a CD player. "I came prepared. I wanted this to be perfect." He threw Hunter a bottle of vanilla scented lube, then pressed play and returned to the tall blonde. Hunter laughed as the song began to play.

 An angel's smile is what you sell
You promise heaven, then put me through hell
Chains of love got a hold on me
When passion's a prison you can't break free

 "Is this song supposed to tell me something?" Hunter mused as he took Jon back into his arms.

 "Use your best guess," Jon chuckled before pulling the blonde into a hard, passionate kiss.

 Hunter chuckled, the song continuing to play as he slid off Jon's remaining clothing. Their hot bodies were pressed together, their hard cocks touching as their tongues explored each others' mouths.

 You're a loaded gun
There's nowhere to run
No one can save me
The damage is done

 Hunter pressed Jon back against the lockers again, continuing to ravage his mouth as he flipped open the vanilla lube. He spread a good amount on his fingers, his hands making their way down Jon's back. A single digit ran down the crack of his ass, brushing teasingly against his opening.

 Shot through the heart
And you´re to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name
You give love a bad name

 "God stop being a tease," Jon moaned, arching his hips back against Hunter' hand. "You've teased me enough, baby."

 "Maybe I enjoy being a tease," Hunter replied, his eyes glimmering with mirth. He ran his finger over Jon's opening again, pushing in only the very tip of his finger.

 Jon whispered, his hands moving frantically over Hunter's back. "Please," he begged.

 You paint your smile on your lips
Blood red nails on your fingertips
A school boy´s dream, you act so shy
Your very first kiss was your first kiss goodbye

 Jon smiled as he listened to the lyric. "That's you, you know," he whispered. "God, no more teasing Hunter. Now!"

 "As you wish." Hunter murmured. He pushed his lube coated finger into Jon up to his knuckle, making the singer gasp. He moved his finger in and out swiftly, inserting a second finger, then a third. Jon rocked back against his hand, his face already flushed.

 "Now," the singer managed to gasp. "You, in me now."

 Hunter grinned. He lifted Jon up, pressing him against the lockers and holding him up with the full contact of his body. Jon wrapped his legs around Hunter's waist, his arms holding tight to the tall blonde's neck. Hunter quickly lubed his hard shaft, positioning it just outside Jon's entrance. The head of his cock barely brushed against the sensitive opening, driving Jon wild with desire. Hunter's hand grasped Jon's cheeks and spread them apart, thrusting into the singer in one smooth motion. He claimed Jon's mouth at the same time, his tongue exploring the warm, slippery cavity.

 Jon gasped, feeling shocks go through him as Hunter's large cock slid all the way into him, stretching out his tunnel far more than the fingers had. He tightened his legs around Hunter's waist, not allowing the blonde to move until his body had relaxed. Just the feeling of Hunter inside of him made him moan. He loosened the grip of his legs a little, hungrily devouring Hunter's tongue as Hunter drew out almost to the tip of his cock, then thrust back in hard. Jon screamed, his head jolting back and pressing against the lockers. He couldn't do anything but moan as Hunter thrust into him, sending endless waves of pleasure through him.

 "Oh god!" Jon screamed, his body thrashing as Hunter found his prostate, angling to hit it with every thrust. "God, god, god, yes!" Oh god yes! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! More! Oh god! Oh yes!" Hunter smiled at the continuous stream of gibberish which poured from Jon's lips. He held the singer up securely, wildly thrusting into his wonderfully tight sheath. Jon felt heavenly around him, and Hunter never wanted it to end. He kept thrusting in, refusing to let his orgasm come.

 Jon's hands clawed at Hunter's back, his thighs quivering as Hunter continued to drive in between them. The pleasure he felt was too intense to even let him think, his every thought focused on the large shaft moving in and out of him. He held out for a long time, making it last as long as he could. He considered himself a great lover with incredible stamina, and he was a little surprised that Hunter could match him. He could tell when the tall blonde was ready to come at last. Hunter thrust into him hard, and Jon tightened his legs around Hunter in a vice-like grip, not letting one inch of the blonde's thick shaft slip out of him. He worked his muscles around Hunter's cock, moaning from the sensation it caused.

 Hunter gasped, throwing his head back and letting out a feral roar. His cock swelled and spasmed, releasing long jet of come into Jon's hot body. His body shook, a huge wave of ecstacy crashing over him. Jon screamed, his body quivering as Hunter's come filled him. He felt his orgasm crash into him with mindblowing force, making his trembling body arch against the lockers. They held each other tightly as their bodies shook, both seeing stars from the pleasure.

 They were still holding onto each other as they began to come down. Jon's legs were still tightly wound about Hunter, the tall blonde's cock encased fully in his sheath. Both were panting, both needing a few minutes to gather the strength to speak. At last Jon summoned the strength to relax his legs. He slid down to the floor, Hunter's softening cock slipping out of him. He leaned back against the lockers, still panting. Hunter leaned against the lockers above him, running a hand through his wild, sweat soaked hair.

 At that moment, Sean Waltman strolled into the room. "Hey Hunter, I - " He stopped in his tracks, his eyes widening when he noticed Jon. "Oh my god!" he squealed, rushing over to the exhausted singer. "Oh god, Jon Bon Jovi! Oh my god, I am like your biggest fan! I love you!" Sean exclaimed, practically bouncing on his feet. He didn't seem to notice the state Jon was in, nor the fact that both he and Hunter were naked.

 Hunter cleared his throat. "Ahem?"

 Sean looked up at Hunter, seeming to notice him for the first time. "Hunter!" he squealed. "Look, it's Jon Bon Jovi! Jon Bon Jovi!!"

 Hunter crossed his arms over his muscular chest, little beads if sweat running over his tanneds skin. "I know. I just fucked him."

 Sean's eyes widened. He finally noticed the state both men were in. He looked from Hunter to Jon, his mouth forming a silent 'oh'. "I'm sorry, um, didn't mean to interrupt."

 "It's ok, we just finished." Jon took a deep breath, wiping at his sweaty forehead. "Damn Hunter, you gave me a hell of a workout."

 "He's good at that," Sean stated, grinning fondly.

 "Really." Jon's eyes ran down Sean's body approvingly, then back up to the young man's face. "I think I could give you a damn good workout myself. Busy tonight?"

 Sean's eyes widened again. "You - really?" he asked, his face practically glowing.

 Hunter looked at Jon disbelievingly. "Are you seriously ready for more?"

 Jon shrugged. "Give me an hour or two. And take me out to dinner. Then, if you've got a hotel room, I'll show both of you a good time."

 "I do, I do!" Sean cried, literally jumping up and down. "We can go to my room! And I'll pay!"

 "Great." Jon stood up, using the lockers for support. "You in, Hunter?"

 "Hell yes!" Hunter stumbled over to the bench, grabbing some clothes and pulling them on. Jon slowly redressed, seeming to gain strength with every passing moment.

 Once they were all dressed, Hunter and Jon followed an elated Sean out the door. "So where we going, Sean?" Hunter asked as the door clicked shut behind them.


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