"Oh Chris!" Christian moaned, his fingers clawing at Jericho's back as the blonde moved on top of him. His legs were wrapped around the other blonde's waist, his mouth hanging open in ecstacy. "Ohhhhh yeah," he groaned, arching his hips to meet Chris' powerful thrusts. He closed his eyes for a moment, lost in the bliss of the sex.

 When he opened his eyes again, he gasped in horror. Standing in the doorway of the room was Edge, his longtime lover, a furious look on his face. "Edge!" Christian squeaked, shoving Jericho off him forcefully. "Baby, baby this isn't what it seems!" He paled as Edge lunged forward, grabbing the petrified looking Jericho by his hair and slamming him against the wall. "Baby, Edge, don't hurt him! It - it was my fault. But we didn't mean it, baby, it was a mistake! Please don't hurt him!" Christian pleaded, watching the scene before him fearfully, but too frozen to do anything about it.

 Edge glanced at his lover, his eyes narrow and dangerous. Then, he turned his eyes on Jericho, a low growl escaping his throat. Jericho flinched, the terrified blonde too scared to even speak in his defense. "So you think it's ok for you to take my lover to bed, huh?" the tall blonde growled. He leaned in close, gazing directly into Jericho's eyes. Jericho winced and braced himself, expecting the tall blonde to hit him. His eyes widened in shock when, instead of a fist, he felt Edge's lips make contact with his mouth. He stayed tense for a moment, but couldn't suppress a groan as Edge's tongue traced his lips, seeking entry. He gladly opened his mouth, allowing Edge's skillful tongue to slither in, little jolts of electricity shooting through his rapidly relaxing body as the tall blonde's tongue explored every surface of his mouth.

 Christian watched, astounded, as Edge continued to kiss Jericho, the tall Canadian's hand fumbling with his jeans, sliding them down once he had managed to unfasten them. He wore nothing beneath them, his cock springing instantly free and erect. Jericho moaned when the felt the hardness push against his hip, arching his hips in invitation. Edge pulled his mouth away from Jericho's, spitting on his hand and slicking his long, hard cock, then grabbing Jericho's legs, one with each hand, and yanking them around his waist.

 Chris willingly wrapped his legs around Edge's firm hips, his eyes lolling as the tall blonde slid inside of him. "God," he gasped, unable to do more than pant and moan as Edge held him against the wall and began to thrust into him forcefully. Edge made it quick and rough, jabbing against Chris' sweet spot over and over until the smaller blonde let out a loud moan and came across both their stomachs. He thrust into Chris' hot body a few more times before reaching his own orgasm, making a contented noise, then pulling out and letting Chris slide to the floor.

 "Go rinse off," Edge commanded, pointing to the bathroom. "Take your time."

 Jericho gazed at Edge with stars in his eyes, nodding dreamily and stumbling into the bathroom as commanded, closing the door behind him.

 "You." Edge walked over to the bed, frowning at Christian and crossing his arms over his powerful chest. "What the hell do you have to say for yourself?"

 "Edge." Christian bit his lip, looking ashamed of himself. "Look, it's just that I - well, I've been going crazy recently! You know how much we - well you know - when we're on the road together, but lately we've only been doing it a few times a MONTH! And, well, you know how huge a sexual appetite I have, right? I've been trying to control it, baby, I really have! But Chris and I had such a great show tonight, and he looked so delicious, and I just wanted it so bad! I wanted it to be you, baby, I really did, but I needed it and I couldn't resist any longer. It's honestly just sex, it means nothing to me. You know I love you unconditionally, baby." He stared down at his hands, sighing deeply. "Don't leave me baby. Please. I love you, I'll never survive without you."

 Edge was silent for a moment, then he climbed onto the bed, pulling Christian's body forcefully against his. He pressed his lips to Christian's, kissing him hotly as he bore the younger man's body down onto the mattress. Christian quickly spread his legs, moaning into Edge's mouth as the other man entered him. He bucked his hips energetically as Edge thrust into him, doing everything he could to make it good for his partner. He gladly opened his mouth for Edge's tongue, sucking on it in just the way that drove Edge crazy. He moved his fingers to Edge's nipples and began to massage them, his hips arching up to take more of Edge's thick cock onto his warm tunnel.

 He could tell from Edge's body language when he was nearly ready to come, a skill developed from years and years of practice. He too was almost ready to explode, but he waited until he saw the signal in Edge's eyes which gave him permission. Moaning around Edge's tongue, he let his orgasm come, his muscles tightening around Edge's cock and bringing his lover to climax as well.

 They were both left panting after the orgasmic ecstacy faded, Edge still buried deeply inside his lover's body. Edge was silent for a moment, just gazing deeply into Christian's eyes. His eyes still bore a hint of anger, but mostly they were filled with love. "You know I could never leave you," he whispered at last, brushing a stray blonde hair from Christian's face. "I love you with all my heart. If it was that bad, baby, you should've told me."

 "I know. I'm so sorry." Christian sniffed, his eyes filling with tears. "I was just afraid to say anything. I mean, how the hell do you tell your lover that you're so horny you need to get cock from someone else? I should never have done this baby, no matter how bad it was. I'm so sorry!"

 Edge sighed. "You know I can't do anything but forgive you, right?" He leaned down, brushing a soft kiss across Christian's lips. "The idea of you sleeping with someone else doesn't bother me, baby. I know there's no one in this world that could take you away from me, and I understand that sometimes, sex is just sex."

 "It was that," Christian quickly assured him. "It was just sex, nothing more. I was even thinking of you. That's why I wanted it to be Chris, because he reminds me the most of you. I'm sorry Edge. I fucked up."

 "You better never try to keep something like this from me again," Edge warned.

 "I won't. And I haven't been sleeping with him, if you're thinking that," Christian replied. "Tonight was the first time. I didn't even mean to, but we got carried away."

 "I believe you," Edge whispered, stealing another kiss, this one a bit longer. "Baby, if it ever gets too hard for you to wait, just ask me, ok?"

 Christian smirked. "So, call you up and ask if its ok for me to fuck Jerky?"

 "Exactly," Edge replied.

 "I will. I swear I will," Christian promised.

 "Good." Edge smiled, leaning down and giving Christian a loving, passionate kiss. Christian returned it eagerly, the two simply feasting on each others mouths and enjoying their closeness for a few minutes. After a little while had passed, Edge pulled back, smirking at Christian. "I guess you're wondering why I fucked Jerky like that, huh?" he murmured.

 Christian chuckled. "I was wondering."

 "Honestly, I don't really know." Edge shrugged. "It was one of those spur of the moment things. I guess I figured since he had you, and you're mine, it was only fair that I have him. He seemed to like it, anyhow."

 "How could any sane man not love sex with you?" Christian mused.

 Edge stuck his tongue out. "Suck up."

 "I'm only telling the truth," Christian shot back.

 "I guess I'll have to believe you then." Edge sat up, at last pulling out of Christian. "Wanna go see how Jerky's doing in the shower?" he asked, climbing to his feet and offering Christian his hand.

 Christian grinned, taking his lovers hand and jumping to his feet. "HTA?" Christian proposed, giggling when Edge raised an eyebrow at him questioningly. "Hot threesome action?" he clarified.

 "In that case, hell yeah." Edge pulled his lover towards the bathroom. "You want the middle, baby?"

 "Yes! Awesomeness!" Christian exclaimed.

 Edge stepped into the bathroom and pulled the smaller blonde with him, closing the door on both their smiling faces.


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